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Rested Federer Aiming for a Deep Run in Melbourne

The Australian Open pre tournament press conferences took place today and as usual Roger's is an interesting read. You can read the full transcript here but I'll run through a few things in this post and what I make of them.

I'll start by saying Roger sounds very relaxed and quietly confident about his chances at the Australian Open. All the talk is about Djokovic winning his 3rd title in a row and Murray having a chance to win back to back Grand Slams so I think he likes it like that.

It allows him to just go about his business without the favourite tag or constantly being in the media spotlight. It can also give him some added motivation if he feels like he shouldn't be overlooked just because Djokovic & Murray had a good end to 2012.

Roger says he's feeling relaxed and refreshed

Federer feeling relaxed ahead of Australian Open 2013

It's been very relaxing, the last few one and a half months. Not many appearances, no press almost. Just focusing on getting ready mentally and physically really.

Now I feel fine. I arrived really early, two, three days earlier than in the past, which has been quite nice. I feel like I have an extra two, three days of a cushion, which is honestly good to have before a slam sometimes.

Sounds good to me, a long break was exactly what Roger needed after looking completely physically and mentally drained during the indoor season.

I feel like the practice will have helped him not only regain some of the confidence he lost post US Open but will also have given him plenty of opportunity to tune up his game in areas he felt were lacking. I have a feeling he's going to serve pretty will in Melbourne.

Federer on his potential 3rd round encounter with Tomic

Federer & Tomic

He's a good player. We know how talented he is, what he can do. It's obviously tricky playing him in Australia. He usually plays his best over here. Even the pressure you might think it's a problem. That's what people usually say. But I always say it's best to be playing at home. You have confidence that you believe you can upset top guys. I'm sure he believes in that, as well.

He's also got his work cut out, you know, in the first few rounds. He will be making a mistake about thinking about me in the third round because he also has to get there.

Haha I love it, he will be making a mistake thinking about me in the third round because he also has to get there. Owned.

Everyone is already talking about the Fed vs. Tomic match, but both guys have to get there first and that takes 2 best of 5 matches, where an awful lot can happen. If Tomic is already talking up playing Roger in the third round that's pretty dumb.

Tomic has just won Sydney so he will be confident but some of his comments are a little over the top I think and he risks becoming more of a talker than a doer but time will tell.

Federer doesn't think his lack of pre tournament matches will effect him

Federer Practising in Melbourne 2013

I purposely didn't play a lead up tournament that I'd be fresh for the beginning, hopefully going deep into the tournament. That's the goal obviously.

I think it's nice sometimes doing it slightly different than every year the same thing. Otherwise it feels like a dรฉjร  vu and that's not always a good thing.

I agree with Roger here, it's not like he was forced into not playing any lead up tournaments, he took the conscious decision not to which makes all the difference.

In tennis sometimes a player needs matches, and sometimes they need practice. Roger's 2012 season was fully packed with competitive play meaning he had no time for hitting the practice courts. His break has given him plenty time to work on his game in the areas he wanted to.

It's very difficult to try out new tactics during tournament play because the priority is always winning.

Overall I think Roger is pretty bullish about his chances in Australia. Like I've said he's not the favourite but if JesusFed makes an appearance then there's no reason he can't take the title. The draw isn't a cake walk by any means for him but Roger will take it one match at a time and then the rest takes care of itself.

Fed will be in action Tuesday against Paire, personally I'd like a night match so I don't have to wake up at stupid o'clock but I think the schedule will be released Monday. Until then. Allez les Suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. “He will be making a mistake about thinking about me in the third round because he also has to get there.” Hahahaha…best quote ever! Just so downright honest and you know he means this for himself too. He is just taking it one match at a time. The draw is out, predictions and speculation swirl about…but when it comes down to it, anything can happen to anyone out there on court so let the games begin! Thanks again Jonathan, as always I appreciate your thoughts and analysis and look forward to your posts throughout the AO. C’mon Roger!

    1. Hey Wendy,

      I know, he just speaks the truth!

      First goal is beat Paire and then the draw will take care of itself. Outside of his control anyway, he just gotta win his matches.

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Again another insightful read. I read alot of articles 98% are about the demise and downfall of Roger Federer i am sick and tired of the same news which always start by saying one positive i.e 17 GS but then the articles are all about he’ll never do this and that again! I look forward to your thoughts and analysis Jonathan as every other website, papers,blogs and posts are all so predictable. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks.

      Yeah Bleacher Report and the papers re hash the same articles from 2 years ago. It’s all about page views for them so they can generate the maximum ad revenue, which is fair enough. peRFect Tennis remains adverts free!


  3. I’ve been following Roger since his 2008 Wimbledon loss [sic]. Since then, I’ve considered what he achieved at Wimbledon 2012 to be the best, in terms off the odds, the weight of history, and the pressure of expectations he had to overcome. But, if he can win this one, in my opinion, it would be his best achievement ever simply because this is Djokovic’s best surface, and Roger has to overcome extraordinary odds yet again. I also believe another win would ensure his record of Grand Slam titles will be virtually impossible to overcome.

    I’ll be following this one closely. But, if He crashes out, I’ll be fine.

    Quoting Rudyard Kipling once again:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same!

    1. It’d be a big achievement. For me not sure it’d over shadow Wimbledon but guess it depends how the tournament pans out, if he puts in some hugely gutsy performances then I may change my mind!

  4. I like your relaxed view on Roger, Jonathan. I also believe how he feels and is aiming to get to the end of the tournament. One of his best qualities is his positive mind. Whatever the odds, whatever the media or people say, he is up to the challenge. He has proved doubter’s wrong time after time hasn’t he? Would be great if he could do it again with his 5th/18th.

    By the way, I’ve been really impressed by your blog and the community lately as I find both you and your readers are not just care about Fed but also care about tennis. I started to learn and enjoy individual views and characters through the comments, feeling like being in a circle of friends…so thanks to you it has become fun! Great job, Jonathan.

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think he feels good about his chances. He can play pretty freely really I reckon so I’m sure we will see some top quality tennis from him.

      And thanks for the kind words about the blog, all the comments here make it way more fun and it’s good to get the views of other Fed/Tennis fans.


  5. Nice there is a blog again so soon after the last one ๐Ÿ™‚ Truly enjoy reading them! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
    The press conf was good I thought. Very nice to read it all. He comes across relaxed, completely up for it and confident (also indeed about not playing matches before the AO) Absolutely lรณved the quote about Tomic… It made me laugh… It says it all actually ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s how he sees it in general and for himself too I think and maybe he was even trying to tell/teach him something about how to behave and not behave to get the best results if you see what I mean… Anyway: not long now! Allez Roger! #FaithInFederer

    1. Cheers Natasja!

      Yeah he just it like it is about Tomic. He is already getting too big for his boots. Especially after his latest comments. Guess he gets people talking though. Maybe he will be a star but who knows.


  6. Undoubtedly, this is my most favourite tennis blog. I always wait for the new post from the day I know of this. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find this earlier.

  7. What I don’t think people understand is You have to be BOLD if you’re going to give yourself the best chance to win. You have to believe. So for me, I think Roger’s being “bullish” about his chances at AO is great. I’d be worried if like at RG where he said: I give myself the 3rd chance after Rafa and Djoker to win. <—Do we as Fed Fans want the man to say stuff like that or come in with a winnng attitude and approach to a grand slam?

    1. He took a good amount of time off if he keeps the right frame of mind, he can go the distance mentally and physically. He's in top shape. He had 6-7 titles last season, played for the long-haul and was less beat-up than any of the other guys on tour.
    2. Federer beat both Djoker and Murray back-to-back at Wimbledon and was poised to repeat that scenario again at the World Tour Finals only he let his mind get the best of him and in turn squandered his lead, error-ed himself out of that final. Federer made it to the Finals/Semi-finals in about roughly 95% of the season.

    Federer's a better player than all of these guys. If he keeps his head, he'll be able to buckle down and pull out the win in the face of all the hellish adversity that the combined Tsonga, Murray and Djokovic et. al could present on the way to the Australian Open's cup.
    What's required is an pure and large amount of focus. Federer can totally do this.

    1. Very true, no point starting the tournament thinking you can’t win. He may as well retire if he took that attitude up.

      I think he can do it too and we’re about to find out, only a day away!

      Allez Roger!

  8. 1) I have said this before. My regret of 2012 is that I found this site in december and not sooner !!!

    2) This site is for Roger fans and admirers of his game and of tennis. Who can praise him till the end of time,
    but who can also critise him and his game. Jonathan, really excellent site and articles.

    3) We say Roger has a tough draw with Paire, Davydenko, Tomic, Raonic, Tsonga, Murray and Djoko.
    BUT LETS NOT FORGET !!! They also have a tough draw with Roger in it !!! Afterall Roger has to face them, they have to face the Goat !!!

    4) If you look at other articles, you would think Roger was a has been, has already retired, is over the hill, will never achieve anything. I don’t know if you guys read the articles on Bleachers Report. If you have not, don’t read them. You will get “depressed” by the number of articles that say that Roger has no way in hell to win or to come far and that it is a Novak/Andy final for sure.

    5) Roger was emotionally, mentally and physically drained at Basel and WTF. But guess what. He made the Basel final and lost to Juan Martin. He could have won, he was not destroyed by him.
    With physical and mental drainness he still gave Roger Masterclasses at the WTF when he played Tipsy and Ferrer. He almost won against Juan Martin (he got not destroyed by him). Beeing tired and all he was Jesusfed against Murray and then against Novak. Novak won because of a few points. Again although in straight sets Novak did not destroy him. Roger could have won or atleast had a third set. And…. Novak REALLY had to work incredible hard for his victory. And people, there is a six years age difference between them. How could you tell. They both moved the same and Novak had to gasp more for air !!!
    If Roger could do that when he was mentally and physically drained, how far can a wellrested and confident Roger get !!! I think to the final and beyond.

    6) If they would give out Oscars for best press conferences, it should go to Roger.
    Or the Oscar for the best male with logical, thoughttrough comments, it should go to Roger.
    The remark about Tomic is just gold.

    7) I said Novak will win AO, but the more I write these things the more I think Roger will win.
    If Roger loses (hopefully not), no big deal, we will just have to focus on FO 2013.
    As long as he tries, gives his best and gives us unforgettable points.

    8) I really love the black and white photo where he is smiling. He has a killersmile.

    9) Love and respect Roger yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eternity.

    10) Up to 5th AO/18 GS and beyond. Katyani !!!

    1. You’re right, Bleachers Report sucks. I haven’t read it since the heartbreaking Olympics Loss. Anyway, let’s hope Roger win the final! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Bleacher Report is a joke site. I think all the writers feel obligated to try to be controversial just so they get more eyes on their content. It’s kinda their Unique Selling Point but I think the quality suffers as a result of it. Controversial articles are good but they should be a result of someone’s genuine thoughts rather than feeling like they have to write controversially regardless of what they actually think.


    2. Hi katyani… After reading ur post i feel more optamistic about Federers chances. I enjoyed ur breakdown and analysis. Just like u i feel now that a well rested Federer can do it.As long as he doesnt lose to cry baby/personality-less Murray. Hes the only tennis player that gets on my nerve cos everybody knows Federer should beat him all day long. What a deary player, murray always shouts at the ball kids for his towel, no class at all. N E way Go Roger!!!!!

  9. It seems tomic got pissed of by fed’s quote. Hilarious.

    @BenRothenberg : Bernard Tomic, on his potential meeting with Roger Federer in the third round, started thusly: “If he gets that far…” #ausopen

    1. Yeah, and he obviously didn’t get Fed’s point ๐Ÿ˜‰ He can’t afford the arrogance and it is slightly disrespectful too imo… He claims because he beat Novak, he can do anything and it’s good to believe in yourself but there are limits to how you express that… The arrogance might be his biggest trap… We’ll see…

      1. Yeah he beat Djoker in an Exho and then had a joke draw in Sydney. It was a milestone to win his first title but AnderCHOKE helped him by double faulting on break point. Too much talk from him!

    2. Haha what a mug.

      I suppose it’s true because they both have to make it, but Roger said in his quote “he also has to get there” meaning he knew full well he has to win 2 matches too.

      Tomic talks too much.


      1. Exรกctly! Fed said ‘also’ ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I’m almost inclined to say: Tomic, pay attention, the Maestro is teaching you something and it makes sense…

  10. The Bleacher Report is a total Federer bashing! Plus the writers get simple facts wrong. What a joke of a read!!

  11. Also regarding bleacher report,one of the writers put that agassi had more match wins in Auss than fed but i believe its Agassi 48 wins to Fed 63 wins. Where are these reporters getting there facts from. They also said that Nadal has won 2 Auss open titles when he has only won once!! Majority of bleacher report are always talking down federer, but the way they do it, its soo unbelievably unfair as they just dont appreiciate what federer has accomplished. It allmost deliberately written to get attention but for all the wrong reasons. When Federer does retire then they might realise how special / legend he was in Tennis. But for now we wll still get the drab writing of journalism in the world of Tennis.

    1. Yeah agreed, the standard over there is terrible. No quality control. All about advertising revenue for them, hence why they split articles up into a “slideshow” which is infuriating.

    2. Hi Serajul, I just started reading Bleachers Report about a month or less ago, and seriously even I got a little bit “depressed” reading the articles about Roger (not ever going to win, not beeing dominated anymore, beeing 32 years old, not having a chance because of Novak/Andy/top 5 to 10 and not even having a chance when Rafa will be back). It is not just one article, but like four or five articles almost every day one.
      If you were new at tennis you would think they were talking about someone ranked 54.
      And I really got tired about reading that he was 32 (which equals age 92)!!!
      The same content is used over and over again to deminish him, only with other titles for the articles.
      And not one article saying that maybe Novak or Andy could lose too. It is all about Roger losing or not coming far.

      Well, he will not lose AO 2013 (and if……………he does, we will congratulate his efforts and look forward to
      FO 2013, which I think this year he will win).


      1. Serajul, I agree with you (I also said it in another comment). The tennisworld will realise what Roger is and what he has done for the game when he retires.
        Unfortunately he will not get his due or the respect he deserves while he is and will be playing.
        When he retires (and the tennisworld will be looked upon differently) then they will know what they had and what they “ignored”.

        What is that saying: you never know what you had until it is gone………


  12. Loving how Federer brings Tomic back to earth, that quote is excellent. He does a great job at diverting the pressure to his opponent just like he said that Djokovic is the favourite. Both quotes are true and yet clever.

    Australia is going crazy over this potential matchup when both haven’t even started to play, but I’m expecting Federer to take care of him, maybe drop a set, I think their match if they meet will be a lot closer than last year but people here still haven’t forgiven him for his antics last year and well Federer is the most loved guy here so I will bet that the crowd will be on Roger’s side, they always are.

    1. Hey,

      Yeah he wasn’t even trying to do it intentionally I don’t think. Just being honest.

      They will likely meet so could be interesting. Be closer than last year I imagine.


    2. Federers quote regarding Tomic ” if he gets their?” has clearly got to Tomics head cos in his next interveiw Tomic said the same thing back to Federer ” if he gets there” . Lol Tomic must have a single cell in his brain cos the Maestro has a better chance of going through than him. Younsters have a lot to learn. Last years master class has really upset Tomic. Tomic the tank engine needs alot of help.

      1. Haha I know. Tomic is kinda funny. Entertaining at least. I think his comment is fair, as if he backed down he’d look weak and as though he’d lost before they got on court. Maybe saying nothing would have been better but his choice of words weren’t too bad I don’t think.

  13. Yep .. Katyani u r absolutely right. 100% agree. Its real shame really. People just like concentrating on negatives if only they could write and watch what is actually happening instead of hypothetical non sense of Federer!! Let the game comence, all Federer and Pure Tennis fans will be rooting for him to win. The king has NOT YET left the building!!!!

  14. Went to Roger’s practice session today! It was amazing! First time I got to see him up close and he autographed my RF cap and tennis ball! A dream come true! Going to see his match tomorrow with Paire!

      1. Yeah, by the seedings, it was going to happen. But I really thought he was in with a fighting chance with Benneteau, who has underperformed at slams… and Dimitrov had looked impressive playing Murray in Brisbane, too, in particular a better balance on recovery shots… Really thought he had it. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. Hi conal… After reading ur post i wish i was there myself with u their. I have wanted to see Federer live or in practice. Wow plus u got him to sign ur hat. I feel envious that u r not only enjoying the experience of seeing Fed but u r in hot weather while i am enjoying uk snow.. Not!! N E Way hope u have a great time watching federers match vs paire ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I am happy Victor Troicki lost cos if was to play his best mate Djokovic, Troicki would of let him wim easily, as if its a pratice session.All there previous matches have been dubious, very shady indeed. Again what a easy win for Djokovic, please can someone beat him cos i really dont him to do a 3 peat.

  16. Oh great, now that Hewitt is out, Australian commentators putting hope on Tomic…extra pressure for him to perform now.

  17. Hey Jonathan did u get to see Tomic match. I have not seen him, therefore if ok with urself a little diagnostic of how he is playing in first match i would be really apprieciate it. Just in case if he does get to play Fed. Or do u think fed will be ok?

    1. Hi,

      I’ve only seen highlights but not really much to glean from it to be honest. Mayer has lost in the 1st round of his last 4 Australian Opens. So he’s clearly no threat.

      Tomic looked steady, I think his forehand has improved. If he plays Fed it will be closer than last year.


      1. Thanks for replying back quickly. I think ur right it will b little closer but still see fed winning. I asked cos of the shock win when he beat the djoker at the hopman cup. I dont want him to have that form in 3rd round. Again enjoyed ur post match thought. I saw highlights no signs of rust. Which is a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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