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Djokovic Denies Federer in Standout Wimbledon Final

Hey all, well what a final that was huh? Could have been over in 4 but Roger fought till the very end, took it to 5 sets and was extremely close to coming out on the good side of things. Obviously a disappointing result but I don't feel too down about it, just one of those matches that was good to be a part of that had a little bit of everything.

Easily one of the best Federer matches I've watched in a long time, not because he played his absolute best tennis but because he showed some top quality mental strength and clutch ability which he's often been criticised for lacking. He showed some real courage out there to fight off match points and break points with precision serving and high quality groundstrokes. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy what Fed can do on a tennis court regardless of how emotionally invested you are as a fan. He plays on the finest of margins and comes up with the goods time and time again and somehow manages to make it look effortless. In terms of watching sports, it doesn't really get any better than watching Fed yield a tennis racquet.

And as a fan you can't ask for more than to see a guy who's 32 still mixing it with players smack bang in the middle of their prime. The crowd loved it and every time Fed steps on court he gets people interested in the sport around the world. Maybe the most important player in the game ever and certainly the one I've enjoyed watching the most by an absolute country mile; whether he's winning or losing it's an experience.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wimbledon 2014 Runner Up

The first set was dominated by serve and Djokovic was the one looking more solid despite all the talk coming into this one being of Roger only being broken once in the entire tournament. Surprisingly neither player fashioned a break point and the set went into the tie break.

Here both players exchanged mini breaks but Djokovic was the first to have a set point at 5-6. Roger saved it but soon found himself 6-7 down. He then fired down 2 huge first serves to lead 8-7 before drawing the error from Djokovic to get off to a great start. Very clutch breaker and if he was going to win this he had to win the first set, peRFect start.

The 2nd set was all about Djokovic applying pressure on the return and Fed needed all his experience to hold in his opening service game fighting off 2 break points in the process. However at 1 all though he wasn't able to keep parity as Djokovic broke for 2-1 and although Roger fashioned one chance to break back at 4-5 down Djokovic was relatively untroubled for the duration and he levelled up the match taking the 2nd 6-4.

The third was much like the first set and completely dominated by serve as Roger fired down some huge holds, amazingly hitting 4 aces in a row to take a 5-4 lead. Inevitably this one went to another breaker which saw some quite tentative play from both players. Here Djokovic got the early mini break only for Roger to snatch it back but he then missed a makeable forehand at 3-4. Djokovic went on to take it 7 points to 4. Huge miss looking back as momentum would have been his, inside-in over the high part of the net, high risk, high reward but it didn't pay off and this is ultimately where the match was lost. 2 set to 1 up and I think Fed gets it done but it just wasn't to be.

The fourth set looked like Djokovic was going to run away with it as he broke to lead 3-1. However Fed hit back immediately only to drop serve again and then found himself down 2-5. This was probably the most exciting period of the match as Federer played some of the mentally toughest tennis I have seen in a while, coming up with the goods on numerous points breaking back and then holding to level at 5 all. It was gusty, clutch and needed some shotmaking of the highest order.

After levelling at 5 all I expected another tie break but Roger broke for the third time in the set and then served it out to 15 to take it into a decider. Epic play from the GOAT and the crowd loved it.

We've witnessed fifth set lulls from Federer numerous times but when he held his opening service game I had a pretty good feeling on the outcome of this one. At 2-1 Djokovic took a medical timeout for a calf issue but it didn't appear to effect Roger as he fired down a love hold to level.

3 all saw the first key moment as Roger fashioned his first break point of the set but couldn't convert. At 4-3 Djokovic had a chance to break himself but Roger served and volleyed on the 2nd serve to hold. Extreme courage to do that in such a moment and it paid off.

At 4 all came the 2nd key moment and probably the deciding factor as at 15 all Fed constructed a beautiful point only to miss the overhead. It wasn't the easiest smash but when you're Roger Federer and you only miss about 2 or 3 of those in an entire year it's gotta hurt. That miss gave Djokovic 30-15 and he went onto hold.

Serving to stay in the match Roger found himself in immediate difficulty at 0-30 and was soon 15-40 down, he saved one match point but a backhand error gave Djokovic his second Wimbledon title.

Match Stats

  Novak Djokovic (SRB) Roger Federer (SUI)
Aces 13 29
Double faults 3 5
1st serves in 108 of 174 = 62 % 133 of 192 = 69 %
1st serve points won 79 of 108 = 73 % 102 of 133 = 77 %
2nd serve points won 43 of 66 = 65 % 26 of 59 = 44 %
Fastest serve 124 MPH 127 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 116 MPH 115 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 92 MPH 100 MPH
Net points won 26 of 35 = 74 % 44 of 67 = 66 %
Break points won 4 of 15 = 27 % 3 of 7 = 43 %
Receiving points won 64 of 192 = 33 % 52 of 174 = 30 %
Winners 68 75
Unforced errors 27 29
Total points won 186 180

Thoughts on the Match

Only 1 Champion in Their Eyes
Only 1 Champion as far as the Twins are concerned…

Ultimately the match boiled down to just a few points here and there and I think Roger will be a little disappointed that he wasn't able to create a few more break opportunities in some key service games. Putting pressure on Djokovic would have made his own service games that bit easier.

I feel like Roger played his absolute best when he was under the most extreme pressure on his own serve but he couldn't quite replicate that when the match was in a more neutral position or when Djokovic was serving. Usually it's the other way round for Fed as he produces a ton of chances but can be quite shaky when under pressure himself. Kinda like a reverse today – rock solid under pressure but no chances to break and in the end it caught up with him.

Obviously Fed turned it on at 2-5 down in the fourth but those were the only times in the entire match he was able to break serve. I think when he assesses with Edberg after, if they do look back on this, then that's an area he would have wanted to perform better in. The pressure was on Roger's serve completely in the first 3 sets and in sets 1, 2 ,3 and 5 he only created 2 break point chances both of which weren't converted. That isn't really enough to get the job done especially against such a fierce returner. When you break it down like that he played an absolute blinder to take this one to 5, perhaps he's just all about the value for money for the ticket buyers ๐Ÿ™‚

In terms of turning points there quite a few stand out moments in this one. The first being the missed inside in FH in the third set breaker from Fed. I think if he made it he would have gone onto win the breaker and lead by 2 sets to 1. Obviously all an if now but it was a big point and it would have been a completely different match.

Then of course we had the crazy run of games in the fourth set where both players exchanged and Fed fought back from 2-5 to take it 7-5 with some unbelievable play. Djoker missed a couple of easy forehands in that span of play and I thought Fed was going to go on and win it but Djokovic managed to regroup for the fifth.

Then in the decider we had the Federer break point at 3 all which Djokovic saved before going onto hold and then the missed Federer smash at 15 all, 4 all. I can't believe he missed that smash and it would have given him a big big opening. So close but what can you do? The hold for 5-4 put a ton of scoreboard pressure on Fed and that was where it ended. I guess he did play the scoreboard in that game missing a few first serves when he needed them and Djoker mops up 2nd serves for fun. All of his returns landed just inches from the baseline. So hard to do anything on that ball other than push it back into play and then you're immediately behind in the rally. Not the place Federer wanted to be.

But like I said, what can you do? It's easy to look back and think of some different things Fed could have tried but it's obvious he gave it his all out there and just came out a on the wrong side of things. Djokovic is too good a player to lose so many slam finals on the bounce and he was clearly ultra focused to make sure he broke the losing streak. Fair play to him and I think on balance Djokovic just shaded it as he was ultra consistent on serve and from the baseline.

It's extremely difficult to get the ball past Novak as he covers so much court and still hits with depth making it even harder to stay in control of the rally. If you look at the Winner / Unforced Error stats for both guys they are quite incredible but I think Djokovic won enough of the exchanges over 4/5 shots to give really make the difference in the fifth. Pleasing display for him after a run of poor performances in slam finals and he's going to be a tough proposition on the hard courts over the next 2 months.

Anyway Wimbledon draws to a close and the grass court season is sadly over. Far too quickly in my opinion but we're back on the hard courts in Toronto at the start of August. I'm sure Fed will have some good matches in store. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Devastated he lost but it was an awesome match
    This performance shows us that he’ll definitely win at least one more major.

    1. Who knows how many more he can win, that’s the crazy thing. If his body remains in tip top condition, his mind clearly is ready to make the sacrifices and he keeps believing, anything is possible… I’m convinced he will be a grand slam champion again in the near future. He is the most remarkable player of all time.

    2. Yeah, with each slam that passes it gets harder to win one I think but he’s in with a good shot for the next year or so I think. Decent draw and a few things go his way. That’s all he needed yesterday but just didn’t quite work out.

  2. Great match, great final and two great champions. Super proud of our man, he went down fighting ๐Ÿ™‚ Dunno if this was his last chance at a slam, but today he showed us he still had the tennis and the grit to compete with the best. 3rd in the world at 33 years old? Pretty dazzling ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. It was a magnificent game and a wonderful showing by Fed – it’s just unfortunate that he fell short today…

    He had his chances to win the match today (especially the missed overhead in the 5th set on Novak’s serve to go up Love-30 and the forehand miss down the line in the 3rd set tiebreak), however it wasn’t meant to be. I truly thought Fed had the momentum going into the 5th set and he started off serving so well, then suddenly dipped and looked a little hesitant on his shots here and there. Still, watching him fight back from the dead in the 4th set was a thing of beauty and bringing the championship to a 5th set was already a sight to behold.

    Here’s to hoping he has at least 1 more slam in him!

    1. I don’t think Fed’s level “suddenly dipped”, I think it was a combination of having to absorb the disappointment of not breaking Novak’s serve and then serving second upped the pressure on him.

    2. Yeah I don’t think he dipped much either. At 4-5 Djoker just teed off on the returns, Fed missed some first serves and the rest is history.

  4. I have no regrets on this match. PeRFect, Fed gave it all practically, he left everything on court.

  5. What a final! And what a match from our man! It was true will from Fed and he could have taken the trophy! What a comeback in the third set. Nole was just a bit more solid on the day.

  6. Hi Jonathan,

    Nice post.
    Do you really believe that Federer can win another major??
    We all know that Wimbledon is his best chance but he lost today.
    That’s why i’m really worried…6 years ago (July 6, 2008) when he lost to Nadal, i was sad but i knew that there will be more opportunities in the future..

    How many more opportunities does Roger has left now to win another major?????????

    1. I personally believe Wimbledon next year probably might be his last chance BUT US Open this year can be feasible if the draw goes his way and get’s a little lucky here and there. Can’t say though until we see how he goes in the masters but right now just gotta appreciate the fight Fed gave slam or no slam.

    2. No idea Elvis but I don’t think you can count him out with the way he played. It’s difficult to say if he can win one, I mean Wimbledon 2012 was almost a surprise so there’s no reason it won’t happen.

  7. SUPER PROUD of Federer today. He may have lost by such narrow margins but has gained a lot more respect for his display of passion, courage and most of all, FIGHT! What about that fourth set clutch play! Hats off to the man who put everything out there.

    1. Yeah that was easily the most exciting period of play in the match. 2-5 down and he strings it together. That break point where Djoker fell over but got the ball back in play and Fed used his racquet head speed to dip the ball in. Too good.

  8. I was privileged to be on Centre Court today. What a match. Words really don’t do it justice. Both players playing at their limit and a few points either way decided the outcome. I feel like Roger has actually grown in mental fortitude despite the loss and his comeback from 5-2 down in the 4th was breathtaking. The crowd were solidly behind him. I think this performance shows that Roger is far from finished and when he plays at this level there is no one more beautiful, entertaining, passionate and classy in this sport. Yes he is 32 and he may not have many more years left at the top but rest assured he will be around at the highest level for a good while longer. And when he plays with the flair and genius of today perhaps the media and fellow members of the sport such as McEnroe will think twice about writing his epitaph and trying to usher him towards the exit door. He is quite simply irreplaceable and we must cherish every moment that this man steps onto the court. Win or lose NO ONE does it better. On to the hard court season and I’m excited for what he has in store. I hope Roger can take stock, take the positives ( and there are so so many of those) and use that positivity to move on and have a great remainder of the the season. Allez!

    1. “And when he plays with the flair and genius of today perhaps the media and fellow members of the sport such as McEnroe will think twice about writing his epitaph and trying to usher him towards the exit door”

      Beautifully stated. I did notice that Gilbert(?) backtracked on his statements and said Roger is still capable of winning. As for McEnroe, well when he sees Roger doing things he’s never even dreamed of (especially at 32+) the envy will always be there so I don’t expect his views to entirely change.

      Also, Connors > McEnroe in terms of commentary.

    2. Must have been amazing to be there Boris. You and Susie both! What was your sense of the crowd in person?

    3. Wow. I can only imagine how you felt, although I was in a pub and the athmosphere was electric, incomparable though.
      Took allmost every word from my mind Boris.

    4. The earth stood still at 2-5 when Djokovic was serving for the mach.
      That was magic. That was me yelling and huging in a pub.
      Sure I’m sad and moping allover, but as Thinker and a few others said… proud to be his fan.

      I sniff a good hard court season aaaaaand really good things at the WTF.
      He is cometitive, he cand be brilliand when he wants to and he can beat anyone if he is in the right mindset.
      Waching Djokovic fall all over the place and Roger flying over the grass and dirt, only tells us that the way Federer moves will permit him to stay cometitive and play for many more years.

      We will get our fairytale ending, regading Roger. Everything in his life is peRFect… the ending will be epic. Till then, we will feast on battles as this one and I’m sure some of them will be won by ROGER FEDERER.

      Your GOATness, I bow to you.
      PS: great article Jonathan, like the cookie the Oracle gives Neo when she tells him, he is not the one… made me feel better. ๐Ÿ˜€

    5. Totally Agree….It would have been wonderful if he made it…McEnroe insisted he could go final but not get job done which unfortunately true this time….I hope Roger can do that still…

  9. I’m sad about the result and for Fed as I wanted him to hold the trophy at the end, but man Roger gave it his all today and as a fan I couldn’t ask for more. So much fight, so much grit. It just wasn’t meant to be. As long as Roger is still playing like this, I’ll never count him out ๐Ÿ˜›

    So onwards to the hard court season, may he use this as another stepping stone. Allez.

  10. I figure it’s going to take me 3 days at least to get over this one. For some reason, I feel even more in awe of Roger today. He is such a magnificent tennis player and person. Did you see the tears rolling down his face? Crushing, watching that. I suppose I’ll be feeling better in a few days but not yet.
    Thanks for the post Jonathan. It must be hard to write a post so soon after that loss. Like you said, a couple of points here and there and the outcome would have been different.
    So proud of our Roger! A nice holiday with his family and on to the hardcourts! Davis Cup could be his this year. That’d be great.

    1. Cheers Sue,

      Not the toughest post to write I don’t think. If I had this blog at the start of 2009 I think that would have been the toughest. This was fun if anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hats off, indeed, but was I the only one who thought Fed was a bit flat throughout the first 3-and-a-half sets, or was it just that Djokovic was playing too well? I thought the crowd were, too, to be honest: I’d expected them to be far more supportive of Roger than they seemed to be, given what a huge reception he’d been given in every other round, and what a favourite he is here, but they seemed a little muted. I’d been so convinced that he would win this one, but in my view Djokovic was the better player for the first 3 sets, and had it not been for that first-set TB Roger could have been out in straight sets. If only he hadn’t waited until he was virtually down and out to produce his best tennis! It seemed that only when he was threatened with losing did he play really freely and instinctively.

    I have to admit that I chickened out from watching at various points during the match – the kitchen and the bathroom have both had a good clean today ๐Ÿ™‚ – so I didn’t see everything, but a couple of potential turning-points struck me: that missed overhead that others have mentioned, and that dodgy call I think at 3-3 in the 3rd set, where I’m not at all convinced that Djokovic would have won that service game without it. That last service game of Roger’s was a pretty disappointing point on which to end such a well-fought match, though, although the radio coms had already said that he was starting to look a bit tired. Nevertheless, I thought Djokovic was the better player overall: with some of those hitting-the-lines shots he produced I was sure that there must have been a line of magnets underneath the painted lines, and a corresponding one inside the ball!

    I’ll go back and watch this one again when I’m over the disappointment, and perhaps it’ll seem less bad when I’m not involved in it. But still, kudos to Fed for running Novak so close at the age of nearly 33, and in a year where so many “experts” were almost completely disregarding him in what I felt was a most disrespectful manner. I guess if that No. 18 never does come along then we’ll just have to accept it, although if by some miracle it were to happen …

    1. Nah I think Fed played pretty good the first 3 sets but couldn’t match Djoker’s intensity when it counted. Overall Novak was the better player throughout the whole match and deserved the win. Alison I think the call you are referring to is a shot Fed hit on the baseline that Novak shanked into the crowd that was called out and the umpire wrongly replayed the point, Fed would’ve been up 0-30 but was not meant to be I guess, bad calls happen all time time. Yeah I also was sad that the match ended the way it did but after the botched overhead you could tell Fed was running out of time to make his move.

    2. Yeah a few points here and there made the difference. Serving 2nd in the fifth was an uphill battle really and things kinda escalated quickly in that final service game. I guess he should have taken longer between points ๐Ÿ˜†

  12. IMO, it was the best Grand Slam final I witnessed in the past 2 years. Adrenaline on very high level.
    Really a big big fight from Roger. The way he won the 4th set is just incredible. From 5-2 down and saving a Championship Point. In the 5th set, he missed an overhead(not an easy one) and I think it was the crucial point. If he won that point, things would have gone the other way. However, this is tennis and there is no use talking about missed chances, Roger put a great work in but came up short.
    I don’t feel much irritated about this loss, as he was couraged and confident to serve and volley even after a 2nd serve. He is 33 and takes his opponent (who is at the peak of his career) to a decider.
    Anyway, we watched a very beautiful match with too many entertaining points. Got to watch the match again without the anxiety and excitement of the moment and enjoy it!

      1. That, inspired me, and I played well, really well, against a Spaniard, and it was glorious ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That was probably the best slam final in terms of quality since Roddick/Federer at Wimby in 2009 as far as personal opinion goes (don’t believe the garbage that Nadal/Djokovic at the AO was a good match just because of its duration), sucks that these two only have ever met in finals twice now.

  13. There were so many breathtaking points in this match, I think my biggest disappointment in the end is to have it end on a backhand error into the net. Having said that, & as others have said – I thought it was all over in the 4th. I was seriously stunned to see him pull that out to take it to the 5th. Wowza. What a champion.

    Just loved Andy Roddick’s tweet, “Best I’ve seen Roger serve since ……. Damn it”. And then his wife tweeted back to him, “Laughing through the tears”.

    I also want to echo something Sridhar said on the last post:
    “I think itโ€™s a great day to be a Fed fan. Hereโ€™s a guy who was losing to unknown people in ATP 250s last year, and this year, heโ€™s back, new racket, new incarnation and came incredibly close to winning #18.”

    He MADE A GS FINAL with the new racquet! And he was totally competitive! He hadn’t even MADE a GS final since he won Wimby 2 years ago. Fed himself is saying
    “I’m very happy to see that I can produce a performance like I did the last two weeks,” said Federer.
    “That clearly makes me believe that this was just a stepping stone to many more great things in the future.”

    I wish he could have won. But even though he lost, I’m proud to be his fan.

  14. Thanks for the review Jonathan. Made me feel much better. A little bit of soreness still but will recover. In 2008 after the Wimbledon Final a fan of Roger wrote on his Website :-

    ” So I will wait, and pray, and hope, and believe, for this is the only thing I can do. I will do this for as long as it takes, through every loss and every win. Because regardless of whatever changes, one thing stays the same. Roger Federer is the only tennis player I have ever seen that can inspire me with such ecstasy, such agony, such a profound depth of feeling that makes even defeat seem heroic, and paints so bitter a loss in such a beautiful light.”

    I share his sentiments. Today is another loss at Wimbledon however Roger played a great match. He gave it his all. Congrats Roger.

      1. i am really gutted sid, i was hoping and praying that your prediction of his 8th wimby title would come true. A day after , i am still feeling very low, hard to get over the disappoinment.But our man played really really well and one can keep hoping. whatever it is he will remain the GOAT, not the dopers and others who get massaged when they feel going is not good for them

  15. Not sure how it came across on TV but Roger certainly did not look flat out there live. Djokovic was returning just about everything, and it was coming back with interest. When he is reading your serve that well and the returns land inches from the line you just have to take your hat off to him. The crowd were most definitely more on Roger’s side, he certainly got a bigger cheer when he was walking around with the runner up dish. I don’t think he can have many regrets from this match. Yes he missed two makable shots but that’s sport and Djokovic missed quite a few sitters in the preceding four slam finals so it happens to the very best of them. The fact that Roger is still capable of playing at this level is hugely encouraging and, whilst it will be difficult I don’t see why he is not going to continue to put himself in positions to win further titles.

    1. Thanks, Boris – ditto what Alison said. Agree that although the loss is a blow, the fact he was able to get here in the first place is hugely encouraging. No, he’s not going to win like it’s 2006, but we’ve known that for a long time.

    2. He didn’t come across flat on TV either Boris. And the crowd were extremely pro Federer.

      Djokovic lacks the likeability factor as he’s too love me love type.

  16. Today was a happy day for Rafa-fans(it seemed the most), Novak fans, and True Fedfans….

    See what a quick court can do: the best match of the year. I honestly though Fed was done 2-5 in that fourth, but he proved me wrong! I was happy it ending in a tiebreak, but the way Federer won that set was truly impressive, no matter what sport you watch! I wish he could have won obviously, but I couldn’t be prouder to be his fan! At 33 years old, he pushed the prime Djokovic to the absolute highest level of tennis and almost came out on top!

    The main thing is 12 months ago, people told him to retire. Today, people say Rafa is the GOAT and Roger isn’t clutch…….. Roger Federer, who in my mind will always be the GOAT regardless if Rafa steals the GS record with 4 more clay-titles, showed that he cares about the sport and has the desire to win.

    9/10 wins on grass this year, 2 finals, 1 title, 2-1 against top 10….. Impressive for even Roger Federer I think. It might be denial a bit, but I’m pretty dang proud of Roger today! And I believe the World #3 had another slam final, and #18 left. Great post Jonathan ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Nah I think it was a lose-lose for Rafa. If Fed had won, he would’ve further increased the gap in the slam total and Novak winning means he got a sense of his game back and can probs turn the tables on Nadal now. What you say is true though, regardless of what happens to the slam record, Fed’s love for the sport and the experience of watching him play means way more. Having a great season so far, hope he can continue this into the hardcourt.

  17. A little correction Jonathan, “15-40 down, he saved one match point but a backhand error gave Djokovic his second Wimbledon title.”

    He did not save a match point in that last game.

  18. Hi guys, sorry my internet was down so I haven’t been able to comment much. Days like today make me proud to be a FedFan. Anyone who says Roger is not mentally tough or chokes all the time should shut their trap and watch this match. I’m not too disappointed because Roger didn’t ever really have it and blow it like he did in his last grand slam losses dating back to 2012 USO, all of which you felt he choked/ allowed his opponent back in to. Anyway it’s late here so I better go guys.

    1. Indeed, after the first set he was never in the lead in the match again. Quite a big turnaround from Djoker really, very mentally strong performance from him.

      1. Yes, rather better than I’d expected given previous matches, to be honest, so all credit to him.

  19. Many thanks, Jonathan, difficult times. ๐Ÿ™
    Results wise, I am gutted – so close yet so far.
    Performance wise, I am proud of Roger’s performance and am even prouder to be his fan.
    Although he fought back in the 4th set courageously, the 3rd set TB was the turning point, which I thought Roger must win. That missed FH in the TB – my heart sunk with the miss. Had Roger taken it, the end could be different. My heart bleeds! This one is simlar to Wimbledon 08 but better than AO 09 and USO 09.
    Roger must hold his head up and have another crack at USO.

    1. Yeah he went inside in, just wasn’t quite in the right position to make it. His forehand lately sometimes comes up on the ball, I dunno how to describe it. But such fine margin, hit the tape.

  20. Now that I think about it, I loved this match, and don’t really care that Fed didn’t win. What really is sad is that this great man might retire some day and we won’t be able to see him play anymore. It’s going to be hard for us Fed / Tennis fans. I hope that day is still years away.

  21. Couldn’t get deep sleep get last night due to nervousness, I don’t think I get one tonight too as its still sinking…..

    Wonderful Fight from champion though couldn’t get it done..So close, yet so far…….I sincerely hope he can win another slam….

    All supports to true Champion…

    1. You will be pleased to know I slept fine on Saturday and Sunday, no point thinking about it after the match. Blog post done and I’m switched off ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I know..I wish to be that way…Part of growing up still I guess…:-)….

        It really makes to appreciate how quick Roger moved on after defeat… Look and Learn….

        On a separate note, planning to get tickets for QF in Rogers cup in Toronto…Not sure how it works out, hoping to watch him live again… [ I was luck enough to watch 2010 SF between Roger and Novak in Toronto which Roger Won]

  22. Took me a while to get over the sadness of watching Roger walk away without the trophy. Very proud of Roger that he’s able to go toe to toe at his age with the world #1 in his prime. No way this is his last chance at a major. At this point in his career, he will always need a kind draw to get far into the majors, but he has once again proved that he still belongs with the elite in the game. 2015 Wimbledon is not just a dream. Anything can happen in sports. A little bit of luck is always needed to finish first among equals. It could very well be Roger with the cup one of these days. As long as Roger is competing, he could never be counted out. I am very proud to be the GOAT’s fan.

    1. Yeah, he is still right up there. Back at #3. USO isn’t completely out of reach. Edberg was no mug on hard courts so he will have impact there too for sure.

  23. Its my 40th birthday today and while I should be happy and reflecting on life and the recent birth of my first child, I can’t shake the empty feeling I have had since watching the game. It was a wonderful match to watch and will be talked about for sometime but I feel so, so sad for Rog. Yes there are many positives for him to take from it but man, if I feel like this how must he feel!?!? Truly hope he dusts himself off and gets some good hard court wins under his belt.

    1. Happy 40th birthday! Yep I’m gutted too. I was trying to get it off my chest by talking about it at work today. Even some colleagues who were not big Federer fans (more so his rivals) were saying what an incredible guy he is after that performance. I wore down my rug yesterday pacing back and forth, switching channels on break points against him, so I might change back to see him save them!! I roared the place down when he won the first set, when he broke Djok serving for match, and when he levelled at 2-2 in sets.

      I was totally and utterly choked at the finish. I think I’m more gutted at how he let the pressure get to him at 4-5. With his years of experience at the very top I would have expected him just to go out there and do his stuff and throw caution to the wind. When you watch the last game there were no first serves from Fed, no winners from Djokovic, Djok simply played it tight to avoid the mistake, and Federer made 4 of them for him. Fed had so many incredible service games, possibly some of the best serving of his career, only for the serve to let him down in that game, if it could have gone 5-5 anything could have happened. I know you can produce “ifs and buts” all night long but I am so disappointed with that one bad game!! I wish Djokovic had won it but it feels more like Fed threw that game. Don’t get me wrong though I do appreciate an incredible tournament by Fed and am very proud of Roger for coming so close. Amazing to think only 2 of the 9 finals he has failed to win have both been by the narrowist margin you can lose a slam final, by 2 games in the 5th.

      1. Don’t forget, though, wasn’t Fed serving into that horrible Centre Court shadow by that point? Sun in the eyes, and having to spot the ball coming back out of that darkness. I think it was Roddick tweeted something about that not being easy, and he’s right.

    2. Happy Birthday Ayaz.

      Fed has won and lost enough matches to know how to handle it. He already has 7 Wimbledons, sure he will be gutted but I’m sure he never expected to win this many. Most players have to cope with just winning it once like I believe Murray will have to.

  24. Heart breaking los for us fans. But Fed is a great champion. Always will be. We are fortunate to be able see him play still and play at such an elite level at his age. He is still building into his heritage by playing off the chain tennis with guys he’s got no business competing with. Amazing champion.

    Djoker said in his presser this was the best final he’s ever competed in. Specifically he said the tennis from he and Roger was better than AO 12. He called Roger magnificent. I thought was commendable.

    1. Yeah it was a high quality match. Not sure on the grass eating from Djoker. I also hate players who go up to their box, all seems very unnatural to me. I mean Djoker has won Wimbledon before so really nothing new for him.

      1. And I so wish Wimbledon hadn’t succumbed and put that gate in there. It’s almost as if they’re condoning it. Probably Elf n Safety had something to do with it.

        BTW, I saw what I think was an interview with Roger a year or so ago when he said something to the effect that Roy Emerson some years previously had congratulated him on his classy attitude (my words, not his) when he won Wimbledon, and Roger went Eh? What Emerson meant was that he stayed on court, mindful of his beaten opponent sitting there stewing, rather than charging up to his team’s box. Does this ring bells with anyone?

  25. Warning: If you believe I’m a Federer fanboy, and you have very delicate sensibilites, or if you are a self proclaimed “authenitic Federer fan”, please do me a favor and do not read. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

    Roger Federer has nothing left to prove

    With this awesome performance, against an opponent six years younger than him, a former Wimbledon champion, and the current World No. 1, Roger has once and for all silenced his critics. So, all you critics, shut the fuck up! He has nothing left to prove. He owes nothing to his fans. An 18th would’ve been nice, but to me, this is almost as good as a win. Almost.

    It was bitter to see Federer shed a tear. As a fan, I am devastated with this loss. It almost makes me feel bereaved.

    Will he win another slam?

    Two months ago, I was 100% sure Roger would win Wimbledon. I was wrong, but only just. The way he performed this tournament, and with whatever help he has been getting with the new racquet, he will be a threat at the US Open, and also in 2015. I still think he will win another slam. From here on out, I will continue watching him play, with no expectations whatesoever. All those Federer fans, if you are true fans, you will continue following the GOAT. As horrible as this loss feels, you will not abandon ship. A slam is coming. It’s inevitable. Until he hangs up his shoes, he will continue to be a contender.

    Tennis needs to introduce Massage Time Outs

    The rigors of the modern game make it imperative that players be allowed to get their personal masseuse on court. Make it official. Allow at least two massages, in addition to the regular MTO’s. I mean these guys “sell so many tickets”. These guys are bigger than the sport, for what they have been doing. They deserve a couple of nice rubs, while sitting on their chairs. Gluten free diets, CVAC pods, blood spinning can only take you so far. Nothing will soothe their nerves better than a happy ending massage, right on center court. Those who have a problem, will learn to deal with it.

    My thoughts on Novak Djokovic

    Great, he got his name embossed once again in the winners list, and got back to No. 1. I used to have a lot of respect for him. Not any more. He shows a funny and human side. But deep inside, he is nothing but a two headed Serbian Serpent. He is a disgrace to the sport of tennis. He is playing on center court at Wimbledon, considered the holiest place in the sport, and unabashedly takes not one, but two MTO’s. We may debate that the time outs may not have had an influence on the final result. However, that doesn’t condone this shameful act. He pulled the same trick against Nadal at USO 2011. Despite how much I hate Rafael Nadal, what Djokovic did…was wrong. Go ahead, call me a sore loser. I did chastise Nadal after he lost to Stan at AO 2014 for similar behavior. I guess that makes me a sore winner too?

    You can’t love the sport, and continue supporting gamesmanship

    I mean you just can’t. It doesn’t make sense If you are a true tennis lover, you shouldn’t encourage gamesmanship. You can’t always change what’s wrong, but you can tell right from wrong, and express your displeasure. If that’s too hard to do, at least try not to discourage those who do. And if you do, you are a pathetic tennis fan, and are in it just as for the glory, you have no conscience, or you are a well rounded psychopath. It shows what you really are as a human being. I don’t know how many of you play tennis, but have you ever been cheated with a bad line call? That’s how I feel today. Despite all these tennis thugs Roger Federer has to deal with, I will continue to watch the great man play. So, all you Federer fans, grow a pair.

    P.S. Alright trolls, where are you. Let’s get the party started. “Because with how this title was stolen from Federer, I’m a mushroom-cloud-layin’ mother******, mothe******! Every time I see these cheaters, I’m Superfly T.N.T., I’m the Guns of the Navarone!”

    1. I am a long time lurker here, and I always look for your posts, always intelligent and funny. This beautiful post of yours compels me to post a thank-you here. Agree with everything you’ve said. Win or lose, the man just never stops dazzling us with his style of play. Thanks for the post, Sid!

      1. I sense sarcasm, Kit. But you have every right to be that way. My comment was blatantly honest, but barely intelligent, and definitely not beautiful. If anything, it was part inflammatory, and mostly emotional. But given how the day has been, how can I be in a mood for poetry? Can you blame me?

    2. Sid,
      first of all, I do agree with you for the first two parts and the last one ๐Ÿ™‚ , for the rest, I have some conservation though.
      second, you are truly a Roger Federer FAN, and you should be proud of that, no doubt. the courage, the clutch, the fighting spirits that he shows in the final, was amazing. I do congratulate him for that.

      third, last but not least, what’s your thoughts on tomorrow match ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Shamtoot,

        It will be Die Mannschaft 2, Brasil 0, unfortunately. However, lesser teams have shown a lot of fight and nearly pulled off upsets. The Swiss. Mexico. Costa Rica. Colombia. Algeria. Maybe it’s time Brasil actually caused and upset? One can hope!

      2. You are comparing A Pentacampeรฃo playing at home with those teams?????????? Causing an upset???????? THE UPSET WOULD BE CAUSED BY GERMANY.

      3. Hey Jonathan, why the heck do I have to put up with this bean munching bitch? Does he have to comment on everything? Clearly, I was replying to Shamtoot. In case this bonehead didn’t get it, Brasil will be playing without Thiago, and Neymar, that gives Germany a huge advantage. Also, despite the loss of those two players, they are still better than the “lesser teams”, so it’s only fair to hope they can win. Or perhaps the bean muncher wasn’t exactly following how Brasil have been on tenterhooks the entire tournaments, just two inches from crashing out at one point.

        I just don’t get it, why does he have to crash a conversation going on between two Brasil fans? Can we ever have an intelligent conversation? Is there anything called discipline on this blog? Do you ever talk to or write to him to be a little polite?

      4. Shamtoot, I’m sorry about my incorrect prediction. Not very good at it these days ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. “bean munching bitch” – Gee, I wonder if Sid considers this “intelligent conversation”. At least Pablo sticks to trashing on the game. If you want discipline on the blog maybe you should start with cutting out racist insults? Keep it classy, Sid.

      6. Are you done, Christine?

        Well then, let me retort.

        I wonder what makes my comments “racist”. Is it the beans? Are they eaten only by a particular race? Maybe if you had used your head, you would’ve understood what that actually meant in context of what the troll has been doing here. There’s no deep meaning here, sweetheart. Trolls stink up the place, and will be treated as such.

        Thanks for policing the blog. Wish you had given the trolls a little bit of advice on how to not trash talk on rival fan blogs.

        Do me a favor. Stick to comments on tennis.

        Anything else you got to say?

      7. Oh gee, I don’t need to use my head when I’ve got thecookiethief doing the thinking for me, right? Explain how “bean munching” has to do with tennis and which context called for this description? And while you’re at it, maybe you can explain how “bitch” came to be relevant as well?

        As much as trolling stinks up the place, so does your ~intellligent~ language. It honestly casts you in a bad light, Honey Bear. It should take no effort at all to scroll past Pablo’s comments, or even better, shut him down without offending other people in the process. Should be a no brainer for a bright lightbulb like you, right, Cookie Monster?

        Maybe you should listen to your own advice, kid.

      8. Yup, let me answer. Pablo’s acting like a whining bitch, that’s why. Easy to figure. Clearly, he is trying to troll a conversation between two commenters, where he has no business.

        In case you haven’t read all my comments across all the posts on this blog, please let me elaborate. There have been a lot of debates in the past, but nobody has sunk to the levels of trolling this bitch Pablo/King of Clay has. If you have read all his comments, all he is doing is trying to press the wrong buttons. But you won’t understand that, because he is your little brother, isn’t he?

        As far as my language that I have reserved specifically for this bitch of a brother of your yours, a shepherd must tend the sheep, but must also fight off the wolf when necessary. That doesn’t make me the wolf. We are/were a nice community here, predominantly Federer. Your little brother has done everything he can to disrupt it. Clearly, he doesn’t understand how insensitive he has been, trying to bring Federer and his fans down in every possible way. Sorry, not on my watch. I would never denigrate Nadal or Djokovic, or any other player on their fan blog.

        Now tell me, why would he just barge into a football conversation between two football fans talking about the chances of their favorite team? Oh wait, I forgot, that’s what bean munchers do. They stink up the whole place.

        Don’t judge me with how a react to a specific troll. Just…take a chill pill babe.

      9. Oh, bro… ๐Ÿ˜›

        I honestly had a shorter “F U” response but it’s summer, WC, and right before the game starts so it’s probably best to just burst this bubble.

        Like I said in the first comment I wrote that you responded to, I lurk this blog occasionally and have since it’s conception. I remember you because you are one of the most frequent commenters and you wrote well thought out comments that I not always, but tended to, agree with. Another thing is that besides Jonathan, you are one of the very few who actually uses an icon.

        You keep pointing out that we’re all Fed-fans here, and you were one among many people here that I shared both joy and disappointment with over Federer’s wins and losses.

        If you might notice that my tone was a bit judgemental, it’s because as you might have gathered from the first paragraph there, I didn’t have anything against you in the beginning. And honestly, it’s disappointing to find out that a person you liked, even online, is not as “nice” as you’d previously thought. Your comments are outright insensitive and sexist (–bitch and sweetheart, really?), I think no explanations are needed as to why I would be offended and frustrated with your behavior here. If you can’t see why your comments can be regarded as offensive, well… I hope you have a meek and timid voice.

        In your response from the last thread you said you’d “apologized” for your thoughtless behavior, but obviously it wasn’t genuine enough for you not to repeat WHATEVER you’d actually apologized for… In short, I just find myself disappointed in you.

        I keep saying this but………. I can’t see the problem with Pablo butting in on your conversations. It’s an online blog where anyone with an internet access can comment. I can see that he’s trying to rile you up, and obviously it’s working. You keep calling him a troll, seemingly recognizing what it is an internet troll DOES, and yet you keep falling for his trap(!). But from the few comments I’ve read, he hasn’t crossed the lines of personal attacks. And even if he had, I don’t see why you’d want to lower yourself to his level. You could just tattle to Jonathan and let him deal with Pablo, or simply IGNORE him, like many of us have managed to do here. It’s a Federer blog, sure, but let Jonathan kick him out for rooting for Nadal then.

        You don’t have any legal obligations to read his comments. Just like I don’t have any to read yours. And yeah, I will most probably scroll past that Joker icon in the future.

        Enjoy the game.

      10. Yup, let’s enjoy the game. Hopefully Argentina can salvage some pride for South America, though Brasil is/was the only I like.

        By the way, do check out that new book by Pablo (check the link in one of my comments). Maybe I’ll buy one. Gotta learn from the best, no? ๐Ÿ™‚

      11. Sorry Sid, I could not response earlier as I was very devastated and depressed, I would say
        Donโ€™t know what happened! Really, after they conceded the second goal, they collapsed!!. I know Germany was favourite to win and I was expecting that with the current situation, but not like what I saw. My kids were crying all night ๏Œ
        Anyhow, heads up, and Brazil FAN forever whatever happens

    3. Keep rolling Sid. I almost always agree with your views. That said, I think you are too harsh on Novak. He’s not a disgrace to tennis (someone else is, no need to mention his name). He just wants to feel love from the crowds and when he doesn’t, that turns into negative energy. If he was that bad, he would continue his 2011 diet and would be on 15 slams by now.

    4. Sid, agreed with what you wrote about gamesmanship. I’m incredibly gutted Roger lost, to be honest I did go off to bed when Federer was broken early in in the 4rth set (it was a combination of cowardice and sleepiness). But from what I hear people say, it seems that had Djokovic not taken the MTO, things could have been different indeed – the momementum HAD swung in Roger’s favour, he’d served weel early in the fifth set. Given the boring, grinding game Djoko and Nadal play, it’s even more exasperating to see them bounce balls endlessly or take pointless time-outs. Gamesmanship MUST be eliminated from the sport.

      As far as time outs are concerned for me, players must be allowed 30 seconds or forfeit the game. More than 1 minute and a half and forfeit the set.

    5. Hey, I agree with almost everything you said! But don’t pay too much attention to trolls. Think of it like this- you are about a zillion times better than them. Because they can’t appreciate the obvious beauty of a creation that is Roger Federer. You have it in you to appreciate him, you have it in you to appreciate the sport. While I know that the trolls can sometimes get on your nerves with idiotic comments, I honestly feel bad for them. They are not able to experience what we experience as RF fans! All the pride, all the happiness. All the euphoria, the involuntary gasps and skipped heartbeats. Maybe they really are just jealous of us, for we have it in us to celebrate the greatest this sport has ever produced! ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Nice comment Sid.

      The MTO, it’s hard to weigh up. Within the rules and Roger did hold to love. But I get what you are saying, seems like you can get treatment for really minor things that are just part of the rigours of the sport. Maybe you should be penalised with points or something. Hard to think of a fair system though.

      With teams sports you are off the pitch so the penalty is there as you’re a man short. Ideas?

      1. Keep it simple. You can take an MTO only during your service, and will be charged a service game. If you take an MTO when your opponent is about to serve, you lose two games, and you opponent continues serving.

        Sounds irrational? Why? Why should your opponent pay the price of your not being fit? And injury is one thing, but a soothing massage?

        And you’re absolutely right. If someone is injured, the game doesn’t stop. There will be situations where a player could be genuinely injured. Unfortunately, the rules will still have to be consistent across the board.

      2. Hey bean eating King of Clay, more like King of beans, I was simply giving Jonathan an opinion, you dim wit.

    7. “From here on out, I will continue watching him play, with no expectations whatesoever. All those Federer fans, if you are true fans, you will continue following the GOAT. As horrible as this loss feels, you will not abandon ship.”

      No-one, but NO-ONE, should be abandoning ship on the basis of that match. Except possibly if continuing to watch would be seriously injurious to their health.

      “You canโ€™t love the sport, and continue supporting gamesmanship

      I mean you just canโ€™t. It doesnโ€™t make sense If you are a true tennis lover, you shouldnโ€™t encourage gamesmanship. You canโ€™t always change whatโ€™s wrong, but you can tell right from wrong, and express your displeasure.”

      Hear, hear. And you should recognise that somewhere there is a line which should NOT be crossed, and you should always make sure you stay on the right side of it.

      1. LOL

        Ask your doctor if watching Federer is right for you. If you take heart medications, or are allergic to GOAT, please stop watching Federer immediately. Side effects may include uncontrollable crying, depression, hopelessness, anger, hysteria, and several other emotions. If symptoms persist, stop watching Federer for a period of seven days.

  26. It is indeed a sad day for Fed and his fans. Even though I support Fed all the way and admired the way he fought, I must admit that Nole was overall the better player (he did win the match after all). Just as Fed had, Nole too fluffed easy shots in certain stages of the match so I guess we should not just dwell on Fed’s missed chances too much. That is always part and parcel of a game. I feel that Fed was often playing second fiddle in rallies whivh is not unexpected given the quality of Nole’s groundstrokes off both flanks. Match stats shows that although Fed won 77% first serve points, he only managed a low 44% of second serve points won as compared with Joko’s 73% / 65%. This indicates that when the sting from Fed’s first serve is off and when conditions are more’neutral’, Joko wins more often Fed (usually in rallies). Fed was not able to play as consistently as his opponent did and that was a factor in his not being able to convert breakpoints or even create them or save breakpoints against him.
    Credits must be given to Nole for hanging in there and playing as well even though that he was broken in what could be the deciding game of the match in the 4th set.
    This is probably the closest Fed will ever get to winning a GS IMO but I hope I will be proven wrong. Only time will tell.

    1. Yup I agree 100% about the difference between the 2. Djoker’s return of serve made the difference and his solidity from the baseline.

  27. *Apologies, this will be a long post*

    “If you can meet triumph with disaster and treat those two impostors just the same”

    I don’t think that quote is any more relevant than it was today. Unfortunately my pre-tournament prediction came true and Djokovic got it. First of all I just want to say what a privilege it was to be part of such a match and just how beautiful and cruel this sport can be at times, my respect for both players increases to immense amounts, will go down as one for the ages for sure and best match of the season thus far.

    Concerning the match, Jonathan you said it all, it boiled down to a few points and as you and me both agreed there is only so long you can hold Novak down, it was very obvious from the beginning of the tournament how mentally scarred Novak was from RG 2013 in that he probably needed this slam more than Fed did. It was incredible how quickly Novak’s form turned around from that Dimitrov SF to playing some in-form tennis in the final-was being the more tested player in previous rounds what ultimately helped him? Djoker’s level was quite incredible throughout the entire match and he was serving all too well. Fed as you mentioned was let down in converting his opportunities but you need to give credit to Novak, he was pretty clutch apart from the fourth set.

    Winning the first set was key but you are spot on, the third set was where the match was lost, after Novak broke Roger’s serve early in the second, I was adamant that the 3rd set was a must. It was just like their 2012 semi in that both were serving comfortably until it got to 5-4 and Roger upped his level and made Djoker crack. Only this time he fell short in the breaker and we all know Fed’s record in five set matches. Tactically I thought both were doing pretty good although as you said Fed was getting pulled into to many rallies, I wish he had used the slice a bit more but Novak was hitting too deep, also wasn’t as successful at the net today which just showed how good Novak was playing

    The fourth set was one of awe and will go down as one of Roger’s best slam moments of all time and his best set mentally. I do not know how Roger forced a fifth but it was a complete champion’s response. We all know Fed has lulled mentally in some of his matches the past year but this fourth set combined with Novak’s nerves and Roger’s grit was just a remarkable moment in tennis history and suddenly you had a sense that Roger really wanted this and that destiny might just prevail.

    However, that third set was key. Roger was serving from behind and the longer this match went, the more it favoured Novak. I know a few fans are incredibly mad at Novak for his MTO but I don’t think it had a huge impact on the match. Fed wasted his opportunities at 3-3 and hit a Djokovic inspired overhead which signalled the end. It was disappointing the match ended on the error but Roger had given it his all and given us a match that we will never forget.

    The thing that is most TRULY remarkable about this match was that yes Novak Djokovic won in a thrilling five set match after being denied several times in grand slam finals and got back to world number 1. But the talk is all about Roger Federer. No words will ever describe the experience watching this man in this stage of his career taking on his competitors in their prime and challenging the shotmaking at hand. I think after what happened in 2013, it’s hard to be completely disappointed about the outcome here, Fed not good enough in the crucial moments and that’s what determines the winner. Your first few paragraphs are incredibly true J, Fed not known for the ability to push his opponents to the brink mentally like Nadal and Djoker but this match just argued that case for him. All the talk about how his age is diminishing his legacy is absolute bullshit and today just added to his case for GOAT. What a day to be a Federer fan. What a day to be a tennis fan. We did not win but in hindsight, watching this man play is a win either way.

    On a last note, the most beautiful moment for me came just before the trophy ceremony when Roger looked up and saw his beautiful daughters there still smiling. Roger was heartbroken at that moment but he just stared at them and he smiled because in all the chaos around him, they were still the most important thing in the world and losing such a match would not take that away from him. As a Federer fan I feel the same, no matter the result, Fed is one of the most respected athletes across any sport and watching him play these types of matches makes me so grateful to be his fan. Thankyou Roger for giving this sport so much, always behind you till the end! Looking forward to what he does in the North American tour and guys was that Roger’s last chance to get a slam? Maybe. But today just showed you that Fed has the courage and determination to win another one (FYI the last 2 years, the runner up is the champion the next year..)

    Thankyou Jonathan for the great recap! Allez le Suisse.

    1. I read it, and you owe me a thank you.

      [It was incredible how quickly Novakโ€™s form turned around from that Dimitrov SF to playing some in-form tennis in the final-was being the more tested player in previous rounds what ultimately helped him? ]

      I was perhaps the only reader here who wasn’t enamored with the statistical comparisons with Djokovic. You are absolutely right that the tested prevailed over the rested.

    2. “โ€œIf you can meet triumph with disaster and treat those two impostors just the sameโ€

      I donโ€™t think that quote is any more relevant than it was today.”

      “just how beautiful and cruel this sport can be at times”

      So true, on both counts.

      “It was incredible how quickly Novakโ€™s form turned around from that Dimitrov SF to playing some in-form tennis in the final-was being the more tested player in previous rounds what ultimately helped him?”

      I was concerned that Fed’s lack of a bit of testing might hurt him in the final ๐Ÿ™

  28. Great post Jonathan,

    I have to say you are as professional as Roger Federer in your quick post. : )
    Felt bad for Fed. Gutted, depressed for a while and felt that this is not an end. I hope not. I hope this is somewhat a new beginning for Roger. One last push and like he said, a stepping stone for the future success.

    The lyrics below from Creed sum it up perfectly for Federer:

    โ€œThe day reminds me of you
    The night hides your truth
    The earth is a voice
    Speaking to you
    Take all this pride
    And leave it behind
    Because one day it ends
    One day we die
    Believe what you will
    That is your right
    But I choose to win
    So I choose to fight
    To fightโ€


  29. Think of it what you may, but this statement proves what I’ve been saying for such a long time, that the Federer-Djokovic rivalry is the best of this era. I only wish he hadn’t tarnished it with on court massages.

    Novak Djokovic: โ€œSincerely, this has been the best quality Grand Slam final that I ever been part of. I’ve had a longest final against Nadal in the Australian Open 2012. But quality-wise from the first to last point, this is definitely the best match.”

    1. I also think Sid that Federer-Novak matches are far more better than Novak-Nadal matches. The quality of their matches are just amazing.

    2. Everytime Roger Federer play, I always open his wikipedia page

      Here is stated on the wikipedia regarding Roger-Novak rivalry

      “Federer and Djokovic have met 35 times with Federer leading 18โ€“17.Federer leads 4-3 on clay. They are tied 13โ€“13 on hard-courts and 1โ€“1 on grass. The Federerโ€“Djokovic rivalry is the largest rivalry in Grand Slam history with a record 12 matches played against each other and they are tied 6โ€“6”.

      Not only largest but it is high quality as well.

      1. Get the f*** off this site Pablo. I mean if you’re going to come here and diss everything just for the heck of it. First I understood Jonathan’s point, but now I’m starting to agree with Sid. We don’t need your inferiority complex here.

        Djokovic- Federer matches have always gone the distance and pit strength against strength, as opposed to strength against weakness in the Fedal and in the Djokodal rivalries.

        Just because they’ve always ended up meeting in semi finals and not block buster finals doesn’t make it any less compelling.

      2. Actually is the other way round. In Djokodal matches they play strenght against strenght whereas in the other two they play weakness against strenght. Having said that It doesn’t mean necessarily the quality is gonna be less or more.

      3. Pablo – that was a quote from Djoker himself he said it was higher quality not something we invented. Please take up your gripe with Novak directly.

      4. But if you want to follow Djokovic’s words I’m gonna write here one of his quotes. (Speaking to Nadal) “For me you are the greatest player of all time” ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. Hahaha Nice video I had already watched it. 7 years? after those ridiculous words and after being crashed in 3 sets at RG he still never beated Nadal at RG.

      6. I read that comment somewhere, what Djokovic said. He said is because he was trying to compare at what was achieved by Nadal, and he through extrapolating, he had enough time.

        He then went on to beat Nadal thrice at Grand Slams in the next 10 months or so. Perhaps a well timed statement, to prime Nadal, and go on a 7-0 run?

        And our poor troll here once again went to town with it. The problem with this troll is, numbers don’t matter to him. He simply picks up what someone said, and believes it. For example, Tostao said, “Spain taught the world how to play beautiful football”. So, that must be it.

        P.S. Why is it that we are having a GOAT debate on what is clearly a discussion about the Wimbledon 2014 final?

      7. [Actually is the other way round. In Djokodal matches they play strenght against strenght whereas in the other two they play weakness against strenght.]

        Probably the worst, most immature, and irrational comment I’ve seen in a long time. If the Djokovic-Federer rivalry is akin to playing strength against weakness, what does that tell us about Federer, who at this time is 18-17, and they are practically even on all surfaces?

        And if Djokovic vs Nadal is strength against strength, explain how Djokovic is 19-23 in the H2H, but a mere 4-14 on clay. What does that tell you about clay?

        Finally, Federer-Nadal is a mismatch of strengths of monumental proportion. No way that makes for even a decent rivalry, again, with Federer just 3-13 on clay.

        P.S. This asshole, Pablo, just doesn’t stop. You’ve got to kinda respect that ๐Ÿ™‚

      8. Many words to say nothiing at all. I said Nadal best shot (FH) plays against Nole best shot (BH). Why you mixed it with the results?

      9. Nole said what he said. If you trust his words trust everything he has said not what you want to.

      10. Nole said that when he was a two slam winner, and had just lost to Nadal at the US Open, and right about the time when he started his “gluten free” and “CVAC” processeses, and went on a 7-0 run vs. Nadal? Hmmm…so in other words, he tore apart the greatest player over the next 10 months or. You’re right, I believe him ๐Ÿ™‚

        P.S. Have you stopped eating them beans yet?

      11. [Nole said what he said. If you trust his words trust everything he has said not what you want to.]

        What Nole said on Sunday was as a 7 time slam winner, twice at Wimbledon, former and current world No.1 for a 100 weeks or so, having had the experience of playing those marathons vs Nadal, and having gone through the pain of so many losses. He said it with a lot of hindsight, a lot of perspective.

        And compare that with what Nole said in 2011, as I’ve explained in my previous.

        My original comment was not just in context of what Nole said, but backed by his actual H2H record vs. Federer.

        P.S. Pablo, go back to Toni and Rafa, they have some protein shake for you.

      12. At the same time he said that when Nadal had 9 GS now that he has 14 I don’t think he has changed his mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

      13. But don’t worry is pointless to have this debate now. We will see the recordbook of each one when they finish their careers. ๐Ÿ™‚

      14. There are only two people who get to decide, as I’ve said several times, who the greatest is. Rod Laver, and Pete Sampras. Whoever is the GOAT, will need an approval from both.

        If you think it’s pointless to have this debate now, why are you so adamant on bringing it up all the time? So, just shut your ****hole and never talk about it.

      15. [Many words to say nothiing at all. I said Nadal best shot (FH) plays against Nole best shot (BH). Why you mixed it with the results?]

        Why you no give rebuttal? Why is Djokovic 4-14 on clay, and 15-9 everywhere else? That makes for a great rivalry? If you can’t give a rebuttal, don’t just dismiss what someone said.

      16. Again taking what you want in your benefit. Why the approval of Rod Laver and Pete Sampras hahaha.

        And manipulating the information. I would say Nadal looses 14-7 on hardcourts and leads 16-5 everywhere else.

      17. Bitch, what I was trying to tell you how clay favors one player, and non-clay the other, with lop sided H2H’s. And you call that the greatest rivalry? Have you compared that with Federer-Djokovic? Have you? Have you? No you haven’t. Because you were too busy eating beans and sipping on Nadal protein shake.

      18. (how clay favors one player, and non-clay the other) Here is your manipulation. I would be more accurate if you say hardcourts benefit one player and non-hardcourts the other because here is what you want to hide. Nadal leads Djokovic on grass manipulative man ๐Ÿ™‚

        (And you call that the greatest rivalry?) The question is how can’t I call it the greatest rivalry ever when involves two of the best ever, they have the record of matches of one rivalry, they played in every single GS Final and the most shocking stat… They played 4 consecutive GS Finals!!!!! the Djokodal Slam.

        Next one please, I don’t like to abuse… You are too easy crybaby ๐Ÿ™‚

      19. End of comments on this. As going nowhere for either party.

        Sid – read Susie’s comment.

        Pablo – go to bed. Also your monthly payment of โ‚ฌ49.99 for freedom to comment on the blog is overdue. Interest kicks in at midnight.

    3. Seems like Roger is the ingredient for a high quality GS Final

      Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2014 (Novak mentioned it), Andy Roddick Wimbledon 2009 (16-14 on 5th set, this is brutal), Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2008, Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2009

  30. Well, it just wasn’t to be but Roger has not lost any respect in defeat, if anything his efforts have made him go up in people’s estimations even more.

    Over the 5 sets I thought Djokovic was incredibly consistent in both ground strokes and serves, and Roger’s serving kept him in the match at times. It looked too that it was going to be a regulation 4 set victory for Novak but Rog’s mental fortitude was fantastic (even surprising) and his quality of play tremendous at a time when he should in theory have been wilting.

    I am sad because I think that was his last genuine shot at a GS and he was so close to achieving it, and sad too that Rog felt the pain of this defeat. I have to give Djok credit though, he did play his best game and looked very focused throughout the match. Gracious winner as well. Given his bad run in GS finals he deserved a break, just a shame that it came yesterday.

    Really hope Fed can carry this form forward to the US Open. He got a good draw at Wimbledon and he’ll be lucky to do so again at Flushing Meadows, but he can still be a threat, even if winning it seems a step too far.

    1. I’m interested to see what he can on hard courts, flopped last 2 years vs Berdscat and Boredo. Edberg knows his way around a hard court too so we’ll see what they cook up. I think the loss might motivate Edberg too here.

      1. Neil, Jonathan and Susie, I am very convinced that Roger will do well. From the defeat, I saw the determination on his face. The tear at the ceremony is heart-breaking and I am still hurting. I am sure that Roger will not let this narrow defeat to define this season. The Northern America HC swing plus DC are coming up, Roger knows that they are just as important as Wimbledon. Roger will have a good break for the final two legs of the season, which he normally does well.

  31. According to some”intelligent” people, this is so called the “Tough Era” or “Golden Era”of tennis so by that logic and standard I just want to see all these golden era dolls to perform like what Fed did at age of 33. And hey, this is by no mean Federer will not appear in GS finals or win one of those #18. 33 and counting…

  32. Jonathan,
    Great post, not only this match but to cover the whole tournament. Great job, I admire your hard work, you are truly Roger Federer Fan.

    What a heartbreaking result (not the match, the match was great)

    I practically screaming, shouting, and cursing, at the end of 3rd set; hopeless when it was 5-2 on the 4th, fist pump, punching the air and clapping till my palm numb at the end of 4th set, and devastated when he lose.
    Only Federer that has this effect on me.

    Congratulation for Novak for winning Wimbledon this year. Your passing shots was awesome (a lot of passing shots), so is your physicality, also the ability to dig deep and win the match even when it seems impossible. You just need to fix one thing, the mental to say to yourself that you can win it, without doing unnecessary MTO when you are down. Please don’t be that kind of guy.

    As for my man (our man), Roger Federer, it is true that this is your first GS final in 2 years, but I believe this is not the last. Looking at you firing 29 Aces and 75 Winners, I am sure there will be another chance for you to win GS. Darth Federer will be back for US Open, with the black lightsaber. May the force be with you

    To all my fellow Federer Fans, cheer up, and have your head held high. No matter what Nadal Fans said to you (I have 1 and he really annoyed me yesterday), they also upset that Nadal is no longer at No.1 (they have been becoming fake Fed Fan this last 2 days, meh). Look at what Roger achieved this year, and be happy for it.

    1. Amar, I experienced the same roller-coaster emotions as you did watching the match. In fact at 5-2 the 4th set, I switched off the computer as it was too inbearable for me. Yet my curiousity got the better of me and I stole glances at the live-score instead and was in ecstasy seeing Fed won the 4th set. Alas, we know how it still ended.

      Yes, like you, only Fed has this kind of effect on me. I can’t explain it……………………..

  33. Like others I’m proud to be Roger’s fan today. He fought so hard and it was a shame that it ended the way it did, as he deserved better and Novak has plenty of time to up his tally of GS titles. The most important thing is that largely thanks to Roger (Novak played the way he does, including the gamesmanship, but just a little bit harder) we had one of the most brilliant finals I’ve ever seen. Count on Roger to add the drama, the style and the pure guts that can make tennis matches so thrilling. Although it all came down to a few points in the end, I do think Novak overall had the upper hand, so deserved to win (in spite of aforementioned gamesmanship). It was always Roger that was most likely to go flaky and in the end that’s what happened. There’s no shame at age 32 losing to a man six years younger and at the very height of his prime. If they were the same age I wouldn’t have given Novak a chance of winning. So bravo Roger, and I hope when he’s digested a rather bitter loss (because it was so close) he will take all the positives from his performance forward. No. 18 is on the horizon I’m sure of it.

    Btw, checking twitter this morning I see both Novak and Roger have surged forward in numbers of followers, both adding over 30,000 since the match. However, Roger has gained 2,000 more followers than Novak. That says it all really.

    1. Serving second against the world’s best returner in easily the biggest game of the year (Wimbledon final fifth set) was bound to be extremely tough. The moment it reached 5-4, it was unlikely he could pull it off, because Novak would start going for broke on returns. Which is precisely what happened.

      At the end of the day, maybe if he had made the smash, perhaps he would have broken, and won? Maybe if the medical time out hadn’t been allowed the result would have been different? Who knows, and it’s pointless to deliberate as to the ‘what ifs’, – what I’m trying to say is, that the one smash, missed or otherwise, doesn’t change the way he played for the rest of the 4 hours- which was the bravest I’ve ever seen him play. Maybe the smash might have determined who lifted the trophy, but it doesn’t change anything else- That he fought like a champion and held his composure with grace and dignity in the face of defeat. No one can take that away from him, ever; and no one can come close to the way he conducts himself in victory or defeat.

      1. “Maybe the smash might have determined who lifted the trophy, but it doesnโ€™t change anything else- That he fought like a champion and held his composure with grace and dignity in the face of defeat. No one can take that away from him, ever; and no one can come close to the way he conducts himself in victory or defeat.”

        Again, so true.

    2. I agree, Fed in his prime wouldn’t lose to Djoker here Rita. He beat Prime Novak in 2011 on his worst surface in his own post prime.

      1. You can’t know that. Roger would win more than he would loose but Djokovic would be able to beat him.

      2. Prime Fed on grass ain’t losing to Prime Djoker on grass. I can say with 100% certainty. USO and AO (on Plexi) are where they will likely trade wins. Clay is actually an interesting one, hard to know who comes out on top in that one.

        Djoker still 0 French Opens so he has to really be behind Fed in terms of the best on clay behind Nadal of the last decade. I guess I would back Fed to win on clay Prime vs Prime.

        2008 would be when Roger’s decline started IMO. In that year he lost to a number of players ranked outside the Top 10 like Blake, Fish, Simon, Karlovic for the first time ever. Been a gradual process since with some peaks and some troughs.

      3. IMO Djokovic is the second best clay court player of the last 10 years, if he hasn’t won a RG yet it is due to the Nadal factor. He was able to win the 3 M1000 on clay and by beating the best everl in the finals, for me this is one of the biggest achievements for a tennis player nowadays.

        Roger’s decline started due to a stronger field, he was 26 in 2008. Even in 2011 when you pointed out he beated Nole he was in perfect conditions.

      4. Jonathan, your statement “Prime Fed on grass ainโ€™t losing to Prime Djoker on grass” is correct. Non-prime Federer in 2012, beat Djokovic on grass. Djokovic would’ve stood no chance vs Prime Fed on grass.

        Pablo’s statement that “Djokovic is the second best clay court player of the last 10 years” is plain stupid. I did an ATP World Tour Records comparison, and also their performances at the French Open, and saw nothing that puts Djokovic above Federer on clay. If Djokovic hasn’t won RG due to Nadal, then Federer is missing four titles due to Nadal (but also owns one).

        The reason Roger was close to prime conditions after 2008 is a testimony to his playing style, and his discipline. He kept hanging on with these baseline bashers, and picked up four more slams with his 90 sq in. racquet. Roger went in decline because of two reason: Age, and the blatant slowing down of courts, combined with the game moving predominantly to the baseline. We also have to factor in that the other multi-slam winners are at least five to six years younger than him. Of course they will be stronger.

  34. Allow me to release my rant – djoker with his ‘tactical’ MTO, Dimitrov for blowing 3 set point in the 4th set and Cilic doing down lamely in the 5th. Anyways kudos to Djoker for stopping the rot, regaining his no1 spot. He was indeed the better player throughout the match. Not sure if too pre-mature to say he is back to 2011 form? He will end the year at no1 as no way Nadull can defend 3 HC titles he won last year – IMPOSSIBLE. Hey maybe Roger can move up to no 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Roger – I am not going to rant about some of his tactics and risky shot selections, learn and move on. Nonetheless I am so proud to be his fan, Roger fought tooth and nail pushing it to 5th while other player would have folded like cheap tent at 5-2. He has shown us his grit and heart of a champion, though not able to pull of a W but he has won a lot more fans – William, Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman and legions of fans out there. I don’t think any other player is able to that level stardom like Roger (biased opinion)Tennis at the highest level and I am sure more people will appreciate more what Roger has brought to tennis. He played in a manner how tennis should be played, fair and with pace not endless time wasting + grinding. For once those tennis pundits and analyst should STOP writing his obituary. My heart broke when I saw Roger shedding a single tear, its just reminded me 2009 AO. Based on his grass performance, I see a lot of positives and maybe hope that Roger can push for no 18 at USO if not AO2015. Lastly he and Stan are in prime position for Davis Cup W. Go Roger!!!

    1. Bradley Cooper is a complete hanger on at Wimbledon. Turns up every year and supports whoever is in fashion. Surprised he wasn’t there with Butler again taking selfies in matching suits.

      That’s my one dislike about Wimbledon – they have a dedicated area for third rate sportsman to watch and get a ton of camera time. Beckham is there every year floating around like he’s on an even keel. If I had to match him to a tennis player in terms of overall achievement it would be Greg Rusedski. And I don’t see Greg in the Royal Box.

      1. David Beckham is one the best English players of the last 20 years.

      2. LOL. Do me a favour man. Although I suppose that would indicate the dire state of English football if he is one of the best. So I guess you could be right.

        He’s born from media hype and a very strong PR team. He had a few good seasons at Man Utd where he scored some decent free kicks and put in some good crosses but overall I’m not sold on him. He was part of a very strong Man Utd team where 99% of team were beaten before the game had even begun.

        In terms of England – the free kick to qualify was awesome. But qualifying counts for nothing. Look at Argentina game 1998, one of the most pitiful red cards I have ever seen.

        You either keep calm and don’t react, or do a Zizou and nut the guy. Not just some weak tap on the back of the leg like a 4 yr old.

        And now we get to watch programs like “Beckham into the unknown” where he travels to the Amazon with his friends to see what life is like over there. Something he’s always wanted to do on a personal level. Except a camera crew are accompanying him too. Not sure why they needed to be there if it was on his bucket list. He’s just a brand, stopped being a footballer in the middle of his career.

      3. I’m not saying he was one of the best in the world I’m saying he was one of the best players of the most important sport in England so I understand his invitation. I know he is a product of Marketing and he is not what they want to sell however if you see just the player and remove those prejudices he was a great football player. He was able to play in one of the best teams ever (Galacticos) and doing a good job, He surprised me a lot when he came to Real Madrid I thought he played like a lady and actually he was a fighter.

      4. Yeah, Bradley Cooper does not come across as a ‘true’ tennis fan. Like you said he loves to be in the limelight yes? Gosh I am still having hangover from Sunday’s match. Its still one of the best I have watch for a while especially 4th set. Its just amazing, outstanding, dramatic and true will here – ran out of adjectives to describe it. In my heart – Roger is a winner too ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. With you on this! Sportsmen/women is one thing, actors attaching themselves to whoever is in vogue shld be stopped! All about themselves!

  35. Also, Jonathan, I’d just like to mention something. The reason I, along with many of the others, come to this site before all the others is because it’s a platform for like minded individuals to come together and share our love for one thing- Federer.

    If I wanted to have endless debate with trolls who have no reverence for fact, and have the capacity to argue all day like mindless apes, I would be over at Bleacher Report or some of the myriad of other sites out there. There’s no shortage.

    The fact of the matter is that this, and correct me if I’m wrong, is first and foremost a ‘Federer’ site. At least that’s what we, as a collective group have come to believe. And that’s the way we like it.

    Could you consider laying out some admin rules as to the conduct of individuals on your blog? Individuals with constant and blatant disregard for anything not suiting their agenda (and fact, when posed to them) are making for a less enjoyable comments section. You’ll see their comments everywhere, and it just doesn’t make for a nice read.

    I’m all for positive discourse, but it has to make sense and be backed by fact.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this is a place for people with a common interest. If there are certain individuals who have nothing positive to add to the blog and are an unending source of ‘facepalm’ moments, it leads me to wonder as to the reason behind their presence here.

    They’re aware that they are clearly unwelcome here. I’m sure there are platforms where their opinions will resonate with other like minded individuals. Then why come here? It just goes to show a massive inferiority complex coupled with mindless hero worship that leads to fanaticism and consequently, a vehement disregard to fact and sensible debate.

    I don’t know if there are others who agree with me, but maybe it’s time you laid out some ground rules and thought about blocking people who have nothing positive to add here. I did notice that you deleted Troy Ngyuen’s comments. And I believe that made sense.

    At the end of the day, it is your blog. You’re the boss.

    1. I’m not going to waste my time laying out rules for commenting as I don’t think it really needs it. The blog polices itself. People can choose themselves whether a comment annoys them or not. The simple answer is to not respond if you know that person can’t come back with anything sensible.

      It’s impossible to please everyone on the site as I will get nowhere so right now I’m happy with how everything works.

      Troy’s comments are pointless so I remove them if they slip through the net. Countless Dull tards try comment here and they are removed as they are usually personal attacks.

  36. Question for you Jonathan: Hoe much would it bother you if Nadal won the slam record(18-17 let’s say)……

    Like I said above, Roger will always be the GOAT to me no matter what……. And no one will ever be more loved than him. But a lot of “Fedfans” only support him if he is the best. But I believe the slam record, although extremely IMPORTAINT to us don’t get me wrong, becoming Nadal’s could determine who the real Fedfans are. Not that he will get it, I still have total faith in my hero ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t understand how playing the greatest match of all time(2008) and yesterday’s final could “damage” his legacy in any way! It only is a testament of the quality of tennis and how hard his opponents had to fight just to scrape by as the champion! As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    So as Roger falls to 2-4 in finals this year, I found something interesting! In all 4 of this final loses(Brisbane,Indian Wells, Monte Carlo, Wimbledon) Roger lost in the final set, which shows he was in each one which is rather remarkable. At 32, Federer lost each one without giving up; in each one, his fight suggested he might actually win and his younger fresher opponent just found a way like Roger did in his prime. We are so blessed to have Roger Federer and sometimes we don’t appreciate him if he doesn’t win. But after last year and seeing how he physically and mentally can go toe-to-toe with those in their complete primes, I am more proud of Roger Federer than ever.

    Records are awesome, Slam record is special, but Roger doesn’t care if Rafa breaks it as much as us fans do. Why? Probobly because he has tried his best and knows he did everything he was capable of. And because he is a dad; he loves his girls and boys and Mirka much more than a tennis match and although he has an commendable passion for tennis, he sets his priorities peRFectly. After all, he is tennis ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wouldn’t bother me at all really. The game of Tennis is bigger than all the players put together. Fed is a legend of the game, there’s been plenty before him and will be plenty more after.

  37. Hi Jonathan, I agree with Guarav & Scooter in the previous post, I think at this point, Fed fans deserve closure :).
    We can bear the trolls when competition starts again. This loss comes with PAIN, we don’t need silly people to rub it in. This blog should be solace at this point (at least for 2-3 days)

  38. Well I learned a few things from this match (this fortnight, actually). I’ll try to summarize them, and I hope some of you have the patience to have a look.
    But first of all, have to say well done to you, Jonathan! You were so quick with the posts, and were almost always spot on with your analyses!
    Now to the things I learnt-
    1) Superstitions don’t work (Who would have figured THAT out :D)- I couldn’t comment on Jonathan’s first post after the start of Wimbly, so I didn’t comment on any (how stupid is that!) and followed a set pattern before and after every match. But alas! Wasn’t meant to be ๐Ÿ™
    (The following ones aren’t so dumb)
    2) There is nothing, and I mean nothing, ordinary about Roger Federer. The guy switches to a new racket after having his most disastrous year on tour. That (despite my total lack of any technical knowledge) has to be THE biggest change a tennis player can bring about in his game unless we go all dramatic like changing from one-handed BH to two-handed or vice-versa. He just had another pair of twins. I always marveled at his (and his entire family’s) ability to carry around the first set of twins around the globe. He has another now! It boggles my mind! And Mirka. The woman who travels across the globe with all these children in tow supporting her husband to carry on a career in this sport which requires crazy level of fitness and focus. THERE IS NOTHING ORDINARY ABOUT HIM!
    3) Roger’s ability to play as an underdog. I have always known that he is an amazing front-runner. And that he, unlike others, embraces the ‘favourite’ tag for tournaments too. He likes to lead. But these past few years, he has not been the outright favourite at most tournaments. I thought, “He is such a champion. Won’t this hurt his pride? Won’t answering all these questions about his retirement irk the hell out of him?”. And these things along with the poor back last year made me feel extremely nervous. Maybe he will call it quits now, I thought. He has everything. How much is too much when it comes to heartbreaking defeats? But he stayed. And adapted. He brought on Stefan Edberg on the team. He worked hard. And he is still there, in the Top 3 in the world. Making semis and finals at majors. And boy does he love to prove the pundits wrong!
    4) The concept of ‘deserve’ is very twisted in sport (and in life, too). I believed with all my heart that Roger deserved this victory. After 2013, this steady progress that he has been making this year in terms of his game, there was no way he would be denied this. Stars seemed to be in favour, too. He got an okay draw, didn’t have to play RN in the semi and was relatively fresher than his final opponent. Wimbledon has given its fair share of heartbreaks, I thought. 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013. Seemed more than enough. What’s more, it would have been 8-18-80! But sigh, it didn’t happen.
    5) Roger’s game has room for improvement. What’s scariest for me is knowing that he played his best and lost. Because I want to believe Roger’s best is more than enough for any opponent on any surface. But his FH just doesn’t seem to be as lethal (again, I have zero technical knowledge) as it used to be with the old stick. His BH has improved, his serve looks great. But he hasn’t quite gotten there with the FH. So I think once he gets there, he’ll be scary good again. Scary good Roger is a contender for every title. I like scary good.
    6) Losses still hurt! I have tried to espouse the be-glad-he-is-still-playing-win-or-lose theory. But it doesn’t work. The guy is so beautiful to watch, so breathtaking in every possible way, so peRFect on and off the court, that it seems unfair when he loses. Just wrong. AND he plays clean. No unnecessary MTOs, no time violations, no needless toweling. Just no gamesmanship. Fair play, always. So losses hurt. Bad.

    But I’m here, and will always be, supporting him no matter what. Onto the hard courts now! Long live the GOAT.

    1. Nice write-up FedFan. I whole-heartedly agree with you on Point 6. Loves the way he plays tennis………………

    2. Thank you for heart-felt words, I am with you on this.
      I feel that Roger’s FH has still got plenty of pop. However, they go stray sometimes, when either timing is a bit off or there was a bit of hesitation. When he hit it cleanly, they are beautiful – pacing and clean. A particularly painful pill to swallow is that I feel that Roger was pretty good physically but was just gone off the boil a little mentally in the 5th set. Novak was desperately trying to slow down and hang in there in the 5th set but Roger tried too hard to rush him. In the end, he could not find his own 1st serves in the last two service games, though he did it so brilliantly in the 4th set’s last 5 games.

      1. Yeah, def felt the return pressure as that set built. Novak found his best form too which puts such pressure on the serve, and Fed pressed a bit too much. Last 8 points?, he got 2! Mental strain of serving second though he denies it. Still think that missed overhead at 15 all was a killer.

    3. I kind of agree with you about the FH thing. And a commentator (don’t remember who) pointed out the same. His serve has improved and his backhand as well but maybe his FH is not as good as with the other racquet.

    4. Thanks for the comment FedFan.

      I agree too about the FH, McEnroe said the same thing in commentary that his backhand, serve and volleys have improved the FH is lacking a little bit.

      Hard to pinpoint why exactly. His forehand has changed quite a bit over the year, albeit subtly.

    5. Very good comment FedFan. Nothing to disagree on. I wanted to stress on what you said about Roger still having a lot of room for improvement. From what I saw, and I haven’t watched every single point, there’s lot of improvement needed on the second serve, and the approach shot is not great. It may have been effective on grass, but will continue to be a liability on hard courts. Novak burned him with passes, more a result of not doing enough with the approach.

      1. Gd point. He kept trying with the approach but not knifed enough, and Novak had huge time to pass.

      2. Improvement needed on passing shots and lobs. I repeatedly mentioned that. I think that’s one of the key factors in the final loss.

      3. @Ankur – you mean Fed needs to work on his approach shots or passing shots?

        I don’t think passing shots were a facotr in the final, Novak didn’t really do much at the net, he only came in when he was huge favourite.

        I think Fed needs to approach better though in some instances, although Djoker made some awesome passes where I think Fed did all he could with the approach.

    6. Superb comments beautifully summed up. How I feel too. I am so so happy he is still playing, and so admiring of how hard he has worked to get back. That in itself is quite extraordinary. But boy the losses hurt! Feeling bereft still!

    7. Love the comment- very much agree on the FH, not as successful with the new racquet but can’t have it all, it was needed to compete against the top guys.

  39. Tweet seen somewhere in Roger’s timeline: “Don’t eat the grass, Novak. You may have won Wimbledon but you are NOT the GOAT” ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah eating the grass, what is that all about?! I would also ban players from going up to there box to celebrate. They’ve even put a gate on the box now for Health and Safety. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are under instruction to do it if they win.

      Go to your back and put your watch on. Then climb up to the players box.

  40. Hi Jonathan, Like others I am very thankful for this blog. Some of my friends think I am crazy to feel gutted, sad, etc whenever Fed loses a match so I find comfort here knowing that there are so many that share the same feelings. You are great to be able to do such great reviews so quickly after a match win or lose. Gifted and special as the athlete you write about . Thank you. Fed is a very special human being and win or lose I will always be cheering for him. Thanks again Jonathan and to all the true Fed Fans, One Love.

    1. Hey sweet Utch, I will comment soon. I am just waiting for the tears to stop. And I mean that literally….

  41. Hi Guys,

    Haven’t been able to post til now as have spent the last 24 hrs literally trying to read every single word that has been written about this final, and feeling as though I hv been bereaved (Sid, I know how you feel), and now coming through a period of recovery.
    Jonathan great post, you say it all, so just thought I Wld share some thoughts from my day on Centre court.
    Like Boris, I was lucky enough to see it live and I cannot emphasize enough that TV really doesn’t do the whole glorious match and the narrowest of defeats for Federer, any justice at all! And also that TV can never quite replicate the intense physical experience of seeing Federer play live.

    As Alysha has pointed out, every single article/feature/tweet has been about Roger. Even in victory, poor Novak cannot be rid of Roger, rid of the effect he has had on people, from the very start of his career, which has grown and grown to the almost physical demonstration of that feeling, which spilled from the crowd, resulting in the most emotional and visceral support I have ever witnessed on Centre court before ( and I saw Andy win). It is a mixture of deep deep love and admiration for his play, his shotmaking, his physical beauty of movement, tinged with an almost unbearable feeling that one day, we will not be able to witness it. Federer as a religious experience? Not so sure. Federer as extremely intense physical and aesthetic experience, knowing it will end one day? Probably. Makes me sad just to write that.

    When I came home, I watched the highlights and I have to reiterate that the extreme noise in that arena , is just not transmitted over the TV. The studio conditions dull it, mute it, just as they reduce the speed at which this players strike the ball.
    Watching, hearing it live, you close your eyes sor just a second and the sound is just incredible. It’s totally surrounds you.
    When he broke to lead 6-5 in the 4th set, the “Roger, Roger” chants just rose up unorchestrated from the very depths of the audiences sense of wonder at what they had just witnessed.

    And that in itself was fascinating, because we had witnessed the utter fight and grit that Jonathan alluded to. Yes, Fed does beauty, floating movement, and loose limbed athleticism, but for those 5 games, he fought like an alley cat, went for shots with the anger of a caged lion, with an intense energy showing a nerveless will not to be beaten. He barely missed a ball, and was totally in the zone. And the crowd rose as one. Grown men were weeping, clutching their heads in astonishment, fists were pumping the air. I found myself going quite mad with delirious joy when he levelled, just thinking, it’s not over, we can still watch him, don’t stop playing Roger, never stop playing Roger, ever, ever , ever! And even as he gritted his way thru, it is still physically beautiful to watch. And the crowd responds instinctively, not in blind worship, but in instinctive recognition of the beauty of his movement, majestic power, and sheer force of will.

    The other interesting thing about watching Federer live, is that he is so silent. So the noise from the crowd contrasts so strongly with his quietness. He moves silently, breathes silently, attacks silently, and then suddenly, but only when it really counts, he releases an “Allez”, or a “Come on” , as efficient and as economical as his play, and they mean so much more than the constant celebrations by other players. His sudden fist clench, shake of the racquet head after a tough hold, or saving a break point are so much more meaningful, so much more forceful.

    As Jonathan said, not for Roger the self indulgent climb up to the players box, not for him, the long lingering glance to his box when something goes wrong. Fed only looks at his box when he breaks, or when he wins that TB, emphasising the positive, never focusing on the negative.

    Even the way he jogs back to his line after changing his racquet, the way he quietly asked Novak if he was ok at the end change(did you all see that). Everything is understated and therefore more real.

    All of the above and more are why we love and cherish him.

    I cld go on for hours as to how great the match was etc, but Jonathan has written a superb post, and Roger left it all on the court as we knew he would. Yes he lost, but in my eyes, he won, and he will always be the winner, the tennis player, the greatest, because no one, and I mean no one can touch him in terms of how to play the game.”Tis a thing of beauty”

    1. Thank you for that, Susie – beautifully put. And thanks for the comments about the noise level: they just hadn’t sounded as loud as, say, for Kyrgios against Nadal.

      1. Hi different noise, less emotional, more pure excitement that Nadal was bring beaten.. Again

    2. Great comment and what a memory to treasure being there on such a beauty of a day, consider yourself blessed!

      The crowd chanting “Roger” at the end of the fourth set was absolutely chilling, it also seemed that at the trophy ceremony Fed got a bigger cheer than Novak and it seemed as Novak himself understood why finally.

      Yes you are right, it’s going to end one day isn’t it? I think that’s what people finally realised this final. Fed isn’t making slam finals anymore on the regular and the other three have been sharing the spotlight a bit the past few years and then this Wimbledon sort of made everyone stop and think and be grateful for having Federer still playing and that tennis won’t be the same without him.

    3. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes Susie. This final could well have been Roger’s last chance of lifting that Wimbledon Trophy, that’s what made it even more special than usual and may well have come into his mind at the close of the fifth set, tensing him up and bringing on the errors that eventually cost him the match. He was oh so very nearly there. What a tough loss this was. Hard enough for us fans to watch, it must have been unbearable for him, but as always he remained outwardly calm, smiling politely and only a single tear revealed the turmoil which must have been welling up inside.

      I find wearing headphones can improve the sound quality when watching a match on TV or the PC. Trouble there is the constant chatter of the comms does become an annoying distraction.

      Tennis will never be the same when Roger finally decides to call it a day. There are good players out there, but only one great one!

      1. Wendy, Carly Sinon’s song ‘Nobody does it better’ sprang to mind with your last sentence……….
        I am glad to have been in an tennis era where Fed is in.

    4. Lucky Susie to have watched the Final and thanks for echoing true feelings of a fed fan in such a vivid fashion.Bravo!

    5. Hi Susie

      Thank you, wonderful post ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot imagine total empty feeling the day Roger hangs up his racquet. Win or lose, Roger please play as long as possible.

      p/s: special thanks for Jon for this site/blog, made a lot friends here ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Hey Susie,

      Thank you for sharing this. I had goosebumps reading your comment…

      Lucky you! I was like a crazy in front of theTV. Really, rare are the things that can match the thrill of watching Roger play. May he still regale us years and years to come…

      Now lets not worry and have confidence! With this form and level, great things are on his doorstep …

      1. Thks all and I echo the sentiments re Jonathan and this blog! Love it! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    7. So, so eloquent Susie, thank you so much. I too have been obsessively reading everything I can find on the final (except Bleacher Report, I don’t go there!), and nothing has made me feel closer to being there. I loved this line:

      “And the crowd rose as one. Grown men were weeping, clutching their heads in astonishment…”

    8. Susie, thanks for this comment. I only just read it.

      It tells me that watching Federer made us his fans. But only watching him live will make us believers.


  42. Hi Jonathan

    As I said to a friend who e-mailed me after the game – how can you be sad when you have watched the GOAT put everything he has on the line and played a match like that – he may not have won the trophy but he was definitely the winner in so many ways – have always been proud to be a fed fan am even proder now

  43. Ah, damn, this happens, and then I get a 2.2 in my degree and aren’t allowed back next year… an awful lot of punches to take in two days. For what it’s worth, I’m proud of Roger. Great tournament. One of his best, I will look upon it with the same fondness I do upon the French Open 2011. Lost, but incredible play.

    1. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

      That’s what the Stan Wawrinka’s tattoo reads.

      1. Thanks guys, to all of you. It’s always great comfort to have a community to go to like this one. Looking forward to a successful hard court season ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Can you negotiate to get back on your course? I once got 7% on an exam at Uni lol, but they couldn’t get that ยฃ3k off me quick enough for Year 3.

        To anyone reading this – don’t go to University, it is the biggest waste of money imaginable and serves no purpose. Unless you want to be a Dr. etc there is no point going.

      3. Or, if you do go, don’t do the kneejerk-reaction, straight-from-school-to-uni thing just because everyone does. Have a break for a few years, make sure you really want to do it, and get some life experience in first. Not only will you benefit more from it, you’ll probably get better marks too ๐Ÿ™‚

        (Guess who didn’t take her own advice …)

    2. Ah John, sorry if you were wanting to continue your studies. Hope you will find a good alternative. Somewhere else, something else? But always within reach of tennis & PeRFecttennis ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Thanks for the post Susie. Just think how proud his family must be of him. I know we fans are….so proud. This loss somehow adds to his legacy. It shows what a great champion he truly is.

  45. Thereโ€™s more to sport (and indeed life) than just winning and losing. Roger Federer epitomises this idea. Whether in defeat or victory, he continues to play a brand of gutsy, high-risk-high-reward and elegant tennis. Like Ru-an stated, it is not just the defeat but the manner of the loss that we must take into account. Fed gave it his all; he could have easily folded in the fourth, handed Djokovic a Wimbledon without fight, and gone home telling himself that his glory days are over. But Federer isnโ€™t weak. Above all, his stubbornness to accept defeat showed on Sunday and through tons of grit and skill, he won the fourth set and almost the match. We are not proud because Federer lost โ€“ in fact, Iโ€™m downright gutted โ€“ but because he refused to go away without a fight, showing the world thereโ€™s still something left in him. Bear in mind that even during the start of Wimbledon people were questioning his ability and hunger to win.
    Time is brutally quick, A month ago Nadal had won his 14th slam and people were touting him the GOAT, almost disregarding Federer in the process. Who knows what the future has in store? Maybe come the US Open Federer might have lost all form and might be struggling. Or maybe not. Maybe he might win a slam, or he might go out 4rth round. But that shouldnโ€™t prevent us from following him. Roger is not going to play for a whole lot more time, so it is absolutely essential that we enjoy what heโ€™s offering us โ€“ vintage Federer tennis. As a fan, the greatest asset we have is to hope, and I hope that in the future, Roger WILL win a slam, he WILL reassert his greatness, and he WILL provide us more joy.

    1. Agree, and Fed wld too! His love for the game transcends the win/loss. He gets that and so must we.

    2. “Victory isn’t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say ‘I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,’ then you are a winner”
      – Wolfgang Schadler.

    1. Lovely article Susie, thanks for posting it. I can’t read the Telegraph one – says I have to subscribe to read it – but it doesn’t matter. I would think if Roger is following his press at all (which we know he does) he’ll be more than happy with the general reaction to his game on Sunday. Almost seems like he was the winner for most.

      Thanks also for your post about the match. A joy to read. Must have been a truly extraordinary experience.

  46. Hi Jonathan and everyone,

    A bit late but just want to cerebrate Roger’s incredible Wimby 2014 with you all.

    Being totally out of touch with the world as I was on the road without TV/internet for the entire 2nd week, couldn’t watch his matches and haven’t even seen any highlights yet. I know what a miss as a Fed fan… ๐Ÿ™ So finally catching up with you guys on the blog alone has made me uncontrollably emotional.

    Thanks Jonathan for the beautifully written post for the final, a masterpiece.
    Susie, what a great Fedexperience you had and a superb recap the above, thanks for sharing.
    And everyone of you, thanks for contributing and sharing infos and thoughts here. I will read through every single posts and comments for this year’s journey of our GOAT, the one and only.

    1. I so hope you can find 4 hrs to watch it! One for the ages, one for our own personal memory to hold for ever.

    2. Hey Road Tripper,

      Wondered why you weren’t on live chat.

      Hope you get to watch the highlights. Although I don’t think I wanna watch the end again on match point. Kinda tame end that I won’t enjoy.


  47. Thanks Susie for sharing your experience. That is a memory to cherish for all times. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol Truly happy stuff. Thanks again.

  48. Thanks, Susie. For my part, there are two positions I read about which I can’t agree with: (1) that Fed not winning is, in part, compensated by the manner in which he lost. No! I think that, despite Fed’s PR after the match, we both only see, and can accept, him as a winner, the greatest of all time. (2) the idea that Fed is on his way out soon. He has the talent, hunger, psychological strength, love of the game/tour, and natural physique to play at the very top for the next few years. As long as he plays them, he has good chances to win GS’s.

    The media have been writing him off for years. Fans are moved by their emotions, and their fears take over. But Fed, although human and therefore bitterly disappointed by the Wimb final result, has the measure and perspective to see it for what it is, to move on, to head to North America and…C’mon!

    1. Worst Brazil side of all time. They are all money men, no passion or flair.

      My new rule is to play for your national team you have to play for a domestic team in that country.

  49. I like the pattern for this yearโ€™s GS final results. : )

    AO: Stan V Rafa: Rafa Lost

    FO: Rafa V Nole: Nole lost and Rafa won

    W: Nole V Federer: Federer lost and Nole won

    US: Federer V XXX: XXX lost and Federer will win … LOL

    The player who loses the GS final wins the next GS. : )

    1. I like this. I like this a lot. Nice pickup there.

      Let’s not forget that the only other time Fed lost a Wimbledon final he went on to win the US Open ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. I don’t know but I have this weird feeling that Federer will win one more Australian Open and french open. I know it sounds crazy and hard to believe but he will.

    1. He can do that only if he doesn’t have to go through seeds 1, and 2. Otherwise, there is no chance, oh PhantomGhostWhoMocksUs ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Tough loss to swallow, but at least he showed enough game and fighting spirit to hopefully shut up the “when will Federer retire?” crowd for some time.

    1. Nah, they never stop…I couldn’t forget how much hate/retire comments in after final…I guess they never stop, but it never matters for us….I am sure normal tennis fan appreciate the fight he shown…Cheers..

    2. Yeah I’m with Nambi. Those people never crawl back under a rock. I just don’t bother reading any other mainstream type sites. Too much noise anyway even from the professional journos.

  52. Hi Jonathan and all on this site
    I am a long time lurker and just love all the comments and perspectives, highs, lows ,arguments, facts and sentiments shared. You do a brilliant job Jonathan and your ability to distil the essence of what’s going on and so quickly on Twitter and Open chat simultanously is very much appreciated.

    Sunday was our hero at his best, he stands for such purity and integrity in ability and sportsmanship he is a true amateur in a sport becoming at times ugly with all the bad things professionalism can bring and yet he constantly strives to make it better by example. THIS IS WHERE HE IS PEERLESS ! Sunday was the recognition of the very best and it moved people as Susie felt, observed and so eloquently shared. It was sport at its best and we are all uplifted in so many ways.

    The Brad Gilbert’s,JMacs and Connors all tried to impose their brands in their time, winning ugly and admiring the power game and baseline bashers and isn’t it weird as Sunday we saw a classic game, played to the highest standard and people say it’s the best ever. Even Novak seems to have realised although I agree with Sid the massage was ill timed and questionable. Think it threw the Fed ,”riddum” off as the momentum shifted. I just wish the organisers would address these breaks Laver Rosewall and Fraser got a tiny bit of press decrying it as questionable. Of course in their day games did not take 4 hours .

    We are so lucky Fed had grounded parents who sought the best coaches for him and I think the Roche’s and Carters in the early days were part of the Hopman era overhang cohort who were influenced by the amateur ethos and ideals and who then went on as professionals , needing to eat, but upholding the values of true sportsmanship. What a coup in enticing Edberg his idol back and giving him someone to share his values and hone his talents further and keep him in the game longer.

    Fed does not court publicity , trying to live privately despite being such a towering figure in Tennis. Conversely Novak often just misses as he reveals things we don’t need to know. He is sharing his wedding in Hello, we know the baby is coming in October etc etc admittedly the foundation is benefitting from the former but….is nothing private…? He’s just a little too eager to build his brand and it rankles at times! Some articles said he was restrained on Sunday well The shirt ripping and primal screaming is so ugly , so it was a pleasure to see Wimbledon respected and the game so classy and such a high standard of play. That is how to engender crowd love and good manners and sportsmanship will never go out of fashion

    Anyway GOAT for me is summed up by something I saw once on a forum debating this eternal question -” if it were your last day on earth and you could see someone play tennis who would it be? ” That is the GOAT So simple ! Hard part is who would you want him to play…..?? Delpo Stan Novak Rafa? conversely I bet fans of these would select Fed as the opponent universally even if their GOAT differed? hence he is the GOAT!

    The debate will go on but we really have shared something special and whilst it won’t last forever the memory will and the next stage is looking very positive too – how lucky are we to have shared so many exquisite performances by Roger Federer? It really is summed up so well by Rene Stauffer his biographer, as a “Quest for PeRFection”!

    1. Cheers for the comment Katie. I agree with everything you wrote.

      I didn’t know about Djoker selling his Wedding Pics to Hello. Oh dear, that’s Jordan and Peter Andre league.

      1. Lots of people do it these days, Jonathan, either to improve their public profile or because they hope if they give one magazine an exclusive it will prevent the whole thing from becoming a free-for-all. Anyway, didn’t I see some pics of Roger and Mirka’s wedding in a magazine, or wasn’t that official?

      2. Well I saw this Hello mention on Twitter somewhere but when I see people being sacked like Simon Barnes one has to be careful not to be promulgating unreliable gossip! Apologies if I have mislead here.

    2. Great read! Well said re Djoker. He does try too hard, mistaking honesty with too much information!!! Hello?? Plumbing the depths!!

  53. Hey guys, what’s up? Looks like everyone has moved on from Roger’s Wimby loss….except ME. I am seeing new great articles and comments and even Roger is over the loss. So now… I want to write what I thought about it and ….. move on myself. Afterall, finally even my tears are becoming less and less ๐Ÿ™‚ And today on my b’day I don’t want to think about this anymore. Roger is moving on, I want to move on from Wimby myself and forget some things about it. Oh and yes, WARNING……. long comment ahead ๐Ÿ™‚ But do try to read it. It is costing me heartache……

    First of all, nothing special to say about Roger. Only that he amazes me time and time again. Whenever I think I cannot respect or love him more than I already do…. he ends up proving me wrong. I am sooooooo proud of him and still soooooo honoured to be his fan. You guys loved tennis and then you loved Roger. For me it has always been the other way around. I have loved Roger first and then tennis.

    But now, I want to talk about the other guy who was in the final a week ago. Second WARNING……. over the top rant ahead….. Novak accomplished some things by winning Wimby 2014:
    He made me lose all respect for him, eventhough he won the title.
    He made Roger look perfect.
    He made me respect Andy and Rafa more.
    He made me realise what a well olied marketing machine he really is.

    Congrats to Novak for winning Wimby. Nice to see his acting and actions paying off. He deserved to win the 2nd set and the last 3 games of the 5th set. On that… he was the right winner. On all his other play, he did not deserve the win.

    I had so much respect for Sharapova. Eventhough I am a big Serena fan, I always felt sorry when she defeated Maria. Untill I saw the real Maria Sharapova at the RG 2014 final, where she used gamesmenship to defeat Simona Halep. Someone who would have beaten her, had she not used gamesmenship. In MY opinion, that was the same thing Novak did at the Wimby final. He used a big gamesmenship. Which I did not think he would stoop to that level and which I definitely did not think he needed to. I am not saying that Roger would have won a 100%, but had Novak not used gamesmenship, who knows, Roger could have won. Jonathan and some others said that the MTO in the 5th did not have an effect on Roger, because he won his next game very quickly. I agree. I don’t think Roger losing had to do a lot with the mto, but…… it did have some effect. I mean come on. How much more of these opponents mto does he have to take? Is it his fault that opponents who are half a generation younger than him need mto while he doesn’t? Is it becoming a trend? You don’t know how to defeat Roger, you want to get him out of his concentration, you want to take momentum away from him… use a mto?? At RG it happened, here at Wimby it also happened. Why does he have to pay for other opponents physics?? You guys say Roger is the best frontrunner of all time, once he gets ahead it is almost impossible to stop him. Is this the new way players and their coaches have found to beat him?? Why when he has to serve? Atleast Stan had the decency to wait when the 2nd set was over. Why did Novak not need a mto when he won the 2nd set? Or when he won the 3rd set? Or when he lost the 4th set? Why in the 5th when Roger was serving? And what the HELL was that of a mto?? I have seen some matches where the male and female players get a mto and they are literally in pain. Hurting so much when they are beeing massaged, you can see the pain in their faces. What kind of a mto was this? Novak getting a massage while drinking from THREE different bottles and while looking at his raqcuet. And in the meantime…. Roger just sits in his chair…. waiting for this “actor” to stop. And then what happens?? The umpire yells time… and Novak stands up, doesn’t look once at the trainer and hopps back to his side of the court. Again…. what kind of a mto is this?? The next day, I watched that moment again. From the time he sat on his chair and the trainer came till the time he hopps back to his side of the court…. the “3 minute mto” lasted…… 8 minutes and 3 seconds !!! Now…. who is to say, that if Novak had not taken that “massage” that Roger could and would have broken him and won the match in those 8 minutes? Afterall, wasn’t the momentum more with him?? Didn’t he look more fresh than Novak?? No… I am sorry, maybe you will call me someone who cannot take a loss the right way, but that is not the case. Had Novak won it without that discusting mto, I would have been happy for him. But he showed me exactly what he is, just another “Roger wanne be” who will use gamesmenship to win over someone who he would have won over anyway. And the WORSE thing that gets me mad, everytime I see his picture is that, there is no article ANYWHERE that is questioning his mto. All the articles are praising him because he defeated Roger, but is there one article or writer who has asked him the question, why did you need that mto and was it a mto? Novak may have won, but I lost ALL respect for him. To me, he is just a “Roger wanne be”, who has features of a “Rafa” when he wants to win.
    Which brings me to this point. Roger is NOT perfect and he is not a saint. But I swear…. the actions of his opponents on court MAKE Roger look perfect !!! What if Roger did the same to Novak? What if Roger asked a mto when Novak was serving for the championship or when Novak was winning the sets. I swear, sometimes I am just like…. “Roger, I know it is not in you to do that, but for once….. just stoop to their level and show them how it feels like to use gamesmenship”. I don’t mind when both players have mto or have bathroom breaks, but why does only one person need to do that? Why win that way?
    And this may sound harsh, but I do mean it, I have always said it…. Roger’s physics is his blessing, but unfortunately it is also his curse. Because now, I honestly believe players are using it against him. Take a mto against Roger, he will lose some of his focus and you will catch your breath and come up with a better plan to beat him… And…… Roger needs to find a way to get over these so called opponents mto, but if not winning GS finals can get mentally in your head, doesn’t getting mto from different opponents not also get in your head? Isn’t that an idea for a next article Jonathan? The use and abuse of a mto?? When is it nessecarry and when is it used as gamesmenship??

    And…. I have to give it to Novak, his actions during the Wimby final had an effect on me, it made me respect Andy and Rafa far more than I do now. Atleast they do it all in the open. Andy was and is still kind of boring. If he wanted he could have been the hottest thing when he won Olympic Gold, USO and Wimby. But that is not who he is. He is real. Boring…… but real. And that is how he likes to stay. No becoming something or someone he is not. I respect that. He loves to play tennis and he loves to be himself, no matter the concequences.
    I admire some of Rafa’s accomplishments (not all, just some), but I don’t like him. That is not a secret. But my God, Novak did something that I thought was not possible, he made me respect Rafa as a person. Like it or not, hate it or not, but atleast Rafa never hides his gamesmenships. Welltimed toiletbreaks, welltimed mto, oncourt coaching, all the other gamesmenship stuff….. atleast when you play Rafa, you KNOW that will happen, no matter which round, no matter which opponent. Sorry to say, but I respect that more than someone who used gamesmenship to defeat another and then has the nerve to look the opponent in his face and say, well thank you for letting me win and it is always great to play you….
    No, Novak played the last 3 games perfectly and on that bases he deserved the win, but the rest was undeserved. I TOTALLY lost all respect for him. And I hope Roger, Andy and especially Rafa beat the hell out of him. Even if that means that Rafa will overtake Roger’s GS. But Novak is to me… far more dangerous that Rafa.
    Roger is getting closer to a GS win. If a 33 year old player who played around 1100 or 1200 matches can do THIS to the number 1 or 2 player, in prime, who is a half generation younger than him…. then have no fear… Roger will win GS. Yes, he will need luck of the draws and he will need to finish all his matches asap, but he will win GS.

    I know some of you might think that I am a bad loser or that I am a blind Roger follower, but that is not true. Had Novak won it fair, I would feel sad for Roger, but happy for Novak. But the way he acted on court and his mto…. no….But no worries, Wimby is not going anywhere and neither is Roger. We will be back next year.

    And…. I am going to leave the “Novak is a well olied marketing machine” comment alone…

    Come on Roger, moving on to the next tour. We will win Wimby next year:) Atleast Holland won bronze:)

    Oke, sorry for the long comment… but my rant is over:)

      1. Hey thanks sweet Wanda, you are right. But it is not a total loss.
        Roger won Silver and Holland Bronze ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey finally read yr rant! Glad you got it all out there as you can now move to the hard court swing! Cheer yourself up by watching Fed Skype Lindsay Vonn! Sweet and dorky!
      We are still sad but the pride and love outweigh the sadness for me! 7 great matches, great form and yes I do agree re the MTO! Utter crap and wouldn’t we all like a little massage when we are feeling a bit crampy in the 5th?? My view, the last set? Stand or fall! No massage, no MTO unless it is a clear injury!
      See you on the next blog!!

      1. Hey Susie, thanks. You are so sweet. Too bad Roger didn’t get the win, but oh my God, are we proud of him or what?? One of his best matches ever…. and don’t worry, Wimby 2015 we get our payback ๐Ÿ™‚

        I agree about the mto, maybe a new rule…. you only get a mto if you can literally show that you are hurting ๐Ÿ™‚ Bet that eliminates half of all the mto’s ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh and Susie, love just love Roger, but the dude can be soooo dorky ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Oh and Susie, I am sorry I didn’t reply to your comment somewhere above where you wrote BEAUTIFULLY how the expirience was of seeing Roger in the final. Thank you for that.
        It must have been awesome to see him play live, but very hurtfull to see him lose. I was really sad seeing him lose on tv, cannot imagine how it must have been to see him lose live. BUT…. we are all still proud of Roger. Next stop…. hard court….

  54. Congrats to Novak for winning Wimby. Nice to see his acting and actions paying off. He deserved to win the 2nd set and the last 3 games of the 5th set. On thatโ€ฆ he was the right winner. On all his other play, he did not deserve the win.

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