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Djokovic defeats Federer in 5 sets in the US Open Semi Final

I'm not even going to waste my time blogging about this match, the analysis is simple, Fed nearly played the perfect match, he dominated for 2 sets, lost his way for 2 more, then upped his level in the 5th to break. Roger had 2 match points on his own serve, he should have won, but ultimately choked and let Djokovic win the match. As soon as the forehand hit the net and dropped out on match point you knew what was going to happen. On a side note, Djokovic seriously annoys me, he's becoming too affected and for my money his main priority is wanting to be loved by the crowds. There's no doubt he's playing very good tennis, he is crazily consistent and chases down everything. However, I find it impossible to love a player that wants to be loved so much. A player must earn the right through his tennis and how he conducts himself. Not constantly show boating, playing up to the crowd and generally reacting in an over the top manner. That's why he'll never be able to win fans. Over and out.

I mean, I set it all up perfect, but I couldn't finish it.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I agree that Roger *should* have won, and if Novak’s return wasn’t on the line on 40-15 at matchpoint we would have had different final line-up.

    I’m glad we didn’t. Djokovic surprised again and showed us what a class act he has become. Nadal had no answer to his superior ground strokes, and was also serving much better.

    There is no reason to feel gutted about the fact that Novak is nr 1now, he did it with great wins and only 2 losses this year. He’s a complete player, has now a fighter attitude and fun to watch because he shows his emotions as well.

    So can you back up your line “Djokovic is a dick, his attitude sucks and he’ll never be able to win fans”?
    Because it looks like the only fans Roger has are you, Wilander and Bjorn-”Smiley Face”-Borg and it looks like the only thing you all have in common is that pissed-off look.

    I like to watch Federer,one of the greatest talents I have ever seen, but dont give me that “Djokovic is a dick” crap just because he lost to him.

    1. Hey Eddy,

      My views on Djokovic have no relation to his game, or him beating Roger in 5 sets hence why I said on a side note in my post. I appreciate he’s on top form right now, and is rightfully number 1 in the world because he’s playing the best tennis. I just don’t like his attitude on court or off it. Playing up to the crowd, him having a hit with McEnroe on Ashe a couple of years ago after the Roddick argument, all adds up to him being a dick. He wants to be adored by the fans too much, and that’s the reason he never will be. The emotions you speak of that he shows to me are for everyone else’s benefit and not just a natural reaction. Very over the top. And that’s why he’s a dick.

      1. Very well, solid points.

        Although I actually liked what he did (although I missed the Roddick argument, is there footage from somewhere?) but I understand also it can rub someone the wrong way.

        Thx for your explanation.

      2. Thanks for the reply.

        It wasn’t an argument as such, it was when Djokovic had a reputation for always retiring in matches too easily, Roddick mate a quip in a press conference and Novak took big time offence to it, slating him in his on court interview after he beat Roddick in the quarters. This got the US fans on his back. So he pulled the McEnroe stunt a year later to get back in their good books. A tactic I didn’t really like. There are probably vids of the press conference and on court interview on Youtube, but difficult to find anything rolled into one as it was more a chain of events rather than a 1 off thing.

      3. Yeah check out all the ones I’ve listed they all have their own little perks. Picketfence is pretty good. So is Ruansfederblog. As is volleys one but not updated in a while.

      4. thx for the article.
        That reminded me that Novak was known for quitting. He made a remarkable change since the fall of 2010. I wonder what it is that changed him in the player of today. Hard work? His new diet? Coke? Or simply he gets older?
        I like Roddick, Ithink he’s talented player and is funny. Became a fan after how he explained how it was physically impossible to make foot fault with his right foot to the line’s woman at the open in 2010.
        The article shows Roddick’s wit, the fact that Djokovic could not take that was Novak’s problem. Although I really think at 21 you’re just a kid, and maybe he has changed now for the better.

        As for the women, I agree a 100%. Wolzniacki is not the real nr 1, Williams is by far the best especially since the absence of Hingis, Henin and Clijsters.

      5. Hmm tough one. He attributes it to going gluten free. I guess he’s more mature now too. I’m sure the oxygen bubble thing he sits in helps too.

        Yeah I’m a Roddick fan too, I find his game boring to watch but he can be funny. YouTube his press conference from his 07 loss to Federer at the Australian Open. He got a serious beatdown and responds pretty funnily. He’s getting more arsey now though in interviews after losing to lesser players.

  2. Don’t underestimate Djokovic, he could well be one of the all-time greats in the making, and there is NOTHING wrong with his attitude, despite what a couple of people said. Love the blog BTW, Caroline.

    1. Thanks for comment – disagree on Djokovic not having a bad attitude though he’s always acting like a dick I think, but theres no doubt he’s a good player. I had to take the link out of your comment as I figured it was just for SEO purposes and not really adding to my blog. Jonathan.

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