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Coric Takes Down Federer to Win Maiden Grass Court Title in Halle

No 10th Halle title for Roger Federer as he fell short at the hands of Borna Coric who won his first ever grass court title 7-6(6), 3-6, 6-2 in 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Roger was the heavy favourite heading in having won 20 matches in a row on Grass and carrying a 2-0 H2H lead against an opponent who had only ever won 2 matches on the surface before entering this weeks Gerry Weber Open. However, the Croatian Number 2 hadn't dropped serve all week and he put together a very solid match, dominating from the baseline, firing 11 aces and saving 3 of 4 break points en route to a second career title.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Coric Halle Final 2018

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. A sharp return caught Coric off guard on the very first point and at 0-30 the Swiss missed a very makeable pass. Coric then won four points on the spin to hold.

A 56-second hold saw Roger quickly level and he was again able to get into the Coric game but unable to fashion a break point. That trend continued until game ten where Roger created the first break point of the set but Coric held on after a lengthy multi-deuce game. A Federer love hold took us into the tie-break.

Into the breaker and Roger made the first move, moving up a mini-break for 5-3 but at 6-4 and a serve to come Coric caught hold of a return to get back on serve. At 5-6 the Croat got a little lucky when Roger couldn't get hold of a smash properly and he won the next two points to take it 8-6.

Roger needed to shake off the disappointment of dropping set one after being marginally the better player and it looked like right the wrongs quickly, hitting two glorious backhand passing shots in game four to setup break point, but again he couldn't convert. Game six was a similar story with Coric again saving a break point but in game eight the Zagreb native missed a simple volley at 15-40 to hand Roger the break. The Swiss served it out to love to force a decider.

Fed was now the favourite after upping his game for the last 3 games of set two but by the middle of the third Coric began to dominate from the baseline making Fed do all the running. The nine-time Halle Champion was broken in game six after playing too many points on the defensive and he looked way too leggy to mount a comeback. Coric consolidated easily for 5-2 and after holding two game points Roger relinquished his serve with Coric able to convert his second match point to bag the title.

Match Stats

Borna Coric Roger Federer
Aces 11 12
Double Faults 0 1
1st Serve 74% (73/98) 70% (62/88)
1st Serve Points Won 74% (54/73) 87% (54/62)
2nd Serve Points Won 48% (12/25) 42% (11/26)
Break Points Saved 75% (3/4) 33% (1/3)
Service Games Played 14 15
1st Serve Return Points Won 13% (8/62) 26% (19/73)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 58% (15/26) 52% (13/25)
Break Points Converted 67% (2/3) 25% (1/4)
Return Games Played 15 14
Winners 43 32
Unforced Errors 32 21
Net Points Won 66% (19/29) 63% (15/24)
Service Points Won 67% (66/98) 74% (65/88)
Return Points Won 26% (23/88) 33% (32/98)
Total Points Won 48% (89/186) 52% (97/186)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Frustrated Halle

Look it was a good week for me, I thought I played alright, I can definitely play better but for the most part you play as good as you can. Conditions were cold, so clearly it plays a bit different compared to warm weather. I thought today was decided like it is often, the one who wins the bigger points wins the match. I think the key was the first set tie breaker, I had more chances and I should have won it but I didn't and it cost me dearly at some point in the third set.

So a disappointing end to the week here in Halle for Federer as he failed to win his 10th title and the Number 1 has gone back to Rafael Nadal. Looking at the match in isolation, it's a pretty poor loss to a guy who has zero pedigree on grass and someone you can see easily bombing early at Wimbledon. But if you look at the tournament as a whole Roger has made the final playing struggle tennis for the most part so it's not a total surprise he came up short today.

The final was actually one of his better matches in terms of level this week if not the best, he played a decent first set but Coric hit a quality return on the first set point and got a bit of luck on the second before stealing the set despite winning 5 points less than Roger. In the second he played a very clean set, a bit tame on the breakpoints but you could see he was pushing hard to get the legs moving and it paid off. As for the third, he just seemed to run out of gas, a step slow and having to do way too much running. Coric was able to step in, hit harder and boss the points and it felt like once a rally started Roger had no clear route to winning the points. Obviously, the first set tie-break was key, had Fed won that he'd have been able to freewheel a bit but Coric kept a high level throughout to get it done so credit to him, he's Djoker-like from the baseline with a quality backhand.

So next stop Wimbledon, Fed has a week to prepare where he'll need to fuse some good rest with some quality practice. Allez! Let me know your thoughts on the final in the comments as always.

Finally here's what Fed said in his post-match interview:

“There is no need to worry regarding my fitness, I just need to rest next week, will probably practice in the second half of the week again, specific tennis training, happy with the tournaments I played, gained a lot of valuable information.”


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. The stats look quite reasonable actually. Less unforced errors and more winners than Coric. Came up short overall I guess but at least people might stop banging on about number one. He can focus on winning Wimbledon and number 1 can be something to do with Rafa. Slam count is what I care about!

  2. I’m not worried that much. If he was carrying an injury I would, but the struggles he had this week can be knocked out with a week to prepare.

    We know that Fed at his best is basically unbeatable on grass. I don’t expect him to be as sharp as he was last year, because that was an all-time great tournament for him in terms of form. But hopefully he’ll have a good first three matches and set himself up well for the second week. I don’t think there’s many guys that can challenge him if he’s in good form – Cilic, Kyrgios, Djokovic, and a few others.

  3. Last time he lost a Halle Final was in 2012 to Tommy Haas. And remember what happened at Wimbledon???
    I am a positive thinker☺️

    1. Poor Fat Dave in the final. If I was line judge that day I would have just kept quiet and say nothing happened, it just missed me. Instead, he was lapping up the attention.

  4. When Roger came back to tennis at Stuttgart, he was moving so well and looked happy and fit. With no break between tournaments, here is the result. How was he to know at the start he would win Stuttgart? We can’t fault Halle, maybe he was out at the start. I feel he did his best with what he had in the tank. So, I can’t fault that. IW was a big disappointment and out the first round of Miami. Here, he was cold and tired, running the whole final. Coric had a game plan and did well to stick to it.
    As far as #1, I don’t know if Roger will ever return there. So many points to defend, Nadal 5 yrs younger, Zverev etc climbing up the rankings. But who cares. We would all love another Wimbledon title and I’ll be greedy and wish for another USO.

    1. “Conditions were cold” could have been the main issue knowing Fed does his training stints in the heat.
      Agree on the Wibmy USO combo.

      1. Yeah, 14 degrees in Halle – that’s more than 10 degrees less than it currently is in London. May make quite a difference.

  5. Very sad that Fed didn’t win the title in Halle. If only he had had the 1st set… because his serve was really good.

    Let’s hope he’ll win the 99th with a 9th Wimby title… to have a new t-shirt with Ro99er on it.

    Have a good rest next week, gracious champion. You’ve deserved it.

    And well done, Coric. He played really well during the whole week.

    1. Fed also squandered a break point in the 1st set and served in a bad spot in the TB when it was SP for Coric. I dont think Fed expected Coric to play this good but Coric also had a SF walkover. So many things were againt an old Fed.

  6. Wow, Cilic beat Mr Lovefest in three. Djoker had match point too. Haha. Cilic going into Wimby looking very good.

  7. I think your Fed quote in the black box sums it up really. It’s encouraging that he DID raise his level – it just wasn’t enough against a Coric who played with no fear and a phenomenal W/UFE ratio. His 1st serve % was up, his W/UFE ratio was positive – all good signs. Obviously it’s disappointing to lose a match that would have given him another title – but agree with Venkat’s reminder about winning Wimbledon the last time he lost the Halle final. Also with Claud about the cold weather. Wimbledon is supposed to be quite warm next week then a little cooler the following week for the start of the tournament – but not as cold as Halle. Rest well, Rog, & have fun with the family.

    1. You are so right. Coric was very competent at his game. He dictated the play from the baseline, was ok at the net and barely wobbled on his serve. He deserves the win. Fed was not bad; in fact I liked him more today than at the previous 3 matches. It just was not enough and was short on the big points and that’s fine. On set #3 he looked a bit tired and it’s also perfectly understandable. Two tournaments played back to back and making the final in both is no easy task.
      PS: Winner to UFE ratio is always positive. It’s the logarithm that can be negative!… Haha… Sorry for that, mate!

    2. 3 unforced errors in three sets, you can’t do better than that. Pretty much it’s what one saw in the match-Coric couldnt miss a shot even if he tried.

      I’m just very annoyed these next gen is nowhere to be found in the clay season

  8. Yeeeaaah.

    IMO this was a poor loss. I don’t care if Fed won more points overall – Coric was the better player and deserved the win more than Federer did. It’s a good sign for the Men’s game, really, that Fed can’t win a title playing this standard of tennis.

    As a whole I don’t think it means much for Wimbledon. Like Indian Wells, Federer has let himself down in that he has less titles than he should have, but I don’t think it means much in terms of how he will play at Wimbledon. For sure, this standard isn’t good enough to win it, but I’d be really disappointed if Federer didn’t raise it because he always does so. Even in 2016 he managed to do so.

    As for playing Stuttgart, I think it’s easy to second guess it when he plays as sloppily as he did in Halle. But if he skipped Stuttgart, that’s a week longer out and if he was upset early in Halle he’d play like 2 matches for Wimbledon prep – just not enough to realistically have a shot at winning it so I think it’s the right call. Ideally he would lose in Stuttgart and win here but if he wants to keep skipping the clay court season these are the things he will have to manage – you can’t have it all ways. The decision to skip it overall I think will be vindicated if he wins Wimbledon – I suppose if he loses it then it’ll be a talking point, depends on his level I suppose.

    Don’t care at all about Number 1 atm. Nadal probably isn’t going to retain it long enough to beat Federer’s record, and the only big thing left on that note would be Year End #1, which will be decided later in the year anyway. He’s had it again, became the oldest to be Number 1 etc so I think that box is ticked. Whether that’s the case for Federer or not I can’t know, but as a fan I don’t mind if he never gets it again or whatever.

    Only disappointment I have in Federer really here, aside from his general level of play in this tournament, was his mental fortitude in this final. All week I thought he was fantastic in how he raised his level at the right time to win the clutch points, but here it was the reverse. After a huge slice of luck at the start of the tie breaker, he didn’t get it done when he should have used that to kick on, and he also should have been the one finding another level in the third given the difference in experience between him and Coric. Again, it was the reverse. The reason I said the result was poor is because, frankly, Federer should not be losing to Coric on this surface regardless of where his game is at. Fitness obviously played a part here but still, Federer didn’t bring it today and in a final that is disappointing. Though, despite my bias towards Federer I’d probably be concerned if he won today, playing like this, because that would make an absolute joke out of the tour. The tour in general looks weak enough as is.

    The only real positive I can take from this match itself is that the winstreak on grass has ended. I absolutely did not want that to be a talking point going into Wimbledon because Fed has let these things affect his performance – like how he started the year on his best run – he didn’t play great stuff against Coric (deserved to lose there imo) but got the win, and then really disappointed me against Del Potro to lose the title. It’s done with, over, and it’s not going to be a source of any extra pressure. Hopefully Nadal does enough at Wimbledon to ensure he keeps the number 1 ranking too, so that’s not any extra pressure as well.

    As for the week as a whole it was probably good enough. If he plays like he did here at Wimbledon, flat out he isn’t sniffing the title but I’m confident he’ll play better and match-wise he’s had (more than) enough to shake off the rust that came with not playing for 3 months. As for his choice to skip it, personally I think as long as he plays well at Wimbledon it’ll be justified – if he repeats his Halle form there then eh, probably hard to justify. I’m annoyed because it’s frustrating to see him lose matches against players he ought to be schooling on this surface, probably less annoyed than I would typically be because England put in a great showing thrashing Panama 6-1 (which after the first set I was paying more attention to than Fed’s match), but still, it’ll be alright I guess.

    1. But he did show some mental resilience in this match too to come out firing in the second. Took a lot of focus to actually get the legs going more…

  9. Feel so bad at these final losses…all that hard work over the week (and even during the match) and then the trophy in someone else’s hands…
    But then, when I saw Borna so happy, felt kind of better. It’s his second tournament win, and Fed has 98! Hope Roger wins many more, though, especially at the slams.
    Good day for Croatia today, what with Marin, too, winning a tough one against Novak.
    Hoping Roger comes to Wimbledon rested, refreshed and fully fit.

  10. I had a bad feeling about this match, but hey, better to lose here than at Wimby. Sometimes winning these tune ups takes too much out of ppl so close to a GS. I bet that will be the case w Cilic. Onward. Fed needs rest, warmth, and his family.

    1. Usually, a good performance on the grass event before Wimbledon helps players. Murray, Fed, Nadal, Dimitrov all played well at SW19 off the back of winning Queens or Halle.

    1. Mmm – don’t agree here. Granted, he ‘should have won’ that one, but he also has had successful finals at AO, Rotterdam, & Stuttgart – so to me the ‘tone of finals’, in general, is fine.

      1. I meant in terms of back to back finals. After AO 2018, IW finals turned out bad. After Stuttgart 2018, Halle finals turned out bad. It looks like Fed has a hard time keeping up with back to back finals primarily to age.

      2. Ah. Well in that case, he’s due for another win if he makes it to the final! 😉

  11. I predicted Borna to lose but didnt go that way and couldnt have. No offense to Borna but if Roger says he s fone physically thay was no effort at all in the finals , sometimes it felt like he was 2 syeps slower in rallies, or maybe its just me. Last year s final was a total contrast but I guess I was always a bit skeptical like others about him playing 9 matches in what 12 days ?? Back to back tournaments isnt his thing and its okay.
    On a positive note He looks match tough for wimbledon and hopefully will be well rested too.
    It might be a confidence issue especially after IW finals but Federer is too much of a positive thinker to not take care of himself.
    During the match I had a funny feeling that Federer was going for much almos like he was saving himself for wimbledon , which is understood
    We can do as much analysis as we can but the first week of Wimbledon is all that matters.

    Allow me to Digress but The Next two tournament for Federer should be Wimbledon and US Open, now. I dont care about those 1000’s anymore unless they are months away from a Slam. As for the WTF ? Puff Keep it for a Dimitrov or RBA! who gives a damn.

    1. Don’t agree on him not playing anything between Wimbledon and the US Open. I’d like him to play Cincinnati, maybe if he has time one in between that depending on how he does at Wimbledon.

  12. A Federer loss is a loss, it hurts us fans! His form today in the first two was close to the form he showed in Stuttgart against Kyrgios and Raonic. I thought he would win the tie break and get the W in two. A bad overhead cost him the tiebreak, but he played really well in Set 2. He faded in Set 3 today like has sometimes faded in fifth sets, e.g., against Del Porto at the 2009 US Open.

    I thought Federer did not look good at all during the week and could have easily lost before the final. That he got to the final shows how difficult it is to beat him in grass. I think he would need a good draw at Wimbledon: no Kyrgios, Djokovic, Isner in his half!

    1. Had the third gone to a breaker, Fed has a 1-8 record in tie-break deciders, not great! Although I do think the stat will be misleading like most are.

  13. Schmeltz,
    I was wrong and you were right.The young gun dealt with Zrevev easily and then had a virtual walkover against RBA.So
    a good win for him today.

    1. Sorry to be right this time 🙁
      But other than the almost-W/O and good shape throughout the event, Coric also hits the ball very deep and it’s the best way to tackle Roger, not letting him get to his favourite positions inside the court.
      However, I thought, although I didn’t write it before the match, that despite all the circumstances were against Roger, if he had won the first set we were now talking about no 10/99.
      Tuned in for the live scores just at 5-6 40/0, and was glad to see Roger holds two set points at 6/4. But when I saw Coric won the set I thought to myself there is no way Roger survives three sets this time.
      So stopped watching the scores and just checked the result couple of hours later.
      Sunday is a working day here and I had a busy day it’s hard to catch all finals action.

  14. So Fed loses but it was tight,had he won the set point in the first set things might be very different.
    Let us not forget that he won Stuttgart in great style against far tougher opposition.
    A week off now before Wimbledon where the courts will be in far better condition than at Halle.
    Cilics splendid win at Queens shows how important the draw will be.Thank God Djokovic didn’t win or he would be a real
    threat at Wimbledon.
    So easy for Nadal at RG,so tough for Fed at Wimbledon when people like Coric .Del Potro,Cilic with huge serves can pose a major threat.And thats not even including Raonic,Kyrgios and Khachanov.?

    1. Nadal is not lucky, he is simply far better on clay than Roger is on grass. Having said that, if Federer plays at his best he can only be defeated by great versions of Nole or Nadal

      1. I agree with Pablo here. Nadal is a better Clay Court player than Federer is a grass court one (though there is a valid argument to say it’s more technically difficult to be a good grass court player than it is to be a clay court specialist).

      2. I did not say he was lucky merely that he has far less opposition on clay than Federer on grass.

      3. I’m not sure Nadal is ‘far better’ on clay than Roger is on grass. These two surfaces require completely different skill sets and physical attributes. Unfortunately there isn’t another tennis player that has come close to Nadal’s physical ability on clay. That’s all. It was a great decision by the uncle to build his game around clay and it’s paid off big time. In the meantime grass is known for upsets and it’s what exactly it’s done- creating many upsets. And it’s much easier to develop a monster serve than build supeman stamina. That’s why Fed is less successful on grass than Nadal on clay

      4. Annie, clay is far more than stamina. Actually Nadal is nowhere near what he used to be in that regard and still dominates easily all the competition.On clay you need more variety of weapons and strategy is more important whereas on grass if you have a great serve, half of the job is done.

        Nadal has the stamina and movement but also has one of the best forehands ever, a super consistent backhand, one of the best volleys in the circuit, one of the strongest minds in sports and at least on clay for me he is the best at adjusting his strategy during matches. All of this is what makes him unbeatable on clay.

      5. I’m not sure you can say Nadal is better on clay than Fed on grass. What’s the yard stick? Slam Count? Win %? Probably too hard to compare tbh. The debate rages between who is better overall, then you add a surface into the argument. I can’t see it being solved.

        “For me he is the best at adjusting his strategy during matches” Again not sure on this, I would say Nadal is the best on clay because he has absolutely mastered playing the same point that he likes over and over again. You very rarely see him move from that strategy. Same for Fed on grass, his strategy was the same in his best years very rarely moved away from it.

      6. Well, I’m not sure how you can argue against Nadal being better on clay than Roger is on grass. You can look at it based on any parameters you want to choose.
        When asked, pretty much all the tennis players say that the biggest challenge on tennis is beating Nadal on clay (there is a reason for that).
        If I’m not wrong Nadal lost 2 best of 5 matches in his entire life, not sure how you can do better than that.

  15. The men’s draw at Wimbledon 2018 is yet to be determined. It will be released on June 29 after qualifying is complete.

  16. On another note I’m not sure I agree that Federer played his best match her. Fed said the same thing (that he played his best match of the week) but I just didn’t get that impression at all. I think I might be putting too much on the big points in determining whether someone played a good match or not, but throughout the week I felt like Fed played the big points much, much better than he did today. He struck me as very passive and sloppy on them, whereas he was clinical in other games.

  17. Of course Nadal is a great clay court player.Roland Garros does everything it came to continue that from the huge Chatrier court that allows him to stand a mile beyond the baseline to receive serve,to unlimited time between points,
    to draws where every other decent clay court player is in the other half.
    It will be interesting to see Feds draw at Wimbledon.Almost certainly Djokovic and Del Potro in his half.Probably Cilic as well.?

  18. Surely the difference in the third set was partly that Coric’s level went up. His first serve percentage was 95% in the third set. It is hard to break serve when you only get a look at two second serves in the whole set! However, conversely, Fed’s serve level dropped and he only got 52% of 1st serves in. He always says, he has to look after his own service games and take the opportunities when they offer. This set, he didn’t do that AND didn’t get any opportunities. Disappointing, but I hope it will make him even more determined.
    Good luck for Wimbledon

  19. Didn’t see a ball hit but I trust yr report completely. Twitter has gone into meltdown saying he was poor. Stats say otherwise as does yr blog.
    Can’t win them all if oppo raise their game as Borna clearly did.
    Been back 2 weeks, a ? and a final. I’ll take It with a week of rest Pre Wimby.

  20. Probably nothing to worry about, given these, pre-slam, warm-up events are in general not very indicative of what players would actually do at the slams. Additionally, if I recall correctly, the last time Roger won 3 tournaments in a row was back in 2011. This is important because it means that had Fed won today, in order to defend his Wimbledon crown, he would have had to win 3 tournaments in a row, which was something he had not done for the past 7 years. All in all, given Fed has already won Stuttgart, I think he is fine. After all, Wimbledon and U.S. Open are what’s really important coming up.

  21. He fought despite the struggle. Different opinions here and on social media but I like your fair and calm analysis on the match as always, Jonathan. Good to read what Fed said in the end of the post. Now on to Wimbledon, allez!

  22. I never believed he could win three in a row anyway but kudos to him for making it do close. There were too many rallies for my liking and worse still Coric had the upper hand in all. Might turn out to be a blessing in disguise as he can now shake off the grass winning streak and reset for Wimbledon I just hope whatever was bothering him he can get it sorted this week. Or leave it for now until Wimby is over. I just don’t think he can afford all the distraction any off-court affairs might provide at this point in time.

  23. I was so sorry to see Fed Lose, however I don’t think he has looked like he has enjoyed himself all week on
    the court. The third set was most unlike Roger he usually is there to the last, off court he must be fed up
    with all the questions about No 1 ranking/ Rafa and who can forget NIKE, still I have to concede that I thought
    Coric played well. As a Fedfan I’m gutted but as RF himself has said you can’t win them all x

  24. I am not terribly disappointed at all with Roger losing at Halle. That game with Coric someone 16 years his junior showed me that Roger still has it. Roger was serving great in the first 2 sets and if he had a little more in his tank would have taken set 1. Remember Coric did not lose a serve all week and played well not nervous in front of 12,000. Also Coric did have an advantage of almost a days rest would have made a difference if Roger would have had that lucky break. I think that Stuggart and Halle will show Roger and his team what he needs to focus to win another Wimby. Roger is still in my mind the greatest athlete of all time. Tennis is a very demanding sport more so now then ever. Happy Cilic won Queen’s and came back and beat Joko.

  25. Djokovic, Cilic, Del Potro, Nadal and maybe even Raonic and Kyrgios can all beat Fed at Wimby if he continues with this mugging.

    No one is talking about it, but Roger’s form on average over the past year has been sh*t. Forehand terrible, utterly passive overall. He’s certainly not playing the kind of tennis I fell in love with which is just depressing.

  26. Loss hurts but its clear sign since his match against Paire, a huge task to win title 99. Silver lining, that streak is broken which its good entering Wimby. Lots of info and need to put in practice to fix some of the issues. I am still confident about his chances, decent draw helps too.

  27. Not to take anything away from Coric but Fed had 3 absolute wars before the final, each time a player nobody outside of the tennis fanbase would have even heard of, each time they played the match of their lives, throwing the kitchen sink at Federer to make a name for themselves. If you were new to tennis, you would think all 3 were fellow top 10 opponents.
    When I noticed Coric had a virtual bye on the Saturday, I knew in my mind he would win this final, I thought a 4th war was just too much, and Coric has given Fed problems on a normal day previously, so only can imagine how difficult when the guy 15 years younger has a virtual extra days rest for the final.
    Fed did well to win 8 points more than Coric overall in the contest, but was let down at the vital moments especially 2 sets points lost in the tiebreak. I think he had one eye on Wimbledon, and pulled up in the end through sheer exhaustion. We have seen this happen many times before after too many slug-fest type matches, and naturally he will be more careful with his fitness now than ever before, as any injury could result in it being the last match he ever plays, so it was sensible not to throw life and limb into that 3rd set.
    Wimbledon although longer matches, will give him 48 hours rest between rounds and he will be much more comfortable with that. Remember 2017?

  28. Thank you Jonathan for that recap. Reading all the comments above help me to better evaluate Roger’s game in perspective. I was disappointed after the match, not because of Roger’s game but on the result, it was a great match. No doubt Coric did his best and deserved to win, but Roger played his game with precision and strength, it was just pure bad luck the result of the tiebreak in the first set. And then the third set result was just Coric’s bluntness of “not having nothing to loose”. I am positive on the Wimbledon’s result, so few players can be up to RF’s game!
    At this point though all I want is for Roger to stay healthy and happy.

  29. FInally managed to watch the replay (first two sets only) and thought Fed played well and am much more optimistic about Wimbledon now. Service and “special” shots were working in the way we have come to expect. No idea how he managed to lose the match. He should have won the tiebreak or even made the break earlier the way he was playing. Easy to say when sitting watching in an armchair.

  30. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Fed fan BUT every Tom, Dick and Harry play the match of their lives when they face Roger.
    I see the opposite with Nadal. Is this my bias or not? Kokkinakis comes to mind like hundreds more.

    1. It is your bias. remember the Rosols’s and Darci’s of the world, they played out of their minds. Going back to Federer, we just need to be aware that he is 37 already, we can’t expect him to crush all the field in every tournament, he just got a tittle and reached another final. He just needs to improve a little bit and he will have a great chance to win W as there is no much opposition these days with Nole and Andy in bad form and Rafa with his struggles on grass lately.

      1. Cilic is in devastating form, and he badly wants to go one better this time. Rosol and Darcy were very rare occasions, and both on grass. When you think of clay-court specialists from the past, how many can you name in the last decade? In the era we have the greatest clay court player of all time, we also have no other clay court specialists. When you think of the string of players who have played out of their skin in a tournament, come up against Nadal and then bent over it’s ridiculous. What happened to Del Potro in US Open last year, Berdych in the Wimbledon final after seeing off Fed and Djok with ease? He was unplayable in those matches, then played the final like he couldn’t be bothered.

      2. I personally think Nadal is one of those players that suck out the best of you. With him in on the other side, many players look like they don’t want to get off court as quick as they can. While Roger inspires you. Usually the more you respect a player, the better you play against them.

      3. Good shout. And that OCD routine of towel down, pick shorts out of arse and then smell fingers, fingers place hair over both ears, then ridiculously long ball bouncing, crazy over the top I’m lifting-a-piano-up the-stairs grunting on every hit (even a drop shot) must me very wearing to be on the receiving end of EVERY SINGLE POINT.

      4. The fact that there are no other big winners on clay during this Golden age of tennis players is a reflection of Nadal’s greatness on clay. Rivals can play great for their standards but yet is not enough to beat Rafa.

        Saying that players don’t perform against Nadal as good as against Roger is a bad excuse. Firstly because that’s not true, you can find plenty of examples of players who beated Rafa and then loose easily against Roger and secondly if that were true a more logical explanation would be that when you play against a better player you obviously look worse.

  31. We were there from thursday through sunday.
    Still, was there not something wrong? His family was not there, his father was there some of the time but not at the final. He looked like he did not want to play, he shot a ball through the roof and got a warning, which for him is very strange behaviour.
    The stadium is full with fans who give him a standing ovation, he is tremendously admired even when he comes in. I think he was very impolite to his admirers who pay a lot to see him in action. Not really grown-up star behaviour.

    1. His girls were there the whole week as well beside his father, though they were not at the matches except partly the final. Didn’t you see them on sunday?

      I don’t think anything was wrong with him, except having to play that tournament after winning Stuttgart. I guess he thought that was enough match play already before the Big One and was going through the motions in Halle. I guess it’s hard to get up for this kind of tournament for him now…

    2. Sorry if you had a bad experience 🙁 – it did seem like something was not right with his world, though I suppose it could be as simple as the weather not agreeing with him?

      Was it still a good trip? Good moments? Do share!

      1. I was at the tournament myself since monday, but my expectations were lowish because he had won Stuttgart just a day before and 9 matches in 12 days is a tall order for someone who hasn’t played competetively for 3 months. So I was already very happy, he reached the final at all, could have lost vs. Paire,

        The Coric match was actually his best match of the week in my impression, he showed some of the Federer magic. Unfortunately he lacked on the big points and didn’t have enough left in the 3rd.

  32. No, sorry Jonathan, I would have liked that even less. I just like a classy correct Federer, please stay classy and correct. Are we not allowed to write a tiny bit of criticism?

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