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Federer Into 9th Wimbledon Final

Excited yet? I know I am as Roger dispatched big serving Milos Raonic 6-4 6-4 6-4 in the second Semi Final on centre court. Much praise was heaped on the Canadian's serve going into this match but Roger continued his exquisite record against huge serves to brush him aside in another masterclass of court craft and smart returning.

It was really the peRFect match from the Swiss and he has now won all 9 of his Wimbledon Semi Finals. He came out looking extremely focused, played point for point and only faced 1 break point in the entire match.

As we saw last year with the Djokovic vs. Del Potro marathon semi final last year it's extremely important to try spend as little time on court as possible in the semi's to conserve energy for the Championship match. Roger got this done with zero fuss spending just 1 hour 41 minutes on court and in all of this 9 semi finals he's dropped just 1 set. Incredible really.

Quick Match Recap

peRFect Forehand on Centre Court

Federer won the toss and chose sides which isn't that common. Pre planned I think and it worked as Raonic dropped his opening service game. As far as dreams starts go then this was it.

It felt like 1 break would be more than enough for Fed each set so when he created another break point at 3-1 it looked like things were about to get even better but Raonic was able to dig himself out of a whole to hold for 3-2.

No more break chances came the way of the Swiss but he was able to step in behind his first serves to hold his own service games comfortably. We had one spot of danger at 30-40 late in the set but Fed got deuce and then hit back to back aces to hold and went onto win it 6-4.

The second set was much much tighter with Raonic finally finding his range on the first serve. However that all changed at 4 all as the sweetest of backhands down the line which caught the Canadian out of position gave Fed an opening at 0-30. Raonic then missed a regulation overhead for 0-40 and Fed once again pulled out the back hand down the line for a clean winner to take it 6-4. It was a showcase of awesome tactics from Fed as he'd forced Raonic to camp out in his backhand corner but then pulled the trigger down the line which left him no chance. Roger's offensive game and refusal to give up the baseline means he only really has to play half the court whilst his opponent has to cover all of it. As soon as he saw Raonic anticipating cross court he hits down the line. Too good.

Onto the third and it's easy when you're playing a big server and get into a 2 set lead to ease off a tad and suddenly find yourself in a dog fight but here Fed remained laser focused. He was continually applying the pressure by dictating the play on all his own service games and making plenty of balls on the return. It's actually quite rare to see him so dialled in point for point like this so I guess he just knew that opportunities might be few and far between, yet as a result of his focus, he actually created more than he probably expected.

Again this set moved swiftly to 4 all and again Raonic stumbled when the pressure was on. He got off to a dreadful start with a woeful forehand for 0-15 and soon later it was 0-40. Raonic fought off the first with an ace but he couldn't hold on as Roger broke for 5-4.

Serving for the match Fed got himself in a little trouble when he played a bit of a showboating drive volley but he steadied the ship to hold to 30 and book his place in the final. Allez!

Match Stats

  Roger Federer (SUI) Milos Raonic (CAN)
Aces 6 17
Double faults 1 4
1st serves in 52 of 80 = 65 % 46 of 84 = 55 %
1st serve points won 42 of 52 = 81 % 37 of 46 = 80 %
2nd serve points won 19 of 28 = 68 % 19 of 38 = 50 %
Fastest serve 125 MPH 139 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 117 MPH 127 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 101 MPH 106 MPH
Net points won 24 of 32 = 75 % 11 of 21 = 52 %
Break points won 3 of 7 = 43 % 0 of 1 = 0 %
Receiving points won 28 of 84 = 33 % 19 of 80 = 24 %
Winners 32 36
Unforced errors 11 17
Total points won 89 75

Thoughts on the Match

Federer into Wimbledon Final

Another absolute clinic from Roger on how to handle tall guys with big serves. It all started against The Scud, Mark Philippoussis, back in the day and since then he's honed his style of play against guys with big serves to peRFection. Raonic was left looking dazed and confused for most of it as Fed continually got the ball in awkward places.

It felt to me like whenever Roger did get the ball back in play, it was in exactly the spot where Raonic didn't want it to be. This caused him to make a lot of errors and struggle to ever hold serve comfortably. The pressure eventually got too much and Roger was able to break once in each set. He then just took care of all his own service games and he's still only been broken once in the entire tournament. I'd be surprised if he can continue that stat against the returns of Novak but it's definitely one to keep an eye on.

It's quite interesting really how he's never lost his touch against these sort of opponents despite big servers becoming rarer. I guess it's thanks to being split between generations. The first half of Roger's career was when the guys with huge serves were still dominating the tour but since the mid noughties the return game has been the deciding factor in the men's game. He's had to handle both whereas the Djokovic's of this world have faced it far less and probably explains why he struggles against the likes of Isner when they have met.

Aside from serves, forehands and backhands I have also been very impressed with Roger's focus this tournament. I thought he was chatting shit when he said pre tournament he can win Wimbledon and it looked to me like talk for the sake of talk but since then he's been very composed on court and hasn't really missed a beat. All very professional how he's gone about winning his matches and he looks very determined. He's also not talking too much in pressers about his gameplans or his opponents which I like. Edberg sits in the crowd looking very poker faced and it seems Fed is doing the same.

As for Raonic, he's improving but today he fell way short. I don't think he will be happy with his level of performance but sometimes you can only play as well as your opponent lets you. Fed did an awesome job of never letting him settle or find a place on court he was comfortable with. I guess from Raonic's side he could have tried to go ultra aggressive on returns but he'd had the stuffing knocked out of him as early as the first game really so had no real belief he could win the match. Learning experience for him but I have doubts about his movement and all round game and whether he is slam winning material is questionable. Dimitrov looks a far more likely candidate in that regard despite currently being ranked about 6 places lower.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Federer Djokovic Wimbledon 2014

Now into the big one and it's going to be against Djokovic who overcame Dimitrov in 4 sets to make his 3rd Wimbledon final. Interestingly this will only be the 2nd time they have faced off in a slam final. Roger winning their previous encounter at the 2007 US Open. That was Novak's first ever slam final, and it was Roger's 10th. 7 years on and Fed is still making slam finals, quite unbelievable really.

There's no analysis required on this matchup as there are no secrets. Whoever plays better will win, that's why it's always been a fun to watch. Both guys square up well together and they can both cause each other problems. Their matches tend to go back and forth with one player snatching momentum only for the other to take it back and I'm looking forward to it.

From Roger's side he has to play like he's done all tournament – serve like the GOAT, play first strike tennis and keep Novak off balance. We've seen the Serb struggle with his footing several times this week so if Roger can exploit that and make him lose faith in the court surface he has a very good shot. I think Roger will need to take things up a notch too to get this one done though. He's been pretty solid for the last 11 days but there's still room for improvement and the final is the ideal time to make it.

Djokovic's strengths vs Roger have always been staying aggressive even when he's playing his shots from what look like defensive positions. His court coverage is second to none and if he can keep making Fed play one more ball time and time again he's a real handful as then he is able to play more aggressive himself as the pressure transfers onto his opponent.

In terms of who will win I think Djokovic has to be the favourite going in but I rate this one 50/50. I reckon Fed has quite a lot of say on the outcome of the match due to his superior grass court game, if he can focus point for point and play the tennis he is capable of then #18 is a distinct possibility.

I don't really want to get into predictions or start dreaming an 8th Wimbledon is possible but I must say Fed has been very focused over these last 2 weeks. He's coming in fresh without any real physical battles and he does look very determined. Here's hoping all the pieces fall into place come Sunday and Djokovic is not only asking the GOAT for advice on being a Dad but also on how to win matches on grass. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hey Fed Fans He is in the final. I am so hoping he gets the win. So hoping he will be focused and ready for Novak. Do you think he would like a closed roof on Sunday Jonathan?

      1. The last forecast I saw had the possibility of rain for both the ladies’ and men’s finals. I’d rather the roof stayed open if possible, but will take a closed roof if necessary …

    1. Nah think the weather holds up for the men’s final, shifts back the playing field to be equal seeing as Novak would’ve had even more problem with his moment indoors.

  2. Well done Fed. I am estatic after that!

    Last year was so painful. I cannot believe he has gone from his form last year, another 2 kids, and into another slam final. Truely incredible, you cannot ever write this guy off.

    Am praying he can do the business on Sunday. Come on Roger!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looking better all the time Roger!

    I think he was helped out by Milos having a hard time getting first serves in – I had really expected to see at least one tiebreak set. Still, as you say, it was good to see Roger implementing tactics & strategy on the returns he was able to get in play, even on 1st serves that were good. He’ll need plenty of tactics & strategy & calm & patience come Sunday. I agree that it’s kind of 50/50 – which Roger shows up? Which Novak? Still – based on who’s showed up so far over the last 2 weeks – it does look very promising indeed. QUITE excited here – hope I can stand to watch!

    1. Thinker I will watch for you on centre! Will be sending him huge positive thoughts! Just hope I can control myself!

      1. Oh, wow, Susie, you lucky thing! I’ve seen very few competitions to win tix for the men’s final (well, either final, actually) this year – otherwise I might have tried to join in. Have a marvellous time, and I hope he picks up your vibes.

    2. LOL Susie, I just meant watching on telly – if I were there in PERSON like SOME people, I’m sure I couldn’t tear my eyes away! Have a fabulous time!

  4. Roger for the title. Bel18ve !!! 8/18/80 coming up. Forecast is only 30% for rain on Sunday. I believe that Roger will win regardless. Roof can remain open, not going to stop Roger’s Wimbledon title #8. What an amazing year this would be if he can win both Wimbledon and US Open! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Weather forecast say sunny but breezy. I think that suits Fed. Hopefully he can turn up with that feeling of explosiveness in his legs, then I think his superior movement gets it done.

  5. Hi Jonathan! Who would hv thought a yr ago we would all be here so damn excited for possibly no 18! Quite unbelievable ! Yr post totally echoes my sentiments. It was like playing a less accurate Roddick against whom Fed perfected the block/chip return! That said you have to admit that Raonic was overawed by the occasion! Didn’t serve well (55% first serve) and a lot of UFE’s. And had never played on centre! Very tough!
    Feds focus has been unreal. Even his celebration was muted. He and Edberg have planned their whole coaching agreement around this moment and it is their total goal for the yr! The confidence and belief in his game is totally back.
    Can he win Sunday? Has not lost to Novak on grass and has a better grass court game so you cld say he is favourite! But don’t underestimate Novaks return and mental strength! Agree totally it is a 50/50 call.

    On behalf of all of you I will be there on Sunday screaming for Roger, cannot believe it! ( I know, luckiest person on the planet, don’t hate me).
    Destiny for no 18! Over excited or what!

    And btw, McEnroe owes Fed an apology! Never doubt the Great Roger!

    1. Enjoy this Susie!! I hope you will be able to witness history ๐Ÿ˜‰ You better give us a post when you get back!

    2. So happy for you to potentially see Roger lift up another Wimby, what a moment that would be, expecting a full post and photos no matter the outcome! Also JMac back on the fedwagon now that Rafa gone out, lucky Jimmy Connors was on commentating, much better than him.

      1. Mac is getting killed by Fed fans lately. I only ever see fans slating him so I thought he must be a clown but I think he’s been good in the commentary box this week.

        Bandwagons a bit but in terms of analysis he knows what he is talking about for sure.

      2. “In this game Nadal puts the passion and the emotion. He always gets me excited. Federer and Djokovic have all the talent. They are almost perfect, but Nadal provides the same amount of talent and more excitement” Jimmy Connors.

        I can’t agree more.

      3. Jonathan, it’s only natural that someone who is known to perform theatrics on court, and also had a really big ego, tends to like classless people like Nadal.

        To show how classless this Jimmy Connors is, read this, followed by the other link. It tells you what kind of human being he is.

        P.S. I really enjoyed how he got his butt kicked by Arthur Ashe.

      4. Also, while my comment above await moderation (to ensure the links are kosher), let me talk about the other guys who are completely drooling over the Spaniard.

        1 – Agassi: The same guy, who wrote negative things about Sampras in his book, and, in a friendly match, chastised Sampras in public on “how stingy he was”.

        2 – McEnroe: Who had such classy behavior on the court. The less we talk about his, the better.

        Borg may have said how much respect he has for McEnroe. I have two things to say about Borg, one, it shows his true class, and two, peers almost never criticize each other, whether it’s heartfelt, or political.

        Didn’t want to open this topic up but I saw a random, totally unrelated comment above by a certain someone.

      5. Not only you are happy attacking Nadal for whatever invented reason, yo do the same with all his fans hahaha. I have to say you have a big job to do as there are millions of them hahaha,

      6. Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Mats Wilander, Andre Agassi…The list of legends pro Nadal are increasing. I guess they don’t know about the game…

      7. A very insightful rebuttal, huh, Jonathan? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Case close. Next!

      8. The King of the Clay, you have a short memory. These ex-champions are doing their media jobs. Not long time ago, the most of these guys (perhaps except for Wilander) were on Fed bandwagen! Let’s wait until this time next year after Nadull fails to win any of first three slams. You know what the same commentators will say – we are not surprised with Nadull’s performance, as he does not have much talent anyway!
        I used to listen to these ex-champions, as if their opinions seem to be of special insight – no more. You know what, I feel I know as much as them. Some of them sometimes simply talked total rubbish!
        In addition, on a personal note, Roger’s decade long display on tennis courts has made some of these ex-champions feel like s***. A human fraiglty – jealesy, nothing more.

      9. And in some of my less busy days in the past, I watched some GS finals from 80s and 90s on Youtube. I was very flabbergasted with some of these guys winning slams, oh my God, they played like crap. They might have won half a dozen GS but oh my God, did they have any talent? I could not see any! I am not at all surprised with what they say about Roger, who has been doing better than all of them being put together!

      10. I really donยดt know why Wilander is mentioned as a big Nadal fan, of course heยดs doing media and should stay positive about anyone, and as Nadal mostly reach semi and finals heยดs getting a lot positive talk but I must say as Eurosport viewer in many years I defintley has the feeling Wilander that Wilander is Federer fan, Iยดm really not in doubt here.

      11. Many of you claim that the praises Nadal receive from legends are because they are jealous of Roger. Why are they not jealous of Nadal?

    1. Love that ! Was always going to be a boring match since any time Fed got ball in play, he was always going to put pressure on Milos!

    2. And if he wins 18 then it’s Mirka’s turn.

      I don’t think it was boring though, each to their own I guess but seeing Fed play big servers is fun as you get to see a ton of different shots and racquet head control.

      Simon is too busy testing racquets and with his sponsors these days to care about live tennis these days ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Haha, watched the match!! but honestly too little rallies and genius for me, I need a bit more than serve —> point finished ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I wld be interested to see Rogers total stats for the tournament! His UFE count must be pretty low which means his movement is 100% and trust in his game v high . Also don’t think his first serve % has dropped below 60/65%. Has to bring all this on Sunday! May he also get masses of sleep between now and 2pm Sunday!

    1. I was thinking the same Susie about 1st serve % – and for some matches it’s been over 70%.

    2. Ok, he did drop under 60% in the Robredo match. But overall as we were remembering, astonishing numbers – the Muller match in particular just jaw-dropping:

      Opponent/ % 1st serves/ UFE/total match points:


      1. Thinker,

        We simply can’t judge, or compare progress by using these numbers. First serve percentage – and this has been discussed in details by several readers here – is a direct result of your opponent. In short, how you serve is almost always a direct result of who you are facing, and can drastically change depending on the match situation.

        Also, the stats that we see compared on ATP World Tour really will have no significance on the outcome of the match because they have been sampled against a different pool of opponents. In this tournament, Novak hasn’t faced the players Roger defeated. A better comparison would be the same numbers in H2H. And an even better comparison would be a good sample on grass, that unfortunately isn’t available.

        Given their recent history, and factoring in grass, the final appears to be a lock for Federer. However, remember what Federer once said, “The reason we watch sports is because we don’t know what the outcome will be [on a particular day]”.

      2. Sid, are you saying 1st serve % is completely irrelevant? I understand there’s variation in how/where you serve based on opponent, which will affect the numbers to some extent, since some serves or placements will be more difficult to execute than others. But surely some of it is down to the server?

      3. Absolutely, not. What I’m saying is these numbers should be thrown out of the window for the Novak match. There is definitely a number that a server typically zones in around. How much it varies above or below it is a result of the opponent, is what I’m saying.

        For the Novak match, we really should disregard these numbers. He is a completely different beast, compared the the other six Roger has faced so far (yes, the draw has been very kind). It may well be higher, as it’s grass. Or it may be lower, depending on how much Novak zones in.

      4. So is there more value in the % won on 1st & second serve? Or do you see that as just another boondoggle?

      5. Yes, point taken that Novak on return is generally in another league entirely.

  7. Susie you are so blessed. Extremely happy for you. I know personally I would not be able to contain myself. I believe he will be coming out focused and ready for Novak. Like today I hope he will be on fire. Johnny Mac should know by now that he should never count Fed out, he should never count him out!

    1. Hope so Maxi.

      I have changed my mind about JMac. I bought into all the slating he got on the blog but I’ve heard him commentate on a lot of matches this week – he is pretty balanced in his views.

      Maybe personally he don’t like Fed I don’t know but he has analysed his game pretty well I think and knows what he is on about for sure. Most of his comments have been praise.

      I guess he makes the odd controversial comment in interview but I take those with a pinch of salt. He’s always been a divisive kinda guy and that’s what keeps him in a job.

      1. I actually like him better as a commentator than I ever did as a player – as long as he sticks to the tennis analysis, which as you say can be quite insightful. When he starts spouting off, I’m just reminded of what annoyed me when he was playing (was certainly part of some great matches though).

  8. Nice review Jonathan… Raonic is still a baby… has a long way to go. Only a server, nothing else. Whenver the ball got into play, it looked Fed’s gonna win the point. Milos just couldn’t believe he can win, as u say. Could only hope that Fed’s level may drop a bit…Not to be. Agree with u, he doesn’t have the parts to win a slam and Dimitrov has.

    I predicted long ago that Wawrinka will win at least one slam. He did.
    I think Dimitrov will be no. 1 within 2 years. Although, I expected him to come through today and he was so close. But I am happy with Novak too. In fact Dimitrov would have been a steeper challenge. He looks like a complete player on grass (slips too often though). Novak has a serious weakness to BH slices. I saw it today also. And as Sid said, winning a slam defeating top guys just adds a little more weight to the trophy.

    Hope tennis will be at its best on Sunday as always is the case with these two accross the net. Fedjovic is the best rivalry to me. My prediction: Fed in 4 OR Djoker in 5, meaning Fed will win at least two sets…. Go for three Roger… Allez!

  9. And congrats of course to the new Swiss no 1 and world no 3, incredible! Novak probably cannot believe he is still around!

  10. I remember Roger outclassing Novak here in 2012. I think Roger is playing better and is more focused and more confident than he was 2 years ago. Djoker is worse off than where he was then. I can see Roger winning this. Allez!

    Really jealous, Susie. Enjoy. Tell him to win US Open also if you do get to talk after his Wimbledon win ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I don’t think Roger has reached the 2012 level just yet, gotta remember different circumstances, he won a tonne of more titles and still had a consistent record in the slams. This match will probably be played outdoors so different conditions, I agree with Jonathan on this being 50/50, you never know what form Novak turns up on come Sunday.

    2. I think 2012 up to Wimbledon Fed was at a higher level than 2014. But I think so far he has played better tennis at this Wimbledon than 2014. Less testing maybe but I think he has looked more secure and better in his movement.

  11. It’s been great seeing Roger so totally in command throughout the last two weeks. Can’t think what possessed me to think Raonic had a chance against him. I was saying his game has improved but today really showed his limitations I think. I’m so looking forward to the match tomorrow and do think he has a seriously good chance of beating Novak. Wouldn’t that be just great! But whatever happens he’s made the final when most people weren’t even considering him as a contender, and that’s not bad. I guess the outcome will depend on which Roger and which Novak turn up on Sunday.

    And Susie, you lucky thing. All good vibes going your way for Sunday. Allez Roger!

    1. Raonic really wasn’t at his best, was he? He was quoted better as saying something like he had expected better of himself.

      1. First time on centre, that’s v tough plus Fed eats big serves for breakfast!

      2. As Jonathan said it, one could only play as one’s opponent lets him do. On this occasion, look who was at the the other side of net? When Roger is normal, who could come out with all guns blazing in serve, ground strokes and touch to dictate Roger at Wimbledon? No one.
        Susie, think about sharing your experience with us please – writing a piece of your WIMBLEDON experience later maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Exactly Gang. It is easy to say Raonic wasn’t at his best, but Roger kept him on a leash.

      And yeah Susie, write a post about watching Tennis from the Royal Box ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Even Raonic’s 1st serve wasn’t as good as usual. Are you saying that’s because he was serving to Roger? So he wasn’t actually even trying for his usual serve? Now I’m confused.

  12. Ok, I didn’t watch it, not because I was “testing racquets” :-), I didn’t because I had an epiphany last night and knew it was going to be a booooooooooring match.

    I think I’m not going to jinx the process now, and will not watch the final either. You know what they say here? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    Prediction: Too close to call ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You needed an epiphany to work that one out, Sid?!

      I’ve just FF-d through it – best way of doing it.

      1. And, I know who is going to win on Sunday, but I shall not speak of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I don’t think it was a boring match at all. Fed played some smart stuff and it’s good to watch how he plays big servers. Nobody else plays them in this way.

      1. Fed always plays smart stuff. Overall, the match was very low quality though. Milos brought nothing to the table. An after effect of going so deep in a slam?

  13. Any Brasil fans here? Did you just see what captain Thiago Silva did, with 20 minutes left? What the fuck was that? Why? Why? Why would you do that? And now he misses the Germany match (if they get through with this lead). But why? They just lost the biggest thing in their not so good defense.

    This is how Brasil keep up with their tradition of self destructing at world cups. I bow to your stupidity Brasil, I really do.

    I hope Germany kick your butt, and go on and win the title. For me, this world cup is over.

    Sorry, just had to vent.

    1. Germany will beat them. They play way better. This Brasil is the worst I have ever seen, they play really bad,

    2. Big fan of Brazil. Okay I know, this team is the worst I remember (my first world cup was 1990). But, the Gods of football owe Brazil (at least) one. Why? well, 1950, 1982, 1998, 2006 all great teams that didn’t win it. Hope Brasil will be in Maracana.

      1. And now they have to do it without Neymar. That Colombian cartel sure scored a hit. Looks like this is the year of Die Mannschaft.

      2. I don’t think God of Football owe them anything. They have 5 Cups and were not treated badly (USA 1994). I just could see 1998 and 2006 and they were outclassed by the great France of Zizou.

      3. If Brazil win WC it will definitely be fixed. Neymar won’t be a huge miss in terms of what he offers but maybe it effects the team psychologically. Oscar has been anonymous. Fred is a cart horse. I can’t believe how bad they are.

        I like the way Germany play but not sure if they win it.

        For all the hype this tournament has got as the best world cup ever there are no real stand out teams. I’m bored of it now. Can’t hardly remember any of the games so not all that memorable. I think Spain losing to Holland the only real standout and that was about 3 weeks ago.

      4. For once I can’t agree more with Jonathan. Oscar and Fred are very far from the Top level. Neymar is a product of Marketing, he is talented but he still didn’t prove anything to be considered one of the best in the world. His season with Barcelona was really poor.

        And yes there aren’t fantastic teams in this World Cup appart from Germany which is performing bad. I don’t know why some people consider it as the best ever. Watching ii makes me increase my big disappointment with the Spanish team as I thing we had the best team by far and we didn’t compete at all.

      5. [Neymar wonโ€™t be a huge miss in terms of what he offers]

        Considering thathe has been, statistically, the No.1 player? He doesn’t have to make an impact on every match, every minute. A moment or two of magic would’ve been enough to win the world cup. Neymar’s absence is a debilitating blow to Brasil.

    3. I still have a suspect feeling Brazil beats Germany, I just don’t see how FIFA can stand by and see so much revenue be lost and riots initiate without Brazil making the final.

      1. Sucks. Both Neymar and T.Silva are out for semifinal. Not looking good.

      2. All a fix! No way wld they let Brazil lose before SF at least! However didn’t reckon on the silva/Neymar issues! I so wanted Colombia! Brazil are such dirty players

      3. I don’t believe in that conspiracy, they couuld perfectly have lost against Chile.

      4. Brazil are a shocking side, I can’t believe they keep winning. Guess that’s the sign of a good team scraping results but if Germany play a quick paced game they are toast.

        Neymar isn’t a big loss IMO, he isn’t all that from what I have seen. His biggest asset is that he will turn and have a go at defenders, most players are too scared to do that. But overall quality? Nah not for me.

      5. [Brazil are such dirty players]

        Susie, by South American football standards? There is no way they could have a near perfect record against other teams from their continent without trying to fight fire with fire. Considering what they’ve had to deal with, I’d say they have played very clean outside their continent.

        This world cup, they’ve had to go through two very physical teams, Chile, and Colombia. Notice how Chile just rammed at them right off the bat? That could be the reason they started off vs Colombia with a statement of intent.

        Having said that, not a fan of their current team anymore. No soul. No Samba. I’ll even go as far as saying that, despite being a rabid Brasil fan since 1990, they really don’t deserve the cup. The question is, who else does?

    4. I thin all this talk about the World Cup being fixed, is a whole lot of baloney. The World Cup is not fixed. So what if Brasil made the SF?

      Historically, the hosts have performed extremely well, winning, reaching the final, or at least making the semi. If you discount 1994 (USA), 2002 (Korea/Japan), and 2010 (South Africa), where the hosts weren’t exactly contenders, that record stands out even more. At best, you can argue that the hosts do get favorable draws – in line with the business aspect of the show.

      As someone pointed out for example, if the Brasil-Chile game was fixed, then they did a great job making sure the ball rebounded off the Brasil cross ball in the 120th minute. Outside of a couple of dubious call in the opening game – keep in mind there were other controversial penalties and decisions too – there really isn’t much to be suspicious of.

      If this World Cup really is fixed, Argentina would win in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Speaking of which, they just put one through the Belgians.

      1. I absolutely agree with you Sid, I don’t believe this work cup is fixed, and if it is fixed, for whom? for sure not for Brazil ๐Ÿ˜‰
        and by the way, have some faith man, yes, this Brasil team don’t bring the samba, but some players do have spirit and they do really care about their national team not like others ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Thanks Jonathan, you summed up brilliantly. The only thing you said that I have some reservation is 50/50 for final. I think that you were understandable to pick Novack (or Nadull, sorry I don’t remember) before the tournament. After QF and today’s semi, I will be quite happy to go for 60/40 in Roger’s favour. Novack did play very well against Tsonga but today he was lucky to win in 4 sets, let alone whether or not he would have won at all had Grigor converted one of three set points in teh 4th set TB. Novack was off the hook in a big way, though I agree that on balance he was the better player, especially statistically. However, he was falling over all over the places, as if he was playing on ice – his movement was not impressive. If in final he runs like he did today, I hope he will, Roger will beat him in three straight sets.
    Roger played a very clean match, was very focused and did everything very well, ๐Ÿ™‚ though Milos did not offer much challenge.
    Asumming that both will put in similar performances to today’s matches on Sunday, I predict that Roger will collect the 8th Wimbledon crown in straight sets or 4 sets at the most. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allez Roger!

  15. I dissed Roger early in this tournament but he has proved me wrong, but for once, in a good way. I actually dare to hold him a favorite. Roger has spent significantly less time on court, 616 vs 909 minutes, and 348 vs 482 for the last three matches. I don’t think the age advantage for Novak will compensate the extra time.
    I think we may see a mentally flat Novak, much like the RG final. It seems to me he has expended significant amount of mental energy during several matches.

    1. That cld indeed be a factor plus the last 6 losses will be weighing heavily. Roger had to stay loose and stay aggressive . No long side to side rallies plse!

    2. You could be right Jarlub. But we shall see. He has to fancy his chances to against Roger, their last few meetings have sort of gone back and forth. Fed win, Djoker win, Fed win. Played each other a lot.

  16. Excited? No, actually, I’m pretty much as calm and collected as I’ve been since last Saturday. Not sure why, but it’s certainly less bad on the nerves. (Oh, apart from a bit where I freaked out slightly yesterday evening when so many people seemed to think Roger would have serious trouble against Milos and I was wondering whether I’d read the whole thing wrong).

    Anyway, dull match, as I’d suspected, but at least Roger got the job done in double-quick time, which is most important. So, as Sid wanted, we have a final against Novak. I’m still a bit sorry that it won’t be Baby against Daddy Fed, but it seems fitting somehow since the two have never met in a Wimbledon final. Hoping it’s a good one, but that it doesn’t last too long, as I think that would favour Novak. Both players will need to raise their games from their levels thus far (Roger needs to get his first serve in a lot more – I started to wonder whether today was actually some sort of cunning plan to make Raonic face his slower second serve rather more often), and I hope that Roger doesn’t get all nervous at the significance of it all.

    1. Agree that Roger’s chances hinge on the first serve alot. Novak on the other hand is used to grinding out the win. Hope we’re in a for a good match!

    2. Fed has served at 65% or above the whole tournament. That is very good.

      I think it will go down against Djoker though as he will push for more on 1st serve. 2nd serve points won will be important.

  17. Really happy today! Happy 4th everyone!

    We just have to have faith in Fed! I am picking Fed in 4! Novak looks bad and Roger looks great….. I am hoping so much for 8-18-80! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope to see a happy post on Sunday afternoon my time! Overall, great tournament for the person who 12 months ago people said couldn’t play and compete anymore! I have a good feeling Jonathan, i really do ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Clinical performance, 1 more match to go. Absolutely love it when Roger slowly dissect Raonic’s booming serve like a boss. He know how to do it against big servers like Isner, Roddick and Karlovic. I was worried that Roger will go on mental walkabout since it was pretty much wait and pounce match. He was focus throughout his match and dishing clutch serves on critical points. Roger has to serve well, keep calm and ready to play extra shot. He has a slight edge ahead of Djoker. The stars are aligned for 8-18-80 – Go Rog!!!

    1. Unreal focus this yr. The whole Edberg reasoning is targeted to tomorrow! Just don’t think Fed will give up this opportunity and he really knows the window is closing. Cld be very similar to the 2012 SF result.

  19. Wow. I am speechless, never did I think 2 weeks ago that Roger would be playing in his 9th(!) Wimbledon final, absolutely phenomenal! Not only has Roger only dropped one set , but he’s only dropped serve just once, what an unbelievable stat. Raonic dropping serve in the first game pretty much set the tone of the entire match, I liked what he said in his press conference pre-match that Roger was nothing but an opponent standing in the way of his dream but the problem with that is come the match and Fed makes you entirely aware of who he is. Ultimately, experience won here and it was obvious Milos was not confident enough in such a situation which was expected. Unfortunate that neither semi had the intensity to become a memorable match unlike last year, Delpo/Djoker set the bar high. With that win, back to #3 and takes back no.1 Swiss ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now to Sunday. Hm, Djokovic is playing ugly to win, can he step it up to another level on Sunday? I can’t call this one either, I say Fed has the slight edge but my concern is how many times can Djokovic be denied in slam finals. Roger has had a dream tournament to say the least but this is a must win match, I don’t know if and when there will be another opportunity to get another slam, it’s now or never and it would be absolutely heartbreaking if he can’t pull this one out of the bag. I don’t think it’s gonna rain on Sunday so wind could factor. Fed needs to play the smart tennis he’s been playing all along and come into the net when he can and not let Djoker push him back. Love this rivalry and has the potential to be a great match and make up for the dud final we got last year.

    Destiny is calling Roger, it’s time to answer! #BELI8VE

    1. With you all the way! Think Fed playing better match tennis although had to admire Novak saving those 3 set points yesterday! Allez Fed!

    2. Yeah that’s my concern too, Djoker has lost a boat load of slam finals lately so he’s definitely going to want to sort it out. But maybe the Nadal FO final is still lingering. Some signs of weakness under pressure lately, although he did well to win that 4th set breaker vs Dimitrov.

  20. That’ gonna be an exciting match! My predictions: 6-4 3-6 7-6 6-4 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Are there any possibilities to watch the final in hd on free live stream?

  21. Hi Jonathan

    Love your post as always, I really thought it was going to be a lot tougher than that but Fed was just so focused, he actually comes on court now with a plan and Raonic seemed to have no plan other than to try and serve his way to the final – he seemed to forget you have sometimes to play a ball back especially with Roger ont he court. I hope Fed comes out on Sunday with another good plan and great serving – I will try and watch all the way through but just occasionally if it gets too tense I have to walk around the garden – my husband says its only a game – which annoys me so much – he just does not understand!!! Come on Roger Number 8 is still calling and hopefully you will answer Allez Roger

      1. If it’s raining I usually shut myself away upstairs with all the doors closed so I cannot hear anything!!!! My son has threatened to come over tomorrow – he was told not to while the tennis is on!!! hope that does not make me a bad mother!!!

  22. Absolutely fantastic that Rog got through, I thought it would be more testing than it was. He will be in good shape for the final and if he serves well has a real chance. Djokovic has been up and down this tournament and Fed may be able to rattle him at times.

    Both guys have something to prove so I think there will be a lot of nerves, be interesting to see how they handle it.

    The fact Fed hasn’t been in a battle so far is both good and bad, good for his legs but its hard to know where his game and mind are really at when more balls start coming back.

    I make Djokovic the slight favourite as he is suc a good defender and will make Rog play the extra ball. Plus his serve will be tested like never before. I just hope Fed’s game doesn’t break down.

    My biggest dilemma will be whether to watch it or not – I am Fed’s biggest scud, every time I watch him he loses. Amazing how tennis makes a grown man very irrational!

    1. Neil, do us all a favor, please do not watch the final. Any behavior that helps Roger win a slam cannot be considered irrational ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Sid, I’ll do my best but its not going to be easy. The counter balancing between my wish to watch Roger, natural curiousity, and my knowledge that I am a confirmed bad luck charm. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Well, in that case, I should point out that I *didn’t* go and watch Roger play last Thursday week when I could have done ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Alison, this is an urgent and important message for you. It’s 3 am here. I’m about to go to bed.



      4. Oh hell, Sid, I’ve only just seen your message. Anyway, watching on TV has never made a difference. Although I did start hugging my stuffed sheep at 2-5 down in the 4th, and look what happened ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I was just busy with football and work, I didn’t disappear ๐Ÿ˜‰
        and I think I will be watching the finale, although I am bit sad it doesn’t have Nadal on the other side, but yeah, go Roger ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. It looks like we might be in for some rain tomorrow.

    Indoor grass- If there was ever a surface that was MADE for Federer. May the stars align!!!

    BelI8ve in 8/18/80 !! Allez!!

    1. No rain over SW19 tomorrow afternoon according to the BBC website: 20 degrees, and cloudy with sun breaking through. Anyway, given that Djokovic has beaten him the last couple of times they met indoors (or am I forgetting something?), I’m not sure how much of an advantage the roof would be.

  24. Hey Guys,

    I am going to be positive in my comment and I will try to make it as poetic as possible. Lets consider some stats, Fed has been serving brilliantly all through the tournament. In fact he has been serving brilliantly since he set foot on grass this year. He is 9-0 on grass in 2014. He has been aggressive and taken enough opportunities on the return. None of his performances on grass this year have been so so. They have all been decisive and mostly one sided.

    Federer has been ruthless since he has set foot on the lawn. His winners to unforced errors ratio is particularly excellent considering how aggressive he plays. Not a single stat is going against Fed. He has beaten Djoker two times this year already and took it to three sets on a slow hard court in Indian Wells. He very nearly had him there too. It has been a strong season up until now in my opinion.

    I did read somewhere that despite Fed claiming that he could get back to his best by April, that it usually took anyone 8-10 months to get used to a new racket. Fed has been using his since mid November and he probably needed a couple of months lesser to get completely used to the new racket- he is Federer after all.

    The last time Federer took on Djokovic on a grass court he won 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3 in 2012 Wimbledon Semis. He had back issues during that Wimbledon, but still got it done in four sets with his Pro Staff 90… This My friends is a new Fed- a fresh Fed version 4.0 wielding a new weapon of mass destruction called the Pro Staff 97. An ill Fed dealt with Djoker with an old weapon in four sets. Imagine what he can do with his new weapon.

    Djokovic needs to just think back to last month where he was the favorite going into his French Open Final match against Nadal. He tried his best, like he had done 5 times before and failed yet again. He is someone with a superhuman ability to grind matches out, yet he could not out grind Nadal at FO- this despite the fact that grinding out matches happens to be his greatest strength. This time is no different. He is heading into a match with the greatest grass court player ever born and it happens to be Djokovic’s weakest surface.

    He can ask Becker for all kinds of advice, yet it comes down to this. Djokovic cannot out hit Federer on any court let alone grass. He needs to defend and defend and scramble for the ball all day long. Unfortunately this is tougher on the grass. How long can he run around when the swiss Maestro simply rips the ball in all directions???? How long can he starve of the inevitable defeat that he will face on Sunday???

    Not for long I would say, for when he walks into the center court on Sunday to face his opponent, he will find the crowd totally against him. He will look across the net and see what I see- he will see the end, he will see his defeat- he will see The Mighty Federer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yours sincerely,

      1. Thanks Gaurav.. I don’t want to jinx it too. He will win it tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Well, I’ve just trimmed all my fingernails, in the hope that that will dissuade me from chewing them if I get nervous!

    1. “The Mighty Federer” ๐Ÿ˜€

      I was just thinking that this would be a Slam with the new racquet Ani, thanks for spelling it all out! Sure hope it goes the way you envision it!

      1. Sure Thinker. This will be his first slam with the new racket and certainly not his last. And I certainly believe it will go the way we all hope it will.

        To Djokovic, I have just one more thing to say- Be prepared young man, there is an east wind blowing your way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Stirring speech, but I’ll tell you this. If you end up jinxing Roger, I will kill you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Novak Roger
    73 Aces 69
    9 Double Faults 5
    37% Unreturned Serves 44%
    68% 1st Serve % 66%
    77% 1st Serve Points 83%
    57% 2nd Serve Points 68%
    8 Broken 1
    29 Break Points Faced 13
    107 Games Served 89
    93% Service Games Held 99%
    115 mph Average 1st Serve 116 mph
    96 mph Average 2nd Serve 99 mph
    126 mph Fastest Serve 127 mph
    70% Returns in Play 71%
    29% 1st Return Points Won 31%
    54% 2nd Return Points Won 54%
    27 Breaks of Serve 24
    70 Break Points 65
    39% Pct. Converted 37%
    105 Return Games Played 87
    26% Return Games Won % 28%
    53 Forehand Winners 56
    56 Forehand Unforced Errors 36
    55 Backhand Winners 31
    58 Backhand Unforced Errors 36
    240 Winners 230
    130 Unforced Errors 84
    132 of 186 Net Points Won 137 of 192
    71% Net Points Won % 71%
    49% Baseline Points Won 52%
    90 Games Lost 64
    4 Sets Lost 1
    15:09 Time on Court 10:16

    Stats for both players through the tournament. Nothing much to say except that Fed has been doing better than Djoker in all most every stat and that astonishingly includes the return department as well. Go Fed ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow great work! Great reading! Ness to bring it all to court tomorrow! No excuses! Edberg will not accept defeat!

    2. Wow Ani, thanks for this, great effort. It’s interesting how in some places their numbers are actually indentical or nearly so, like returns in play (70/71%), 1st return points won (29/31%), 2nd return points won (54/54%). It’s possible if it’s a very tight match, a couple percentage points could make the difference.

  26. Hi Jonathon, Thanks for all the work you do, writing match summaries, analysis etc. The match stats you post are much more useful than those on the official sites. Roland Garrosโ€™s were particularly poor this year.

    I have just been reading some articles on the ATP website and there is a lot of love for Roger out there. It is amazing how he has such devoted fans in every corner of the globe. I was happy to learn that even young players like our Nick Kyrgios, look up to Roger as their idol.

    I am looking forward to the match, but to quote the great man himself, I will be โ€œslightly nervousโ€.
    (PS. I accidentally opted this on the wrong story so have copied and pasted it where it belongs.)

  27. Is it true that Darth Federer is back for US Open?
    So Excited!

    Anyway, 14 hours away from the match and I couldn’t sleep dur to nervous..

  28. Being Canadian, this has been an awesome tournament for this country. Raonic making it to the semis, Bouchard to the finals and Nestor to the mixed doubles semis. But the icing on the cake was Pospisil winning the doubles! I’ve watched him play many times. He has so much fun on the court. His back is now healed so hoping for the best for him the rest of the year.

    I’m hoping I can sleep tonight. The match starts at 6 am for me. If Roger stays on course the title is his.

  29. two things:
    1. Fed in another major final is just so awesome, heยดs been so soild through out this tournament. The serve is clicking, winners/unforced errors ratio is where itยดs supposed to be and his net game has improved during the tournament. Now the final, itยดs going to thrilling.

    2. Only lost 1 set in 9 semi finals? WTF!!!! Thatยดs inzane….

    1. Depends. Roger won that encounter two years ago and Novak would slip way more with the roof closer but then again Djoker won the last 3 matches indoors and probably the best indoor player last two years. Hard to call but shouldn’t really dictate a clear favourite.

  30. Hey guys… Djoko said in thi presser that Dimi plays like fed, so he got a good idea as to how to prepare himself for the finals.. u think that this will have a bearing on the Final, coz fed could not have aplayed an opponent more diff from Djoko… also, the fact that the only test fed has had so far is Stan.. n Fed only won coz Stan’s level dropped..

    if djoko plays in the zone and his level does NOT drop.. then, i feel its trouble for Fed…


  31. Damn it’s getting tense, am very surprised that nearly every pundit and commentator has picked Fed to win. I think people are counting Novak out too easily. Sure the guy has struggled this tournament but he’s been quite resilient to get here and Fed won’t be able to get away if he has those mental lapses. Anyway, hoping for a good match and that Jonathan will be writing a victory recap. Let’s go Roger, and keep those nerves under control everyone!

  32. Unlucky Nole, He had to face the winning recordman at RG in the final and now he is about to face the winner recordman at W…

  33. 15 minutes for the match to go. I’m nervous as hell.

    Good luck Roger. Fingers crossed. Maybe it’s going to be 8/18/80. No harm in believing, right?

    See you guys on the other side.

  34. It’s over. It’s been an honor. Disappointed for the ending, but I guess Djoker was better. I don’t know if Roger can make one more, at least not against these guys. Anyways, it’s been an honor

  35. Guys, my love for tennis just died. Never again will I have a go at another championship. So, disappointed

    1. You’ll be fine, Utch. If Roger can deal with it and come back to do it all over again, you can do something as simple as watch him ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Once again, a title gets stolen from Roger. You cannot take an MTO for a comfort rub. Why does this keep happening to Roger?

      1. Congratulations to Djokovic.

        So, yeah, Sid, back to the less stupid part of the conversation, I agree, man. It’s ridiculous this keeps getting allowed. Physical fitness is part of the game, and getting cramp shouldn’t entitle you to treatment!

      2. What I’m saying John is, sure, congrats Nole, you won! But when does this MTO thing stop? If you are down for the count, the momentum is against you, and you are sitting on your chair, on your chair, and getting a massage, then there’s something really, really, wrong! You must pay with points or a game. If you are not fit enough, it’s not your opponents fault.

        He did the same thing to Nadal too, I think it was at USO11, or AO12, a nice lower back rub. Then he went in troll mode for the entire set, and played himself back in.

        You know, anytime someone raises an issue on MTO’s, they come across as whiners. Why allow MTO’s? You’re injured, I’m sorry you don’t deserve to be there.

        P.S. Didn’t he take two MTO’s? Or was it just one?

      3. Answering natures call is not the same as Massage Time Outs (MTO’s). You don’t have to show the world that you poo or pee between sets. Who knows, maybe some sick fans like you might actually enjoy that.

        But getting enjoying a nice soothing massage was there to be seen by everyone.

    1. Hey fan of the Doper, the King of MTO’s, nobody is taking his trophy away, and nobody is saying that he didn’t play well. But, on what planet do you take an MTO, sitting on your chair, with a comfort massage to your calf? Explain, you fan of a cheat? Was that an MTO? Explain what it was.

      Give a rational answer or shut your pie hole.

      1. The timeout didn’t seem to have any obvious effect, and there’s no point dealing in the ‘what ifs’. For all you know it did ebb some of the momentum, but at the end of the day, serving second in the final set at a Wimbledon final, a match of this magnitude against the world’s greatest returner was never going to be straight forward.

      2. So, in other words, that’s it. MTO’s are fine and they should be allowed at key moments in the match, right? Everything is just fine the way it is, right? That’s what you mean?

      3. There’s a way MTO’s can be made legal so nobody whines ever. They should simply be renamed, “Massage Time Out”.

    2. I don’t think that made the difference here. Don’t think it was cramp either as you can’t get treatment for that.

      The missed over head at 15 all at 4-4 was a big point. Big advantage for Djoker serving first in the fifth and he pulled it out.

      No complaints or regrets from me. Fed put in a great performance and just came out the wrong side of things. Was a top quality final.

      1. Yes, the missed overhead in game 9 was the turning point. I just knew it. Nobody is even arguing about the epicness of the match. The argument here is about well timed MTO’s to get a nice, soothing massage, sitting on your chair.

      2. Truly great performance. The way that fourth set played out was just… magical. Since it’s recent, we’re bound to overreact, but I honestly think that was every bit as good as the legendary finals of 1980 and 2008. In terms of quality, perhaps higher.

        And Sid, I get the point about the MTOs, but it’s done now, there’s nothing we can do. I do wonder exactly what the calf problem was, though, considering at no point in the match did I think Djokovic moved any more conservative, even for a point.

        The missed overhead was the big point, yeah ๐Ÿ™ but I felt that as soon as Djokovic took the 3rd set TB the match was done. The fifth was a bonus of shotmaking, so credit to Fed for that, but I don’t think he was ever going to win from 2-1 down in sets.

      3. John, this is precisely the sort of thinking that results in the gamesmanship issues never being addressed. People just accuse losers of being “whiners”, and leave it at that.

        All things you’ve said are fine. I watched the match only from 2-5 down in the fourth, and knew it was pretty much over. Djoker is too good a player to not have another great passage of play, after losing Set 4. But why resort to a simple calf rub?

  37. All of Fed fans should be proud of how Roger performed today. He fought until the end and he gave his best and this is something I used to blame him but definetely not today. He was so strong mentally and if he is able to maintain this mental strenght he will be able to win another GS.

  38. I hope Jonathan interests me on something, maybe if Federer wins US Open, because I’m going AWOL

    1. Roger will do great at the US Open. Work hard, reach the final, where someone will play really well, take a couple of MTO’s, and defeat him. Excited much? ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yup, great explanation. That must be it. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he felt a dip in energy. But your explanation is perfectly logical.

      2. You are giving an opinion of a match you haven’t watched. It talks a lot about your credibility.

      3. I’ll tell you what I saw, and what everybody saw. I saw a Djokovic suddenly getting tight, not playing that great when trying to close it out, grimacing during that time, then playing great in the second half of the last set, and somewhere in between, taking a nice calf massage, during an MTO, sitting on his chair. That’s what I saw. That’s not an opinion. You didn’t see that? Maybe you weren’t watching closely.

    1. Nah, it was a top quality final. Winner and a loser, that’s tennis. Fed was up against it today – a guy who is in his prime and is clearly too good to lose that many slam finals in a row. Tough ask and he fought till the end.

  39. Well. Pity.

    But what spirit. What fight. What a champion.

    I was almost in tears when I saw Federer look up at his girls, who were oblivious to what had just happened. It was a beautiful beautiful moment. He is such a graceful guy, even in defeat, it’s incredible.

    Today he showed true courage and fought and fought and then fought some more. Too bad it came up just short. I’m extremely proud. Sad, but proud.

    Serving behind in the championship set was never ever going to be easy, against the world’s best returner. Novak was going to go for it on the returns and he did.

    Roger Federer, you’ve always been a source of inspiration for me, (as I’m sure for all of us here), since the day I saw you play. Win or lose, you’re always going to be the person I’ve looked up to, the person that I’ve admired, the person that made me fall in love with tennis.

    1. [Roger Federer, youโ€™ve always been a source of inspiration for me, (as Iโ€™m sure for all of us here), since the day I saw you play. Win or lose, youโ€™re always going to be the person Iโ€™ve looked up to, the person that Iโ€™ve admired, the person that made me fall in love with tennis.]

      I share your thoughts. No matter how much the chips are down, no matter how much behind in the count, I will look up to you, and never resort to unethical means to win a match.

  40. Holy Moly, what a MATCH. I know Fedfans are gutted but what a performance from Roger “I won’t die” Federer. Ultimately Novak was too good and it came down to fine margins in the fifth in that Fed couldn’t convert his opportunities and fell behind on his own serve at 5-4 serving second.

    Not that upset because Roger left it all out there, not more you can ask of. Congratulations to Novak, finally got another slam and hopefully will see a tilt in the Djokodal rivalry now… Can’t wait to discuss the match in more detail soon, hope everyone isn’t too emotionally drained.

  41. Disappointed yes. But so so proud of Roger! Hard luck tje next time. Because I believe there will be another time where he’s there to fight for a GS title!!

    Allez Roger! Tu es le meilleur!

    1. Whatever little respect I had for Novak Djokovic, I’ve lost it today. On the greatest stage in tennis, he resorted to cheap tactics to win a match.

      1. This will not change the result Sid. Only will make your blood boil.
        Our champ fought hard and did all he could. No regrets from that point.
        Next the US swing. And USO. I still believe he has a shot there. Maybe he gets revenge even ๐Ÿ™‚ (One can always dream, especially when the Maestro is there to let you do so).
        And btw I’d rather have Novak as World Nยบ1…

      2. Djokovic’s name will forever be there as the 2014 champion. No doubt. What it won’t show is how much of a disgraceful cheat he is. You know there was a time he had all his breathing problems, he is no stranger to it. Then he turned into a superman, by avoiding “gluten”. Now he is back to stealing trophies. Enjoy that trophy, and your post game massage, Novak!

  42. I’m soo angry at myself and I don’t know y. I stil think Fed will win a slam somehow. Something just has to give. But seriously, I think I’ll hibernate for now. I’m not one to respond to Jonathan’s blog when Fed loses so oooo,I won’t be in when that analysis comes out. I wil just say…. C u guys when Roger’s cup draw comes out
    Can someone close to Fed tel him to please drop a tweet for his fans?

    1. Utch, you’re leaving us in this hour? You’re going to just quit on us and take a timeout? Only cowards take MTO’s.

  43. Oh my God, I am so gutted. Cannot take anything away from Novak but how close can you come to winning it without winning it, it’s a bit like Roddick’s loss to Fed.

    My only disappointment was I felt Fed’s service game at 4-5 was a little tame, when he had been awesome on serve most of the match. It’s like the nerves got to him, most of the shots were unforced errors, it’s rotten luck serving second in the final set. 4-5 is clearly the highest pressure point in the final set and someone has to get there, even if serving at 5-6, you will have one held service to save the match under your belt, so it eases the pressure slightly, but 4-5 the pressure must be immense.

    Fed did incredibly well to pull off the 4th set at 2-5 down. To win 5 games in a row, perhaps he should have kept the pressure going, a break at the start of the 5th would have been ideal, once Djok got back into the groove on his serve he could put the thought of the poor 5 game run behind him.

    What a shame Fed missed that opportunity at break point in the 5th!

    All in all I would have cut your arm off to have Fed having such an amazing 2 weeks, but now he came so close it is so disappointing that he didn’t pull it off.

    I’m also glad if Fed was to lose, it is Novak at the other side of the net, if it was Murray or Nadal I think I would be throwing up about now.

    Unlucky Fed, congrats to Novak. 2 absolute legends. Tennis is the winner. Wimbledon is the best tournament on the planet.

    1. Honestly, I disagree with something. In fact, tennis is the big loser here. One guy put his heart and soul out there, and did everything he could. The other enjoyed the comforts of a soothing calf massage, sitting on his chair, during a medical time out. Such a disgraceful champion. Not doubt learning from “the best” one at doing those theatrics.

      1. Yeah I hated that too, but I think as a player you just have to deal with it. Federer just concentrates on his tennis, not once in his career has he ever used a slowdown tactic or faked a MTO to affect anyones game, but that’s what makes him who he is, and why we all admire him so much. If he was a footballer, he would play without cheating, even whilst others around him are diving and getting one over him by doing it. He would not be tempted to resort to it. The rules need to be tougher but these guys are using these tactics because they can. Bit like people who use tax avoidance, government should take it away so it cannot be done. Admittedly Djok’s in the 5th was a bit suspect, notice Fed stood up to encourage him to hurry up! But I feel Fed should have just dealt with it, he’s the most experienced guy in the game. Nadal is the devil for this kind of gamesmanship compared to Djok. He must have had 1000 toilet breaks in his career always when behind. What a coincidence, never requiring a p*** when ahead in a match! Nadal’s rituals when about to serve would be enough for me to swear at him across the net or refuse to face him, that’s how much that would wind me up. How can any sportsman choose to pick a wedgie out of his pants 200 times every match, every single match throughout his whole career, whilst wearing extremely tight shorts, ahead of simply wearing a bigger size which doesn’t stick! It’s surely just a wind up tactic.

      2. Roger took a toliet timeout after loosing the second set and he changed his racket in when he was 6-5 ahead making Novak waiting for him… What do you think about that?

      3. Hey, dimwit, I’ve already said that taking toilet breaks “between” sets is perfectly acceptable. A mans gotta go when a mans gotta go. Maybe where you are from, they don’t take toilet breaks. Now I understand why they are so full of shit.

        As for the 6-5 incident, I didn’t watch the entire match so I’m not sure what the racquet change was about, and if it was due to new balls. I’ll have to watch the re-run. Well, at least he was not fixing his over grip, or removing tape from his feet. In any case, I sure am glad it didn’t impact Mr. MTO.

      4. No, I don’t write the rules, you POS. I’m simply saying that a restroom break is something you cannot question, regardless of who takes it between sets. Do you want them to poop on center court?

        I mean really, if someone takes a restroom break, is there any sane way of knowing whether they sat on the can and did what needed to be done? You are a retarded POS, man.

      5. The racquet change *was* due to new balls, I understand: that’s what one of the commentators said.

      6. Thanks, Alison.

        Once again, Pablo the troll, just goes to town with what he thinks happened, not what really happened.

  44. Guys, even Andy Roddick tweeted that being delayed by an MTO while serving from behind is not an ideal situation.
    Well, itz over, we lost!!!
    I love you Roger and I don’t believe d grass is only the best place you can win another title, you can do it any other place if you continue this kinda play.
    I’m going to spend the next 5mins tweeting you comforting messages
    @rogerfederer #meloveyoulongtime #youdonotwalkalone

    1. Equal work, equal pay. You heard Billie Jean King? Sorry, this comes across as sexist. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people cry foul when you give them facts.

  45. Sid! Sid!! Ohh I so don’t want to leave, but I need to massage my heart.
    Just saw a pic with Roger leaving Wimbledon with the twin girls, I feel so gutted.
    My phone is ringing off the hook with annoying people who want to gloat about Fed’s loss

    1. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with a single Nadal fan who would annoy me on the phone. I don’t make friends with Nadal fans. In fact, I don’t even try to stay in touch with any. There’s one asshole lurking here though, and he will be dealt with in unimaginable ways if he resorts to his cheap tactics.

      But I feel your pain. It doesn’t hurt because we lost, it hurts because we were duped, yet again. Hang in there. Avoid those haters. Actually, un-friend them. Those who make fun of losers, are the lowliest of people in the world, and are not worth being friend with.

  46. Alright folks, I will be back on Jonathan’s Wimbledon post. Look out for an ode to the champion, and the World No. 1 from me.

    Gotta get some sleep, have a match to play, but not sure how much I’m going to be focused on it.

    P.S. Actually, it’s against a Nadal fan from guess where, Spain? I might un-friend him soon if he doesn’t stop with his tossing the ball and not serving, four or five times in a row, particularly on key points ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Aw man, great fight from Roger throughout only to fall short. I will have to process it all.

    Yeah, I’m gutted and Jonathan I think it’s time to ban all the f****** trolls from this site. This isn’t after all.

      1. They were nowhere to be seen when Nadal lost. They were nowhere to be seen when Federer was winning. Now the moment he loses they resurface. I’m not for it. What’s with the damn inferiority complex that they need to come and visit every time their man is up/ Federer is down.

      2. So retarded (informal meaning). I hardly ever visit that site anymore and now trolls are infesting here too.

  48. This Troy Nguyen fella is a complete and utter scumbag, the thickest most disrespectful idiot to walk the face of the earth. Clearly knows absolutely nothing about tennis and should not be allowed to comment on it. (unless he is 10 years old of course). Amazing what idiots say when they hide behind a monitor but wouldn’t say in public. Check out some of his/her/ladyboy comments on this youtube post:

    “Fed=worst player to win a slam
    Look at bums he beat in finals: gonzalez? baghdatis? soderling? phillipoussis!
    WHAT A FRAUD!!!!๏ปฟ”

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s just your average Nadal fan. Whatever he dishes out here, he can be rest assured will be repaid with interest.

  49. I think it’s a great day to be a Fed fan. Here’s a guy who was losing to unknown people in ATP 250s last year, and this year, he’s back, new racket, new incarnation and came incredibly close to winning #18. We can’t ask more of him.

    Although, on a more sober note, in rallies that lasted longer than 4 shots Fed always seemed to be in a losing or defensive position. Realistically, winning another slam is going to be very hard (especially outside of grass).

    1. I agree, he was normally dominated from baseline in most of the points. But he served like god, that’s the reason he could make the match very closed

    2. While I agree that he seemed on the defensive for a good part of the first three sets, I feel that it was his defence that got him through a good chunk of that (of course along with his phenomenal serving)

      I don’t understand why we criticise Rog for not playing aggressively (surviving/ hanging by a thread) only to complain about how Nadal manages to get off the hook. Here it was Federer who was tapping into the deepest corners just to survive at certain stages and coming through, similar to what grinders do. If we’re going to begrudgingly concede that Nadal manages to escape every now and then, we should be pretty happy when Roger’s doing the same thing. Finding a way to win ugly. He didn’t need it for a good part of his career, but now he can’t win on talent alone. Age/ Conditions work against him and he needs to do whatever it takes to find a way to win. And he’s doing just that.

      1. True, and Fed sent a clear message when he said he would be back next year. I think he firmly believes he can more slams.

    3. “I think itโ€™s a great day to be a Fed fan. Hereโ€™s a guy who was losing to unknown people in ATP 250s last year, and this year, heโ€™s back, new racket, new incarnation and came incredibly close to winning #18. We canโ€™t ask more of him.”

      True, Sridhar – thanks for the reminder.

  50. Heartbreaking loss… Not much to say. Nole was super consistent and had an amazing return game. Roger fought and fought but wasn’t meant to be. Sucks. Was this his last chance for a major? Hope not.

    1. In a way, I’m becoming amazed with Roger because the guy can no longer hit a half decent backhand but there so much tactics and experience and shot selection that he can play a very exciting Wimbledon final against Novak that was on top of this game. Probably the excellent serving keeps him in the match but still.
      If he could get back the mojo on his backhand then there’s still not stopping him. Why can’t he get back that backhand?

  51. Great match, great final, great champions. I have not been this proud of Rog for a long time, gave it his everything. Credit to Novak he deserved this one ๐Ÿ™‚ Seeing Roger pull off the 4th was incredible, and although I believe he won’t win another slam, I was really happy/impressed with this match. A real final, crowdpleaser ๐Ÿ™‚

    And guys, can we cut the crap with the mto? No big deal, Roger lost fair and square.

    Roger Federer forever!!

    1. Novak won it fair. Let’s cut him some slack. A nice, relaxing, calf massage, was well deserved, for the tremendous effort he put in.

      1. Come on man, you’re starting to sound like a fanboy, no offense. You really need to stop looking for an excuse in every match he loses against one of the top guys. Be proud of Roger, and be happy for Novak, and put it behind you.

      2. Interesting, I didn’t give an excuse for his Indian Wells loss. Or the last few times he lost to Novak, including that “forehand”. Or his loss at the French Open (was it last year?). Or after losing to Murray at AO13. Did you see me fanboying then?

        What I saw today was a man who went through his six opponents with class and grace, and almost turned the tables in the final, only to see his rival take an untimely, or timely massage time out. And you call me a fanboy?

        I’m proud of Roger, but I can’t deny the fact that he got cheated.

      3. Because there wasn’t anything to complain about, and there still isn’t. You’re ruining the game for yourself, and instead of enjoying a great match, you’re complaining about a mto. Get over it. It’s done, he lost, but take away the positives

      4. Really, Simon? Did we watch the same match? Two MTO’s, in a match so close? Nobody is denying it was a great match, regardless of Djokovic’s classless behavior. But it hurts to see on man put in an honest effort to win it, only to be denied glory by a thug.

        That may be fair in your book. Not in mine.

    2. Simon I think playing with the will he has played and being mentally strong as he was he can win another GS, I really think it. It may be difficult he beats Djokovic or Nadal but they are not gonna be there in every single GS. As long as he is able to beat consistently the rest of the field he will have chances.

  52. Heartbreaking is an understatement. I had to go walk couple of miles to try and shake this one off. I agree with you Sid. MTO was just as you said, a massage of the calf. Cheap gamesmanship by the winner. Novak Djokovic is a cheater but he was allowed to do it – so.

    1. He pulled similar shit on Nadal at US 2011, then trolled his way through the fourth set. All the time acting like he was done, then winning it.

      I mean, what else does this seven time slam winner have to do to stay fit? He gave up gluten. He sleeps in a CVAC pod. What else? Does he have to now resort to calf massages when things aren’t gong his way? What next, a CVAC time out in the near future?

  53. Great match from Roger today. So good I can’t really bring myself to be disappointed at the result. He did sort of give it away in the end. But, boy, didn’t he fight! I think he’ll come away happy with his performance once he’s had time to digest it and think about it. Proved he can last five tough sets (well almost) and pull himself back from the brink. The important thing is it was a classic match people will talk about. No quick defeat by a man 6 years younger.

    I agree about Novak’s gamesmanship. He’s learnt to do it with more subtlety than he used to so it’s not so noticeable, but that small injury appeared twice in the match when he needed it to, long enough to break the momentum which is what it’s all about. And each time he came back from it with no noticeable problem. I daresay if he’d lost it would have been because of his injury. Still, Roger’s an old hand and should be able to deal with it.

    1. I agree about Novakโ€™s gamesmanship. Heโ€™s learnt to do it with more subtlety than he used to so itโ€™s not so noticeable, but that small injury appeared twice in the match when he needed it to, long enough to break the momentum which is what itโ€™s all about. And each time he came back from it with no noticeable problem. I daresay if heโ€™d lost it would have been because of his injury.

      Yep, all that needs to be said on this.

  54. What a match!! The quality was insane at times. Soo unbelievably proud of Roger for extending the match as long as he did! I had given up all hope once Djokovic went up 3-1 in the fourth set (well tbh hopes were fading long before then when Djok claimed the third set breaker) but then SOMEHOW Federer strung off FIVE games from a 5-2 deficit, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him do something like that. I’ve given him so much crap in the past for lack of mental fortitude but he refused to go away, and he came so utterly close. Credit to Djokovic though, his returns were popping today, and in the end it came down to just a few points here and there. I’m actually happy for the guy, and his speech was v. heart-warming. I really hope Fed can get an 18th though, perhaps next year will see him lift the trophy – I’ve seen a little of a trend forming since 2012 – losing Wimbledon finalist goes on to win the title the following year. Lol maybe I’m grasping at straws here!

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