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Fanstastic Federer Sweeps Past Fognini

Hey everyone,

Another awesome performance from Roger today as he made Fognini look pretty clueless out there as he breezed past the Italian 6-1, 6-3, 6-2 in 1 hour and 14 minutes. 9 games dropped in 2 matches now – GOAT

After triple breadsticking Ramos on Monday Roger carried on from where he left off breaking Fognini 5 times and not facing a single break point on his own serve. Impressive stats to say the least.

Roger once again played aggressively from point one and was clearly focused to stamp his authority on the match early. Fognini was pretty powerless to be honest, he came up with some great shots every now and again from outside the court but it was never going to be enough to get the job done. Roger did such a great job of moving him around the court that it forced Fognini to keep going for broke with flashy ground strokes, sometimes with risk comes great reward but the percentages were never going to add for him on grass against a free flowing Roger. I think as soon as The Fog lost the first set 6-1 his resolve was broken and even if he believed he could win the match before he stepped on court (doubtful), it was certainly gone after dropping serve twice in 23 minutes.

From there on in it was just plain sailing and Roger did what he had to do, he served well and chucked in some serve volley once again which is always good to see. Key match stats were 35 winners to 8 unforced errors – clinical, 6 out 8 points taken – ruthless, 68% of first serves in play of which he wins 90% of points behind – good but room for improvement and it would be nice to see his first serve percentage up at 75%.

Other than Roger striking the ball cleanly the biggest highlight was Roger taking a fairly bad fall in the third set, he slipped awkwardly on the fresh grass but luckily I don't think there was too much damage. It could have been nasty but hopefully the grass cushioned it and Roger was able to take the weight off his knee before too much strain got onto it. It didn't look like it effected his play for the remainder of the match (he even pulled off a Sampras dunk like smash) so I'm confident hes 100%. I'll also say that Roger falling on grass isn't anything new, check out the picture below when he took a tumble against Kohlschreiber in the 4th Round in 2009. Can anyone remember how that tournament ended?? 😉

Federer Tumble 2009 Wimbledon

I'm just happy overall with how I'm playing,” Federer said. “I'm serving well when I have to. I'm moving well. I feel like my forehand and backhand are working well. All of a sudden you win quite comfortably, but you have to focus until the very last point, and I'm happy as well with my concentration level.

Predictions for the 3rd Round

Next up Roger will meet either Frenchman Julien Benneteau or American Michael Russell. As I type this they are currently on court with the score at 1 set all and Russell up a break in the third set. Roger has winning records against both they guys so I don't see either opponent causing any problems.

Benneteau is probably the favourite to beat Russell but that match could easily go 5 sets, if you look at the H2H then you'll see the last time Fed played Benneteau he lost in 3 sets at the Paris Masters in Bercy but that is just one of those joke matches that Roger should have won easily so there's nothing to gleen from results like that.

As for Russell, Roger has only played the American once back in 2007 at Roland Garros, that was a straight sets routine victory and I imagine this one will be same should they meet. Russell has never been past the second round of Wimbledon before and he's 3 years Roger's senior so he really has no chance.

Either match – straight sets – expect a Breadererstick like we've seen in the first two matches.

Guessing Fed will be on Centre on Friday so I will be back blogging then. Allez les suisse!

Photo Credit: Tom Lovelock/AELTC


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Okay, that was pretty good.
    I couldn’t watch the first match, I was sick and needed to sleep.
    I’m still sick, but not enough to miss Federer.

    Fed played a really good match and i’m pretty happy with it.
    I hope he can bring that tennis during the whole tournament, he deserves it and his tennis is working really well.

    I must confess I still feel kinda sad for the Halle result, I think it’s not big deal, 4 tournaments at this moment of the year is pretty awesome, but I kinda… Wanted him to win that one.

    It seems Fed moved on, and his head is on the goldy wimby trophy… So… Keep it up!

    1. Hey Johnny,

      Ah that sucks, the Ramos match was good, try and catch some highlights if you can…

      Yeah today was good, Fognini can be pretty good, made QF of FO last year but Roger made him look useless.

      Halle is over man, I don’t think it has any bearings on things now. Haas is outta the tournament too so not like it made much difference for him.

      Benneteau next, allez!

  2. I worked all night and tried to stay up to watch. Fed play but I fell asleep right before the match only to wake an hour and a half later to see that he won easily. I’m happy Federer is playing so well and perhaps better than top two at the moment. I hope he can maintain this aggressive mentality and high level of play for the next five matches. Go Maestro!

    1. Ah, sounds like me when I’m watching night matches at the US Open! Sat on my laptop falling asleep. Someone needs to invent a new timezone where all Feds matches are at the peRFect time.

      Me too, it’s early but he’s playing well! Allez Roger!

  3. Just a quick correction – the fall from 09 vs Kohl was from the 3rd round. 😉

    The stats are just ridiculous so far this tournament:

    68 winners, 18 unforced errors (!)
    46/57 at net (!)
    2 hours 33 minutes on court
    14/26 break points won
    22 aces to 3 double faults
    81/118 first serves in = 69%
    66/81 first serve points won = 81%
    36 games won, 9 games lost (!)

  4. Hey Jonathan, nice read! Glad that when I’m away from home I can still keep up to date with Wimbledon because of your blogs. I’m really glad Roger is playing so well, a really different story from RG, huh? Anyway, excited to keep reading about his success until the finals 🙂

  5. Roger has so much class! Fogging was awful, just disrespectful when bowing to Prince Charles and Camilla at the end of the match.

    1. man that shit where the players need to bow is so… embarrassing and ridiculous.
      paraphrasing on Beethoven famous say –
      princes will come and go, but there is only one Roger Federer.

  6. Feddybear, I understand, however, they were told the prince would be there. The gentleman Roger is, he followed through. That is why I said he has class. At the end Fognini messed up and was embarrassed and put the towel over his head. Obviously Prince Charles wanted to visit with Roger. He had not been there in 42 yrs. and he asked that Roger’s game be played early. He did not ask to see Novak.

    1. I think it’s awesome that Charles only wanted to see Roger. It shows that he, being an elderly statesman, appreciates the all-court variety of Federer’s game – something that was all apparent when he was last there in 1972.

  7. They did fine before the game, but, when it was over and they were suppose to bow. Fog got confused or something and missed it then put towel over head

    1. Crazy! Loved watching that match because Rosol was so in the zone. The way he served it out was immense, I’ve never seen anyone own Nadal so much. Epic.

  8. Hi All,

    Sheer delight about Nadal’s loss late last night – it couldn’t happen to a nicer person, ha,ha. His petulance throughout the match which is nothing new of course was still most distasteful.

    Let me share something with you all….for those of you who are stunned at Nadal’s loss, I for one am not. I mentioned to my partner a few weeks ago that I had a premonition that Nadal would be beaten by a player ranked 100 in the world in the near future, and totally forgot about this premonition until the break when they were waiting for play to resume whilst the roof and air-conditioning were sorted out. It suddenly hit me that Rosol is ranked 100 in the world and then I remembered my premonition. I further told my partner that Rosol would break Nadal in the first game of the 5th set and would go on to win. However a premonition is one thing, reality another and whilst I KNEW Rosol would win I was absolutely stunned at the incredible fire in this man ( did you see his eyes during the 5th set ) and an amazing final game to serve it out that NO ONE,I repeat no one, could have done anything about. It puts Tsonga’s demolition of Federer last year ( the last three sets) in the shade. I also believe that Djokovic will be more nervous now than before because he KNOWS the incentive for Roger to now go on and win is enormous with no Nadal in the final. Perhaps there is a sense of destiny about this tournament for Roger and if so, no one could deny that this would be deserved for the greatest male player ever to hold a tennis racket…..

    1. Hey Paul!

      It was horrible to watch, barging into him, slowing play down. Moaning. Surprised we didn’t see a medical timeout. It was awesome that tennis prevailed and Rosol kept his composure till the very end. He wasn’t intimidated by Nadal. In fact I think he found his unsporting behaviour pathetic and used it to his advantage.

      Crazy premonition, I had no idea Dull would lose, in fact I thought he’d win in 5 after he took the 4th.

      Have you had any more dreams about who lifts the title??

      I’m not getting carried away just yet but I hope you’re right about destiny.


  9. I am delighted to see him on his way to Spain. He deserves this more than any player. He did not even have to break a leg. Oh tomorrow we will hear that he was in pain or got stomach pains. Now who can beat Djokovic? Were the officials really unfair to Karlovic? I did not see the game?

    1. The guy uses constant gamesmanship. Classless most of the time. Actions speak louder than words and time and time again he proves this. Acts humble to the media and so respectful but clearly all an act.

  10. Hi All,

    my sympathies to all who endured Roger’s nerve-jangling 5 set win over Benneteau tonight.I could barely watch! I will readily admit that I thought Federer was gone, what a narrow escape. It is now more impossible than ever to even speculate what will happen for the rest of Wimbledon? One would think that Federer had his banana-skin moment and is a hot bet to go on and win the title but Malisse is in my opinion a better grass-court player than Benneteau so are there more fireworks ahead? And, should Roger get to the quarters and play most likely Youzhny who has never beaten him in 13 meetings, could this be the time for Youzhny to take him? Ironically everyone, the only player I am not in the least worried about is Djokovic should they meet in the semi. There is simply no easy match against anyone for the rest of this tournament and Rosol is single-handedly responsible for this!

    1. Malisse is a very good player but I think Roger will be very sharp in that one. He’ll be rested, both mentally and physically, and if the roof isn’t on, he’ll be able to start firing from the getgo.

    2. Tell me about it, that 4th set tie break was torture.

      I can’t see Malisse upsetting him, he’s not good enough. Youzhny is the same.

      Djoker is the big one now I think…

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