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Fan Report: Federer-less Indian Wells

This is a quick fan report from Sue who attended Indian Wells

After my initial disappointment that there would be no Roger, I decided to focus on the new talent. Unfortunately, I dropped my camera on the cement stadium floor and damaged the lens. So, no photos.

The weather can be quite extreme. From 90 F days to freezing cold and windy at night. Like a boy scout, one must be prepared for it all. Some evenings I saw gloves, toques, ski jackets etc.

On to tennis. The courts looked slow and gritty….think sandpaper. The ball would sit up like crazy. A drop shot was rarely a winner.

The tennis “garden” was as beautiful as ever. Helpful staff and volunteers as well. Next year another new stadium will be built with a museum as well. Of course the prices will be on the rise again.

Larry Ellison created a “royal box” in the main stadium. He kicked out rows of season ticket holders. The box has its own tunnel entrance and security galore. I saw Rod Laver, Mike Tyson, Djokovic and others there.

If you don't mind the sun or grab a seat in the shady side of a court, it's fine to buy a general admission ticket for $50-60. You can see great matches all day. You can enter the main stadium in the nose bleed section as well.

Now to the players. The one that stood out for me was Zverev. I saw him play Dimitrov and Simon. He has a calmness about him. Dimi didn't play a bad match either. Zverev has a big serve, great backhand and good forehand. It's his demeanour that caught my attention. Also saw Tiafoe and Coric. It will be interesting to see who will be the stars of tomorrow.

Watched Delpo vs Berdych. The crowd was cheering for Delpo. So nice to see. He didn't look quite match ready, winded at times.
Saw Murray lose to Delbonis…fun match…Murray swearing until the last ball. So entertaining.

Watched Raonic, Tomic (loser), Goffin, Djokovic, Nadal, Isner, Kohlie, etc. Saw quite a few WTA matches as well. Serena says she's 155 lbs, lol. Azarenka on her way back, Radwanska always nice to watch.

All in all a great holiday except for the creepy guy at the airbnb where we stayed. But I, along with tens of thousands of others missed our man, the GOAT.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Ooo creepy Airbnb? How come? Did you have an entire place with just someone to check you in etc? Or was it a just a room somewhere with the dude living there too?

    Ticking the entire place option is always my first port of call πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Jonathan, that was fast. tbh, I don’t know what to do about my review on the airbnb site.. We were staying at a guys place. He had 2 suites. One was attached to the garage and the one we stayed in was attached to his house connected by a hallway. He said he had a wife but never saw a trace of her. The couple in the other suite thought she didn’t exist either. He was way too close and personal.
    Also, I think dementia was setting in. He called my home # ( I discovered when I got home) and said he had wine and glasses set out for us. We returned one evening, saw that and went in our suite and closed the door and blinds. A while later he was banging on the door and had his friend with him. Creepy. My sister was getting scared. The guy got really mad. We said we were tired and locked the door.
    A bunch of other stuff happened too. Perhaps a microphone was in the suite. He mentioned stuff we never talked to him about.
    Jonathan, can I talk to airbnb without him knowing that?

    1. Haha that sounds very weird. Rigged the place with a mic lol. Tbh I bet shit like that is pretty common – I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had a quick look round apartments I’ve stayed in to make sure there’s no hidden cameras πŸ˜† but microphones are much easier to conceal.

      Has anyone else left a review mentioning the same? And yeah you can report things like that to Airbnb.

  3. I was looking for cameras tbh. Especially in the bathroom. Not too may reviews but they are all good. Maybe people are a little too thick in the head to see what’s going on. We also knew he was in our suite when we were away. He used all our toilet paper too. How weird is that.
    He wrote a review about us but we can’t see it until we write a review about him. I don’t want a bad review about me for the future.

    1. Oh dear. I’d report it to Airbnb and give them the details. Shame you have no evidence other than just your word against his though so I dunno what action they take if it’s a first complaint.

  4. Nice experience Sue, I always thought the one ATP master that might visit one day is Indian Wills.
    It’s almost a mini Major

  5. Hi Sue,
    Nicely written. Thanks for the fan report. I made the hour and a half drive from my house for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday matches. I dropped my camera too! Fortunately I only shattered the filter but my lens and camera were fine.
    I saw a lot of great matches too. Got some great shots. I borrowed a nice telephoto lens from a friend. I got to see the Djokovic/Fratangelo match, Nadal, Zverev, Isner, & Nishikori. Jonathan, I would be happy to share a few photos if you are interested.

  6. Caught a second of the current Djoko-Nadal match. Nadal looks to be juicing again–his legs look enormous. He is picking and futzing and as OCD as ever. That said, I hope he beats D and then loses in the final. I cannot WAIT to see Fed again!!!! Imagine the reception he will get when he steps back on court for his first match. I hope it is a night match so I can witness it!

  7. Thanks for the fan story Sue.

    Sorry about awful experience with airbnb…I agree that you should report and leave honest review about him…I seem/heard similar stuff with couchsurfing too(not sure many aware about that), but personally I couldn’t say anything wrong….don’t worry about he leaving bad review, most will see what real easily…

    1. Yeah I’d report it and just leave a review saying it wasn’t a pleasant experience. If he has your telephone number and other details you might want to keep it civil lol.

      You can couchsurf on Airbnb really. Loads of people put up their spare rooms etc. It’s bound to attract weirdos onto it because it’s so popular so whilst most will be normal listings there is bound to be the odd bad apple. People who are that bit too friendly, creepy guys hoping they can get their end away etc. And perhaps the occasional cougar too πŸ˜†

      You do have to verify yourself to become a host though via valid ID. So I think on the whole it’s pretty good. I’d just recommend going for entire apartments.

  8. Jonathan , are you not doing a Fed Miami outfit thing? Dying for things to get normal at work and P.T!
    54 days and counting…
    Waiting for the MAN.

  9. THANKS to Sue for Fed-missing tennis report! Short and well described. Might have appreciated a little more about the youngsters, esp. Zverev, who has caught my eyes, – and some others’ too. What is it about him? You mention his demeanor – what about it? IMO he has got “IT” to go far, do you guys think so too? Or has he just got a little more charisma than his com-youngsters? Pity he didn’t prevail vs Rafa.

    Looking forward to Fran’s photos – and a report too?
    (Oh, in a few days our HERO..)

  10. Nice write up Sue! πŸ™‚

    Anyone know when the Miami draw is coming out? Surprised it isn’t out yet…

  11. Thanks for that post, Sue. I saw Zverev practicing with Federer last year in Indian Wells. As I have to travel over 8,000 kilometers from Bali to see Federer I’m just glad we went last year instead of waiting for this year. Morale is: See Federer as soon as you can..every moment is precious!

    Also that’s a good tip about AirBnB. I have never stayed in one but the bit about privacy and weird goings on is very disturbing..

  12. Tried to watch some of the Raonic/Goffin match yesterday. OMG, agony of boredom. When is Miami draw out???

  13. Thanks guys. I remember watching Ryan Harrison play Fed at IW. Some people were thinking Harrison would win. The new star on the horizon. Fed won the toss and elected to receive. Roger broke Harrison 1st game. Hmmm…..maybe not star material. He is now mostly on the Challenger tour.

    I think Zverev is a different animal. For 18yo he has his head together. Doesn’t seem to be fazed by the big moments. I like the guy and hope he has a good career.

    Savor every moment of Fed, even the losses. This knee surgery gave us a taste of tennis without Roger. One of these days maybe we will find someone that is worth following. There will never be another Roger Federer.

    Fran, would love to see your photos. I was at the tennis from Sat – Tues. Sat was super busy, record breaking numbers of people.

  14. Hey Sue,

    Glad you had a creepy but good holiday and thanks for the write-up.
    Sorry for the wooden spoon comment as I’ve just come back from dark age and saw our man in orange in Miami!? Life is suddenly bright! Yep, never be another Roger Federer.

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