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Djokovic Defeats Federer at World Tour Finals

Another loss for Roger at the hands of Djokovic as he went down in 3 sets in his first Round Robin match at the World Tour Finals in London. Like Paris it was a similar story with Roger looking strong early, hanging tough but ultimately falling short in the third set where once again Djokovic proved too good.

I have to say it was a disappointment after showing positive signs in Paris that this match just didn't go to plan and it ended rather meekly with another 6-2 deciding set loss with 2 breaks of serve. Can't quite put my finger on it but losses like this are never good and the erratic play is costing him dearly this year.

Aside from the result I thought the match was poor as both guys made a lot of errors and it was one of those showdowns that never really caught fire; ultimately it was won and lost by mistakes rather than brilliance which made it pretty boring. Let's take a look…

Quick Match Recap

Federer Djokovic World Tour Finals 2013

Both players started this one in fairly decent form with no real major chances for either player, however at 4-4 Roger got a break point and missed his forehand by a matter of millimetres and the chance went begging. Big asterisk next to that one I think.

As we've seen countless times this year that missed chance had negative implications on his own service game as Roger allowed Djokovic to bring up two break points, he saved one but folded cheaply on the next to hand over the set on a plate. It was a very hesitant game and just shows that despite looking solid for most of the set a few erratic points these days and he's toast.

Roger was in trouble again at 15-40 in his opening service game of the 2nd set but dug himself out of a hole and then managed to break Djokovic for the first time at 2-2 with some nice shotmaking. Of course he handed the break straight back double faulting on break point to let Novak right back into it.

Strangely Roger broke again immediately to give himself an advantage and after consolidating to lead 5-3 he brought up a set point at 5-4 but again couldn't hang onto his serve when he needed to and got broken.

2 breaks and he still couldn't close it out is mega annoying so I wasn't too excited for the tie break however it was pretty vintage Federer in the breaker as he served well, won a lengthy rally and closed it out 7-2 to the level at 1 set all.

Just like in Paris the question was whether he could muster up a good final set performance (Roger hasn't beaten a member of the top 4 in a deciding set since 2010) and the answer sadly was no as he got broken to love in the opening game. He had a break point chance to hit straight back but couldn't take it and the rest is history as Djokovic cruised away in the end breaking again to take it 6-2.

Match Stats

Stats N. Djokovic R. Federer
Aces 9 5
Double Faults 2 5
1st Serve % 56% 54%
1st Serve Points Won 40/57 (70%) 37/56 (66%)
2nd Serve Points Won 23/44 (52%) 23/47 (49%)
Break Points Saved 3/5 (60%) 6/11 (55%)
Winners 29 27
Unforced Errors 33 45
Service Games Played 15 15
1st Return Points Won 19/56 (34%) 17/57 (30%)
2nd Return Points Won 24/47 (51%) 21/44 (48%)
Break Points Won 5/11 (45%) 2/5 (40%)
Return Games Played 15 15
Total Service Points Won 63/101 (62%) 60/103 (58%)
Total Return Points Won 43/103 (42%) 38/101 (38%)
Total Points Won 106/204 (52%) 98/204 (48%)

Thoughts on the Match

Thoughts on Fed & Djoker WTF 2013

I've treated Roger's last few losses as positives and a rebuilding process but I think this one was a bit of a blow to his confidence. It was just far too fragile and erratic to be considered good in my opinion, too many errors, some good play in patches (see shot of match) but overall he just let Djokovic do his thing and not really have to push himself that hard.

Yes Novak did a lot of running and defended well but it was too easy for him to keep the ball in play and wait for a backhand or forehand to sail into the tramlines. I don't think he ever really felt too much pressure as he must have known Roger's serve was a break waiting to happen for him that it almost became at will.

When you've never beaten Djokovic after losing the first set it's kinda obvious you can't throw in a disaster game at 4-5 to drop it in a flash. Yes he was unlucky to not break at 4-4 with a great forehand that went just wide but you gotta keep focused there; too often of late he's ruing these missed opportunities and it's costing him. It's all well and good saying in interviews point for point and it's on my racquet but talk is cheap so I wanna see Fed play with a bit more conviction and not let feeling hard done by effect his play.

The biggest disappointment other than the level of play was how slow the court is, I'm not sure what the ATP have done with this one but it really is sluggish. I've seen 4 matches now and none of them are what I'd call indoor tennis. Roger just couldn't hit through the court and even though he did hit some bullet forehands they made little impression; on an old indoor court of all these would have been clean winners or at the very least put him in a very strong position.

In the O2 this year most of the rallies are just neutralising plays, Roger could hit 4,5 or 6 massive forehands to send Djoker scurrying, but suddenly find himself back in a neutral position and having to start all over again due to how easily Djokovic covered the court. It was the same with Stan vs. Nadal today, Stan hit some crazy forehands but Dull just defended and moonballed his way back into it. I can accept that on some courts but indoors?

Even the back hand down the line was a neutral shot for Roger last night which made it pretty ineffective, he was able to hit plenty that were good enough to be clean winners but they just don't go through the court, of course then he has to play one more shot, and then another and we all know the outcome.

It makes it very difficult to really take up an offensive position as you can be on top for 4 shots and then suddenly back to rallying. Which of course draws errors hence the high count in Roger's column.

I think ultimately Roger needs a bigger racquet in his arsenal to do more damage on these type of courts, he's got to find that balance with out and out aggression and consistency. Something kinda has to give and I think it's the 90sq” frame otherwise we may see a similar story in Australia.

As for Djokovic then he just played smart tennis, he was pretty lacklustre himself for most of it but just hung in there, he's probably the best lateral mover in the game right now and he manages to get a lot of weight on the ball even at full stretch so fair play to him, once again the deserved winner.

Predictions vs. Gasquet

Federer Gasquet Prediction World Tour Finals

Next up for Roger is Richard Gasquet who also lost his first round robin match to Juan Martin Del Potro so this is must win for both guys. Gasquet has actually had a pretty immense year by his standards but it just looks unlikely he will ever get over his mental frailties to win big matches.

If Roger had beaten Djokovic I'd have been thinking this one is a routine but it's probably not going to be simple and could go three sets. The good news for Roger is he has a lot in his favour – big positive H2H and he's mentally far better. I mean Roger has been pretty bad this year on big points but he's still nowhere near the level of Gasquet 😛

I think if Roger can force the issue then he'll come out on top, Gasquet will hit some flashy winners off both wings but I think Roger can almost prevent him from playing his game. The slowness of court won't help of course but Gasquet can't defend that well so Roger should still be able to open up the court and have enough room for a put away ball.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. “Can’t quite put my finger on it but losses like this are never good and the erratic play is costing him dearly this year.”

    Jonathan, I am shocked, shocked that you can’t “put your finger on it”! I would have thought that after reading the comments which his “fans” have been making on this website all year, the answers to why the Fed lost would have been obvious:
    1. The court was too slow and bouncy.
    2. He should have used a bigger racket.
    3. His back must have been hurting.
    4. It was lack of confidence.
    5. And last but not the least – he was just conserving his energy so he can make a strong comeback next year. It’s all part of a grand strategy!

    Could it be that at 32 he is now too old and too slow to compete with people 4-5 years younger? Could it be that after 10 years at the top, 17 grand slams, more than 70 titles, maariage, two kids, endless travel, he just doesn’t have the same motivation any longer? Naaah! He says he loves to play! Why can’t you just accept that?! All he has to do now is to somehow regain his confidence, take time off to rest his back, switch to a bigger racket and get the ATP to speed up the courts, and pretty soon before you know it, hey presto, abracadabra, he will be back at #1! Stop being so pessimistic!

    1. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

      ― Theodore Roosevelt

    2. It’s not the court or the racquet, It’s as simply as he doesn’t have and won’t have the level of top2 guys (and probably Murray) anymore but anyway I agree with Jonathan he will have a shot for an Slam more.

      1. The court and racquet do make a big difference Melkor I think.

        If there’s only one guy, using a 90 sq” you gotta ask why that is?

        Not saying it’s not his choice to use that stick, but using a larger frame could give some benefits.

  2. I found this a strange match. First of all, Djokovic’s balance issues at times. That could be anything. It could be related to his eyesight or his ears. It could be a neurological problem. It’s certainly not something he’s going to talk about but his team seem to know what’s up. It happened in this match and a previous one.
    Second, on an interview with the BBC, Roger talked about playing injured and how he got into a bad habit of playing to protect his injury. He now regrets playing those matches and that it has affected his play.
    Thirdly, I thought the match against Djokovic in Paris was big. Imagine where Roger’s confidence would be if he had won that match. Now, we are hoping he will beat Gasquet.
    Too bad Stan couldn’t get the job done today.

    1. He has said he gets very nervous sometimes and his coordination just seems to fail. Very thin line between perfect balance, coordination and just losing it through nervous tension.

      1. I don’t know if I believe that reason. It hadn’t happened in the past that I remember. Maybe this replaces ball bouncing!

  3. Went to see the match. Disappointing finish but there were moments of magic that make it worth it. Also the 02 is literally Basel. Unbelievable how much more support he gets. It was probably 95-5 in his favour.

    1. I was there too. Yes, there were moments of magic and he gritted it out in the second set thru sheer will power. Knew he needed a set but looked weary in the 3rd and clearly as he said in his presser, didn’t enjoy the court as mch as in previous yrs. the organisers want a Rafa/Novak extended final.
      Anyway, whatever anyone says, Feds support is extraordinary. The roof nearly came off when he won the second set. Huge noise. But Novak uses this as a weapon to beat Fed with, very put out by the adoration of Fed.
      Feds practise session today was completely mobbed as well!
      Nice to see him get the various awards today. Very gracious.

    1. Yeah. Even Wawrinka spoke about it in the post match interview:

      “It’s nothing personal against Rafa or against Toni,” Wawrinka said. “We ALL know, players and umpire, that Toni is always trying to help Rafa. That’s normal. That’s part of the game. But when it’s too much, it’s too much.

      “Today I didn’t agree with the umpire that he didn’t tell him something or he didn’t give him second warning just because it was Rafa. We all see. I was there. Before every point, he was trying to coach him. That just what happened. Again, it’s nothing against Rafa or Toni. That’s in the rules. Normally the umpire should have done something.”

      Completely disgraceful. Also according to the commentators, Nadal apparently went over the time limit multiple times in the first set TB, but he wasn’t given a point penalty.

    2. I did catch that actually, it’s no surprise, the ATP slows down courts for him indoors and lets him off with matters such as these. He gets the number 1 ranking now, will probably win the YEC too at this rate.

      1. Alysha, at exactly what stages of the match were these so called illegal coaching signals used? I’d like to watch them but want to save myself the trouble of watching the entire match.

    3. Guys, why are we shocked with all this? Spanish players are the biggest cheat in the sport. Their entire soccer team was doped, as admitted by Fuentes (or his wife). It was recently revealed in a research that PRP treatment can trigger increase in substances that are banned in competitive athletes. Athletes getting injures is nothing but a facade to indirect doping. Combine them with game delay, strategic MTO’s, illegal coaching, sleeping eggs (CVAC’s), irregular or absent testing, testing methods that aren’t capable of detecting every single banned substance, and you now have a foolproof recipe for success. Take a read.

      I don’t exactly remember who posted this link or where it was posted, but credit to whoever did it.

      1. Nice article Sid, and thanks for bringing
        You know what, I have friend of mine, he is so athletic (he is a body builder actually). One day I asked him, dose doping really exist, I mean how big it is. He shocked me with his answer! He told me “look, no athletic in this world don’t juice, and it depends on substance they take. That includes all when I say all “literally”, full stop”. He continued “All sports authorities and organizers know that, and they just close their eyes because money at stake”
        So for me, all are equally guilty, no one is pure innocent so I treat doping like any other tennis equipment such as racket because I am equally convinced that either all dope or they don’t.

      2. Funny when you say, “So I treat doping like any other tennis equipment such as racket”. Does that mean Federer with his 90 sq. in. dopes the least? Nadal has a 100 sq. in. and Serena Williams uses a 104 sq. in. 😉

      3. Yeah, Jonathan, can you imagine!.
        And just to add, some of those legal supplements that my friend used to take turns to be some endurance substances now 😉 that’s why he told me, no athletics in the word don’t juice, just from that perspective
        Anyhow, let’s talk business. What the live chat starts 😉

      4. No, Pablo, you twist stats. I’ll tell you how…

        (1) The population of the US is nearly seven times that of you cheaters in Spain, surely a lot more athletes will be caught
        (2) There are a lot more teams in a variety of sports in the US. NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS etc. Spain doesn’t even come close to the number of athletes that compete in leagues here
        (3) In the US, we actually catch people and try them. Justice is swift. Look at the MLB scandal. It was resolved in no time and the guilty were punished, unlike Spain, where names were not released and blood bags were destroyed. Your government is full of corrupt thugs who will protect your cheats. And hence the lower numbers.

        Nice try though. Better luck next time.

        By the way the US Olympic team competing without tests is an urban legend. Reliable source please, or no trolling.

      5. Anyone can edit Wikipedia 🙂

        All sport is effected, football in the UK, football in Spain, the Barca team clearly have something to hide. Basketball, tennis, you name it.

      6. And another thing Pablo, you troll, about your statement, “and they don’t count sports like Basketball, Baseball” etc. At least they are not trying to tarnish the legacy of another sportsman. What were are talking about is two athletes competing at the international level, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

        I don’t give a beep if people think if LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant. It doesn’t matter to the rest of the world. But a Spaniard using illegal substances and illegal coaching among other things to get the better of the Greatest player of all time, big difference.

        The Red Sox beating the Cardinals? Who the heck cares anywhere in the world. Nobody! But a drug fueled Spanish football team winning the 2010 World Cup is a big deal.

  4. This match was pretty awful to be quite honest. Both of them was either playing immense or full of error at the same time. Novak hasn’t lost since the US Open, there was no doubt in my mind it didn’t matter if he dropped his level through the match because if there was gonna be a third set, he was going to be one step ahead. That stat you have about Fed not winning a deciding set against a top 3 player since 2010 is shocking and just makes evident that he’s just not mentally as strong as he used to be. I am actually wondering if this will be the first season that Roger ends without winning an encounter with one of the members of the big three. Crazy. To me, that break point that begged in the first set was the undoing from the beginning. It makes it pretty obvious now that Roger has to beat these guys in two sets because he still doesn’t have that confidence to keep up consistency in a full match. And this is why I don’t get why people think he has a chance in Australia. If Roger can’t beat Novak who is near invincible on plexicushion in best of three, what will the story be like in best of 5? There’s still hope for him making the semis. I agree, Gasquet will be no pushover, and if Delpo beats Djoker Roger could have a lot on his plate. Not a confidence boosting win at all but there were positives in the match and Roger will have to look at those more than anything else and refocus.

    The courts this year is some bull shit I tell you. Money means everything to the ATP, couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched Dull complaining about the indoor court that plays like clay. Hope Roger does get that bigger racquet before Brisbane, will do him some good.

  5. I think with his recent success we were maybe expecting a bit too much from Roger here. Remember it wasn’t long ago we were desperately hoping he would quality for the WTF and not at all sure he would – not so he’d win it but just so he’d have some practice matches with his peers – something that was woefully lacking this year. Well, he’s got that, and as things turned out leading up to this tournament he’s suddenly had lots of such practice. Let’s not forgot he’s played a lot of tennis over the past 2 weeks compared to the rest of 2013, and compared to most of the other qualifiers. He must be tired, mentally and physically.

    Roger’s recovery is a work in progress. Give him time.

    1. Well said, very very wise!!! He needs to keep a positive mindset towards 2014, he really is in progress. And at the end of the day, Djokovic is really really hot at the moment. I’m sure anyone else but Delpo (maybe though he didn’t play great against Gasquet) would have been out in two straight sets, starting with Nadal!

  6. Also think it’s notable to point out that Djokovic is one win away from evening the H2H with Roger meaning he will have no positive H2H with any of the big three. To be expected though I guess to happen, he is after all 5- years older.

    1. H2H statistics are so meaningless I can never understand why they are even considered when rating players. One thing that is rarely taken into account when discussing them is the different players’ attitudes to injury and illness. Some players will take time off at the least twinge and will only play when they are reasonably sure of winning (and you know who I’m talking about). Roger on the other hand will play whatever he’s feeling like – and thus set himself up to lose of course. Why? Because he loves to play but also because he doesn’t like letting people down. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he consistently receives the sportsmanship award from his fellow players, those whose opinions count the most.

  7. I still think he can qualify. Written off yet again. He wasn’t that terrible last night (better live than on TV for drama and tension) but for me the issue which re manifested itself was lack of first serves, and his whole game does hinge on his confidence in that area. The mental pressure from the Novak return in his very first match was plain to see. Even Mirka got very frustrated by Feds fragility here. Rachet up the first serve % v Gasquet and Delpo and you will see a difference. Needs to beat Gasquet in straight sets to set himself up for Delpo on Saturday!

  8. One thing does strike me is that Roger needs to challenge more. Such is his disdain for Hawkeye that unlike top 2 he doesn’t use it to his advantage at certain big moments. Who knows whether his FH was really out at break point in the first set? That FH in the second set giving him the break was in by a fraction of a millimetre. On such thin margins, games change.

  9. It doesn’t make any sense to me to slow down all the courts. Roger is the biggest draw in tennis. How can having the Nadals in the final bring in more money.

    1. Sue,
      Believe me it will! People tend to be more attracted to drama with two gladiators fights in big arena these days. Yes roger is the man who bring beauty no doubt about it, but it’s the trend these days and you can’t change it overnight. Organizers realized this and that’s why you see courts getting slowed down to bring the best grinders, fighters in one dome with big show.
      That’s is how it works, and sorry for that, but it’s the truth

  10. Roger was not ready to face Djoker right now. His confidence is frail, he needs two good wins to pick himself up. It’s frustrating to watch Roger making 1 step forward but 2 steps back with his loss against Djoker. This is going to be a tough WTF if he is to scrap through the semis

  11. Hi all,

    It was tedious…I have to say. Disappointed that Fed couldn’t take chances and couldn’t seize the opportunity that NOVAK wasn’t play his best. But I was more depressed the condition of the court just as Jonathan pointed out. The most of great rallies ended up errors, often Roger’s, not winners. Anyway, a well-writen honest analysis from Jonathan, you keep me hanging there to watch Fed these days. Still, there are/were reasons for his slump, I believe he’s working on and climbing up toward his best again. My support for him never ends. Allez!

  12. Hey guys, I know this is me saying it again, but lets give Roger a break… Yes, too bad he did not win. He could have. Especially after he broke Novak two or three times in the second set and especially after he could have won the first set. But can’t you guys see it? He is ALMOST there !!! Where we want him to be.
    Why don’t you look it from a positive side (and believe me, I am not happy myself that he lost), but he could have and should have won:
    It took Novak, someone who has been the best player and world number one for 3 years, someone who is 6 years younger and is supposedly in his prime, it took this best player twice almost 2,5 hours and three sets to beat a guys who is 6 years older, has played twice as many matches in his career, and has had the worst year in his life !!! It took him twice 2,5 hours to beat someone in three sets (not even two) to beat a guys who has been suffering from backpain all the year, is much slower, has low confidence and has lost to almost everybody this year !!!

    If this is the best player in the world for 3 years, should he not have beaten Roger easy? No, because Roger is coming back. Roger gave Novak hell and Novak knows that !!! They should all be happy that Roger is low on confidence and that he does not play the bigger and important points well.
    What do you guys think will happen when Roger gets 1,5 month off to practise? All the other players also have that time, but they need to practise on more aspects of their game.
    Roger needs to practise on his serve, needs to practise somehow on more confidence to go for the shots that always gave him the win and needs to practise somehow on how to take more opportunity to convert breakpoints. I know, maybe I am making it out to be too easy, but this is doable. We have all seen since Basel that his level of play is there !!!
    Seriously, is there any match he lost this year that the opponent had it easy?? They all struggled to beat him. Imagine what he will be when he practises for 1,5 month without backpain.

    Like Rita says, we were all hoping for him to qualify, now he did, we want him to win it all? Yes, we do, but matchpractise is also important. Give him time. He is slowly getting better.
    In the live chat someone said, that’s it, Roger will never beat the top 4 again. Really, did you guys see him play?
    Did you see two 26 years old players or did you see a 26 years and a 32 years old player? Wasn’t Novak gasping for more air than Roger???
    It is not an excuse, but he could have won all the matches he lost. He just needs more confidence to play the bigger points the way he usually plays and wins them.

    Like Roger says, he does not believe that someone who was world number one last year cannot play tennis within one year. And like I said, if we (his fans) don’t believe in him to come back roaring, who will??

    Ps: It is not like Novak gave him two bagels !!! Roger should have won it. Didn’t. Lets see how far he gets.
    Of course I want him to win WTF, he deserves it. If he does not win it, bring on 2014.

    1. 10000% Agree with you!!! Just think back before and after US open… and see his tennis now… As you say, Novak was out of breath… The speed of the exchanges… At the end of the day he missed by little… 3 important shots in the top of the net… Come on… IMPROVEMENT IS SO SO SO Obvious!!! I believe e’s coming back stronger and stronger…. I’m 100000% agreeing i you! hank for the positive vibe!!! Thank you thank you thank you! That’s what Roger needs from his fans!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey Nath, thank you for the compliment. I meant what I said. It won’t be easy and he is still not there, but he is getting there. His “old” way of playing. All I am saying is lets give him the time. If he would be playing his “age”, I would say, oke Roger, lets think about it.
        But… he is not playing his age (yet). He is still playing amazing. It is just the confidence and the other things he has to work on (serve, breakpoints, ect).

    2. Well I think you gotta be realistic here too. A lot of fans thinking he can win like a Calendar Slam next year lol. He will be lucky to get one for sure but he still has the game. Whether he got it in the legs and in the mind.

      Beating Top 4 is difficult, hasn’t done that since WTF 2012.

      1. Actually Jonathan…. I am one of those people who thinks before Roger retires he will win a Calender Slam or that there will be talk about that !!!
        I don’t think 2014 will be his last year. I know he will go on till 2016 or even further.
        There is no shame in playing at an older age and not beeing in the top 10 (look at Tommy Haas).
        All I am saying is that if Roger has faith in himself and he knows he can come back and win titles, etc, who are we to talk him out of that? I love his confidence.
        Everybody talks about Rafa’s confidence and his fighting spirit. What about Roger? He is asked and told on a daily basis that it might be his time to retire. But he has confidence in himself and selfbelieve. Is that not also a form of fighting spirit?
        As long as Roger believes in himself, so will I, he deserves atleast that much from me….

      2. [I am one of those people who thinks before Roger retires he will win a Calender Slam or that there will be talk about that !!!]

        Katyani, get out of here! 😉

  13. Quite an experience , impressive venue and special effects, very warm crowd , very proFed. Crappie and very expensive merchandise for the event though I hardly got anything. Just grabbed a medium t-shirt for 30 quid that doesn even fit me cause i m large 🙁

    At times it looked as though I was watching a video game demo or something. Especially Djokovic the way he moves and plays the way he covers the court and retrieves the balls is exactly that. Both players frozen expressions, probably because of their high level of concentration made them look somewhat superhuman. Off course its also the first time I watch live professional tennis and that’s a shocking experience as it has nothing to do with what you see on tv. TV is a bit like “ ok my game looks a bit like Djokovic s game, and I voley like Fed sometimes on a good day” . After what I saw I am convinced that what I play is much closer to the old ladies playing feather ball at the park than tennis 🙁

    Anyway , I think that Fed was not in a good day didn’t look as though he believed he could put Joker down. Joker not impressive either just looked much more solid than Fed. Especially on the backhand side. Fed tried to mix it up at a point playing some S/V creating some magic but this didn’t look as a good long term strategy as a good passing shot from Novak always looked more probable.
    At the point when Roger had a serve for a set point in the second set, while tossing the ball some idiot screamed and Fed missed his serve. He looked really annoyed and turned towards the umpire saying something. Off course afterwards he lost that game. Roger looked very tensed and shouted out something every time a big point ended his or the other way . Its funny cause that was the first thing that broke the absolute silence fractions of a second before what looked as the ending of the point. I wish I could understand what he shouted every time.

    As for the match with Gasquet I think he ll manage to take it one way or another. Vs Delpo I think its clearly 50/50
    Generally speaking I m not on the so positive side either for the moment. We ll see…
    Jonathan if you have drop box I could send you a few pictures I took.
    Maybe I ll finally get that photographer job for PeRFect Tennis and then Mr Moss the Boss will sent to Australia to cover the next GS. 🙂
    We may also need an upgrade of our equipment … better zoom lens . But let’s not get in to this quite yet.

    Sorry for the long comment. Promise to be shorter next time.

    1. “At the point when Roger had a serve for a set point in the second set, while tossing the ball some idiot screamed and Fed missed his serve. ”

      Really? Wonder if it was the same guy who did that to Murray last year? It was definitely a Novak fan, and sitting relatively close behind Murray, and yellled something with Novak’s name just as he was serving. It was quite a vital point in either the 2nd or 3rd set, and Murray went and lost his serve and couldn’t recover it before the end of the set. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to come up on the soundtrack, but it was definitely audible 1/4 of the way round the arena.

      1. Tennis fans are turning into soccer hooligans. This is a different sport which requires players to be very focused. Everything matter, the squeaking of the sneakers, the sound of the strings on the ball, everything. Fans at the US Open are the biggest culprits. They’ve turned it into a soccer stadium, or more appropriately, a boxing match. Idiots.

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