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Classy Federer Makes 15th Wimbledon Quarter Final

A 15th Wimbledon Quarter Final for Roger Federer is in the bag as he dominated his fourth round encounter against Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 to set the record for Open Era Wimbledon quarter-final appearances.

As well as it being his 15th at Wimbledon, it's also his 50th Grand Slam quarter-final overall, another Open Era record! He is breaking one every time he steps on the court these days it seems ๐Ÿ™‚

The win also means Federer is now 6-0 against Dimitrov in the H2H and he's lost just two sets in total to his much touted successor.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Volley Wimbledon 4R 2017

Dimitrov won the toss and elected to serve. The Bulgarian started nicely moving to 40-15, but a double fault at deuce gave Roger an early look at a break. Dimitrov saved it though and held for 1-0.

Roger then consolidated to fifteen, and both players began to tick over on serve. At 4-4 30-30 we got the first chum jetzt of the match as Fed set up a break point, Dimitrov saved it with an ace, but some costly errors handed Roger the break for 5-4. The Swiss served it out to love, hitting an ace on set point.

Into set two and Dimitrov kicked off with a love hold to halt Federer's momentum. Roger, however, fired down a love hold of his own and at 2-2 got the break after another Dimitrov double fault. Another double fault in game seven gave the Swiss break point for 5-2 which he converted and went on to serve out the set 6-2.

Like the second set, a love hold gave Dimitrov the lead at the start of the third, but he was again broken in game 5, throwing in a double fault and struggling to cope with how early Federer was taking the ball. The Swiss then held to make 4-2, but in game 8 Dimitrov played his best return game of the match, hitting a stunning running forehand en route to levelling at four all.

Could the break give Dimitrov a way back into the match? It looked possible when he started game nine with an ace, but he lost the next three points, and Roger converted his second break point to lead 5-4 before serving it out comfortably to make his fifteenth quarter-final.

Match Stats

Match Statistics G. Dimitrov R. Federer
Aces 7 8
Double Faults 7 0
First Serve % In 57/91 (63%) 52/75 (69%)
Win % On 1st Serve 37/57 (65%) 39/52 (75%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 15/34 (44%) 17/23 (74%)
Net Points Won 9/12 (75%) 15/22 (68%)
Break Points Won 1/3 (33%) 5/10 (50%)
Receiving Points Won 19/75 (25%) 39/91 (43%)
Winners 29 24
Unforced Errors 25 11
Total Points Won 71 95
Distance Covered (Ft) 4091.9 4331.3
Distance Covered/pt. (Ft) 24.6 26.1
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

federer dimitrov wimbledon 2017

A super solid display here from Roger who played his best match of the fortnight so far to come through in straight sets. It's a bit of a cliche, but it really was Master vs. Apprentice out there despite Dimitrov being in the prime of his career.

Roger serves better and smarter, and he moves an order of magnitude better than Grigor on this surface. The Swiss is more precise with his footwork and the way he balances consistency with aggression makes him a much tougher player.

Dimitrov certainly has the tools and can play unreal shots, (check out the forehand he hit en route to breaking back which might be shot of the tournament) but when it comes down Tennis IQ, he's not at Fed's level, and that's why he's not making the impact at Grand Slams.

Any negatives? Not really. I guess in some ways it was too routine. Seven double faults and some wild groundstrokes gifted Roger plenty points. But you felt like he had plenty more to give had it been required and breaking back immediately in the third is a good sign. So as far as fourth rounds go, I think it was a peRFect display, little energy expended and now he can head into the quarter-final where he will need plenty spring in the legs to keep holding his own serve and in the return games against his big-serving opponent.

Predictions vs. Raonic

Fed Raonic

Next up is Milos Raonic who saw off Sascha Zverev in five sets after falling two sets to one behind in their 3 hours and 23-minute encounter.

If I had to pick the preferred opponent, I'd have probably gone with Milos based on his form this year. So I'm happy with the result. His serve is the big weapon of course, but you feel like if Federer can almost take him out on one leg like last year, then this year he's in with an excellent shot of moving into the Semi Finals.

The fact Raonic was out there for over 3 hours today certainly helps Roger too, and the Canadian has played some tough matches to make the quarters against Youzhny and Ramos-Vinolas, so it all helps.

Based on that above I make Roger the favourite to come through in 3 or 4 sets. If Raonic has an unbelievable serving day, he'll be a tough nut to crack, but I like Fed's chances. See you Wednesday!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Yes new records as usual these days ? but the match wasn’t the battle we expected. Anyway Go Federer !

  2. And Nadal OUT, Djoko delayed, and Zverev, Thiem gone. Pay attn to Cilic, and don’t take him lightly. I think he will make the finals.

    1. Yeah, Cilic must be the happiest person in tennis right now (after Mรผller, of course). He’s been on the cusp of a Wimbledon breakthrough for years now–four consecutive QFs since 2014, and last year was one point away from the semis but for the genius and fighting spirit of Roger Federer. This is exactly the stroke of fortune he’s been hoping for.

      An exhausted Mรผller probably will offer only modest resistance, and I think he has more than enough to best an off-form Murray. In a major final he is a tough man to stop, so if Federer makes it to next Sunday, he’ll have his work cut out for him.

  3. A pretty boring match as Dimitrov did not offer any resistance barring towards the end of the third set.

    The Nadal Muller match was far more entertaining and reached its logical conclusion albeit 2.5 hours later !!!

    Was hoping for a Zverev win over Raonic as definitely Sascha is the better all-round player. Milos is a robot like Novak.

    In any case Fed needs to set the record straight after the stupid loss last year. And I am sure that will be the case.

    1. I enjoyed Feditrov, had some decent shotmaking, just the spotlight is on Grigor going for too much and making some poor errors.

      I wanted Raonic to come through, Fed predicted he would too when talking to the Swiss Press.

  4. I can’t believe how things are falling so nicely for Roger.

    He won is straights with a Masterclass display. Simply beautiful!

    Then Nadal was taken out 15-13 in the 5th by Gilles Muller/ insane. Murray got through (good – I’ll tell you why in is sec)

    And then Djokovic was made to wait until more.

    Raonic also beat the rising star Zverev in 5 sets. Also happy for that one. I suppose Roger would have schooled Zverev too but I thunk he personally to exact revenge on Milos for last year and set the record straight. So I expect a straight set win on Wednesday. 4 sets is possible but unlikely.

    Now, Cilic is looking ominous and he’ll probably beat Muller who is spent. But there is always a BUT. And that’s where Murray comes in.

    Murray is struggling but somehow someway he made won. If he gets through Querrey, he can be the Cilic killer. He’s 12-3 vs. Cilic and I think that he can take him out in 4.

    And of course as long as Roger takes care of business on his side – beating Raonic and then Djokovic/Berdych (you never know), he’ll be primed to destroy Murray.

    Now, I think that he can take out Cilic too but after last year Cilic will be much more motivated to ruin Roger’s 8th Wimbledon so I’d rather see Roger face Murray at this point. But let’s see.

    I also heard and so that Roger is by far the best at 1st and 2nd serve winning percentage which makes him an absolute beast.

    Things are looking great!!! Let’s keep going. ?โ˜๏ธ?โ˜บ๏ธ

  5. Federer’s game is definitely coming together. There was more clarity and crispness in his shots and movement compared to the first week. He unleashed a few of those fabulous super-aggressive backhands.

    Scary thing is, like you said he had a lot more in reserve, but wasn’t forced to show it. The first set was tight, he looked to be probing Dimitrov’s game and slightly unsure about the best way to proceed, but once he eked out that break at 4-4 with some cat-and-mouse rallies, it was plain sailing until Dimitrov decided to break back in the third. He got a little lucky that Dimitrov’s serve collapsed immediately afterwards, but I’m sure he would have been ready for a third set if it had come to that.

    It took Raonic five sets to beat a hobbling, off-form Federer who was exhausted from his marathon against Cilic. This year Federer’s playing great, he’s healthy, and he hasn’t dropped a set. He stands a good chance not just of winning, but of doing so in straights.

    1. I think that Roger will get through Raonic comfortably. To me, the question is whether “the injured?” Murray can get through Murray and can he stop Cilic.

      He’s 7:1 vs Querrey and 12:3 vs Cilic.

      Despite his injury woes, he showed grit and fight today to win in straights. So not sure why he can’t potentially beat Cilic. Or the question should be:

      Which guy does Roger rather face in the potential final – Murray or Cilic. Cilic can take the racquet out if your hand but he can also unravel especially if you win the 1st and 2nd set. He’s a great front-runner but not a great fighter.

      Also, will be curious to see whether Djokovic can make the semis. He’s the 2nd favourute now behind Roger but something tells me Roger will punish him for all the losses he’s suffered in the last couple of years.


    2. Querrey had some tough five setters. So advantage Murray.

      Djoker did not really impress vs Mannarino from what I saw, just good enough, which I guess is all that matters.

  6. Thanks Jonathan. Roger won this one in the 2nd gear; Grigor has got shots but his mental toughness is not there. Whenever Roger hassled him he buckled.
    Upon Milos on Wednesday, agree that if all things go normally, it will be straight sets. If a few UFEs at critical situations, Roger should get it done in 4. I felt that Roger should have beaten Milos last year when he literally hobbled around.
    I feel sorry for Rafa, who had the slow death. After all that efforts and time, he still lost.
    Next generation? indeed they will be next but just wait. Roger with a running nose will take care of the younger generation (Grigor, Milos, ). Four down three to go.
    Allez Rog!

    1. Nadal played a good match, no need to feel sorry for him, he had some chances but I think Muller was the better player over 5. Hugely under rated serve, nobody ever mentions it as Ivo and Isner always the ones, but his is just as good.

  7. This match with Dimitrov was most enjoyable, I like the one-handed return is so classy. Roger is playing superb, I see him through Raonic though I won’t enjoy that game, and then he’ll go easy towards the final. Its fatantastic to hear he is fit and healthy.

  8. A lot happier with Roger’s performance today than I was with last week’s ones. A bit of a shame, though, that Grigor’s 3rd-set comeback didn’t really materialise, because he was hitting some great shots just before it.

      1. Think Roger needs a bit tougher match next round to carry on progressing – but definitely not as tough as last year’s QF!

  9. Really good win here given how he was essentially in cruise control ever since taking the first.

    I fully believe Fed will routine Raonic. Milos has struggled this year and in this tournament, but luckily for him Zverev doesn’t have the clutch gene (and at this point I dot know if I see him really pushing on at all) and fell apart after losing the 4th. If one-legged Fed narrowly (and in my opinion, ought to have beaten in 4 sets) Raonic last year, fit and confident Fed yet to drop a set should be an order too far for Milos. I feel like his chance has come and gone and I’m pretty confident Fed dispatches him here.

    One match at a time of course, but for semis I hope to see Djokovic. I really want Fed to have the chance to beat Novak at a slam to avenge for these last few years. I’d be happy for Berdych if he wins but it’d just be a bit sweeter to beat Novak in the semis.

    As for Nadal, not a huge shock imo. His game is not suited against big servers. I think people expected him to struggle against Karen, but I don’t think Karen has the head yet to do it across 5 sets. I mean, even when he was pretty much red lining he didn’t get a set from Fed, much less beat him, so it was always a big ask for him to get 3 against Nadal. Muller in experienced and has been waiting for this day a long time. I don’t really think Nadal will be a factor at Wimbledon again actually, though if this year has proved anything, it’s that great champions can always find a way back.

  10. MOTHER OF ***! I was so busy with work today, I completely missed everything. First, I hit Jon’s site because I wanted check about Fed. And it was good! For some reason, I forgot to check ATP World Tour. Came home. More work. Then read Vily’s comment. YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Anyone who takes that doper out is my hero. Wow! What a match that must’ve been!

    What amazing anticipation by Gilles when receiving the last point. Started moving to his left even before Nadal’s toss had reached the apex and returned what could potentially have been a service winner or easy put away by Nadal to erase another match point.

    This is what grass court tennis is all about, folks. Grass is what tests your greatness like no other surface. Dare I say, if Federer wins Wimbledon, he will return to World No.1.

    1. Another good thing – the courts looked so much healthier and greener today. I guess the 24/7 watering and care on Sunday did the trick. It’s supposed to rain also tomorrow. Wednesday is clear skies in the event that they decide to place Federer on Court 1.

      I think that Murray/ Querrey will be played on Court 1. Potentially Berdych/ Djokovic* will be played on Centre. Cilic and Nadal would have played on Centre but Cilic and Muller – on Centre? Possible.

      And Federer – Raonic – could go Centre or Court 1 – depending on where they decided to place Cilic.

      It should make no difference to be honest. ?

      1. Berdych?!? Did he get a wild card for the QF?

        Wish I could say Sam takes out Murray, but with back to back fives setters, that would be a pipe dream.

    2. They played some absolutely mad points. Gilles has a nice sleek court posture and a classic game. He didn’t flinge one millimeter.
      I still get surprised how oldies but goodies still manage to stand tall against bullies.
      What’s more: his only two ATP titles were won this year, when many would already have hung their gear in the attic. Hats off and a bow to those who keep saving this beautiful sport from vulgarity.

    3. Yeah credit to Muller for pulling out. Great serving and deserved winner.

      He actually said in press it’s the slowest grass court he ever played on.

  11. Watching Fed and son on replay.

    1st set competitive and Dimi really hits like Fed out there!

    Like watching twins! … Or dad and baby.

    1. The difference between is that Roger has the better serve and he’s much more balanced. Gregor has a lot of talent but he doesn’t have a great serve. Good but not great.

      1. Jmac was saying his ball toss is way over to the left. I watched closely and certainly is.

        The other thing is that his toss is quite high, tends to make contact when the ball is dropping, ball travelling faster when gravity kicks in, so harder to hit it.

  12. Find it harder than ever to believe Rafa is a doper.

    Nadal as a doper at 30 doesn’t lose to Muller or Fed all year. – Seems to me.

    Nadal as an extraordinary athlete who’s extremely aggressive and hard working, but who’s body can’t keep up with the damage his psyche has inflicted on it today? That makes more sense to me.

      1. [Nadal as a doper at 30 doesnโ€™t lose to Muller or Fed all year]

        Less likely on grass. Skills vs endurance.

  13. Wow, impressive win by Muller. He looked cool as a cucumber out there. Seems Nadal thought he would pull out the win.

    Time to watch the Fed match…

    Poor Djokovic, couldn’t they have put him on cc under the lights?

      1. Looks like I’m getting a deal…for Allison it was 10. Do you accept email transfer? And what is the exchange rate these days anyway?

  14. I am looking at the stats from the Raonic – Zverev match.

    Raonic had 47% 2nd Serve Winning Percentage and Zverev was 3/17 on break points won – 17 break points created!

    This all points to me to a Federer having a field day with Milos on Wednesday.


    1. Weird numbers. Expecting Raonic to win way more. I dunno how good Zverev;s return is? Very long levers so expect he reaches a lot of balls but not watched him enough to know.

    2. Vily, we can’t just take stats and extrapolate them into a completely different matchup. Zverev and Federer are completely different players. I still expect Federer to win.

  15. Imagine a final between Fed & Muller.

    Right & Left. Calm & Calm.

    Will be a real display of scintillating serve & volley tennis.

    I think if Muller manages to get past Cilic, he will surely beat Murray who cannot handle serve & volley ( remember Mischa )

    Of course Fed has a tougher path to the finals – Raonic & then probably Djokovic.

    The battle for No 1 will be settled at US Open as both Fed & Rafa didn’t play last year.

    1. Yeah it was amazing to see how calm Muller was during that 5th set, with all that he was going through, really admirable.

      1. I had the same thoughts. I was messaging my friend about how much I respected Muller’s phenomenal attitude.

    2. Don’t forget the Muller has the weight of two five setters on his legs, right? Again, what a game! The disappointment of not winning on four match points, and then to go on and win it 15-13? Against Nadal? Magical! The expression on Muller’s face when Nadal’s shot sailed long…absolutely priceless!

      Imagine Nadal winning it that way? He would be jumping, and fist pumping like there is no tomorrow. Which reminds me, when warming up before getting on the court, Nadal was doing his energizer bunny hops and ended up hitting the top door frame with his head. Ouch! Must’ve hurt. But not as bad as when losing that last point.

      Also, agreed that with Nadal out early, the No.1 battle is going to go down the wire, like in 2012.

      1. That’s a good point , Nadal would have fallen on the ground and fist pumped around. Muller barely even smiled , he just looked surprised somehow.

        But anyway Muller will surely be exhausted mentally if not physically after that one…

      2. Haha that video of him banging his head is funny ๐Ÿ˜€ bet that hurt big time. I like the one of him getting the ball kid to chuck something in the bin, just his mannerisms are funny.

  16. This match illustrated perfectly the difference between the two. Federer tightens his game up when he needs to, Dimitrov doesn’t. It was a little frustrating to see Grigor make the same mental mistake time and time again, going for a huge shot on a big point when it’s not on and missing – sometimes by a long way. In all three sets, Roger broke him that way. If Dimi can become stronger in that aspect, learn to hold back just a little whilst still hitting with authority, I’m sure he can win a slam…
    As for Roger, he just looks as if he has so much in the tank if he needs it.
    Nadal v Muller 5th set was epic !!

    1. He certainly has the tools in his game to win a slam. Prob needs a decent coach. Poor serving, not as efficient a mover. He loves slip sliding around for some reason.

  17. Rafa takes a dig at Fed regarding Centre Court. How ridiculous.

    Rafa has won 5 matches at Wimbledon ( excluding the 3 this year ) in the last 6 years and thus really has no locus standi for CC demands unlike Murray & Djokovic.

    Fed of course owns Centre Court..

    No doubt Rafa is an ex-champion but ranting no sooner than losing in the fourth round is truly uncalled for.

  18. Great write up! Said it all! Was (again) lucky enough to see it live and def his best match! Not passing that baton to Grigs anytime soon. Grigs was exposed the moment Fed broke. His serve and Fzh at times were very poor, and his body language showed it. Fed rushed him on the returns, and kept h guessing with his court craft which Grigs still stumbles with. Feds best match except for that minor loss of focus in 3rd set.
    I hv Cilic to make the final so we shall see if he sustains the form once he is in spotlight. Has been under media radar so far. Hard to know where ND is as has had no oppo really. Hoping Tomas keeps him out there for a bit today. Really odd he wasn’t put on CC. Fed match over by 6.50.
    Anyway good for Gilles. Justified his seeding upgrade. ?? . In fact all winners yesterday were experienced grass players.
    No more tix now except ladies finals so TV for me! With mute button! Ha!!

    1. Yeah poor serving as well from Dimitrov. I noticed he doesn’t move that well on grass. Always taking big strides and lunging at the ball, ends up with his shots being all arm.

      How many days have you attended? All ballot or favours thrown in as well?

  19. Another good win by Roger, shots selection has been spot on. He barely got out of 2nd gear, the amount of pressure he puts on Dimitrov is insane. Too bad Dimitrov sort of went away after losing the 1st set. So happy my chant for Muller and Raonic worked last night. Will need to chant for Berdych next. I believe Roger will be sharp and ready against Raonic.

    It seems a few players are not happy with court assignments – ladies, Nadal and Djoker. TBH organisers thought Nadal match will be short and Djoker will annihilate Mannarino. Now Djoker has to play back to back match, I just hope Mannarino will try to make it competitive and Berdych to come in for final kill.

  20. I was reading the comments above and someone mentioned Nadal was unhappy wit h the assignments. What he said was uncharacteristic actually:

    “Someone has to play on Centre, and it’s almost always the same players here. This is the reality. Here, there are many of us who have won a lot in our careers, who have a lot of important history behind us,” Nadal added.

    “A tournament that wants to be as traditional and as special as Wimbledon has to distribute the number of matches scheduled on Centre Court and that not always the same people play there, and when there are doubts, the others are sent to other courts.”

    1. I don’t really think he has a point?

      The only people who ever moan about scheduling decisions are the fans of the player who has seemingly being hard done by. Or when it is women not scheduled on the show courts the SJW’s and guys like Rothenberg thinking if he puts enough pro feminist shit out there he might get his end away with Courtney Nguyen if she has one too many glasses of wine after work and reads his Twitter feed.

      If Federer was put on Court 1 I reckon the vast majority of ticket holders for Centre would have flipped a lid. Only person who can really feel hard done to was Djoker with the delay. He could have played on centre, but then the grass maintenance comes into it.

      Trying to think if I moaned when Fed played Robredo off Ashe at USO that time. Maybe I did, who knows ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Yes and really it’s about who the fans want to see the most: that is Federer and Murray, and also Nadal and Djokovic are close, but they can’t have only men on Centre the whole day.

        Ha they put Djokovic on Court 1 for QF too actually, he will be not too pleased about that. But he probably feeds on the adversity and sense everyone is against him.

        Was scaring myself watching highlights of Federer-Raonic from last year’s Wimbledon, Raonic played very well in the last two sets. We will be watching aces rain down tomorrow.

        The good news as someone pointed out above is that Zverev was getting break chances (not converting) so that means at least Federer should get some balls back in play.

      2. Djokovic complained about holes and divots on Centre Court so in the end he got “accommodated” by being moved to Court 1 for tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Thought Muller was superb and it pains me to say it but Nadal what a warrior Fed was well geared up for
    Dimitrov except Gregor never really came to the party. Hope Roger can do the business tomorrow as I think
    Raonic will be desperate to prove last year was no fluke! I don’t even want to think of Djo and Berdych.
    so C’mon we will be watching x

  22. Again a crappy time for me. Hopefully, see a few minutes of the match. Canadians will be torn…not me though.

    British Columbia on fire, state of emergency. Scary stuff.

  23. Murray looks crippled and is about to lose to Querrey. I was hoping for him to come through so that Roger could eventually pick him apart.

    But then I looked at the Querrey – Cilic head to head and even though Cilic leads 4:0, they’ve met twice at Wimbledon – 2009 and 2012. Cilic won both in 5 sets with winning actually 17-15 in the 5th in 2012.

    So not all bad!

    1. Well, I knew Querrey could beat Murray, but was less hopeful after his two 5 setters. Turns out he did it!

  24. I dunno what some of you guys on this site have been smoking, saying that you’re happy with Raonic because he is off form, or because Roger wants to settle the score. Regardless of the outcome of this match, I’d have taken Zverev as the preferred opponent all day. Raonic is the better player, more experienced, more successful, and better serve. How on earth do you go with Zverev because he had a deep run at Halle? Nonsense. I hope Roger pulls this out, but it’s an anxious match, especially since he’ll have two more “ic” opponents waiting in the later rounds.

    1. Aren’t you a Raonic fan?

      If it was 2016 I’d have picked Zverev as preferred opponent. But it’s not, its 2017 and Raonic is short on matches, not as confident and not playing as well as he was 12 months ago. Zverev is the opposite this year, confident, winning and playing well. He also has a Masters 1000 in his back pocket. Milos is yet to win one.

  25. Hum, huh, ahem… are there any words left to describe what this dude does on court? Some alien dictionary to draw new words from? I’m out of them, really…

  26. Waouh ! Victory in straight sets. Such a quality game is not sport, it is ART ! Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo with a racquet ! Second set was terrific.

    2 more matches to come… Berdych first. One point at a time. One game at a time. One set at a time… and so on…

  27. YEAH! I f*****g BEL19VE!!! YEAH! Solid match again for Fed. I think for the rest of the tournament everything aligned very nicely. Chum Jetze! #19 and #8 HERE WE GO!






    2. Oh, yeah. I always say that the hardest match is the next one, no matter who is on the other side of the net. The past is no more, the future is a set of infinite options.

      1. True. But seriously who are we to think that Berdych will be good enough to beat Federer. Did we forget the AO meeting???

      2. Berdych had MP on Fed at Miami. After AO. He’s a serious contender if Fed is not perfect on the day. That AO match was “unique perfection” version of Fed.

    1. I say fuck this shit and Querrey gonna beat Cilic.
      If it doesn’t happen Fed gonna beat the Croatian.
      On one leg pushed him to 5 sets and beat him.
      This year’s Fed will make him sweat and cry.
      19 here we come let’s not jinx the situation and make the title a reality.

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