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Dubai Tennis Draw 2014 – Federer & Djokovic in Same Half

Hey guys, it's been a while and it certainly feels like a lifetime since Roger last took the court but the good news is the Dubai draw is out and we'll be seeing the Swiss in action sometime next week.

It's a strong field with Djokovic, Berdych, Del Potro and Tsonga all in the mix so there's a boat load of exciting matches on the cards should all of them progress to the later rounds. In terms of the court speed and how it plays it's one of my favourite tournaments to watch as the ball can really fly out there so it's usually first strike tennis that pays off which makes it so much for fun to watch.

Since this is Roger's first tournament after his loss to Nadal at the Australian Open I'm expecting some rust but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about his chances. He showed some good signs in Melbourne so I'm confident he can do well here in what is virtually his second home town tournament.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Benjamin Becker
  • Round 2: Radek Stepanek
  • Quarter Final: Daniel Brands / Dimitry Tursunov / Lukas Rosol
  • Semi Final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Tomas Berdych / Juan Martin Del Potro

Full .PDF draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Dubai 2012

For Roger I think this draw is a great one, he gets to face a solid opponent in Becker first up, then should have a fairly nice time against Stepanek before likely facing either Brands, Tursunov or Rosol. All 3 of those guys should be suited to this quick court as they have big games; that definitely means there's a fun match on the cards should he make the Quarters.

The semis is of course where it would get interesting should Roger make it as he'd face off against Djokovic. Both Roger and Novak have dominated in Dubai over the last 10 years and the Serb is trying to equal Roger's 5 titles by winning it. These 2 only met twice in 2013 right at the end of the season so I'm really looking forward to seeing how they match up on a quick court when they are both fresh and healthy.

As for Djokovic he could meet Roberto Bautista Agut in the second round who beat Juan Martin del Potro at the Australian Open so that won't be the easiest encounter as he can rip his groundstrokes.

Speaking of the Tower of Tandil, Del Potro opens up against Somdev Devvarman and he could meet last year's runner up, Berdych, in the semi-finals which would be an explosive match as the Czech will be very confident after winning Rotterdam earlier this month.

Finally James Ward has also got a wildcard probably due to helping Team GB get a Davic Cup victory over the United States, it's definitely good for him to get a match on the main tour for once although I'm not sure he can get out of the first round but we'll see.


Federer Dubai 2013

I'm pretty confident Roger makes the semi finals here and after that it's a real coin flip. Djokovic hasn't played since losing in Australia but he's definitely going to be tough to beat and I'd imagine he's been training hard since then. The same goes for Fed too to be honest and I think he should be sharp, I believe he went straight to Dubai after the Nadal loss so he should be very used to the conditions.

There's also quite a lot to play for as he can stop Djoker equalling his Dubai title record and take down a 6th title himself which would be a fantastic achievement. I personally want to see him play like he did 2 years ago here, 2012 was a great tournament for him beating Murray in the final but 2013 ended a little disappointingly as he limped out against Berdych in the semis so I hope he can at least go one step further this time around.

In terms of pre tournament favourite I actually pick Berdych just because he's made a good start to the year and is coming in off the back of winning Rotterdam. Quick courts definitely suit his power game it's just a matter of whether if he met Djokovic in the final he could keep it together mentally. It'd be nice if Fed could play him too and get the Win against him after last years defeat. Fed vs. Berdych is also a good barometer of assessing Roger's overall level so it would give us an idea of how the season may or may not pan out.

Either way I'm excited to watch some tennis for the first time in a while and hopefully seeing Roger put in some solid performances to mount a big to break back into the top 4.

My Favourite Point from Dubai 2012

Sucks up Del Potro groundstroke bombs for fun.

What do you guys think? Any predictions or expectations for Fed?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Hi guys, I’m still so happy to be first!
      i agree with everything you said Jonathan absolutely everything. So Djokovic should be the favourite as he is number one seed but still not the clear favourite. As to his match against Roger, as you rightly say it’s a coin flip i’m certain.
      We shouldn’t overlook Tsonga though…
      It seemed like ages since we saw Roger play …. Missed your posts Jonathan!!!

    2. @Pablo Shouldn’t you be watching a live stream of the locker room / showers in Rio De Janeiro? Picking Djoker would as favourite would be boring, he’s the favourite at the bookmakers yes, but I think Berdych has a shot and he’s in form. If you want odds it’s Djoker, Del Po, Berdych, Fed in that order.

      @Nath Yeah I’m not sure on Tsonga winning a tournament like this with a strong field, he needs to build up and win some lesser events. Which maybe he can do in Marseille. Although it could tire him a little for Dubai. Could also argue the same for Fed really, not won anything since Halle and before that Cincy, could do with a title to build momentum.

      1. Tsonga could be tired for sure! He looks sharp but with a lot of ups and downs.
        Roger looks so skinny on this picture! He must have been preparing like hell! Hope he has the right mental set. Definitively as you say a final, a won one, against Berdych would be the perfect scenario (revenge, against a guy who has often been a pain in… and who seems to be in great physical and mental shape). And that would possibly mean he beat the Djoker!

      2. Hey Jonathan, I agree with your prediction Novak, Berdych and Roger.
        But I don’t think Delpo will come far or win it.
        Novak and he are also each playing doubles. And Delpo…. this year…. having wrists problems??? Don’t see him getting far…

  1. There’s really no point in lamenting the bad luck of being in Djokovic’s half of the draw, since Fed brought this on himself with his ranking, and I suspect he’d have to play Djokovic one way or the other if he’s to win, so I’m actually quite happy with the draw. I don’t see players out there that could really beat Fed, but I’d like the chance to get small revenge on Brands after last year’s mini-clay swing. I think Djokovic is obviously the favourite (which, as Jonathan rightly points out, is a boring selection), but I fancy Delpo to go far this time around (i.e get past Berdych).

  2. I’d put my money on Berdych, my hopes on Roger, and could accept that Djokovic equals the record in Dubai. If he does, he deserves it. It’s difficult to know where Roger is with his game, his desire and his back. Mirka is pregnant, which might affect him somehow

    1. Back seems fine since USO last year now so I don’t think that can factor. I am expecting some decent performances. Pregnancy didn’t effect him last time so not sure there will be an issue there other than if she goes into labor during a match ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Well, Roger once said he wants to have his kids see him play and win, so they can have these kind of memories of their daddy. With a new one coming, Federer needs to go for it another 5-6 years. Is Nadal still gonna be around in 5 years?

      2. Hey Chris, Roger will be the first male Date-Krumm, playing on till 45 or so.
        And Rafa… believe it or not, this is the beginning of his downfall.
        I know he just won Rio, but he almost lost to Anjubar. And even “this greatest” is getting older….

  3. โ€œI believve he went straight to Dubai after the Nadal lossโ€

    He went straight to Serbia for the Swiss Davis Cup match, remember?

      1. Whether Davis Cup is on your radar or not. You acting like didn’t know Federer played the tie Serbia is a joke.

      2. And you commenting under another name KFedfan is quite sad ๐Ÿ™‚

        I forgot about Davis Cup, but who cares? He still ended up in Dubai just 5 days later.

      3. With Spain and Serbia out, Stan and Roger should actually get a decent shot at winning DC. Would do Roger a lot of good in Switzerland!

      4. I don’t really care if Roger wins the Davis Cup with Stan, what I really want is another Grand Slam. A slam beats a Davis Cup title anytime.

      5. @Conal, sure no comparison between DC and a slam. Just saying that for Switzerland respectively the Swiss tennis fans it would be great

      6. Hey Conal, here I have to disagree with you. I really want Roger to win DC.
        When he does win it, ofcourse the media will say the others were not present, but he will finally be over the DC-thing. Then Rafa and he will have only one flaw each: Rafa with no WTF and Roger with no Olympic Gold.

    1. And Djokovic went on holiday (how long for?), so he can’t have been practising all the time. Guess we’ll see where both of them are at next week.

      1. I think that was a smart move from him, he’s played a lot of Davis Cup last 2 years so giving it a miss this year could help his season.

  4. I was hoping Djokovic would not be in Roger’s half of the draw, but there you go. He’d have to face him sooner or later as John says. I do get the impression he’s getting some tough draws lately, but I guess that’s down to his current ranking. He’ll just have to beat them all and get back up there ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime, over in Rio, a certain someone is strolling through to the title without facing any opposition! (sorry, I know you can only play the guy opposite you, but I just had to mention that).

    I think Ward just played in Rotterdam, didn’t he? Might even have made the second round.

      1. It was Marseilles Ward played. Knocked out in the first round but did manage to qualify, along with another British player.

    1. “I do get the impression heโ€™s getting some tough draws lately, but I guess thatโ€™s down to his current ranking. ”

      Yes, but also it seems to me they have been a little tougher than one might have expected on average.

      Anyway, with last year still too fresh in my mind, I’m trying not to look too far ahead in the draw yet. Obviously I should be expecting him to justify his seeding, but some of the horrors of last year are just a little too vivid in my memory still. It’ll take a while before I can settle down, I think.

    2. Disagree, on current form Fed wld much prefer to face the game of Novak which he knows so well. Berdych on form, agree with Jonathan! And Fed dislikes playing him on quick surface which favours his power. Predict Fed/ Berdych final. Tsonga has been in and out so far and will be lagged after Marseille.
      Was willing Andujar on yesterday. Dull sluggish. Want Gulbis and Cilic to win today and rise up the rankings. Good to hv you back J.

  5. Yep for sone reason it does feel lije a long since Federer has played a tournament since the Aus Open. I just hope Fed can build on his greatt performance by reaching the Aus Open Semi-final. If he does make he semis n has to play Djokovic i hope he can beat him and hopefullyfully give him q shot to win his 6th trophey in Dubai. That would be awesome if he could win as he could take that momebtum to next few tournys and give him a good chance to go deep at RG and SW19. I think it will be a good year for him again. I just hope he can bring his best game and improve in each rounds. All the way Roger. Come on !!!

  6. Hi Jonathan,
    How nice to read your post again after a long break. I missed to you as much as I missed Fed, feeling ages since AO, though a couple of posts and readers’ comments kept us entertaining. Has Roger practiced with Edberg recently? Saw him practicing volleys on a video so I’m looking forward to watching him playing at the front of the fast Dubai court a bit more than usual. At least semi but can’t help dreaming for the trophy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Allez!

    Oh no! Anyone seen him with his hair cut short again?

    1. I doubt Roger would have been practising with Stefan: isn’t he supposedly contracted for only about 10 weeks of the year? That’s a couple for each GS, plus a couple over.

    2. Thanks Wanda.

      I thought the deal was Edberg was working with him for 12 weeks straight starting in Melbourne? And then once that ends they find out if they want to continue.

  7. Think Andujar might have employed ball girl looking after Nadal to distract him. He’s just been broken twice in first set!

  8. He needs ranking points, so he needs a final or a win. Last year he lost to Djokovic in three sets in those two matches, so i hope he can make it this time. Well, first, he has to make the first rounds, so.. Good Luck!

  9. Decent draw for Roger until semis, the edge is with Djoker to win but anything can happen. He really need to move up the ranking otherwise come FO or SW19, its going to be tough draw for him as 8th seed.

    1. Yeah he’s overdue a tournament win too I think. Although this won’t be easy by any stretch could get toppled by any number of players. Just a case of keep calm and believe in Roger Federer.

  10. Hi guys, sorry I haven’t commented much but then there hasn’t been much tennis has there? Post Australian Open is always very quiet anyway. I pretty much agree with most of the points that have already been made so I won’t go through them again, but a couple of thoughts:

    I think that Federer and Djokovic will have a really good battle if they both reach the semis. Federer is on form and one point of significance about that match is that (correct me if I am wrong, I won’t mind) Djokovic would level the head-to-head at 16-16 with a win (I think). I don’t really care much about the head to head in and of itself, its just that the media would probably make a big deal about it and there would be Federer eulogies in every newspaper and magazine. So for that reason I would really want Roger to win that match, just to get the critics off his back for a while.

    Elsewhere, has anyone seen the match between Nadal and Pablo Andujar? (warning, likely very long commentary below, if you are not interested in the match feel free to scroll to the bottom of this comment)

    I watched it from 2-0 in the first set. Nadal lost the first set 6-2, and as usual won the second set. In the third set Andujar went a break down at 4-3, hit back immediately to get to 4-4 and got to 5-4 on serve. Nadal slipped to 15-30 but managed to see out the game, Andujar held for 6-5, and Nadal pushed it to the tiebreak. Lots of minibreaks were trade early on, and it was Nadal who held the first match point at 6-5. The rally ended with Andujar hitting a forehand that landed right on the line, and then Andujar hit another even bigger forehand to get it to 6-6. Then Andujar had a match point at 7-6, which was saved. Seven all. Then another match point for Nadal after a brilliant passing shot. On the next rally, Andujar played a series of good shots and made the move to come into the net, but Nadal still got a reasonable look at the passing shot. He hit a ridiculous forehand pass attempt right at Andujar’s feet, which he somehow managed to dig out for an outrageous drop volley. The next point went the same way, to give Andujar another chance at 9-8. Cue huge serve from Nadal. 9-9. Andujar played a poor drop shot attempt to give Nadal a 10-9 lead, but he was still not done. Bang goes another outrageously powerful forehand from Andujar,10-10.Nadal finally managed to play a good first serve to get to 11-10. On the next point Andujar finally put a forehand into the net.

    I literally have run out of words for this match. It is probably too early for any highlights to be posted, or much news about the match. I strongly recommend all of you to check out some highlights when they are released. I may not be a Nadal fan, (and yes I was cheering for Andujar tonight), but you just have to appreciate this match. I don’t want to upset anyone, but I have to say this. If you can honestly say after watching highlights or the full match, that you did not enjoy it, you are not a TENNIS fan. You are just a fan of one player. Obviously like most people on this blog Roger is my favourite player, but whether you like a player or not, you just have to appreciate a good match. Anyway, watch some highlights. Read the news. Do it. NOW.

    Terms and conditions: By reading the above comment you consent that no time from your life may be refunded under any circumstances, and the management take no responsibility for eye damage from staring at the screen whilst reading the above comment.

    PS: Sorry for the outrageously long comment (so much for a couple of thoughts), whether you choose to read it or not is up to you, but I insist that everyone watch at least highlights of that match.

    1. I watched the first set and was surprised to see Andujar matching Nadal blow for blow. Think Nadal was a bit surprised too. Sounds like it was indeed a good match of the sort that is great to watch if you have some interest in the outcome. I will definitely watch the highlights of the rest on your recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Not match-related, but Kuerten was there with his small son sitting on his lap. Has exactly the same face as his father – so cute. And the camera kept focusing on a Spanish-looking girl who seemed totally bored and looked as though she’d rather be anywhere else on the planet. Was that Nadal’s girlfriend?

      1. Didn’t see but probably ๐Ÿ˜› I’d recommend she download an online banking app on her phone, check it periodically through matches and she will soon perk up.

      1. “If you can honestly say after watching highlights or the full match, that you did not enjoy it, you are not a TENNIS fan. You are just a fan of one player.”
        Very well said. It is what I was saying all the time, this site is full of fanatic hooligans.

      2. Don’t you ever get tired of excuses?! hot damn…. and by you I meant both you and your fave buttpicker

    3. Glad I watched this tie break with my own two eyes, came with a lot of hype from the last comment but I wasn’t enthralled in the slightest. I think to say if you didn’t enjoy it you are not a tennis fan is ridiculous.

      Aside from Andujar hitting 2 immense points at 7-8 and 8 all what happened? We had one guy 10 feet behind baseline and the the other going for it before finally coming unstuck. Nadal tenacious as ever but hardly great to watch. Neither player had a match point on their own serve and the first player that did won. So dramatic? Barely. Some good shots? A few. Same old story? Yep.

      Some shocking time between points too. Umpires too scared to make decisions, Tursunov was right on that one. Absolutely terrible umpiring and breaking of the rules.

      Nadal was just solid as usual, not playing that great but his reputation and never say die attitude helped him out again with Andujar coming unstuck.

      Pablo you lost all credibility when you said Nadal has good technique and good volleys. That is a sign of blind worshiping and blind fanaticism of the highest order. I can tell you now that Nadal’s technique on volleying and the forehand are terrible which he makes up for with brute strength. His backhand is technically his best shot really the others are bad, very bad. So to come out with this nonsense has basically rendered all of your other comments invalid and now you are ‘just another Nadal fan’.

      1. About the quality of the match we will have to agree to disagree Jonathan, personally I really enjoyed it. With hindsight the comment about not being a tennis fan if you didn’t like it was probably a bit over the top, and I apologise if it annoyed anyone. I hope there are no hard feelings.


      2. (His backhand is technically his best shot really the others are bad, very bad.)
        Fed hooligan bar fan. You should read sometimes the experts. You have a serious lack of knowledge.

      3. You mean those experts who are paid to say things other than they mean? Come on Pablo….

        Universal, it’s very subjective the highlights. Some people like watching grinder hit 50 balls then make an error, others prefer shot making/ serve and volleying.

      4. @Universal No problem my ‘ridiculous’ comment probably doesn’t read as I intended it to.

        However this one will – Pablo the blind the worshipper. The worst type of fan cannot see fault in their own player and that appears to be you. Are you honestly telling me that Nadal’s forehand is technically a great shot? It is not. But he overcomes it with muscle and the fact he is left handed which is a HUGE advantage. His serve is also pretty poor for someone of his height and build. From a technique standpoint you would teach a junior the Federer forehand and try to instill the focus and point for point mentality of Nadal. In my opinion both Roger and Dull have good and bad qualities from a pure tennis perspective but you unfortunately have got your rose tinted glasses on when it comes to Nadal. He can basically do no wrong for you and you push this crap on the blog like no other. Zero value add from you just pro Nadal propaganda.

      5. Nadal’s forehand for many experts and tennis fans is one of the best shots ever if not the best. You say it is not technical, I laught on it. It’s one of the most revolutionary shots ever seen on the game and really difficult to execute and learn, in fact nobody could reproduce it yet. OPEN YOUR EYES.
        62th tittle and counting by the way.

      6. Dude. Pablo. Why can’t you get what Jonathan is saying? He’s saying that BOTH Federer and Nadal have some good and some bad facets to their game. And he’s completely right in saying that.

        You really are a blind worshipper. At least some of us here admire what we feel are Nadal’s qualities (in our minds), without disrespecting him. It’s just that when you sum it out, we prefer the overall qualities of Federer. (as has most of the tennis world for 11 years straight; Source: ATP Fans Favourite (before you start claiming that our statements are unbacked and made up)) and you Nadal.

        I have no problems in saying that Nadal fights for every point more than Federer. Similarly you should have no problem in saying that Federer has better technique than Nadal. Is there anything wrong in that? I admire Nadal for his never say die attitude (although to be honest, I now feel that Novak has usurped his claim to the throne there)

        To a point I also admired (and still do at times) Nadal’s mental toughness, and often wondered whether Federer was mentally not as good as Nadal. But then Djokovic came along and I saw Nadal start crumbling against Djokovic more often than not (it’s just that Djokovic doesn’t have the same advantage that Nadal has over Federer of the high top spin forehand to the Federer backhand to exploit, otherwise I feel that Nadal would never have been able to claw his way back in the rivalry as he somewhat has against Nole (again, credit to him for trying to find a way)

        I realised that everyone has their demons. Federer wasn’t mentally weak (and of course neither is Nadal) At the end of the day, when you’re on top, everyone’s going to try and figure out a way to beat you, and eventually somebody will come along who has the right tools and mindset to be your worst nightmare (as Nadal for Federer and Djokovic for Nadal). It’s the way things move forward, the fact of life. Nadal’s game was meant to beat Federer’s and Novak’s was meant to beat Nadal.

        It doesn’t make either player mentally weak for losing to their opponent, simply because the matchup isn’t in their favour. In fact it makes them that much tougher in my eyes, that they refuse to give up and walk out onto the court, knowing fully well that their odds of winning aren’t great, but still walk in with some belief, and walk out with their heads held high. Cause at the end of the day, they’re the one’s with everything to lose, if anything at all. Not us. We, as fans, just take a vicarious thrill in their accomplishments- that’s it.

        So come on, let’s admire what is to be admired and denounce what is to be denounced. Let’s enjoy this era while it still lasts, and more importantly let us let each other enjoy some tennis.

      7. Nadal’s forehand is the most effective, that’s for sure. But no forehand is as versatile as Federer’s.

      8. I have no interest in watching Nadal hit forehands into his opponents’s backhand all the time, forcing them to play a weak shot, then ripping a winner. Who wants to see that? Having to watch Nadal play tennis with such an ugly game surely feels horrible. He can’t serve well, his volleys aren’t even that good, he doesn’t really have the same impressive ability of Federer’s to improvise shots at all kinds of situations………and it goes on.

      9. GAurav “At least some of us here admire what we feel are Nadalโ€™s qualities (in our minds), without disrespecting him.” This must be a complete joke.
        There is a long way about thinking that Roger has better technique than Nadal and saying that Nadal doesn’t have (hate and envy).
        There is no possible comparison between Roger-Rafa and Rafa-Nole (10-23, 22-17). One is a rivalry the other is a slaughter.

        ” he doesnโ€™t really have the same impressive ability of Federerโ€™s to improvise shots at all kinds of situations”. I have to disagree. For me Nadal is the one who can hit more winners from any part of the court in any situation with incredible effects never seen on the game.

      10. More blind worshipping Pablo. Like I keep saying, you add no value to the comments, just pro Nadal propaganda.

        From a pure technique standpoint, forget H2H, titles etc, just technique, for you to say that Nadal has good technique on the FH and equal to Federer’s is just daft. As I have pointed out to you – Nadal’s FH is a great shot but he does not have great technique he manages to compensate for that with brute strength. That is fact, speak to any top level coach and they will tell you this. Doesn’t mean his FH isn’t good, it means that technique wise you wouldn’t be looking to teach someone that. And if they’re right handed you’re definitely steering clear of it. It’s not diminishing his game, or achievements. If anything it’s praising them but you can’t see it that way. Too defensive like your master.

        Nadal vs. Dolgopolov. 1st set 6-3 Nadal. He hit 1 winner. Which was an ace. For a guy who can hit more winners from any part of the court in any situation that’s impressive, what was he doing, playing right handed just for kicks? More nonsense.

        I think you are lost man, this crush has taken over your life ๐Ÿ™‚

      11. @Pablo, the genius of Nadal, which was never seen before on the tennis courts (to my knowledge) is to play left-handed while being a right hander. I guess we have to give credit to his Uncle for this stroke of genius, and to Nadal for having or developing the ability to stick with it and make it his particular strength. The same Nadal, if playing with his right hand, would most probably not have managed to dominate Federer. Chapeau! Grandioso! Excellent! We don’t need to argue about the quality of his technique on the forehand, this shot is what it is because of his playing left-handed and thereby developing a shot that neutralized respectively beat Federer over and over again. It’s a risk-free moon balling which most of the readers of this blog find utterly boring, but it’s the key to the success of Nadal which made him one of the Greatest to ever play the game.

      12. No way Pablo. There’s a reason why they call Federer the Swiss Maestro and magician and Nadal a Spanish bull. No one hits more winners than Federer at his best in a match.

      13. I agree Conal, I didn’t say Nadal hits more winners than Roger I’m saying Nadal can hit more winners from ridiculous positions that you think it wasn’t possible (passing shots, banana shots etc).
        Nadal’s forehand is the most game changing shot of the last era.

        P.D. Uncle Toni didn’t encourage him to play left handed.

  11. Basically the first set and a half was very good quality until about 4-2 in the second set, then it turned into a bit of a scrap until 3-3 in the third, which is when it really came to life again.

  12. Hey all

    Fed playing the evening game tomorrow in Dubai, live chat J??

    Watching Gulbis beating Tsonga at the mo! On form is the Ernst one! Like him!

    1. Yeah live chat is back on. 3PM UK I believe.

      Gulbis is good but this his level, never gonna factor in slams and his forehand isn’t pretty viewing. Viewer discretion is advised.

      1. Damn bad timing! Got an Apple appt with a iPhone problem !! Will catch it later! Nadull win vv boring!

  13. I saw Becker play last summer in Vancouver. Decent player, should be a good match. Delpo is still having wrist issues. Don’t know if he will be a force this year.

    1. Yeah Becker is solid and has a decent game. Just lacks that edge to ever factor at the top. Should be a good match though and a test. Expecting a close set for sure.

  14. Olรก Jon!

    Yeah,the devil’s draw strikes again…
    Anyway, waiting for 2nd round against Stepanek, just love when Roger plays him!
    I would keep my eye on Berdych, more than on Djokovic who had a quite long holiday.

    Allez & tchau.

  15. Watched the Rio final last night. Predictable. A (D)dull game in every sense of the word ๐Ÿ™

    Looking forward to today’s tennis ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I’ll make a prediction albeit a conditional one: if Roger makes three winners with a backhand down the line, in the first round, he wins the tournament.

  17. Hey guys, I know this has nothing to do with tennis or Roger (good luck Roger for today !!! Missed you so much !!!), but I just have to mention this. So sorry for doing so, but this is me beeing extremely proud of my little country: Holland won 24 !!! (we are at the 5th place) medals in Sochi !!! How great is that for a country most people only know because of Amsterdam and Johan Cruijff??? So… now onto tennis and Roger…

    1. Congrats to Holland! Quite an achievement! We only made it seventh place, but also not bad for a country with 8 million population, of which 20% are not even Swiss. And if they played tennis on ice… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hey Chris, also congrats with Roger’s and your country doing so well !!! I was rooting for Suisse. To be honest, since Roger I love Suisse and always root for them….
        Ps: Holland also got like 16 million people. So very small. But when it comes to skating, we are big and invincible !!!
        And yes, if only they played tennis on ice, we could see Roger more…

      2. That’s weird – I had a dream last night about Roger playing tennis on ice! Must be something to do with me thinking he’s getting quite tough draws lately ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Very nice country Holland. It was Spain for a long time and we had a 100 years war, we know more than Amterdam ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. That is impressive, Simon! Congrats to the Norwegians! I think I don’t even know all these sports really exist in which you guys win all these medals. And yeah, summer Olympics are not very popular in Switzerland either

      2. They’re not that bad! Soccer team is okayish, tennis is pretty decent ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cycling with cancellara ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. Did he? Don’t have twitter, I didn’t know he was a winter sports maniac haha! I knew about the football though ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I know Pablo, sometimes it takes me time to get used to your sense of humour !!!
      Spanish people are not that bad either you know. Very friendly. Very nice. Very good. Well… except…….him.

      By the way how did Spain do?? Did they also get a lot of medals?? Russia got the most. We were 5th….
      Pablo so funny, Saturday the Dutch women had to play the final against the Polish women.
      And seriously… they did not even try to get gold. They were content with silver. They did not even try !!!
      Yep, Dutch skaters…. don’t even bother trying to beat them. That is how good we are….

      1. Beeing honest Olyimpic Winter Games are not popular in Spain and we are horrible, even in the Olyimpic Summer Games we are not good. Spain is all about Football, Basketball and Tennis.

  18. Hey Jonathan. U hv to pick the game at 2-3 in 2nd set, Fed serving. What a game. Great stop volley, fabulous hotdog and super FH. That one game saw it all from Fed!

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