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Federer Confirmed for Clay Court Comeback at Madrid Open

The tournament made it official today that the Swiss will be returning to the Caja Magica for 2019

We all knew Roger Federer's schedule was going to include clay this season for the first time since 2016 but the question was always which tournament would he play before the French Open.

That question has been answered today as the Swiss is confirmed to be participating at this year's Madrid Open which starts on the 3rd of May.

Aside from some Laver Cup promotional work in Geneva, Roger has been relatively quiet since his loss to Tsitsipas at the Australian Open so rather than direct from the horse's mouth the announcement was made by the official  Mutua Madrid Open Twitter account earlier today:

madrid open 2019 federer

It will be Roger's first outing in the Spanish Capital since 2015 when he lost to Nick Kyrgios in one of his more bad-tempered matches.  I remember it well as I'd just got through passport control at Madrid-Barajas Airport and had it on live stream 😆

Personally, I wasn't sure which one he'd pick but I imagine Feliciano Lopez was quickly in his ear when he announced clay would be part of the schedule back in January.

It's also one of his most successful clay tournaments and many believe his best chance of a Masters 1000 title on the surface due to the altitude speeding up the ball through the air.

Lopez Santana

Lopez, who is now the Madrid tournament director, had the following to say:

Federer is one of the best players of all time, it's no secret. We are happy because his return to Madrid is a gift to the tournament, but above all the fans will be able to see a unique player in the Caja Magica. Having the Swiss player back on clay with Djokovic and Nadal is going to be unmissable.

This was echoed by tournament president Manolo Santana who said:

The presence of Roger in the Caja Magica makes this edition of the Mutua Madrid Open special. It does not matter if he is 37 years old because he keeps that unmistakable class, the innate talent that has distinguished him as one of the best of all time. Being able to enjoy his tennis once again is an event that no sports follower should miss.

What do you guys make of Federer's choice to play the Madrid Open? Will he play any other clay events before the French Open? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. yes,I always thought Madrid was a strong contender with the high altitude.Now what we need is the blue clay back so
    Joker and Nadal withdraw in a fit of pique.?
    Perhaps if all goes well,Rome?I don’t think he has that title,but we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves perhaps.

  2. – Yeaah Davied was too good a player not to receive a nod from the GOAT in his farewell tourney (out of great respect).
    – Historical value.
    – Consequently a closer relationship with this clay 1000 director.
    – Roger will blow off Barilla in favour of the future.

      1. To be fair, he couldve gone in favour of Barilla 1000 tourney instead (if he really wanted that) and sent in a video to David on the big screen – but i think the tourney director wouldve suggested a special little event where all the big 3 (and more) are present. Roger being roger is great at being human which is why we all love him.

      1. Out of the 14,000,605 possible outcomes there is only one in which he makes a Rome 1000 appearance – A 1st round exit w/o injury (touch wood) in Madrid.

  3. Madrid is a good choice. If he goes far then he might feel that is enough prep for RG. I’m not a fan of that stadium, reminds me of that building toy…don’t know the name of it. If he crashes out early, then there is Rome, Lyon or Geneva to snag a wild card into. Remember the blue clay, loved the look of that. Ha, I remember Jonathan, when you were on your way to Madrid! And, the time you were on the train to Wimby.

    1. Lego,I only know because I just read it somewhere else?
      Very attractive ball girls,ladies,persons or whatever one is supposed to call them.

      1. Good grief, have they still got them? I thought they’d been replaced by more appropriate people after all the furore from a few years ago.

    1. I think he will just start with Madrid.

      Was that for a push notification? I have been testing them, it wasn’t your Chromebook, for some reason it took 4 hours to be sent. Not sure why but it was showing as scheduled all the time. I even sent another to see if it pushed the other one of out the queue but instead it sent them at the same time.

  4. Any Roger news is a great news!
    I thought it would be Rome but agreed with Sue, he’d still have multiple choices after Madrid to prepare for RG which is a smart move from him. Wish it was still blue there…

  5. Good decision to play Madrid.
    – a quick clay
    – more than one month between end of Miami and beginning of Madrid.
    – time to rest after IW + Miami
    – time for a training block on clay afterwards (and a few private events to celebrate)
    – still 2 weeks between the end of Madrid and the beginning of RG to finetune things.
    – nice time to say goodbye to David Ferrer.
    … and lots of ATP points to take.

    PeRFect !

    I love this :

    Vamos muchachos ! 

    1. Nadal knows he is #2. Djoker is the mole spreading all the negative press about Roger being favored. Nole just doesn’t get it. He will never be #1 no matter what his ranking is. And Benneteau, your pay cheque is more because of Roger Federer, you moron you.

  6. They don’t call it the Magic Box for nothing. It always looks like they are playing inside a box…literally. I would suspect it could play similar to an indoor arena. With or without the roof being closed. Which can only help Fed.

    1. Well, it is a box shape stadium. But it’s not like an indoor court tbh, it was quite breezy when I watched. I like the venue actually, can see all the guys practising.

  7. So looking forward to see Roger play again. I thought it might be Madrid when I
    saw the clip of Santana meeting Fed. The last time he played there he was so
    fed up losing to NK, missing sons birthdays and of course ‘Clown and Circus’
    comes to mind. But sooner hope all is well for Dubai..only trouble is
    where to watch it!

    1. Have you multiple homes or televisions ,computers etc? Sorry if that is facetious ?
      Actually have we heard if Fed is actually playing in Dubai?

  8. Very good choice for Roger to start clay season in Madrid. Will never forget that blue court win and Djokovic and Nadal sudden disappearance.
    Can’t wait to watch Roger play again!

  9. Annie, thank goodness I have someone to watch over me and keep
    my feet on the ground haha. for a second I was a high flyer!! Of
    course I meant should it be Amazon/Eurosport or ATP, my goodness
    the decisions one has to make…I BLAME ROGER x

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