Roger Federer

Fed-Word – A Fun Crossword Puzzle for Federer Fans

Hey guys, today I have another fun Federer quiz from Muscat's Number 1 Quizmaster, Murli Pillai. This time around it's a crossword and you can play it below.

To play hit the start button and you'll see the crossword pop up, you can click any of the blanks to switch between clues. When one of them is highlighted you'll see the clue and the number of letters required in brackets.

I'm not sure how scoring works, or whether the quicker you complete it the better the score as I've never used this site before. It was the best I could find that allowed embedable puzzles πŸ™‚ but from what I gather it will keep a leaderboard of all completed crosswords. No prizes, just pride on the line πŸ˜€ Good luck!

Note : The name to be filled could be the first name or the surname based on the number of letters specified.

You can also download the Excel version of it here if you'd rather use that. It's in a slightly different layout as I had no control of over the order using the embeddable one.

And finally thanks to Murli for creating it and sending it over so I can publish it on the blog.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hey looks fun, will take my mind off the defeat!!
    Thks Murli!!
    Btw, we hv to discuss who we wld LEAST mind Edberg handing the Aus trophy to…..
    Stan, Kei, someone new, Murray, Raonic,Novak…. In that order! I fully accept that Tomas and David are not even in the mix…..
    Anyone but Dull!!

  2. I never got to write in about the upset, so i will now.

    I, in my almost 4 years now of being a Fedfan, have NEVER seen Roger make as many unforced errors as he did on Friday. I have never seen him hit 9 doubles before (although he did hit 3 in a row back at Shanghai 2012). And I have never seen him blow 2 tiebreaks in 1 match.
    This loss is bad in terms of possibility. I don’t think this is a huge confidence buster, since Roger knows his game is elite and he is healthy. There are no excuses for the match. Kudos to Seppi. Could Federer have beaten Seppi had he played normally? Certainly. Would he have won? Maybe, Probobly. But as the commentators said: Seppi plays, you have to beat him. And Roger didn’t and payed the price. Unlike most, I believe Seppi was humble after beating Roger even in his celebration (which he should be allowed to do).
    Unlike most Fedfans who are going into “depression” mode, I believe the year is still fresh and lots of winning to do. Slams, M1000, ATP Titles

    Don’t you think winning Brisbane is better than a POSSIBLE SF at a slam(no way Roger was beating Rafa based on his tournament form)? Besides ranking points, this loss is the same if he lost…. Anytime in Malbourne and the same critics/sadness that comes with it. Roger said it’s WINNING slams that matters, not coming close. We already have a title this year and with rest, a rested healthy Federer 5.0 for 2015 πŸ™‚

    1. Well said. No point dwelling on the loss too much. The year has just begun and we already have Brisbane in the bag, which is an imrovement from last year. As long as he picks his battles wisely and gets enough rest, I’m sure there’s plenty more to look forward to.

    2. Seppi was humble in victory for sure. Didn’t say people saying he wasn’t? I think him and Fed know each other well.

      I don’t put winning 250’s over making slam semi’s though… can’t really compare the two.

  3. Thanks Murli, this was fun. I had to look some of them up, but I think I got more than half without looking. The clue for #12 still doesn’t make sense now that I know the answer… maybe I’m missing something.

    For others playing – the “help” button says you can “check letter” or “check word”, (although it will cost you points), but I saw no such button. There IS a “Check” button, which will highlight in pink letters in your layout that are wrong (including blanks) – it costs you at least one point each time you check. I think the maximum score is 100, because even when I re-played after I knew all the answers πŸ˜‰ , I still just got 100 points.

  4. Hey guys, now that Roger is unfortunately out, it goes without saying we don’t want Dull to win it. Me personally, I don’t want Novak to win it too. But who I definitely don’t want to win is Muzza. With winning AO, all he has to do is win RG to have a Golden Slam. Something he doesn’t deserve just by winning all the slams just once.

    Would be nice if Stan could win it, so all the Rafa fans could shut up about him winning it last year was a fluke (afterall a healthy Rafa is unbeatable).

    Would also be nice if Nishi won it. But oh man, how great would it be if Ferrer won AO?? Anyone saw his match against Simon? Ferrer soooo deserves to win a slam (now that Roger is out ofcourse)…

    1. Yeah, I would really love for Ferrer to win a slam. The French would be perfect for him, but yes, I think it would be nice to see him win something big. He is such a humble and sweet guy. I’m sure a lot of people in the crowd would be extremely happy to see him win.

    2. No way Murray is winning RG – cannot see it at all. I know he got to SF last year which was a major surprise, but if Monfils didn’t have candyfloss for brains, he would not have done so.

      Thing is, if he gets through Dimi – still playing ATM, he’s probably the only person standing between Dull and the final. Berdych has been playing extremely well, but does anyone honestly think he’s going to beat Nadul? Anderson put up a bit of a fight in first set but once that was lost he faded very fast.

      I have no problem with Djokovic winning – especially if Nadal faces him – he has the best chance at that point. Would be nice to see Stan win it again – and if it was against Nadull – wow! That would be a real bonus.

      1. Definitely Gaurav, Ferrer deserves to win a slam. Did you see the match against Simon? He gave it his all. He even walked off without his shoes, because he was bleeding from both his toes. And his interviews are as fun as Roger’s. So humble, so nice, so funny.
        When he lost to Roger at the Cincy final last year, he said something like that he can’t beat Roger and will wait till they both play the senior tours to beat him πŸ™‚ So funny.

        I don’t know Slamdunk, if al Andy needed was RG…. wouldn’t he put it all on winning RG?? Would be something right?? Scenario: Novak needs RG to win all the 4 slams atleast once, Muzza needs RG to win the Golden Slam, Roger needs RG to win all slams atleast twice… and they will all have to go through….. only Rafa. Easy peasy πŸ™‚

        I watched the Rafa match. First set was really great. Anderson kept up with Rafa. After he lost the 1st set, you are right. He faded away and I switched over to YT πŸ™‚

      2. Ferrer can win a Slam sure. Is he still with TenisVal? I’m sure that can provide him with Luis Del Moral’s new number. πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Guys

    You know in India they have a tradition where if you praise someone too much – for instance a child or a bride etc – they do a ritual to contain the negative impact of the praising. A lot of my friends and co-Fed fans are actually blaming me now for the loss including the guy who came over home the previous night so that we could watch the match together in the morning. I don’t blame them as all are quite upset and want to blame anyone else other than Fed. Me in this case after that post !!! Gaurav and other Indians would know.

    Meanwhile, as per my Tiger predictions ( which have all gone with the wind ) Berdych will take out Nadal. First time in my life I will be rooting for Berdych. My dark horse is Nishikori.

    1. Hi Murli, a funny tradition!

      Another cool game with a peRFect timing. Thanks for taking our mind off from the disappointment. It was a fun as I scored 95, not too bad, hah? Hope more to follow, Murli πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Murli. Awesome quiz. I had a lot of fun. I didn’t get three answers I think. Are you going to be posting the answers? Helped take the mind off the loss.

        Also, I haven’t heard of the tradition actually. πŸ˜›

        Looks like Cockyrgios is through. Don’t like the guy at all (except during that Wimbledon beat down) He seems to think too much of himself. From what I gathered from his interviews and his on court antics. I don’t think I can ever see myself rooting for the guy.

        Murray- Dimitrov are locked in at a set a piece. Some decent quality tennis, specially towards the tail end of the second set, but Murray really should be up 2-0 right now. He got extremely tight. As well as Dimitrov is playing, I don’t see any way his backhand will hold up against Nadal. So I’d much rather see Murray go through.

      2. Hey Murli, do you mean like “Roger ko kiseki nazaar lag gai”? The tradition you are talking about, is that a Puja or Katha “nazaar uttarne keliye”??
        Ps: Thank you for replying to me on my mail. I appreciated that.

        Hey Gaurav, Dimi is playing some great points (Roger points πŸ™‚ ). If Dull wasn’t the one waiting, I would be rooting for him. But like you say, he will have no chance against Rafa and Muzza will.
        And I know you guys don’t see it like me, but soooo much respect for Berdych. Lost 17 or 18 times to Rafa in a row, KNOWS Rafa will be the one who is waiting and…. still fought to beat Tomic. No “tank match”. I sooooo hope atleast once, atleast at the AO, that Berdych will beat Rafa….

  6. I dunno what lack of info I’m having but I really can’t figure out the Fed and Mary Jo clue… Most of the other ones in all honesty I’m fine with.

  7. Murray is hilarious in his post match (on court) interview. It’s taken me a while to get used to him, but I quite like his laid back/ no pretense/ self deprecating/ honest humour. His remarks about the kilt, his record against Australian players, his question at the end asking the interviewer if he could please go- all so funny.

  8. Funny how all our thoughts are to protect Roger. Anyone but Nadal. Nadal’s muscle mass is huge and so is his confidence. Hope anyone to take him out. Djokovic is our best chance. Not that I want him to win 5 AOs. Better that than Nadal.

    Kyrgios is a bit much, isn`t he. Can see how the Aussies will love him. Thought Seppi had it in the bag. Usual outcome.

    Haven`t tried the crossword yet. Jonathan, Fed has 2 wivesÉ

      1. Waleed said…but Fed and Mary jo what is that. And Jonathan said, they are married. So, Fed must be married to Mirka and Mary Jo.

  9. Hi Wanda, Definitely more to follow. I think Fed has two more years in him so we need to keep the fires stoked.

    Yes Katyani, you hit the nail on the head. Its an old Indian tradition not much followed these days so Gaurav had no clue about it.

    Susie, I think it will be Nishikori receiving the trophy from Edberg !!!

    Gaurav, Jonathan will be posting the answers soon I guess. Thanks for the appreciation

    And finally Jonathan, loved your comment “is the AO still on”. To be honest I haven’t been bothered much about whats going on. Only hope Berdych beats Nadal. if Seppi can beat Fed then this too is possible !!!

    1. Alright Katyani. Not cool. How do you know better Hindi than me? πŸ™‚ I might need to use a more neutral username.

      1. Hi Gaurav… you might find this funny as I learnt my hindi from Bollywood films. But I can sort of understand more than speak it as hindi words has similar words to my mother tongue which is Bengali. πŸ™‚

    2. Hey Murli, the eldern in my family have told me about this. But we here don’t do those Puja’s or Katha’s. If we want to get rid of bad “nazaar” on kids and so, we let them wash in kind of blue water or put a “tika”. I hope you know what I mean.

      Hey Gaurav, I live in Holland (obviously) and although I am a pure Dutchie….. “phir bhi dil hai Hindoestani”, yaar πŸ™‚ Nothing changes that πŸ™‚

      Hey Serajul, I didn’t know that about you πŸ™‚

      1. Hah! Got you. That would be “Hindustani”. Self confidence back! BOOM!! πŸ™‚

        Serajul- you’re from Bengal?

  10. For Katyani… when you have millions of people looking at you, admiring you etc. You get some positive and alot of negative energy at whoever the person is. In English it is called the the evil eye!!, therefore yes big Nazaar on federer. Example of this if you look at beautiful women, models from Hollywood and Bollywood people like Aishwarya Rai lose their looks adter a few years when they first came on the scene. And its just not age and work that affects them. When Aishwarya rai came into the scene , just won miss world etc she was stunning, now with all the Nazaar from people looking at her from films to magazines it absolutely affects them. This dark energy applies to Federer also as he is known world wide and will affect without him realise it. Thanks . Serajul. πŸ™‚

      1. How… do you know Preity Zinta?? Were you (since you are as white as milk) adopted by our people?? πŸ™‚

      2. Katyani, you’ll be surprised by the number of non Hindi people who know a great deal about Bollywood and Hindi stars πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      3. She owns the Kings XI Punjab in IPL. Saw her jumping around on TV and thought yeah, I would πŸ˜†

        Never seen or heard of before that though and I’ve never seen a Bollywood film in my life.

  11. I really hope berdych can pull off the impossible and beat that cheating Nadal. I can’t believe he is still in it and then like usual playing down his chances. ” I am not one of the favourites” lol whatbull crap from him. So unbelievable!! Please please please let him lose. I will be flipping mad ifhe ends in the final again. He has definitely juiced up again . Them Spanish doctors know exactly what cough medicine to give him. Lol . I think fed knew something that we don’t thats probably why he lost early. As it doesn’t make sense he comes in winning a title on similar surface but all of a sudden hes got know confidence, ???? B s. Bs bs!!! The Oz open and the French open have always been the worst slams. Recently they tried to make the prestige up by putting up the prize money but for along time hardly any top players used to borg, conners this how shit the oz openIis. The French open the players used to play world team tennis instead of of this. I think they probably want a djokovic and nadal final part 2. And make the djokovic win 5 open era titles. Anyway rant over . Sorry Jonathan I am annoyed that the real reasons are not being discussed and bein told a lot of porkys by federer and the media. But I suppose we will never know the truth until someones brave enough to expose what is actually happening in the multi billion pounds sports.

    1. Serajul, you’re seriously accusing Fed of tanking to avoid Nadal? Several rounds too early?! Come on. Why? Even supposing he *would* tank, which I don’t, why not leave it until you meet someone more credible as a threat, say Kyrgios or Murray? And he had half an eye on the No. 1 ranking at the time, according to himself. Seems to me something’s gone wrong between Brisbane and Melbourne, and whether it’s just everything catching up with him or there’s some physical problem I don’t know, but I’m not reading any deliberate design into what’s happened.

      As for the AO, it used to be on in December, just before Christmas, which meant a lot of players gave it a miss either because of Christmas or because they didn’t want to travel that far. That hasn’t been the case this century, as far as I can recall. Whether certain players might be being favoured here at the expense of others is of course something I can’t tell – although I suppose it would get the AO additional publicity if Nadal (God forbid) were to get his second career slam here πŸ™ Where he’s suddenly developed those muscles from is another thing I can’t tell …

      1. For Jonathan. .. ha ha ha. I feel like going in and doing the famous lines of ” I want the truth? ?!! , and then the reply of ” You can’t handle the truth??!! ” Lol. But if you ask the right questions, they will divert you the wrong way. And if that doesn’t work they will discredit you and publicly humiliate or privately. Then there last resort is that they threaten the closest to you , your family. After that you end dying in suspicious way and they will report it as an car accident or drugs overdose. There typical excuses they use. Almostsounds llike a hollywood film. But in life it is more stranger than fiction. The higher you gothe more ccorrupt the system. The more damage you do in this world the more higher awards and titles you get from these royal family and free masons. And it just happens that the 33ΒΊ grand master mason the duke of kent is the patron of Wimbledon. Lol whats the world coming to? ??

  12. My money’s on Berdych somehow managing to beat Nadal tomorrow. Koenig ‘agrees’ with me πŸ™‚

    If Berdych can avoid being pulled off the court and being forced to use his useless backhand slice and stick to hitting over the backhand cross court (Djokovic style) I think he has a good shot despite his abysmal past record.

    1. I know it seems impossible, I know it IS absolutely impossible, but I am also backing Berdych to beat Rafa πŸ™‚ If Stan could do it last year, who knows…. maybe Berdych also has that believe πŸ™‚ Come on Berdy πŸ™‚

      1. Good prediction πŸ™‚

        Nadal has been poor all tournament but betting against him is a terrible idea so I have to make him favourite for everything. He downplays his chances, I hype them up πŸ™‚

  13. Nice distraction, appreciate it very much. There is not much emotional investment for me now watching AO, makes it very boring. Can’t wait for Roger to be back on court next month, 5 weeks feels like eternity. Hope he has a good vacation and train hard for spring season.

  14. Dear All, I am excited to let you know I have fully recovered from Federer’s loss πŸ™‚
    It took a while but now I am healed.
    Thanks for the rehab puzzle Jonathan! πŸ˜‰

    1. Actually I didn’t find this loss that hard to recover from. Wimbledon was much worse because he was so close to the finish line. Honestly I’m not sure if I ever will fully recover from that loss. Extra bitter because of that bulls**t medical timeout Djokovic pulled to regain his focus.

      1. Don’t worry Bjorn, what goes around comes around. He will have to pay for that gamesmenship MTO. See how he feels when he is at the receiving end of it….

  15. Do you realise that without Fed’s defeat messing it up we would have had the top 8 seeds all advancing to the QFs? Anyone know when was the last time that happened in a slam?

  16. I just realised that Berdych is an extremely calm player. As Fed fans, I understand why we’ve never liked him, but as a neutral (ok, fine biased neutral) he’s an easy person to support. Good for him!!

    1. Calm? lol. Come on, he lost 17 times in a row to Nadal and something similar to Djoker. He was solid against a woeful Nadal so can’t read into it.

      Fed fans aren’t big on him because he’s a nightmare matchup for Roger on certain surfaces.

      1. True…I most hated him on Wimbledon when he had that victory(much worse than USO)…and final he played there was Joke that year

  17. Wow, Berdych was a different guy today. Zen master. The way he played today, he just might go all the way. As a Fed fan, so glad that Rafa is out. Federer’s GS record is safe for a little bit longer.

  18. Yeah, musta been his recent engagement that did him a lot of good! He has also ditched the face cap this year.
    Man, I am loving Berdych for now. That bagel in the second set was fantastic. Nadal had no time to pretend injury or MTOs cs he felt he had this one in the bag.
    Katyani, hear! hear !! For once, I love BERDYCH…

    1. Watch it Utch. Berdych is mine πŸ™‚ I don’t want any competition πŸ™‚
      While you were all “Birdshit and Rafa’s bitch and Rafa owns him” I was the one who loved him and still do.

      I am still proud of the fact that next to his girlfriend, his family, his friends, his team, his Chech fans, I am the only one on the whole planet who is his fan πŸ™‚ Man, those eyes and that killer killer smile….. I always root for Berdych, ofcourse not when he is playing Roger…. ofcourse…. goes without saying.

      Come on Berdy, hope you win AO. I’ll be rooting for you (or Nishi or Stan), but mostly for you.

  19. Wow. First time I’ve liked Thomas!

    Rafael will lose some traction on the rankings as well. Nice to know Rog isn’t the only one.

    And Nadal won’t gain what he could have on the World #2.

    … Man…Hard to believe what a few days of an emotional loss will do. Easy to feel like Rog is #8 and it’s 2013.

    Keep breathing. …He’s a firm world #2. He played great at Brisbane… He’s got Stefan. He’s tough.

  20. No way! I knew he had the game but didn’t think he had it mentally!
    Did anyone watch the match? Did Dull play a bad game or was Berdych all over him?

    1. Hey Simon, I watched most of the match before I had to go to work. Berdych was all over him. Rafa was not injured, he was just blown away by the way Berdych played (like in the AO final last year the first set from Stan). I know he did not expect that. When the draw came out and they saw Berdych QF and Roger SF, I am sure they drank some champagne. Too bad Roger did not make it this far, but Seppi was just too good. Doesn’t matter. If Roger cannot win RG twice (which he will), then Rafa cannot win AO twice.

      I do feel a bit bad for Rafa. The Great Uncle Toni was not happy. I hope he doesn’t make Rafa sleep outside of the house πŸ™‚

      1. Congrats, Katayani, Berdych, tennis! Nice with Rafa out. So many think that he cheats, but strange enough, it’s only the bulging muscles, the taking time, the mto’s, that make us think so – it has never been prooved! The day it will, I will celebrate as well!

      2. Hahaha – in the dog house eh? Don’t feel bad for Rafa: how old is he? I think he is actually frightened of his Unci Toni. I’ve read some extracts from his book and it sounded as though being coached by Toni was a bit like being in boot camp which did make me feel sorry for young Rafa – but he’s a big boy now, he can tell his uncle to piss off.

    2. I saw the entire match. Total demolition job by Berdych. Sure, Nadal didn’t play his best, but I think that has a lot to do with how Berdych played, not allowing Nadal to play on his own terms. In the third set Nadal did manage to claw his way into the match, and I was a bit worried, but thankfully Berdych stayed focused and closed it out.

      By the way, anyone else notice Nadal reaching for a plastic bag with a pill/tablet. Don’t quiet remember, but I think it was early in the third set at a changeover. Well, whatever it was it didn’t help him win.

      1. He’s been asked about it in his presser. Didn’t give any straight answers and stayed elusive…

  21. So Rafa is out…and the score, wow didn’t see that coming. A new guy in town, this Berdy. His new coach did a good job or Katyani’s love and faith?

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for F-word answers, Jonathan πŸ˜‰

  22. Well done to Berdych, about time he stop being Nadal’s bitch anyways and a bagel set to boot. At least Roger’s GS record is safe for now. I didn’t want to jinx prematurely, outside of FO Nadal seldom perform well at GS wearing red/pink/orange color. A silly observation really but heck something to entertain us while waiting for Roger to be playing at Dubai next month.

    1. Well, Roger’s playing IW in orange … I remember looking at it and thought it was a Rafa colour …

      Can’t believe the scoreline: my goodness, Berdych really turned the tables, didn’t he? When was the last time he beat Rafa? 2006 or something? It ought to give Roger some belief (darn, why did he have to get knocked out?)

  23. Really pleased for Berdych: kept his head, his game plan, AND delivered a bagel – bloody brilliant. He not only beat Nadal, he *comprehensively* beat him. Certainly I noticed Berdych playing with more fluidity; far better movement than before. Plus I liked the way he gave Nadal a glare when he won a great point. He’s showing some steel in those veins at last. And Katyani, he has got a wonderful smile, I’ll give you that. If he can continue like this I certainly see him through to the final, and who knows? Maybe this is his time to shine and get a big one? Main thing is, the cheating bullshitter is out, so I’m happy.

    1. I think Nadal was woeful though. Not sure that performance is replicated if Nadal was playing at a high level but guess you can

      I think it’s unreal he made quarters really playing how he was. He was asking to get beat but I figured I’d keep expecting him to win as he usually defies the odds and comes back to haunt you. Anderchoke should have sent him home but mentally terrible.

      1. OK Nadal certainly wasn’t ‘there’. Whether it’s simply the obvious lack of match practice or something else, I don’t know. Brad nadal-worshipping Gilbert was apparently trying to suggest there was something wrong with his leg(s). He simply said he had a bad day, which he most certainly did. He did at one point take one of those tablets so perhaps he was still struggling with muscle ache/cramp or whatever. He was hitting those balls very short, and Berdych was really getting a handle on his serves, so lack of power as well perhaps. No doubt he’ll be fine for clay season, or has his body finally had enough?

    2. I am pretty surprised as I picked Nadal to win AO 2015, nearly three months ago. What the heck just happened, I do not know! A bagel? Are you kidding me? To a guy who he has beaten what, 17 times in a row?

      We might be compelled to think that he is done. Has the field finally caught up with Nadal? I think it’s a false dawn, and he will be fine for Paris. I do believe though, that it’s impossible for Nadal to overtake Roger’s 17 slams now. I can see him win three to pull even. I just don’t see him winning an 18th. And there’s always a chance that Roger might win Wimbledon 2015.

      As much as I hate Berdych, I’ll have to stick to a rule I made. Anyone who beats Nadal at a Slam is my hero. So, Tomas is on my list of heroes now.

      Now, if you’d excuse me, I need to start watching AO 2015 again, including relishing the Nadal drubbing.

      Cheers! πŸ™‚

  24. Might be a wonderful clash in the bottom sf then, Murray is a great performer when in form, and even a greater fighter. A poor consolation, but still a cons.
    Another small consolation in the top sf would be Kei vers. Raonic, with Kei as winner!

      1. As far I remember – the quarterfinals wednesday are Stan-Nishikori and Djoko-Raonic?
        So It can’t be Stan-Nishi for sf, unfortunately, but Guarav’s picks are of course the rank in which you want the winner of AO?
        Here is mine then: Nishi, Murray, Stan, Berdych!

      1. considering the way Novak played against Dr.IVo and Muller earlier, I think Raonic has decent chance if he plays steady…lets see…

      2. I can’t see him getting through; there’s been improvement but Djokovic will exploit his still poor movement.
        I have a feeling Nishi is going to win against Stan (and read that Stan has elbow strapped – anyone else heard that?). Actually I had him down to face Federer in the final (sob…) and I still think he’s the best bet to take out Djokovic.

      3. I don’t see that happening, Jonathan, after his 5 set match against Lopaz. Novak will make him run and run until Milos could not run any longer and fades away. Novak has got a tough road ahead, almost likely having to beat Nishikori and Andy besides from Milos.

  25. For Slamdunk…. don’t worry about it mate!!! Thats exactly what I had for the final a Fed and stan final. Oh well πŸ™ !! . And I totally agree with you about stan being the one to stop djokovic. But I have a sneaky feeling that m raonic might pull off the win if he can play like berdych and be mentally and physically strong to defeat him. πŸ™‚

    For JONATHAN. …. aparantly Bradford City Council bought the Odeon for a Β£1.00 . But whats happening is that they don’t know what to do with it? ?? Whether to refurbished it or sell to investors or to demolition it. Or to make it a multi screen cinema again. I used to go there and watch films there. So like yourself I too hope they save the Odeon.
    On a different note I have to say you have shocked me with your knowledge of some bollywood actresses.??? On Preity Zinta I definitely would too!!!! Can I take this opportunity to recommend a bollywood film for you to watch for someone who has never watched one. Basically it is known as the greatest and best bollywood film of all time and has been on terrestrial television so many times. It is a 1975 bollywood spaghetti western with songs, dance, goodies and baddies. You can download it and please watch with the subtitles but it does not lose aura of the film. The film I am recommending is called ‘ Sholay’ . If you ask any asian person they will all tell you the same thing. Ps please note the film is 3 and half hours long. But it will go so quickly once watching. When I used to work for British Gas 2 of my English colleagues from work came to myhhouse and watched it. And both of them loved it. If you do watch it please let me know how you honestly thought of it???? Also the film has similar theme to magnificent seven and other Hollywood films. So if sort of like that you definitely won’t be disappointed. Kind regards. Serajul. πŸ™‚

    1. Ps. The film has 3 alternative endings and the original film is 4 hours 10/15 minutes long. But the cut down edited version which is available is. Still good. So if you do watch please let me know which ending it was. And I will let you know the different versions I have seen and once apon a time did have all the versions. But when I lent out to friends I never got them back. Cheers.

      1. For Jonathan. .. regarding the city waterfalls, and a flowing estuaries etc etc around whole of Bradford City Centre. I saw the initial plans and drawings. If I can remember the City was to have state of art shopping malls and surrounding it there was supposed to be sand and like a beach area. Originally I thought they mixed up the Carlifornia beaches and city plans and bradford got theres by mistake. But unbelievabley the city plans was given the green light. And was promised that works would be completed in a few years. But to this day the work is far from finished with part of the centre still a wall surrounding the site like its a bomb blast. I haven’t been down there to check but this is being going foryyears. Anyway I agree with you about the odean but like yourself Β£30 million spent on a real rubbish idea is being un justified able, especially when the council mis spend and there is so many people suffering with so many cuts on vital services. They then blame the government for the money given by them. Which in turn the council harrase the vulnerable people and send deliberately wrong council tax bills and other benefits. And then they use scare tactics such as
        Pseudo ( fake) county court summons for payment. But if you do goto courts, yyou find outthat Bradford council actually just hires and rents out a room Iinside the magistrate and therefore can use there court address. Which Iin my opinion Iis fraud and deception. But the council just smiles Iit off and continues as Iif Iits nothing. Unbelievable. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistatkes my phone Iis playing up.

    2. The Odeon is a cool building and should definitely be used for something. It has a lot of history. Same with Little Germany which is a ghost town unfortunately. Beatles played there back in the day, I went when it was a Cinema too!

      Have you seen this?

      Sholay – I’ve just found it on YouTube, 3 hours though man that is a long film. I’ll try watch but I tend to switch off once they break the 2 hour mark πŸ™‚

      City Park – the waterfall part cost Β£28 million which is clearly massively over priced and has done nothing for the city. The shopping centre is now underway on Broadway and there are a lot of plans to try resurrect the city but I’m not really sure if it will happen.

      The shopping centre will no doubt mean Darley Street, Bank Street and Market Street are completely deserted as many of the shops will move into the shopping mall for a better location. So the high street is likely going to be another ghost town which can’t be a good thing. Will just be bookmakers, pound shops and mobile phone shops.

      The problem with Bradford is that Council that run the show are idiots and the city has been neglected big time. No investment, no real plan. It’s gone from been the richest city in the UK to been a bit of a laughing stock. That one with the fake court summons happens all the time too, most companies operating forms of credit do it too – setup a limited company with a legal sounding name, get some headed letter paper printed and then use it to put frighteners on people πŸ˜†

      The other issue for Bradford is that nobody with any disposable income lives close to the city centre anymore. I will go to Bradford centre maybe once or twice per year, less if I can avoid it πŸ˜€

      It has definitely been a case of white flight, along with many settled immigrants who have been here since birth / for generations, wanting to better themselves, seeing the city get run down with mass immigration, failed multi-cultural experiments and deciding to move to the outskirts or even further afield.

      I don’t know anyone who would want live in the city centre through choice as it’s simply not nice. There’s some great buildings converted into apartments, but most of the residents are put up in there by the council and treat the place like a dumping ground so whilst it does have the potential to be good it would need overhauling big time.

  26. The AO 2015 is an odd one. Nadull lost to Berdych in a similar manner to Roger’s loss to Seppi. Neither was close to the norm. I looked at this match’s highlights. It was not really because Berdych played out of his skins but Nadull was almost a shadow of himself. I felt it was not even a good match. Now Andy should be able to get to the final.

  27. For Jonathan. …. re: it’s a shame really , little Germany is really good and they film alot of films there. But could be marketed alot better.
    Sunbridge wells development sounds really good. I didn’t know about this at all.
    Re: Bradford I definitely agree with you what you have written. I am not originally not from Bradford but because I live here now you want to try to be proud of your home city. But like you said failed experiments , plus the huge issue of influx of Asia and the current East European immigration is making Bradford a city turning into a area by area Ghettos. With mass unemployment, people living on sub standard benefits. Myself and my English mate have a joke and being Asian myself I can say it but is racist to my own kind. We call it Asian Invasion but in front of people we change it to ‘ D’asian InD’asian’ so that no one clicks on. Anyway like you said Bradford was the richest city outside of London with its Entrepreneurs and businesses and was self made. Now its beyond a joke. Ha ha I found your line of white flight funny its like me saying to you go back to your own country? ??!! Lol . Now I feel sorry for you because Ironically you now know what it feels like to be an ethnic minority! !??? In Bradford as when youwalk In the centre you stick out like a sore thumb. Lol Unbelievable. What is going on ????


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