Roger Federer

FedCity The Game – A Tale of 17 Cities

You are travelling with Fed as he visits 17 cities of past glory; where he has won titles as a Junior, in the Challenger Circuit and as a Senior Pro!

Your job is to identify these 17 cities based on the clues gives, so that you know where you are going 🙂

Answers will be published in a few days. Good luck and have fun travelling with Roger!


Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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  1. No way I can’t believe it 1st title of the year. I will now try the 17 countries fed title quiz????
    For Murli…. really cool profile pic, you remind of some sort of Zen Master and by having the glass of champagne ( I think) in your hand its like you know something special that the rest ofus dont. Very mmysterious but in a good way Murli. Cool my friend keep up the good work!!!!

    1. Murli, the Zen Master, lol Serajul, so true! Congrats for the title.

      Just came back from a fireworks display on the beach (the Bastille day in France). Loved it. Watching fireworks is like watching Fed’s highlight reels. Boom, boom, boom. Ahhhs and wows, breathtaking beauty makes you emotional.

      Okay, now me too play the game…

      1. Hi there Wanda… I hope you had great time on the beach. Like yourself I too lovefifireworks display. Simply awesome! !! I didn’t know the French had a Bastille day. I may be wrong but ain’t the Bastille a famous Castle Prison. Where they would put all the famous criminals there and later have their heads chopped off on the Guillotine???? Anyway these days people celebrate all kinds of things. Lol in the UK people celebrate the 5th of November ( Guy Faukes day) . This guy and his accomplises got stopped just before they could blow up the Uk Houses of Parliament. Therefore to this day people celebrate an Act of Terrorism. With fireworks and making a huge fire. Lol welive in a crazy world. Also the bonfires that people lite on that day. The actual word is called Bonefire ie human bones as this used to be pagan and satanic rituals of burning children and men women. But because the root word was disturbing the word Bonefire was shorten down to bonfire. That way you take away what this Pagan Satanic cult of a celebration day that is still going strong but the public do not know what exactly people are participatingin. Even I when I was young I used tusto enjoy all of these. But as I got older I found out the real reasons to these celebrations thatcseem good but when you research properly you see so much dark, pagan, satanic, secular doctrines.
        Lol sorry for the long babble. Stay good and as you are Wanda. Thanks cheers Serajul

    2. Thanks Serajul, looks can deceive. I remember a book called Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Never read it as am far away from both Zen & motorcycles. Champagne yes of course. Was waiting with the bubbly a few days back. But alas.

      However, the only thing I know and which all of us also do is that Fed is the GOAT.

      Enjoy the travel with Fed, down memory lane.

      1. Bucks Fizz all the way.

        Nobody really likes champagne, it’s just the name. I could serve white wine mixed with tonic water and I doubt anyone would know.

  2. Olá Jon & Murli!

    I did the quiz in less than 10 minutes!! 🙂
    It was a fun way to forget the last final and remember some good Rogi’s victories.
    Good work guys!

    1. Hello Ana!!! Is it me but I don’t think I have read your comments in a long time, unless I have missed your comments on the other posts. Regardless its nice to familiar names again from all over the world. One thing I would like to say is we in UK have had exotic hot nice weather most of the time. As normally Uk has the crappiest weather and every other countries has beautiful hot sunshine. Anyway hope you are good. I know the Federer fans here on this site are not in joyous mood since Mr Gluten free harder, stronger, faster Djokovic won. I really thought this year especially after the Murray win. That Federer had a better chance of winning but the grass eating, wants the public affection and respect like Federer had to ruin the mood of the 99% of centre court and the multi millions of people around the world. What a downer!! Lol What a plant pot of a champion he is. Whats the point of winning the Grand Slams when 90% of the fans don’t like him. Lol

      1. Ola Serajul.
        I am an avid reader of this page, but lately rarely commenting.
        Just saying, here in São Paulo we have a nice hot weather as well (average 23 ° C) in winter, but during the winter 😀
        Ohhh, Mr Gluten Free knows how to be a goofy, humpf!

      2. Take a bow Murli, take a well earned bow! 😉 Still missing Katyani, Alysha?

      3. Ola Ana back! !!! Thanks for your reply . Wow you live in a fantastic part of the world. I would love to go on holiday and come to Sao Paulo one day if I get an opportunity to go. Anyway can I say something you may or may not know. The word ” Ola” which you use to say Hello and greetings comes from the Word ” Ya’Allah” which means Oh God. It comes from generations down when Spain used to be a Muslim country before the endless wars by Christians and Muslims for control. Anyway the word is still used but the word through dialects and time the word got shortened down to Ola andvvarious Spanish latin American speaking peoplesstill use the word. For example Olay when they do the fantastic flamenco dancing. And like yourself the word can be used as greetings Ola. Hope I explained how the word root heritage and derived from. So I will finish by saying Ola and Olay!!!!

      4. No no, they speak Portuguese in Brazil Serajul. You stick with being Head of History and Conspiracies. I think Alison and Thinker are the resident International Linguists.

        Olá is Portuguese for hello. Hola is Spanish for hello 🙂

        I think you mean Olé which is Spanish for bravo or getting excited. Which probably rings true to the Ya’Allah thing as ‘oh god’ basically means the same thing…

      5. [I think Alison and Thinker are the resident International Linguists.]

        Ola Jonathan. Et, ich auch, senor. 🙂

  3. I think I’ve passed the quiz.

    1. Paris
    2. Segovia
    3. Vienna
    4. Istanbul
    5. Tokyo
    6. Kooyong
    7. Gstaad
    8. Doha
    9. Halle
    10. London
    11. New York
    12. Wimbledon
    13. Bangkok
    14. Oeiras
    15. Rotterdam
    16. Munich
    17. Cincinnati

  4. Woops, started with the city (No.2) I didn’t know Fed won!
    Thanks Murli, it was fun as a traveller myself 🙂

  5. Serajul, thanks I had a fab time though too much eating/drinking as everybody does on July 14th, it’s France’s National Day 🙂

    Sue, I live in Nice, Côte d’Azur but probably this is the last year as I will be on the road again looking for a place to settle. Where should I go…Muscat?

      1. Don’t know…nomad genes in me?
        No doubt it’s a great place to live if you were on your permanent holiday!

        Zurich, no point. I am such a sissy, I would blush and run away if I bump into Fed on a street, let alone being a stalker.

    1. Thanks for that Sue – it’s a wonderful project.

      This is unrelated to tennis, but I believe it is something Rog would support. Most want to see all children get a great start in life, but then we would like to see justice for all people all over the world. If you want this, please sign the petition and let your friends know of this injustice.

  6. Hey sweet people, I am still here. It’s just like I said in a few of my comments (please do read my comments better sweet people !!!) I am busy with my courses and exams. This year I have (obligation from work) to do 4 courses with exams (so will have less time to comment). Currently I am busy with my second course and in a few days I have my exam. Big big big stress time !!! So…. talk to you all later when things are less stress for me.

    But….lovely people…. please do NOT forget me and like Arnie as the Terminator says….. I’LL BE BACK 🙂
    Oh… and…. can someone please do something about the Serbinator?? He really is getting on my nerves. Like seriously getting on my nerves 🙂

    Ps: Sid, happy birthday. May you have a great day and may all your wishes come true.
    Bye all. Love you all. And ofcourse… totally loving the love of my life. Go Goat 🙂

    1. Hi Katyani – may I wish you good luck in all your exams, and please try not to get too stressed. 🙂

      1. No Brother Jonas, like I said earlier I have a very very very good memory. I never forget (and forgive to be honest) !!!

        And please be nice to me Jon, my Berdy got married… I am sad 🙂 Damn you Ester. Congrats, but still…. damn you. That’s MY Tommy B with his killer killer smile and those killer killer blue eyes 🙂

        Hey thanks sweet Slamdunk and sweet Sue. Talk to you all later…

  7. Just saw the highlights of DC game 5, QF, Hewitt vs Nedovyesov.
    Well, the resilience of some former champions never ceases to amaze. I guess that this is what tells these guys apart from the others who come and go (mostly go).
    And did anyone else notice that after Australia’s team jumped on court after Lleyton’s win he almost immediately dismissed and went back running to compliment his opponent? Nice. One of his teammates could learn one thing or two from daddy…

    1. muser, I loved the video of Roger in Afrika which you so kindly posted for us to see. Thank You, it was heartwarming to see, to see Roger interact with the children who as much loved him with smiles of appreciation.
      Kindly, Dolores

      1. Yes, making perspective for love and grateful admiration. Thanks in return, Dolores, for positive comment

      2. Hey Sweet Dolores, if you are the sweetest “girl” ever who turned “sweet 16” today (wink wink 🙂 ), I have left you a message at Ru-an.

        Lots of love from Katyani

        Ps: Thank you for still believing in the Goat !!!

  8. Man – I bet it is healing to Roger’s soul to be in Malawi with those kids. That work is more important than any GS. I bet it’s putting things in perspective for him. Happy to see. May the Lord bless him. Acts 20:35 “more blessed to give than to receive”.

    1. I bet it is healing to us as well. To watch Roger enjoying the kids’ wonderful lively learning and having fun together, is making heart smiling.

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