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Federer and On Running Launch ‘The Roger’

The first collaboration is limited to just 1,000 Pairs

Following last year’s big announcement that Roger Federer had invested in the Swiss shoe brand On, the duo have finally announced their first collaboration: The Roger: Centre Court 0-Series

The new lifestyle shoe was announced during a live event on and sees On branch out from the sports/training market for the second time, following the launch of their sold-out CloudNova earlier this year.

You can see the limited edition ‘The Roger' below:

The Roger

The minimalist design and easy comfort of On’s shoes had me hooked years ago. I wanted to infuse the tennis sneaker with the same lightness, comfort and agility for every day. If you look at other tennis-inspired shoes, they were designed a really long time ago, back when Björn Borg and John McEnroe were playing tennis—and most have retained the same clunky, vulcanized rubber soles. We said, let’s use today’s technology so they’re actually comfortable.

Federer on his first collaboration with On

When I first saw it, I immediately thought of the Stan Smith shoe from Adidas, albeit with On’s trademark CloudTec cushioning which has been disguised with a more flat bottomed style sole. Also included is the ‘SpeedBoard technology' in addition to a soft sock-construction. 

First impressions are I like the minimalist design and the fact it hasn't tried to do anything crazy or ‘out there'. It's essentially a contemporary take on the classic tennis shoe design and will work well in a number of different settings.

The bugbear many die-hard Federer fans will have is the omission of the RF logo and unfortunately for them, On Running will not be using the logo going forward on any shoes in the Roger line.

In terms of availability, only 1,000 pairs will be available, making it a highly limited release which is bound to see pairs bought purely for the resale market on eBay. However, fans can expect more colour options in the near future given this is Series 0.

The Roger Shoe

You can apply for the raffle below and they're priced at $249.99 for the US or £200 in the UK.

Enter The Roger Raffle

What do you think of ‘The Roger' will you be entering the raffle? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Super disappointed by these shoes : no RF logo = no way for me.
    IT’s too expansive also for a lifestyle shoes and not a Tennis shoe.

    1. I think the RF logo is owned by Nike Corp and until they release it to Roger, he can’t use it. Somewhat annoying frankly. All vendors know, that anything with the RF logo will command massive sales.

    1. Marketing works 😀

      I didn’t bother, but I do like the design. I haven’t bought all-white trainers in a while as they get dirty well quick so might consider another colour.

      I bet half the raffles will be people looking to resell.

  2. Wow Jonathan, super quick! How are you doing?
    Such beautiful shoes but disappointing still no RF logo anywhere yet apart from his foundation…and €240?! 😢
    Though, wasn’t he gorgeous in white?

  3. Agree they immediately gave vague echos of the Stan Smith but with a fresh twist of under stated class with that mesh and the swiss flag! They are a good looking shoe for the way Fed said they could be worn & if they feel comfy & light too, I’d love a pair !

    Thanks for the write up Jonathan it’s nice to connect again & with something Tennis & Fed related but not fraught with Covid worries and fan wars !

    Stay well everyone.

  4. I wear On Cloudflow for running. But $250 is way too expensive for a casual sneaker with or without RF on it. I will wait for something more useful and less pricey (even On running shoes are pricey!).

    1. £200 is kinda what I expected. The Swiss get stung even more, 300 CHF. Ouch.

      I wear Cloud Terry ones as just a daily shoe for non-training. They are comfy. I do think they are primarily a hype brand though even though I like them, they don’t offer anything cutting edge, just a shoe at the end of the day. I find them comfier than the New Balance I had before but Hoka, Salomon etc. etc. are all comparable. Ands the soles aren’t the best for all environments/surfaces.

      One thing I will say about On is the soles are dreadful on ice or when it’s slippy/wet. Obviously, they aren’t designed as a winter shoe, but if you go for a jog in winter, they give zero grip. I can barely stand up in them, was like Bambi on ice this winter. I walked down an iced over path that I normally walk over in boots or other trainers without issue, I was down within 5 seconds.

  5. I always thought that Roger should have made his own brand of clothes.
    The RF logo fits perfectly with anything.

    1. rankings covering 22 months?
      As long as Roger is not playing its not the same excitement and tbh I still dont know if they should play in the first place. But speaking only of the adjustments they seem ok to me.



      1. I hope it doesn’t count for the weeks at N1, otherwise it’s extremely unfair. You can’t be N1 of the world if you are protected from losing any points…
        It would have been better if they froze the rankings for the whole year without giving any points for now.

  6. Hi Jonathan and gang

    Wonderful to have some Fed news, and some positive Fed news at that!!! I love the vintage look of “The Roger”, and they are probably super comfortable. I’ve worn the Cloudswift model for over a year now (before I saw Roger wearing them), and find them the most comfortable of any shoes I’ve had before (including Hoka and similarly priced). So I can justify the price – the only downside is rocks getting stuck in the sole.

    Question though, I’m assuming that a “lifestyle shoe” means one designed for shopping and going out to dinner, not for the rigours of playing tennis? I was hoping that Roger would be wearing them to play in 2021 🙁

  7. Hello everyone!
    What a refreshing “show”. It was so nice to see Mr Federer all smiles, tanned and relaxed. Loved the sweater and wearing, Uniqlo I assume, super baggy shorts. He didn’t do too well in the challenge. Where is Seve?
    The shoes aren’t available in Canada. Surprise, surprise. I did try on a pair of ON runners in February when I was in the market for a new pair. For me, not enough support and too narrow. I found them similar to Skechers. A definite no-go for me.
    I do like the design but what’s with the RF logo? It’s yours now so use it please!

    Let’s see who ends up at the USO. Roger can sit back, train, and watch the drama unfold.

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