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Djokovic Ousts Federer in Bercy Semi Finals

Hey all, a great week in Paris has drawn to a close as Roger lost in 3 sets against Djokovic to bow out in the semi finals 4-6 6-3 6-2. I said in my last post I hate the term positive loss but I'm not too downbeat about this one, a win is of course always the best outcome but Roger now heads into a London with an extra days rest and a firm idea of where his game is at.

Yet again he showed signs of looking close to his best in the first set, serving with authority and moving well like he's done since Basel but unfortunately as the match wore on Djokovic got his consistency back to the level we expect and Roger just went a little flat which cost him.

You can't afford to have a lull against the best returner in the game as he will make you pay and that's exactly what happened here. Roger just didn't have that sharpness on his serve towards the end of the match so even though he was getting into the return games he was always finding himself under pressure which caught up with him.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Djokovic Paris Masters 2013

As we've seen all week Roger started brilliantly getting a break point chance in the very first game and although he didn't take it he then held to love before breaking Djokovic in his next service game coming out on top after a 26 shot rally on break point.

Roger then managed to consolidate the break and despite being in every Djokovic service game he couldn't secure the double break and had to serve it out at 5-4; this turned out to be a marathon service game with Roger saving 4 break points before finally holding to close out the set.

It was great to see him respond well to the pressure and he came up with some huge forehands when he needed them most. Usually we've seen Roger fold under pressure this year but in the first set he seemed to play better on the big points.

The second set looked like we were in for a real treat as Roger broke Djokovic in his opening service game but this time handed it straight back, it didn't feel like too big a blow at the time but clearly he needed to hang onto his serve there to keep momentum.

The break back really allowed Novak to get back into the match and gave him that little bit of confidence he needed which got him another break to lead 5-2. Roger wobbled slightly yet managed to dig out the hold for 5-3 but he couldn't stop Djokovic serving it out to level the match.

After seeing Roger fade in the second I wasn't overly confident for the third set and my fears were realised as Djokovic broke to lead 2-1 and then again to lead 5-2 which was just too much for Roger to claw back.

I'm not sure what it was but Roger looked a step slower in the third set, not like he was feeling it physically or anything but just not quite as intense as we saw earlier in the match. It was afterall his 9th match in 12 days so he's played quite a lot of tennis in the last 2 weeks and might be feeling a tad mentally tired especially after digging deep a number of times in Basel & Paris.

Match Stats

Stats R.Β Federer N.Β Djokovic
Aces 5 7
Double Faults 4 5
1st Serve % 66% 65%
1st Serve Points Won 40/59 (68%) 43/60 (72%)
2nd Serve Points Won 12/30 (40%) 17/32 (53%)
Winners 23 27
Unforced Errors 37 27
Break Points Saved 6/10 (60%) 3/5 (60%)
Service Games Played 13 14
1st Return Points Won 17/60 (28%) 19/59 (32%)
2nd Return Points Won 15/32 (47%) 18/30 (60%)
Break Points Won 2/5 (40%) 4/10 (40%)
Return Games Played 14 13
Total Service Points Won 52/89 (58%) 60/92 (65%)
Total Return Points Won 32/92 (35%) 37/89 (42%)
Total Points Won 84/181 (46%) 97/181 (54%)

And here are the first set numbers so you can see what changed as the match wore on:

Fed Djoker Bercy Stats

Quite a big drop in Roger's level but credit to Djokovic who hung around, he never goes away these days which makes him incredibly dangerous, probably the best returner in the game right now too so any lulls and you're down a break.

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Djoker Paris Masters 2013

Overall I think this was another good day at the office for Roger, no doubt he hates losing (especially to Djokovic) but I don't think this one bothers him too much and he clearly has more confidence in his level of play than he's had all year.

It's the first time he's played Novak since 2012 and he was able to outplay him for that first set which is a very good sign. Obviously for one reason or another he couldn't keep it up and things slipped away pretty quick in the third which is a tad disappointing but not the end of world.

It says to me there's there's still plenty work for Roger to do to get wins against these guys but I think he's doing enough of the right things out there that if he stays healthy and keeps working hard the results will definitely come.

No Love Lost
No Love Lost

From the week in Paris I think Roger will have gotten a good idea of his level and in a way today was great preparation for London. Had he won he'd have played almost every day for the last 2 weeks which a big ask. Obviously Nadal lost to Ferrer but Roger wasn't to know that and playing Djokovic and Nadal back to back would have been brutal here to the point it would almost have written off his World Tour Final chances.

I said in my prediction that if the winners outnumbered the errors then Roger would win and that's one of the most telling stats above along with the overall drop in 1st serve % as the match wore on. Usually when Roger can keep the winners in a positive, even if it's just by one or two he's coming out on the good side of things.

The one thing you can't afford to do against Djokovic is have a lull in your game; you have to play with the same level of intensity throughout the match and I think from the second half of the 2nd set onwards Roger wasn't doing enough of the right things which let Djokovic get his range on the groundstrokes and settle into a comfortably rhythm.

Post Match Press Conference

The order of play for London is now out and Roger will have his chance of revenge as he faces Djokovic on Tuesday evening. It gives him pretty much 3 days off so he should be ready for it whilst Djokovic will be fighting it out with Ferrer tomorrow which will be a significant workout.

Live chat will of course be on for the World Tour Finals so make sure you sign up if you haven't already. See you Tuesday πŸ˜‰


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Congratulations on being the second greatest of all time first commenter! I have made the top 8 cut and qualified for London. See you there! πŸ™‚

  1. His serve perecentage dropped dramatically in the second set which cost him. And two easy missed shots – the forehand in the net and the serve and volley fail. Still, I think he can get revenge in London!

    1. That (service) and I think Djokovic seemed fully invested in it. Still have to watch the second and third sets. I think Djoker still believes he can get to No.1 if he wins everything from here, including the Davis Cup, and Nadal manages only one win in London. Unlikely, but you never know.

      Having said that, I think Nadal is the true No.1, regardless of how you all know I think he achieved it πŸ™‚

      1. The race to YE#1 is really heating up now, I wonder who will get it?
        And you’re right Sid, regardless Nadal with his truly amazing year is the true #1. Sucks to say πŸ˜›

  2. Roger played extremely well in the first but then faded in the second and the third. My guess is too much Tennis in the last couple of weeks finally took it’s toll. But still it was a pretty good week, and his improvement in play these last couple of weeks bode well for the WTF, regardless of that ridiculous draw :mad:. Still I hope their next match has a different outcome!

    As for Djokovic antagonizing the crowd, it was nice to see La foule parisienne boo him back promptly πŸ˜›

    1. I don’t think Roger is feeling fatigued. Maybe a little emotionally overwhelmed because he’s finally found his game but he should be pretty fresh seeing as he hasn’t played all that much. Draw was so rigged, Nadal getting cakewalks once again, such a joke. Djokovic was a pain last night. He always wants the attention and glory that Fed gets, never going to happen, especially in Paris. I still don’t think he’s gotten over the French Semi in 2011, Him and the crowd in that one was one I’ll never forget.

    2. Hey Scooter. Didn’t see the match, but am interested to know- what was the crowd like? I expect them to completely have backed Roger. Did they actually boo Noe though? Pretty cool, considering that they also were chanting David David David in the Nadal match (which was surprising)

      Just shows how much more universally popular our GOAT is.

      1. Expectedly so. It feels great to see each and every time.

        Just a thought. The ATP has been slowing down courts for a good while now. Couldn’t we start a petition or something to speed up certain courts? At the end of the day, it all comes down to what there’s demand for, and if the over whelming majority support Roger, they’d in turn support the decision. Too far-fetched? You never know.

      2. Thanks for the link!! I’m sure we could get a petition started. Just start spreading the word. It’s a huge community. Just us playing our part.

      3. I made a petition on twitter for the ATP to introduce faster courts. Got about 150 signatures.

        Unfortunately no chance of ever taking off, you need people en masse, I’m talking millions and then you have to get the players on board.

        It’d have to be to the point where fans boycott tournaments, I don’t ever see that happening.

      4. Especially with Murray not there. I actually got around to watching their SF from last year the other day, and was really quite appalled to see how pro-Murray the crowd seemed early on, even to the extent of applauding Roger’s faults. What is the tennis world coming to …

  3. Disappointed but not. I was not expecting Roger to win but after the 1st set I was yelling at the tv. Roger seemed to allow Novak to get into more baseline rallies in the 2nd set. Not a good thing to do or was Novak hitting the ball that much better and deeper.
    Fed fans seem to think Nadal got an easy group. But you never know how things will pan out. Nice to see Ferrer win today. Too bad Roger lost, the title could easily have been his. Hope it’s a 3 hr slugfest tomorrow.

      1. Agree, and after Rafas defeat today, Ferrer will be full of confidence! Who hv you all got going thru? Me? Rafa and Ferrer, Delpo and Fed! Yep, Novak is being taken down. Although after today’s theft of Delpos stuff, Novak will prob come thru as Delpo might be distracted!

  4. As I said in live chat, as much as Roger gives a solid match, I’ll be happy whatever the outcome. And even if his level dropped in the second and third sets, he was still far far better than the shadow we’ve seen sometimes this year.
    And, is it just me or did you also feel he seemed like he gave up in his mind after the break in the third?
    I think he just thought that a marathon with Djoko today and a Rafa match tomorrow (seriously, not many people expected Ferrer to win today… I’m not complaining though!!) would be too much before London…

    Anyway, he’ll have a chance for revenge next week πŸ™‚ Allez Roger!!!

  5. I know he did not win but my god he is just so lovely to watch when he is playing well, and they always say that revenge is best served cold – so onward and upward next week (yes I know its a bloody tough draw but as the song says you just got to have faith – although how the hell does nadal get such an easy draw!!! So did he throw his match against Ferrer to save himself for next week??

    1. I watched the highlights. Nadal played as well as he could. Ferrer was all over him, playing the ball early, and very aggressive, which is kind of weird, I mean, Ferrer being aggressive. I’m actually not surprised with the win because coming into the semi final, Ferrer’s 11 losses vs. Nadal were all on clay, and his two wins were on hard court. That’s why I felt he was going to put one across Nadal, and he did.

      A lot of people were saying, “…never thought Ferrer would ever beat Nadal”. Well, news flash! As I explained, it was all clay, clay, and more clay.

      1. Agree. I watched the whole match. Ferrer has never played better. Served v well,was super and I mean super aggressive, much more depth on his shots compared to how he plays on clay, and squashed Rafa into hs BH corner at every single opportunity. Relentless speed and never let up! Loved the mis intentioned peter Fleming moment about Ferrer on steroids! Hilarious!
        I am taking Fed to beat Novak on Tues as I will be there!!!!!!! Soon excited! Will let you know how the atmosphere is as Yu can believe Fed will get most support!

  6. So will I really see you on Tuesday @ O2 Jonathan ? πŸ™‚

    You ll be twitting , chatting , eating hot dog and drinking beer while screaming ALLEEEZ ROGER …

    I ld love to see that!!

    Seriously know if you re around send an e mail

    1. You won’t see me no man, I’ll be watching on TV though. I’ve retired from the WTF, been 3 times and seen it all.

      I’d say that I will look out for you in the crowd, but I have no idea what you look like haha,

      1. My 3rd yr too but never tire of seeing Fed live, win or lose! Watched a bit of the Paris final today. The lengthy rallies were pretty dull. Little variety, no shot making . Even Rafa goes for his shots. Just needle threading accuracy from Novak and repetitive defence from David! God, no comparison at all with a Fed match. what are we going to do when he goes! The SHBH is such a precious shot in tennis, giving such flexibility and variety!

  7. I am a bit worried for next week : the greenset is slower in London than in Bercy. It isn’t an advantage for the game of Fed and the group of Roger is tough…

    I hope Fed can physically recover from this couple of weeks (Basel and Paris) for the next match against Djoko because he looked slower in the rallies today…

    Thanks for the blog….

      1. Last yr I thought it was actually faster as they has slowed down Paris. Certainly was very lively seeing it live! Fed loves that court so hopefully no issue there. Also bigger environment whereas Paris v hemmed in! Think he will be fine! Has to win 2/3., and try not to drop a set! Thought Novak looked weary today!

      2. Hey Susie, I hope Roger will not make the mistake of thinking that Novak will be tired on Tuesday. He is a skinny little Superman who will be as fresh as a daisy…
        But this time Roger has to come out of it as the winner. Novak cost him the WTF title last year… Payback time….

    1. It is slower but it’s also low bouncing,lower that Paris and Basel (at least it was last year and the year before.) .It is as important as speed I would say (especially if he were to play Nadal).

  8. I thought Roger looked very down in the post-match interview. I hope he’s not feeling disappointed in himself because he shouldn’t, really he shouldn’t. He’s had a brilliant two weeks but it’s just too much tennis in the end. Two weeks playing mostly tough matches almost every day, with another week coming up right away. Nadal took the week off to prepare for Paris and he still lost. As Jonathan says it’s been a really valuable experience for him – win or lose – because he now must have a really good idea of where he’s at.

  9. Well I’m sure Roger will be disappointed as he couldn’t capitalise on that first set win but we all said that the first serve was going to be key and Djokovic was all over him after that. Novak is really cementing his name as probably the best indoor player right now and maybe if Fed had a little bit more confidence he would’ve been able to maintain that lead in the second. All is well though as Roger has gained so much consistency over the last two weeks and as a fan I am extremely proud and satisfied with the outcome of this part of the year thus far. He’s already built himself a lovely platform heading into 2014 and it’s been a pleasure to watch him rebuild his game and get back to where he needs to be. I am in total shock about Ferrer beating Nadal, apologies to him as I said it would never happen but here we are. Anyone think Djoker has a chance to regain number 1 now? Maybe so. I think Roger has a chance to get back into the top 5 should he win the WTF which would be such a treat, I think he gets revenge on Novak come Tuesday. Thankyou so much Jonathan btw for your all your hard work over the last few weeks, it’s been hectic but we appreciate it.

    1. Yes, thank you Jonathan. Your blog and the live chat has made the experience of watching Roger rise from the ashes even more special, being able to read informed opinion and share ups and downs with others.

      I think I read somewhere that Djoker can only get back to No. 1 before year end if Rafa wins just one match. Possible but unlikely.

  10. So jealous of you Susie and GG. I’d love to be in London at the finals. Yes, Rita, I thought Roger looked down too. I hope all this tennis isn’t aggravating his back. To me it feels like this was a huge chance to gain 1000 points. I don’t think Ferrer has ever beaten Roger.
    Well, off to London. I hope he has the energy and focus for all his matches

      1. That would be awesome if it’s on the West Coast. I can’t see that happening unless there is a week break between Paris and WTF.

      2. They re-signed for another 3 years, I think, at the O2 last year – it was announced while I was there. After that, who knows?

  11. Now that the season is nearly over it need to be said outloud: Feds greed cost him dearly. That tour in SA last year was completely unnecessary and it seems like it only damaged the GOATs season. In the long run it took its very expensive toll. I’m sure Fed is awar of that.
    I hope next week will be a good one. One that will serve as a positive platform for 2014.

    1. I don’t think the exhibitions had anything to do with what happened with his injury problems. Roger’s stubborn nature maybe and the fact that he’s the guy that won’t pull out of a tournament or match because of a physical impairment is what cost him. Also South America wasn’t only about the money, he has a tonne of fans in that part of the world that never get to see him play and if you watched the matches there you could see that he was pretty taken back by them. Roger cancelled the exhibitions because he is playing a warmup tournament in Aus- needs to make up for lost time in a way in practice and training to be ready for the first slam of the year. Roger made some big mistakes this year but not the exhibitions because AO was by far his best slam this year. Never should’ve played after Dodig in Indian Wells, further aggravated the back, messed up his training schedule block, lost practice time, lost matches, lost confidence and it took its toll. Cincinnati was the beginning of what has come to be this week.

    2. Oke Feddybear, now I have to take Roger’s side about your comment. Yes, Roger got paid big time for the exho, that is true. But no way he is doing it for the money. I honestly believe he is kind of a “attentionseeker”. Not in a bad way, but he will do anything to please his fans and not to disappoint them and to give them an opportunity to watch him play. He did the exho all for the fans. He loves the attention he gets everywhere. He knows he is popular and well liked and wants to keep that.
      I think Goddsick(?) was the one who said that Roger is really passionate about getting the Fan Favourite Award. He does not take that lightly. He wants that award really badly.
      Roger is not in for the money, but because he loves his fans and will do anything for them. Even at his own expense or even if it could cost him a win.

      1. Hey Pablo, ass****, what’s your problem again, man? Let her state her opinion. She is wrong, so why don’t you make a constructive argument?

      1. Hey Jonathan, Pablo and Sid. I used the wrong word. Attentionseeker, but I did not know which word to use. Maybe you guys know the English word for it. I mean Roger is not an attentionseeker, but he is someone who is too nice. He will do so much for his fans.
        The exho last year did him good, he saw the attention the fans had for him and he was overwhelmed. But in my opinion that is what he is kind of doing wrong. He should not do so much for his fans and think more about himself.
        He knew, his team knew that playing Rafa at IW was not an good idea, because of his backproblem. Still he did, for the tourorganization and for his fans and because he knew others lost before him or pulled out. Why is it up to Roger to keep going on?
        Same incident with Shanghai. Appearently they wanted to further promote tennis there. So they asked Roger to do that and play doubles. Why Roger? Why only him to help promote tennis in Asia? Novak was also there, Delpo was also there, Rafa was also there, why ask only Roger?
        That is what I mean. He is way too nice for his fans. He should learn to say no more and think about himself and his career. He says when he is done with tennis, he wants to leave it better then when he arrived. But… why is that only up to him? There are so many other players too. Why don’t they feel that? It is not like Roger is the only one popular or the only one on the Players Council.
        Do I make any sense?? Sorry for the word attentionseeker. Roger is no way that. He does not need that, but I did not know how to describe it.

        Do you guys know what I am talking about?? Roger is too nice for his own good.

      2. Ps Pablo, the SA exho is one of the best things that could have happened to Roger.
        He saw what he means to people. To his fans. The craze about him is unbelievable. If you were such a craze to people, would you not do all you can to stay that and please them? That is what Roger is doing and I hope he continues with that, but at the same time thinks more about himself too.

      3. Katyani – good to see you back, BTW.

        With regard to the promoting tennis in China thing, well, apart from the fact that Roger is apparently hugely popular over there, I wonder if there may not have been something else involved? I was reading Stauffer’s 2009 biog of Roger recently, and he mentioned that Roger had recently signed a deal with Mercedes Benz China which also involved him helping to promote the sport in the country. If that’s still going, it may have been part of the reason why it was him rather than someone else.

        But yes, I agree with you that all Roger’s activities may not be helping things at the moment. He does seem to have a very strong sense of obligation, to the fans, to the sport and so on, and maybe it’s time he reduced those sort of commitments a bit. I mean, I suspect he played Gstaad because he felt he had to, having asked for a wildcard, and knowing that people would have booked tickets because of him, and we know what a mistake that turned out to be.

      4. Hey Alison, I totally agree. Roger is not perfect, but he is not doing everything for the money.
        He does a lot for the fans. But like he himself says, tennis comes first. He should sometimes focus more on tennis like the others do.

        By the way, what do you think about tonight?? Will Novak be tired?? I don’t think so.
        So hope Roger beats him…

    3. Utterly silly that people attribute Roger’s current troubles this season with an exhibition he played in December of the previous year. Roger got injured in IW and in Hamburg, his exhibition matches had no bearing on that. This year the only reason he is cancelling his exhibitions is probably because his injuries set him back some precious practice time and he has now catching up to do.

  12. So, what’s the deal with Del Po? I mean I can understand that he doesn’t have a trophy cabinet at home because he can pretty much pack everything in a suitcase, throw in two pairs of shoes, a burrito, and there would still be some room left for I don’t know, maybe his first Masters 1000 trophy? But what’s the point of lugging the US Open trophy with him all the time? Isn’t he better off throwing in a few extra racquets? He had only two left in Bercy for crying out loud! Would’ve been so funny if the umpire went, “Mr. Del Potro has no challenges, correction, racquets remaining. Mr. Federer wins by default. Game, set, and match, Federer”.

    So he is left with no Slams. Zero. Nada. Which is how it should be. Now he has to do it all over again, beat Federer at the US Open. Sorry, this time around Roger ain’t letting it happen, even if it means disabling Hawk Eye, or shoving a ball down Jake Garner’s throat. Tough luck, Del Po. I always knew it was a fluke. He stole that trophy from Roger, now a Parisien du Nord stole it from him, without hitting a ball, and hit the road. And he couldn’t even chase him down because he’s slower than a sloth.

    Does he really think people want his autograph? πŸ™‚

      1. Haha, I went to the same train station during my holiday. It actually wasn’t that bad πŸ˜‰

    1. According to Huffington post, the US Open trophy and his Olympic bronze medal were stolen too. Maybe they were bluffing.

      Federer was asked on what he thought about it and he said, “He didn’t deserve it. Eventually it had to be stolen. I believe in hard work;s gonna pay off kinda thing, you know so it’s hard for me to understand how hw won it.”

      When pressed if he was surprised Del Potro didn’t make an attempt to chase the robber, Federer wasn’t amused, “The guy takes like 10 seconds to make a challenge when he plays. Maybe he was thinking about chasing but decided not too. It’s too late, he simply needs to towel off and move on. C’est la vie, you know”

      “Clearly, the guy doesn’t know how to take care of his trophy. Juan Martin and I are good friends, you know, next time I’ll give him some tips. I mean, who else would have more experience than me on that issue, you know, I have 17 slams. Now that I think of it, maybe I should’ve asked him for an autograph right after his US Open 2009 win.”

      1. Too good πŸ˜† Really though why would he be lugging his US Open trophy around? doesn’t he have a cabinet where he can keep it?

    2. I think both you and Huff Post have misinterpreted the ATP article (I did this myself: “Why the hell is he lugging that shit around?” I thought at first). I think the point of mentioning the US trophy and Olympic medal is simply to state that neither item is his most prized possesion; the rosary beads are. These were stolen, along with his passport and some money, and presumably some other shit. I did have to read it at least twice to come to this conclusion. =D

      1. I figured that when I read the original ATP Tour article but went ahead with the comments anyways πŸ™‚

        Del Potro needs to get over it soon. It’s just an inanimate piece of possession. The thief may have stolen the rosary, but he cannot steal the blessings. And I’m sure Pope Francis can send him another one just in case.

      2. Yes, I misinterpreted it, too. Wondered why he was carrying his bronze medal around with him. Badly worded text, obviously.

  13. Honestly, indoor courts have never bounced this high before. I will eventually have the reasons why on my site, but for now I will just say that last year and this year were the highest bounce ever seen on indoor courts at both Paris and London.

    London is a little lower and slower – but still, this is very hard for Fed. IF they played on old school Carpet, djoko nadal wouldn’t stand a chance against him. If they played on cold mud (Davis Cup in Holland) Fed would wipe out Nadal/Djoko with his mad skills.

    But Medium courts are now the norm. The clay has sped up, the hard and grass have slowed down. On Medium courts outdoors it’s about rallying from the baseline with heavy power and pure physicality.
    Indoors it’s about the Return of Serve.

    Nadal loses on that one – thus the bad indoor record. The two best returners are now in the final here. Case in pt.

    Fed played near perfect for a Set. He really had no business being close to Novak in these conditions. Just as Novak would have no business being close to Fed with a lighter ball and lower bouncing court.

  14. I thought it was Rafa who had his bag stolen. I’m pretty sure that’s what the commentator said on TennisTV. Either they got it wrong or I did (probably the latter).

      1. Seriously Delpo?? Don’t you have one eye on your bag??? This is 2013 you know.
        Where were your people?? I love your innocence, but this is too much……
        And… did he really have his USO 2009 trophy with him or was that a joke???

  15. A positive thought for a Sunday morning – sometime today Roger is going to hit 1 million followers on twitter! That’s not bad for someone who only joined a few months ago. Hope he takes encouragement from that.

  16. Isn’t breaking up the group games next week a bit strange? This means playing on consecutive days in some cases during the round robin, which wouldn’t happen if you played both A monday, both B tues etc. For example, looks like one of Fed or Djok is going to play Tues night (against each other) and then again on Wednesday? Whereas the other will get the 48 hour break and play Tues and Thursday…

    1. Yep, the. Back to back nature of Paris/London has given them a headache. Ferrer already kicking up as morally he Wld play Stan first nut one has to launch straight at Rafa to give them both the days break!

  17. I did not see the match, but I saw the highlights. Me personally, I am SO PROUD of Roger. My God, he lost to Novak and he gave him hell !!! Was almost in the first set at every game of Novak deuce. When he served for the first set he was behind 15-40 and still won it. I think he played great. Novak is not a pushover and I know he wants to do anything to be number one this year. I hope he makes it too. I cannot see Rafa ending the year as number one. Does not deserve that, even with all the titles he has this year. I hope Roger wins WTF, if he does not than Novak.
    About the stats, I thought the stats were pretty close and that too against the three year world number one. Ofcourse the UE…. Roger and we don’t need to be a bit disappointed that he lost. Did you see how happy Novak was to even win from a player who is 6 years older??? That is ALL courtecy of Roger !!! He really made him work for it and gave him hell. But Novak is Novak. Always finds a way to overcome and beat players that are not Andy or Rafa. If Roger did some things different in the second set he would have won.
    I don’t think that Roger was tired in the third set. He says himself that he is fresh because he did not play that much. But maybe he could not get passed Novak raising his level.

    Roger has of course the toughest group in the WTF, but I really believe he will win it.
    He has a wrong to wright, a point to make and show that 2013 was not a total disappointment and he wants to warn the rest to watch out for him in 2014… Last year he was so close to win it….

    And Ferrer beating Rafa??? How did that happen?? Go Ferrer. He is a fighter and I really like him, even if he is from Spain. So hope he somehow finds a way to beat Novak. I will be rooting for Ferrer. If you can defeat Rafa, you have earned your title…

    Looking forward to WTF…

    1. ” I cannot see Rafa ending the year as number one. Does not deserve that, even with all the titles he has this year”. good joke

      1. Dude, chillax, she is not saying that he cannot end it as No.1, she is simply saying she can’t stand to see it. He will be No.1. Look, we understand that the day you were born, the first words that came out of your mouth were, “Rafaa-aaaa-aaaa”. The sole purpose of your existence will be achieved soon.

      2. Hey Pablo, we all have our favourites. You like Roger but you like Rafa more and you are his fan. I admire Rafa’s accomplishments, but I just cannot shake the feeling I have that he did not get it the honest way. Maybe you think that about Roger or someone else, I think that about Rafa. I know you don’t like to hear this, but I really don’t think Rafa deserves beeing number one. Sorry I don’t. Not after the time away he had. Maybe you don’t think Roger deserves something. Is oke, we all have our own opinions.
        Maybe I should say less things like this about Rafa. So I will try.
        But for you here is a compliment. Rafa DID deserve to win RG 2013. He worked hard for it and the way he overcame Novak in the semis, kudos to him, fully deserved……

      3. Just people who don’t know and don’t like tennis, extreme Nadal haters and followers of the conspiracy theory might say he doesn’t deserve it. Enjoy tennis, you shouldn’t transfer your idol nightmares to you.

      4. Hey Pablo, I am not “transferring my idol nightmares to me”, whatever that means.
        And believe me, I don’t hate Rafa. Whatever anyone may think of him, you cannot hate him. He is too “nice or human” for that. Like I said, I admire what he accomplished, but I don’t like him. And I certainly don’t hate him… So… I am going to stop here with Rafa.

  18. And on a personal note to all the Hindu’s on this site: HAPPY DIVALI !!! (our festival of light).
    May God give you and your loved ones all the blessings and happiness and prosperity you all deserve…

  19. I love the way some journalists just choose to ignore the many times recently that Roger has said he was suffering from injury throughout 2013 and is only now getting back to full fitness, and ignorantly continue to talk about his “decline” !! These hacks that just pick up a story from the wire and then give it whatever slant they want to. Serious journalists must feel like murdering some of them!

    Needless to say I’ve just read an article I didn’t like πŸ™

    1. And then they write pages and pages on how Nadal’s career has been plagued with injuries, and how he astonishingly comes back stronger, again and again, completely disregarding the fact that Roger almost never remains MIA, and has never withdrawn from a match. The only time I saw him take an MTO was at AO 2012.

      Why the double standards? Oh wait…these are journalists we are talking about.


    2. Wouldn’t be that garbage Chris Chase wrote the other day, by any chance? I penned(?) a terse and slightly sarcastic reply, then realised I *still* wasn’t eligible to log into the comments without going through Facebook somehow πŸ™

    1. There won’t be one from me. Don’t have time before Tuesday. Not much to analyze really, it’s the top 8 guys so should be pretty close and no real easy matches.

      If anyone else wants to write one I’ll gladly post it πŸ˜‰

  20. Alright buddy ;), just because I like to read your great texts, but I can wait until Tuesday to the analysis of a victory over Djoker I hope.

  21. Delighted that our Roger is finding form again. Honestly believe he will take Djokovic down on Tuesday – definitely feel he needs to no matter what happens for the rest of the tournament! Del Potro will be tough again but achievable and Gasquet should be fine too IF he is focused. Will be interesting to see how Nadal does – still do not see him winning the WTF as his indoor hard-court record in his career to date is an appalling ONE title win, whereas Roger has TWENTY ( and counting )… Allez Roger!

  22. Anyone read Berdych’s comment on RF. He said it wasn’t that his level had dropped, but that others have figured him out. Improved. This guy irritates me to no end I must say. I really need to find a way to like him, but comments like this don’t help!

    1. Good for Berds***. May I suggest that he start figuring out how to snap that 15 match losing streak he’s got going on with Dull. Or perhaps he’s planning on bending over again this week? Who knows? πŸ™‚

    2. Says the guy who’s best showing has been a Masters 1000 way back in 2005. Look’s like everyone has had him figured for the last eight years.

    3. I did and was furious like you. How dare he! What makes him think he has a say in the matter. He scares me anyway. His expressions sometimes when things go wrong (which is quite often for him). Icy cold fury. Not someone I’d like to meet on a dark night!

      1. Look’s like Stan the man wasn’t amused with what Berdpoo had to say, so he took care of him πŸ™‚

  23. Folks, I have a request for everybody, please do not respond to Pablo’s comments from now on. He’s been spewing a lot of crap. Eventually, we’ll have Jonathan delete all his crap so we don’t have any out of context discussions.

    He’s from Spain, and obviously a die hard Nadal fan, and cannot stand anything good that is talked about Roger Federer. Let him have his fun, it’s a typical trait of the scum.

  24. This scheduling for o2 is strange. I know the idea is to giving the Paris finalists a days rest but surely this now means 2 players will have to play on consecutive days from Tues onwards???

    I assume they will stick to 1 match from each group all week now (as opposed to switching back to 2 matches from group A on Wed, then 2 from B on Thurs etc) but either way, at least 2 players from the Tuesday schedule (Nad v Ferr, Fed v Djok), will be required to play again on the Wednesday, then 2 from Thurs schedule again on Fri etc……..

    Does anybody know when the Wednesday schedule is released?

    1. I’ve just noticed the ATP site lists “Singles A” for both sessions on the Wednesday, “Singles B” for both sessions on Thursday. (If correct) it means I get Dull’s boring group on my day there on Wed instead of Feds *@!*

      Looks like if you wanna see Fed this week, Tues, Thurs & Sat sessions is what you’ll need.

      Nadal & Ferrer will need to play Tues (v each other) and again on Wed.

      1. Nadal has a 47-8 record against the 3 opponents in his group. Uncle Toni revealed that stat shortly after helping arrange the draw.

      2. Knowing that he couldn’t be in the same draw than djokovic and knowing he has a 40-14 agaiinst the other 3, it sounds like any draw was gonna be pretty easy….

      3. Easy? Yeah I guess you must be right since captain caveman has routinely won this tournament many times before. I’m sure if he could swap Berdy and Wrinky, for Fed and Del he would jump at the chance. Dunno about you but I’m actually really shocked Nadal didn’t win the sportmanship award. Firstly it’s always sweet of him to call for the trainer to provide his opponents with invaluable time to think about their gameplan whilst they are ahead. He then shows his more sensitive side by wincing in pain for the cameras, and always miraculously recovers to win the match. He is very thoughtful in giving his opponent plenty of extra moments rest whilst waiting to return his serve, again usually when they are ahead. And, he offered to pay Rosol’s medical bills after breaking his shoulder last year, again while Rosol was ahead. Oh and he lets his girlfriend sit under the desk at his press conferences. (Police Academy is a great film…) What are you talking about, that was cramp..

      4. LOL Dave. I wanted to reply to that comment but had made up my mind to ignore the stupid Spaniard Pablo’s comments.

        I was going to cite his 0-4 indoors record vs Roger and the fact that Del Po has had the better of him on faster surfaces, as recently as Shanghai. If you consider that Del Po is pathetic on clay, his overall non-clay record would stand at 4-5, and if you exclude grass, it becomes 4-4. Now, someone would accuse that I’m cherry picking. No, WTF is played on an indoor hard court.

        Having said that, I don’t know how the London surface is behaving right now. As someone pointed out, maybe it’s bouncier compared to last year and it would favor Nadal? I feel that after all his whining, and the fact that he is currently the No. 1 player, the ATP may have finally decided to throw him a bone.

      5. I’ll give you another stat, Nadal got No. 3,6 and 8 while Djokovic got No.5,7 and 9… Now you can keep talking but stats don’t lie.

  25. Just seen Roger has won fans favourite, Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship and Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Awards at 2013 ATP awards. Well done Roger – and well deserved.

    1. Awesome! Voted by his fellow tennis players, once again for his sportsmanship, 9 out of the last 10 years! To me that’s worth 20 slams right there πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah joke website. It’s like they’ve tried to make it current. Oh let’s take some flat design, but of iOS 7 and see what we get. Stupidly hard to use.

  26. Sid, isn’t the barclays site dire! Took me ages and ages to find the regular ATP site which is hidden away at the bottom of a menu on the left that isn’t even labelled as a menu. Was panicking trying to get out of the barclays site into something comprehensible.

  27. Thanks Stan! I guess he and everyone else is “catching up”. Berdych isn’t in a decline. Roger says he’s tired. Not good news. Maybe the awards will lift his spirits.
    The site sucks. Looks like a 7 yo designed it.

    1. Let’s make a very short list of things that Nadal wishes and has been able to change: –

      1 – Wanted, and fought for a two year ranking system so he can stay out of competition for long periods and still be in the top two or three. This is opposed by Roger Federer.

      2 – Want’s more clay courts at the expense of hard courts because hard courts are tough on his knees. On the contrary, Roger Federer advocates speeding up certain surfaces so lesser players have opportunities to win.

      3 – Wants to reduce the number of tournaments which would mean players outside the top 10 will have less opportunities to win and make money. This is opposed by Roger Federer.

      4 – Threatened to boycott Madrid in opposition to blue clay that was faster, slicker, and required very good footwork and balance. Interestingly, as bad as the footing on that surface was, Berdych made the finals, and…Serena Williams won the women’s event!

      5 – Blames the ATP for his not winning the WTF event, citing fatigue from the long season without any regard to his grueling playing style, and the fact that the top 8 take part in it, and now wants the surface to be changed. Doesn’t blame the ATP for his ridiculous record on clay, specifically winning eight out of nine French opens, where other players with vastly superior skills in several aspects of the game, are unable to beat him.

      6 – Has refused in the past to take drug tests. Has carried out his threats by skipping drug tests. Is an open advocate of less testing and has also encouraged other players to skip drug tests as an inconvenience, even though winning tens of millions of dollars over his career is very convenient.

      Folks, we get a fair bit of idea from all this as to the nature of the people who love this guy and are his rabid fans. These are the type of people who will do anything they can to win, however unethical the means may be.


      1. We need to publish all this stuff. It’s ridiculous that the guy gets away with nonsense like this.

        Well, at least Federer yet again won the Fans Favourite for a record 11 straight year, getting more than half the total votes. That’s basically hammering every one else who was in consideration.

        I’m sure it means a lot to him and is a small vindication for us as fans that at least Dull isn’t totally getting away with his absolutely selfish attitude. People need to know about all that.

      2. Sir Paulo, with the amount of time you spend trolling this site you probably didn’t even have the time to vote for Dull.

      3. You forgot about the amount of times he complains at tournaments about scheduling, the long season, the ranking system, the cold weather, the umpire, the height of the net, the ballboys, his opponents, his match “should not have been scheduled after his potential opponent’s match, as Fognini has earned undue advantage”, “men’s matches should not be scheduled after women’s matches on one day as the latter have to play only three sets”, rudely calling tournaments “a joke” during press conferences, then is all smiles and praises at the end if ever he should go on to lift the trophy…

    2. I honestly don’t think Dull has a reason to complain about indoor courts when London is playing slow as hell this year with a very high bounce. I think Rome plays faster than London right now lol. Nadal isn’t complaining about the courts, he’s making excuses because he hasn’t won this thing yet. And that is why Roger wins ALL the awards. Next.

      1. Hey Alysha, don’t you just love Roger more and more?? With the ‘bad” year he is having, he still beat Rafa for the Fan Favourite and Sportmanship !!! After Rafa’s year, if he could not even snap it away from Roger, then when will he???

        Ps: I personally am the most proud of his Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award. Totally deserved…

      2. Indeed- at least some things haven’t changed after such a season, that ought to send a message!

  28. Ahahahaha! Here…another example of a stupid Rafa fan…

    “Yes but if we throw away all the Stephen Edberg awards then rafa is the award GOAT and rafa has all the awards and Fed is missing one.”

    Evidently, the Sportsmanship award, and nine of those, mean nothing. “No surprise there”, Rosol would say πŸ™‚

  29. Hey guys, if Roger won the ATP Fan Favourite Award for the 11th time, don’t you think it is time the ATP renames the Award “The Roger Federer Fan Favourite Award”? Just like they did with Stefan Edberg?
    Should the Sportmanship Award not also be named “The Stefan Edberg/Roger Federer Sportmanship Award”?

    1. I have a problem with that, Katyani. Perchance, if Nadal were to win the “Roger Federer Fan Favorite/Sportsmanship Award”, wouldn’t it be devastating?

      1. Noooooo, it would be payback time !!! Can you believe it? He will have a trophy in his closet that would ALWAYS remind him of who the boss is, who the Goat is, who the previous “owner” is and who’s “leftover” he got !!! As I said, payback time. Everytime Rafa and the Great Uncle Toni would look at that Award it would remind them of who the real Goat is !!!

        Ps: Sid, with the “great” year Rafa had this year and the “bad” year Roger had this year, Rafa STILL did not win Sportmanship and Fan Favourite. Do you think he will win it any other year???

      1. No Scooter. Lets all make it happen. Don’t you think Roger deserves that after all the pleasures he gave us???

  30. Can’t believe how slow London is this year, the courts are a joke in the indoor season. Really pathetic but to be honest, slow courts have helped Fed out a bit more than one would admit because his movement isn’t as fast as it used to be, he defends quite well so who knows. London probably priming itself for a Djokodal showdown so makes sense. Money money money.

      1. I`ve seen the semis with Nadull and Ferrer in Paris and I`m watching Ferrer – Nadull at the WTF right now.
        Ferrer is loosing due to the court being so slow. Paris is probably the fastest court on tour. That is why Ferrer beat Nadull there.
        Nadull will never win Paris Masters if the ATP dose not slow it down.

      2. Who’s making excuses? “I think the surface should be changed, no? it’s not fair for people who suck on indoor courts, no? it hurts my knees. I vill try very very hard to vin, but this tournament is unfair to me, no?”

      3. Look Pablo Picasso don’t lecture me on what an excuse is when YOUR favourite player is the master of them and can never stop making them. Exhibit A ^ This is about indoor courts being a dying breed in this sport, what’s the point of having them if they don’t even differ to every single other court on tour? Troll your way out of here please.

  31. Did you guys see how high balls bounce in London? Didn’t it use to be one of the lowest if not the lowest-bouncing courts around? and Dull keeps complaining!

    1. What the hell was with that match today? The W/UE ratio from two of the most conservatively boring grinders in the game numbers 0.5? Not really setting standards here, are they, after Delpo Gasquet last night?

    1. Djokovic just had too much time in those rallies last night. Federer played a few good points but it was like a preview of Melbourne – a slow, high-bouncing court with Fed playing someone rock-solid in defence. I think that new stick is an absolute must. Fed can beat most comers with the PS90 but against any of the top 3 (which doesn’t include Ferrer), he’s going to struggle.

  32. The Djoker too strong for Federer today, DAME that pesky Serb.!! πŸ™ . Now Rogers got to win his next two match’s to stand a chance of qualfying for the semi-finals. Gasquet hopefully will choke against Roger, so it will boil down to the Del Potro match. I really hope he steps it up and cuts down on the UF errors. He now even though he lost has feel how its playing in the O2 arena

  33. Hey Jonathan. Just wanted to let you know that I had a fun time with Live Chat.
    Thank you for the possibility. At times I was just too nervous to watch the match. Then it was nice to read all the comments. Hopefully we all will have nicer things to chat about during the Gasquet and Delpo matches.
    I still believe Roger will turn things around. If we don’t have hope and faith in our Goat, then who will???

    1. This is not good. Roger really needs to get a bigger racquet, if yesterday’s match told me anything, it was these courts are getting hell of a lot slower than they already are and the only way Roger is going to hit through the court with the grinders of this era is with a bigger racquet.

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