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Djokovic Schools Nadal in Monte Carlo

I thought I'd do a quick update on Monte Carlo as an ultimately boring tournament (due to no Federer) actually turned into a rather interesting one as Nadal was once again schooled by his master Novak Djokovic in the final.

I can't tell you guys how much I enjoy seeing Djokovic give Nadal a beat down in a championship decider, there is just something oh so sweet about it, it's almost poetic justice and Djokovic really has Nadal's number now as he's beaten him in a final at every Masters 1000 clay tournament without dropping a set in any of them.

I won't go into specifics or analysis as the match was simply won by the better and more aggressive player. Djokovic never allowed Nadal to dictate any of the rallies and was constantly the player on the offense creating multiple chances.

Nadal actually managed to break Djokovic twice in the second set but both times he was broken straight back as Djokovic just turned up the heat. It was a truly awesome game by Djokovic at 5-6 down with Nadal serving for the set, he reeled off 4 straight points to break back to love and then took the tie break 7-1 to end Nadal's 8 year reign at the Country Club.

Djokovic is just too solid these days and Nadal can't seem to hurt him anywhere on the court, the Nadal serve gets returned with consumate ease and once Novak is on the front foot in a rally it takes something special to get the rally back onto an even keel. Truly relentless.

From my point of view it was about time there was a new champion at this tournament to be quite honest and as I expected the Monte Carlo crowd were very pleased too. Djokovic lives there and he'd finally freed the fans from the shackles of Spanish moonballing oppression. Sweet!

Sadly though despite Djokovic proving he was the better man on the day we then had to contend with comments like this from Nadal:

If you are not at 100 per cent, [it] is very difficult to win against these kinds of players. Hopefully, I can play another great week in Barcelona next week [and] play some matches that will keep helping to put me in the 100 per cent physical conditioning.

Yet again a complete lack of respect from Nadal and surprise surprise he's not quite 100% after a loss. He was the first guy to win 3 titles this year, is coming into Mickey Carlo off the back of playing like a Superhuman in Indian Wells and now suddenly he's got another phantom injury.

Quite frankly it's all just a bit embarrassing.

This guy just cannot handle a loss, there are some people who say that Federer is a bad loser and of course nobody enjoys losing but this guy is just unreal.

I've paid Nadal respect on this blog plenty of times for his ability to grind out matches and his endurnace but he just comes out with so much rubbish it's unbelievable. Every tournament he plays he is quick to point out he's not the favourite and then after every loss he talks about injuries. Why do it?

Djokovic vs. Nadal Monte Carlo Highlights

Did Djokovic just put himself in pole position for the French Open?

After Djokovic's win today I think he's now the favourite for the French. This was a big big win. A couple of not so great performances in Indian Wells and Miami and then the ankle scare have been followed up by some important wins in tough matches early in the tournament and then finished with a complete schooling of Nadal on his favourite surface at his favourite tournament. This does wonders for a players confidence.

There's of course Madrid and Rome to come but I get the feeling the career slam is almost a formality now for Djokovic and I believe he has more than a good chance of taking Nadal's one last stronghold at Roland Garros.

Onto Madrid – Return of the GOAT

Return of the GOAT

Anyway before all that we have Madrid to look forward to and it's only 2 weeks away. It is of course Roger's first tournament back after about 7 weeks rest, he's been training pretty hard by all accounts in various locations across Switzerland with the twins not too far away scootering around (see video below).

Hopefully the back problem is behind him now and he can play in Madrid freely. I imagine he will have watched Djokovic dismantle Nadal today and been quite content with the result.

Unfortunately this doesn't change much for him personally if he meets Nadal on clay as he'll still have to play out of his skin to pull off the win but it surely must give him plenty of motivation seeing Djoker school Nadal like that.

Federer Training in Felsberg

I'll probably do a preview post when the draw comes out for Madrid, I'm expecting a reasonable tournament from Federer, defending his title isn't a must from my point of view (it would be nice) but I think he needs to win some matches as a priority and hopefully create some stepping stones to bigger and better performances later in the year. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hey,

    Great work with the site. Just wondering if you have a source or page for where you got the Nadal comment about not being 100%?

  2. Congratulations, Jen, on your first PeRFect Masters 1000 on Clay! Well done! Here’s an extract of Nadal’s interview after the match. What do you think about Nadal’s answers?

    Interviewer #1: What do you think Jen did differently this time?
    She played well at the beginning with the right intensity…no mistakes……….I could not find a good feeling on the ball. I didn’t play my best game, she played well.

    Interviewer #2: How does it feel to get your butt kicked at your favorite tournament?
    It was not an easy moment. This year, two thousand thirteen, I come here with injury….for sure it is very difficult to play at my best in every moment, no? If I’m able to play… best tennis….probably I’ll have my chance.

    Interviewer #3: Do you feel the conditions weren’t exactly to your liking this year compared to the last eight times?
    Nadal: It was worst day, fast conditions….not very easy for me…I was not able to play with my tactic…but I think was a good match.

      1. Thanks, Katyani for you feedback! For sure I’ll use more for sure and no next time.

    1. Thanks Sid!! Your comments will make me smile until the next time! Maybe living in Australia has two good things going for it – the Aus Open & getting to read Jonathan’s posts early!

  3. Congrats to Novak! Gotta say it was fun seeing Nadal being taught tennis on clay by Djokovic. It was about time that Monte Carlo came to an end. I still think it should be demoted as a Masters 1000 for a grass one. Novak is only a Cincinnati away from completing his 1000 showcase.

    Also priceless seeing Toni Nadal’s face after Rafa was down 0-5 down. That’s what he gets when he makes shit comments like “Murray is a favourite for FO…I’m not sure about Federer.” Haha okay Toni, go home, you’re drunk.

    Weird seeing that Rafa will enter RG without Monte Carlo, could he enter it without a clay master at all? I think Djokovic is in the best position to get the career slam and possible grand slam? Hoping 2011 repeats itself with a certain lad named Roger raining on Djokovic’s (or Nadal’s) parade come May.

    Gotta say I was also impressed with Djokovic’s tactical ability on the court. He broke down the Nadal BH so well yesterday. Nadal just can’t deal with him mentally, it’s more than a match-up now I think. It’s like scissors, paper and rock. Nadal is scissors, Fed is paper and Novak is rock. Murray is off somewhere having lunch with his fan boys Andrew Castle and Neil Harman. Post pathetic commentators ever.

    Lastly Jonathan, do you think it’s guaranteed that Roger is number 3 for RG. I mean win or lose Fed drops to number 3 again doesn’t he after Madrid seeing as Murray never played it in 2012. You were pretty sure that Murray would be something on clay this year. I’m not so sure. I think if Fed meets Andy on clay this year, he schools him. I have a feeling Roger has a say in Roland Garros this year. Can’t wait till Madrid, longest seven weeks of my life.

    1. Hey Jonathan you also missed this classic Nadal quote:

      β€œI think it was a positive week,” said Nadal. β€œI didn’t practice in Mallorca, I just practised here before the tournament. Without much preparation, I was able to play in the final. This week is going to help me be fit for the next weeks.”

      The guy first of all skipped Miami and had a tonne of time to practice on the clay. Novak had a nasty ankle injury and still played and hammered him. Ah things like this make me feel negative towards Nadal. So sick of his bloody excuses.

    2. Well, Muzz will loose Barcalona SF points… But most likely Muzz will be #2, unless Muzz stinks and Fed wins Rome t first time πŸ™‚

    3. I like the rock, paper, scissors analogy πŸ™‚

      And now for the last time, I think we are all getting too worked up with this ranking thing. Unless Roger and Nadal are 3 and 4 respectively, they will meet before the final, guaranteed. No way are we seeing Nadal-Djokovic, or Roger-Djokovic before the final.

    4. @Alysha Yeah Djoker is now Nadal’s master, beating him in 3 finals on clay all in straights is unheard of. Nadal can’t hurt him really.

      Not sure on Roger being 3, will be interesting to see what happens but I don’t think it matters a whole lot.

      I too like the rock paper scissors analogy πŸ™‚

  4. Agreed, agreed, agreed! What else can I say? But thanks for sharing your thoughts – always nice to know others feel the same. Two weeks til Roger’s back on court? Finally!

  5. A win-win tourney for us!
    1. Djoker schools Rafa! I am as shocked as everyone else! I mean, Rafa had a 8 year hold on the tourney. Fed fell short 3 times and Djoker 2 before today. Uncle Toni better help Rafa or we might see the French Open loss #2! I am not writing off Rafa yet and still think he wins the French whether or not it means beating Roger/Muzz/Novak in a row. But when was the last time Nadal lost 2 clay court finals to 2 different players in the say year!

    2. Roger returns to World #2. Although the rankings don’t really matter, Fed is now assured #2 seed in Madrid AND Rome! And what’s better is that he’s only 10 points ahead of Muzz(love how that’s such a torture to Andy!) Muzz spent 4 years to get #2 and lost it in 4 weeks πŸ™‚

    Weird tourney for sure! I think Djokers staying at #2 and Muzz/Fed will fight for YE #2. Djokers in disbelief that he beat Rafa and that roar showed how much it ment to him! And he now has 8/9 Masters(except Cinci), so Roger is behind there. But no shame which all you accomplished and you’re #2 at age 31 1/2 πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the post! Madrid and Roger, here we

    1. Yeah Mickey Carlo looked like it was going to be a joke event but it turned out to be almost one for the history books. Could be a big thing this victory for Novak!

  6. Not that I’m a fan of Novak, but I’ve got to say this. Whatever is the reason for his sudden and dramatic domination, it really is getting really, really, scary. It’s only a matter of time before he wins Cincy, and the French Open. He could be the only man in the history of tennis to achieve a career slam and win all Masters 1000. Add to it the Davis Cup, and the potential to win Rio (considering he has Nadal’s number, so far, on Clay), and we are suddenly talking about one of the greatest!

    Let me be generous, very generous, and say that if he maintains this form, he will win 8 more slams by the end of 2015. That will put him at 14. He will be 28 with a potential to overcome Roger’s tally. Don’t you find that beyond scary?

    I’ll also state that if Nadal fails to win the Nadal Open this year (correction: French Open), it would virtually put an end to his chances of even matching Roger’s slam total.

    What do you guys think both Nadal and Djokovic are eventually capable of, given their current form?

    1. I know it’s scary… I’m wondering if he’s capable of wining the grand slam… That’s what is scaring me right know… Ah well! Better than Dull πŸ˜€

    2. If he’s healthy.. there is a big chance that Djokovic can achieve it.. Roger is still a threat on grass but hey, Novak can play some tennis in Wimby, he already won in 2011 and he is capable of doing it again. The scary part is, he’s capable of winning all slams, any given condition or type of court he is playing..

      Which brings me to Nadal. Out of the top guys, he is the only one that has a career golden slam. But the chunk of his achievements were from clay. He relies heavily winning on those events so come hardcourt/indoor hardcourt season he is done. Put it simply, he lacks ‘versatility’.

      Longevity has always been an issue with Nadal. He may stick around, but Novak will get the better of him once the injuries take a toll on him.

    3. I used to think like that until i realized something very true: It’s hard if not impossible to be dominant for too long in the game of tennis (especially if you are playing like Nadal or Djokovic: Grinding the points), i mean, look at all the greats, they had a prime time of what, three, four years and then… somebody else came and challenged them. let’s not go way behind, for example, Nadal (he was a threat to Roger’s tally at the Grand Slams and then Djokovic came to challenge him), And also, Somebody else will come to challenge Djokovic; Whether it’s Murray, Del Potro, Dimtrov or somebody off the charts.

    4. Yeah Djoker is putting his hat into the ring that’s for sure. All depends if he can maintain his level but he’s extremely clutch, has a very good game these days and clearly has a lot of desire.

      The best thing is that Djoker is schooling Dull, but you still get the sense that Fed is capable of schooling Djoker if they meet. Of course he has to prove that to us as Novak just did against Nadal but it’s all about match ups.

      I can only see Nadal winning the French or Wimbledon. US Open is too difficult and Australia is Djokovic/Murray territory.

    5. Let me put my hat in the ring, Ladies & Gents:
      # If Nadal does NOT win the FO 2013, I no longer see him as a realistic threat to Roger’s haul of 17 slams to date.
      # Even if Nadal DOES win the FO 2013, I am convinced Roger will win one more slam and possibly two or three ( three is a big ask admittedly ) more. This tally I believe is beyond Nadal.
      # It is EXTREMELY unlikely that Djokovic will win all the Slams this year, or any other. Indeed, I do not see this happening anytime in the next decade as players will cancel each other out.
      # I do NOT forsee Djokovic matching Federer’s slam haul ( 17 or beyond ). As has already been pointed out, the competition is too good for that to be allowed to happen. And besides, his grinding game will take it’s toll, this is inevitable. What might be more interesting is can he overtake Nadal’s slam haul and how many will Murray win? And others? I believe Nadal will end up with 14 or 15 and Djokovic with 13 or 14. Federer will be 18 or 19. Murray will be 4 or 5. Others – at least to end of 2016 – will fight for the scraps. After 2016, the ‘Others’ will start to win more slams ( whomever these may be ).

  7. Yesss! Even in Roger’s absence one of my favorites still won, looks like Djokovic has his eyes set invading the claycourt kingdom of Nadal. The only thing that he needs to complete his career GS is the French. Monte Carlo is done, Madrid, Rome and Paris are up next.

    Finally, a major threat to Rafa’s dominance.

    1. Could well happen Ferdie. Djokovic was beaten by the GOAT in 2011 and playing under too much pressure in 2012 to replicate 2011. Might not have to contend with either of those things.

    1. I make Djoker favourite now. Was a big win this make no doubts about it. Of course Nadal will factor and you can’t write him off but I think Djoker will own him from here on in.

  8. Roger’s serve looks a bit off, but hey, it’s just practice sessions. Strong finishes in all the clay tourneys coming up is what i believe is his priority right till wimbledon. 2013 has been 2008 all over again for Roger. why does the back act up every 5 years (2003 rise to fame, then 2008 slumber and now 2013)? Hope he does well, titles are always appreciated πŸ˜‰ and man, do i love that madrid ’09 polo of his!

    1. Alvi if you can spot Roger’s serve is off in a 5 second clip from a weird angle through a wire fence then he should be flying you out to coach him right about now πŸ˜›

      Madrid 2009 is a classic.

      1. Haha, stranger things have happened. Tell you what, if that really happens, i’m gonna make Roger give an exclusive interview for peRFect-Tennis before hitting the court and work on his serve πŸ˜‰

  9. I too enjoy when Djokovic wins against Nadal πŸ™‚ But actually this was may be the only time i was supporting Nadal against Djokovic because i wanted him to regain the number 4 ranking (We know how lucky Federer is in the draws :/)
    One last thing, Djokovic didn’t break straight back in the second set as it was 1-4 in the middle of the set.

    1. Nadal was simply defending his title and points at Monte Carlo. It would have made no difference to his points and ranking had he won. You should have cheered on for Nole and shared some more of the joy πŸ™‚ . And you’re right, he didn’t break back right away the first time (at 2-4 IIRC).

      1. Are you sure it hasn’t affected his points? I will never understand this non-mandatory thing.

      2. Youssef, if Nadal had won, his points wouldn’t’ve changed. Now, he has lost 400 points and Djokovic has gained that many. That puts Djokovic another 800 points clearer of Nadal.

        P.S. I’ve been appointed the official Director of Ranking at PeRFect tennis. Any concerns about points and rankings should be brought to my attention. I have the final say πŸ˜‰

      3. Youssef, it’s not about MC being non-mandatory. Nadal won in 2012 and got himself 1000 points. Had he won this year, he would have kept those same 1000 points and no more. This applies to the other titles he is defending as well. So the only place he can make some points is at Madrid to improve his ranking.

        PS: But the Rankings Director has spoken and so it shall be πŸ˜€

      4. Sid, Promotion !!!! Official Director of Rankings (D.O.R.) !!!! Do we benefit too???

        Jonathan, which positions (for promotion AND for pay increase) are still available????

      5. Ohh! That’s actually what i meant! I needed him to defend his points so he can regain the number ranking. Unfortunately, the difference between him and Ferrer has increased now. Thanks for the help Sid and James πŸ™‚

      6. Katyani, it wasnt exactly a promotion. Jonathan spotted my talent and offered me that position πŸ™‚ Part of my payment includes a 25% stake in PeRFect tennis, right Jon?

      7. @Katyani we have a couple of vacancies at the minute, one for a cleaner. Interested? πŸ˜› Very reasonable rates of pay, good holidays, health care and you get a free trip to Wimbledon each year on the company.

        Sid, I don’t know where you got this 25% from, I’m in control of all the shares. I’ll give up 10% for Β£100,000.

    2. I think Jonathan was right. It was first 2-2 in the second set, than 2-3 and 2-4 for Nadal. Djokovic broke right back and made it 3-4 and 4-4, to take the lead at 5-4 in the ninth game of the second set.

      1. Wilfried, you made me doubt myself! πŸ™‚
        I just checked the highlights and found out that it was like that:
        1-2 Nadal’s serve
        2-2 Djokovic’s serve (Nadal broke him)
        3-2 Nadal’s serve (Nadal consolidated)
        4-2 Djokovic’s serve
        4-3 Nadal’s serve (Djokovic broke him to level the second set at 4-4).
        So, Djokoivic did not break back straightaway πŸ™‚

  10. This writer is an idiot, time to look for an article on another site that’s a little more objective and not written by a 5 year old.

    1. Whoa, not sure if troll or serious! Well, everyone’s got different taste. Sir Sid, would you like to take a look?

      1. I refuse to engage this troll. If anyone reads the article, they will find that Jonathan mentioned, “I won’t go into specifics or analysis as the match was simply won by the better and more aggressive player”. It was just a concise post to get a discussion started. You know what was more more concise? Djokovic’s disdainful, unceremonious and summary dismissal of Nadal.

      2. Haha. I have been objective plenty of times here but if people want objectivity they can go read mainstream news sites where it’s a pre requisite to sit on the fence πŸ™‚

  11. I was interested to read your take on the match Jonathan. Djokovic did indeed play extremely well, but Rafa wasn’t good enough either. I wanted Nadal to win the match, and I really didn’t expect that performance from Djokovic. I don’t think that this automatically means that Djokovic is favourite for the French: he’s only been to the final once, it’s the first major clay tournament of the season, the French Open is over five sets (how tough is it to win a set off Rafa on clay, let alone three?!) and you have to remember, that this is really the first proper test that Rafa has had in his comeback, if you discount the del Potro match at Indian Wells. (I’m not counting the Federer match, because let’s face it, Fed’s back injury played a huge part in the outcome of that match). I think that the more time Rafa spends on the clay and the more matches he plays before the French Open, the better he’s going to get. In his last three matches in MC he didn’t play at the level we’re used to for him on clay. I just don’t know if I think that this win is as significant as some may suggest. If anything, it’s a psychological victory for Djokovic, because should they play again in advance of the French he’ll definitely believe he can win. And aswell, it’s not as if it’s the first time that Djokovic had beaten Rafa on clay- he’s already done it twice before and he couldn’t win the French that year either (we all remember why!!)

    About Federer, I’m hoping to see him back playing well, but it will be interesting to see where his game is at after such a long period out. I think that after all that time off that his back will be just fine. It would be nice to see him defend in Madrid, but I’m not too bothered by it. Maybe after seeing Rafa being beaten by Djokovic, there’s hope for Roger? It’s probably a bit of wishful thinking on my part… πŸ˜› I also think that he will be coming into the clay season under the radar. After such a long period out and his play so far this season, he may not be expected to do too much during the course of the next few weeks, the spotlight is likely to be on Djokovic and Nadal. The pressure will be on them, which can only help Federer.

    1. Cheers BS.

      No perhaps I am being a bit strong saying automatic favourite, but I do feel he has a big big chance. People are already talking up the calendar slam lol. Djoker has the mental edge I feel now, 8-3 now last 11 meetings.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the GOAT too! Allez.

  12. Mr. Jonathan, i respect your posts & opinion. But in this one, dont put too much sour graping just because djoko won. He has Nadals number? Excuse me but their Head to Head spells for itself.

    Besides, when Djoko lost to Nadal in Monte Carlo last year what was his excuse??? He still reels from the death of his grandpa.

    Anyway, cheers to Djoko for his comment: RAFA THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO WIN ONE MONTE CARLO TROPHY… :-0))

    You idolize Federer right. What if i say that Rafa almost always has Federers number. Rafa has always been on Rogers head.

    Nadal is coming back from 7 months layoff. He is still a bits rusty. Djoko was lucky this time. Wait till the French Open and we’ll see who gets SCHOOOLLLEEDD. πŸ™‚

    1. Hello there!
      I don’t mind a Rafa fan defending him after a loss (despite this being a Roger fan blog). And quite evidently, the one who matters (Jonathan), doesn’t either.
      I would have ignored your post had I not read the ‘rusty’ part. It made me reach for the nearest bucket. I mean is that a joke? Rusty? Are you friggin kidding me? Defend him all you want. Say he has Roger’s number. I don’t give a rat’s ass. Because that’s you being a fan. Saying he is rusty after having won 3 of the 5 tournaments (and reaching final of all 5) he played after the 7 month break is bull**ap! Of the ‘Big 4’, only Djoker has played more matches than Nadal this season. So stop with the ‘rusty’ excuse already. If you don’t want to though, here’s an interesting piece of news- Novak’s ankle was hurt (as hurt as Nadal’s knee, methinks). So neither was 100%.

      1. Very true! That rusty excuse has zero validity. Nadal was back in full flight in Indian Wells (as most of his fans were cheering about) yet now a loss and he’s back into a slow rehabilitation program and they can’t expect too much too soon. Ridiculous.

    2. Batman I have given Nadal respect many times. But Djoker is now his master, there will be more of this to come. Novak has beaten him in 3 clay masters 1000 finals. That is somewhat of a big deal.

      If you say that Rafa has Federer’s number and is in his head – then I agree with you, I have made that point many times on this very blog. No doubts about it Nadal got in Roger’s head early and cost him a lot of wins that would have been achievable. It all started at the French really and then AO 2009 was the biggie. There is also a huge match up issue which doesn’t help.

      Your rusty excuse is a joke though, Nadal has played plenty of tennis.

  13. Finally! I hope Barcelona follows suit! πŸ˜€ I am no Djokovic fan, but certainly prefer him over Nadal. Heck, I prefer anyone to win over Nadal! Djoker’s win is even better because he not just outplayed Rafa on court, but beat him at his own mind games off court too (the ankle and all)! And the excuses from kneedull- unreal. Wow, just wow. My faith in humanity decreases a little every time some stupid journo/comm utters the words ‘great’,’sportsman’,’legend’,’icon’ and the likes in the same sentence as ‘Nadal’. And my heart sheds a silent tear for those who compare Roger and Nadal as greats of the game. May god be kind to them, for he certainly didn’t care to give enough brains to them.

    Eagerly waiting for the return of the Maestro! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah too many excuses. Roger isn’t exactly a good loser either but he doesn’t resort to such stupid excuses or disrespecting his opponents.

      Onto Madrid. Allez!

      1. It is not just about being a good loser. When I wrote the comms/journos thing, I meant the general notion that some people seem to have. Those people who compare someone who admits to on-court coaching to Roger. That’s what makes me feel sad for those people. They appear dumb.
        As for Roger not being a good loser, I tend to disagree. I think he speaks what he feels, rather than just saying ‘he was better than me today’. There is the odd USO ’11 ‘lucky shot’ comment, but I think he has the right to be frustrated after losing like that. Also, he doesn’t refuse to shake hands with the other player or the umpire after losing, which some players have done recently and which I think is absolutely unacceptable. Also, as you said, he doesn’t resort to excuses, even when he has valid (IW ’13 and fatigue at OG ’12) reasons. He has also said things like JWT playing exceptional tennis to beat him at Wimbly ’11, despite that loss being a heart-breaker. So a pretty good loser in my book! πŸ™‚

      2. About that lucky shot comment: Nadal, when asked what he thought about it, said that he couldn’t believe how Djokovic could have made that kind of shot choice. In other words, he believed it was lucky. Of course Nadal was unhappy he didn’t get Roger in the final. Djokovic, in his on court interview right after the match, said something on the lines of, “Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t”, clearly implying that he believed it was a lucky shot. Brave, yes, but lucky.

        When Roger, after being specifically asked about it, honestly replied that it was a “lucky shot”, the entire tennis world jumped on him. Damn bigots!

      3. Haha I think Fed is a bad loser though, especially at the net. Puts in some half hearted hand shakes now and again. It’s more funny that malicious though, just massively disappointed. By the time press comes around he’s managed to get over it a little.

        As for Djokers shot – it was both lucky and clutch at the same time. Anyway it went in, no doubt he’ll do the same again at some point and it will go out but the fact he’s brave enough to play it is a good thing.

    2. @Sid,
      (I didn’t find a reply button on your comment so replying to my own post)
      I have spent some time thinking why do people have double standards when it comes to Roger and the only thing that comes to mind is the innate human nature to bring down someone who has reached great heights in life. If the heights are dizzying as is the case with Roger, people try harder to bring one down.
      Anyway, that wasn’t the first instance and not the last either. Fed was blasted to have mentioned a back injury after ’10 Wimbly loss and yet the knees are blindly believed to be perennially injured. Bigots, as you rightly said!

      1. Agreed. The point being, he didn’t start off by saying he lost because of that “lucky” shot, he was prompted by an idiot as to what he thought about that shot. Well, he thought, it was lucky, without taking anything away from how Djokovic played overall.

        And yes, people just love bringing down successful people πŸ™‚

      2. Sid had a big comment on bringing people down on a post a while ago πŸ˜‰ he’s our in house psychologist as well as head of ranking points.

  14. Hearing reports that the French want to make Nadal get a top four seed in Roland Garros so they can avoid him getting Djokovic in the quarters. Funny thing is, the tournament isn’t going to draw them two together in the same half anyway. It would benefit Roger seeing as he wouldn’t get Nadal then in the quarters (which at five, we all know Roger is going to get him in the quarters). What I don’t understand is McEnroe said that FO should make Nadal first seed for the tournament then by that logic wouldn’t it mean that Fed should get number one seed at Wimbledon?

    I’m all for Rafa going ahead of Ferrer so that if Roger’s third, they can’t be together.

  15. You know, there are four certainties in live:
    Taxes, death, the earth is round AND Roger will get Rafa in his draw at RG !!!
    Lets just accept that fact and don’t waist our precious time on second or third or fifth seed !!!

    Mark my words, people !!!


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