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Chardy Upsets Federer in Rome

Hopefully Roger booked a short stay apartment in Rome this week as he made a premature exit at the hands of Jeremy Chardy who defeated the Swiss 1-6 6-3 7-6(6) to record only his eighth ever win against a top 10 player.

I was predicting 2 close sets for this one but in windy conditions Roger's game went missing after the first set and Chardy deservedly got the win. The Frenchman made hard work of it in the tie break and had to come up with a stunning get match point down but that's really not the takeaway for me as the match was entirely on his racquet from set 2 onwards.

Fed was never at the races in this one and even though he had match point he was lucky to come that close. I don't think he did enough to warrant the win here so he can't have many complaints. Had he won I'd of course be happy he ground out a win but if we're looking for the player who forced the issue for most of the match it has to be Chardy.

Quick Match Recap

Federer vs Chardy Rome

First set and it was Fed who got used to the wind quickest as he broke early to lead 3-1. Chardy is a rhythm player especially off his forehand and the points were ending too quickly for him to find his feet. Things got worse for the Frenchman at 4-1 as he dropped serve again before Roger served it out to 30 to take it 6-1 in just 25 minutes. It all looked to be going well ๐Ÿ™‚

8 winners to 9 errors in the first set was solid enough from Fed but the second set for some reason was a complete role reversal. There was no dramatic change in conditions but the Swiss went to sleep whilst Chardy started striking the ball much better as he broke to lead 3-1 and then held serve comfortably en route to leveling the match 6-3.

Like the Brisbane match this one resulted in a decider, would Fed come good again like he did Down Under? With Fed saving 3 break points in his opening game it looked like he might just pull off the escape but then at 2-2 Chardy got the breakthrough before holding for 4-2. The Frenchman then had 2 chances to put himself out of site but Fed dug deep to hold for 3-4 before somehow breaking back to level for 4 all.

That soon became 6 all and final set tie break time. At the time I wasn't too convinced Fed would be able to pull this one out the bag as from 4-5 Chardy reeled off 2 love holds, courtesy of some feeble returning, to force the breaker. He was under zero pressure on serve and that's not a good sign heading into a breaker.

Into the breaker and Chardy got the early mini break before Roger got back on level terms at 4 all. With Chardy serving at 5 all he threw down an absolute choke job of a double fault to give Roger a match point on his own serve. Crucially Roger missed his first serve and on the 2nd Chardy came up with an immense on the run passing shot off a shanked Federer forehand which had just crept over the net.

Roger then lost the next point on serve to give Chardy his own match point on serve and the Swiss fired a forehand return long to crash out in the 2nd round and no doubt hit the road back to Zurich.

Match Stats

  J. Chardy R. Federer
Aces 2 9
Double Faults 5 1
1st Serve % 57% 68%
1st Serve Points Won 42/52 (81%) 47/69 (68%)
2nd Serve Points Won 18/40 (45%) 16/32 (50%)
Break Points Saved 4/7 (57%) 9/11 (82%)
Service Games Played 14 14
1st Return Points Won 22/69 (32%) 10/52 (19%)
2nd Return Points Won 16/32 (50%) 22/40 (55%)
Break Points Won 2/11 (18%) 3/7 (43%)
Return Games Played 14 14
Winners 18 32
Unforced Errors 28 43
Net Points Won 17/20 (85%) 17/24 (71%)
Total Service Points Won 60/92 (65%) 63/101 (62%)
Total Return Points Won 38/101 (38%) 32/92 (35%)
Total Points Won 98/193 (51%) 95/193 (49%)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer out of Rome 2014
Piece of junk

Hard to assess this one are there are too many question marks over the match. Was Fed preoccupied with the birth of Leo and Lenny? Was it just a bad day at the office? Did Chardy just play better? Were the conditions to blame? Does he need a new racquet?

The last one in that list wasn't genuine ๐Ÿ˜‰ but there are no real ideas from me on the loss and most of them sound like excuses so I can't really pick one as a genuine reason. All I know is Chardy tidied up his game after a weak 1st set and looked the better player out there. Fed was far too unreliable off both wings, hit way too many errors and just never looked like the winner.

Strange how he faded so badly after a reasonable first set though, I can't remember a well constructed point from him from the first game of the second onwards and there was clearly a disconnect between brain and racquet. Even with Chardy doing his best to choke it away he still couldn't capitalise so obviously not the Federer that's won 78 career titles stepping on court today.

Crashing out first round looks now like it was a bad idea to play but I'm not too fussed about that as he can't really change it. Losing in the 2nd round is obviously bad for confidence and rankings but s**t happens so he will just have to head back home and prepare for the French Open with a lack of matches on clay. There's some talk about him playing Nice or Dusseldorf but I'm not sure they are likely with the newborns.

The good thing about Slams is it's best of 5 sets and the draw means you are bound to face some easy opponents in Rounds 1 and 2 to feel your way into the tournament. Losing early in Rome means Fed might lose his 4th seed before the French which would be a bit of a negative but he's done well to even get 4th spot from 8th at the start of the year so not a showstopper as far as I'm concerned.

What do you guys think? Bad loss or does Roger have mitigating circumstances?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Don’t know what happened, but sloppy play from the fed. Maybe conditions + something else on his mind (or two small new things? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      Chardy just started pushing the ball in play in the second and onwards, and Roger made the mistake basically every single time…

      Oh well, on to french!

      1. Hahahaha! Roger just has a couple of tiny little problems to deal with ๐Ÿ™‚

        The chance of Roger winning the French Open has now diminished to 0%, unfortunately. I still have very high hopes about Wimbledon.

      2. I thought it was already at 0%, only Katyani was saying otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Man, if he actually wins the french, I owe you a huge apology Katyani ๐Ÿ˜› )

      3. Ah Simon, no worries. Even if not many people and fans believe it, I had and have faith in the Goat. Rafa will not win RG, because this year Roger will ๐Ÿ™‚
        And if for some reason Roger does not win RG, again no worries, RG is not going anywhere and neither is Roger. If not this year, then Roger will win it next year or the year after or after that. He cannot and will not end with just 1 RG.

        And….. Simon, if Roger wins RG, I will be too busy screaming, jumping, laughing and crying of joy to remember who believed with me and who not. As long as Roger wins, all is well, all is well ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. It just shows how tough things are out there, I’m sure this is a match the younger Roger Federer would have won in a 3rd set tie-break, maybe his heart wan’t really there with the birth of his sons (Lenny is a ridiculous name! ^^), but congragulations to Jeremy Chardy! Double-fault or not, he more than made up for it…:) Just a bit worried Fed might be short of matches for Roland Garros but not too worried, he is after all Roger Federer!

    1. The loss doesn’t surprise me because the way he was talking before the event. Roger had no intent of playing Rome, so who talked him into playing? Why come back on tour if you’re not ready? Also Roger and Mirka have 4 children, not 2. If he wanted to spent time with all them, he should have and let the pressure returning to the tour get to him, but easy for me to say. I think Roger is underestimating how much them having 4 children, playing a full schedule and along with his other commitments will affect him. I think some people are scared if doesn’t play on tour as much or stayed away too long he may not want to come back losing his competitive edge.

      1. “The loss doesnโ€™t surprise me because the way he was talking before the event. Roger had no intent of playing Rome, so who talked him into playing? Why come back on tour if youโ€™re not ready?”

        I *did* think that within a week of the birth was a bit soon, I must admit. I could quite accept that he’d be unfocussed and a bit mentally flustered having the babies arrive earlier than expected, and then not being clear what he ought to do for the best. Could maybe have felt some obligation, since he wasn’t injured or anything and he’d already missed one M1000 – who knows? Let’s hope he goes home and gets his head right before the FO – assuming he’s still playing there.

    2. Was interested to see comment on the ‘Lenny’ name. I think it’s daft too and surprises me. It also means the same as Leo i.e. Lion so RF has given his sons the same name really – even more daft. Tennis wise I always had the feeling that he might lose this one. Think it will be more difficult for him to regain the good form he had at the beginning of the year. His self belief is just not as strong and concentration far too erratic.

      1. Hey Lesley, about the names…. Roger and Mirka chose two very beautiful and different names (that you do not hear so often) voor the girls: Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and then…. for the boys Leo & Lenny??? So…. simple and plain??? What is up with that??
        Maybe to honor his mother because her name starts with a L??

    3. OTOH, I’m not sure that playing another tournament before RG would help at all: he’d either get to the later stages (as you would expect, given who else is playing in them) and end up playing potentially 3 weeks in a row (including up to 2 weeks of Bo5), which I’m not sure would help, or will get knocked out early by some relatively low-ranked player, which won’t do his confidence much good, while helping convince others that he’s vulnerable.

  2. Didn’t see it but the stats speak! 43 UFE’s!! 19% 1st reurn points won??
    Heart not really in it, problem with concentration, all perfectly acceptable. He arrived late, 4 weeks without matches. Tough first round!
    He did say in his preview presser, whether he got 1 match or 5, he wld take that so let’s say he got a good work out, and he can go home which is where he clearly wanted to be.
    Agree with you re the French Jonathan. Will start at a different tempo, best of 5. The question remains as to whether he brings family with to Paris??
    Re Lenny, think it may be short for Lennart??? Don’t know for sure?

    1. Telegraph interview says Lennart.

      His E/UE ratio isn’t that different from Chardy’s, actually – but that 19% 1st returns is horrible. To think that when I saw the first set score I thought “Oh, Jonathan’s obviously wrong about Chardy being a potential threat” …

    2. Yeah 43 errors is real bad. Conditions didn’t help but he couldn’t put together any decent points.

      Lennart and Leonard. Quite weird. Jonathan would have been better.

  3. Can’t really comment on this one as I only saw the last few games. I think I agree with Susie though – his heart wasn’t really in it. Poor preparation plus lack of concentration. I just hope he’s not disappointed in himself and can get over it quickly. I think he must have taken it more seriously than he appeared to do or Stefan wouldn’t have been there. But anyway, whatever the reason, it’s a difficult time after the birth of the twins. It must require a massive effort to focus, and he didn’t quite manage that today.

  4. Not too worried about the loss. More annoyed with the way he played.

    Just a few takeaways from my side. Yes, they’re harsh, admittedly so.

    – Horrid returning. It’s something that he just seems unable to get around. Chardy is an average server at best, and this is clay we’re talking about. There is no reason whatsoever to be unable to put in half decent returns. His return game was a joke. Missing a second serve return on match point = Criminal.

    – 3rd set, 1st game woes continue. He survived the first game this time around by saving 3 break points, but it has become a worrisome pattern. Come set three and we’re all waiting for the inevitable first game where he’s going to crumble.

    – Forehand on the run = WTF? Simon was hitting better cross court forehands on the run to stay in the rally than him today (agreed Simon played the match of his life, but still. It’s Simon for crying out loud!!)

    – Starts well, fades badly. Another unenviable pattern. First it was against Nadal, he’d start off explosively and then eventually break down. But now its started to happen against every Tom Dick and Harry. Compare it to the rest of the Top 4/5. Lose the first and they fight even harder. This year at Dubai was the 1st time in 32 meetings against Djokovic that Federer managed to win after dropping the first set. The first time. I don’t need to tell you how many times the others have beaten him after losing the first set to him. Doesn’t look good at all.

    – ANd then there’s the crumble after he gets outplayed on match points/ important games. The moment Chardy made that passing shot I knew for a fact that it was over. Federer hates getting out smarted on a tennis court and shots like the one Chardy made shake him up for a point or two after. (Djokovic US Open 2010/ 2011 etc)

    1. Roger is going through what ever player in the history of tennis goes through: decline. You are giving Roger the business because he can’t play the same as did when he was younger. Roger is 5-6 years older than the top 4-5 players except Ferrer. You think Roger is not a fighter or is weak minded. Roger fights everyday to keep his career and family life. Roger was pressured to make a speedy return to the tour because they want Roger’s life to be about Tennis, Tennis, Tennis. Also the other top players have their problems on court as well not just Roger. Simon, please his results haven’t been good. Let me know when Simon has had the mileage and the results that Roger has had. Roger is the oldest of the top players and now has the most children. The other players in the top ten would have been pulling their hair out trying to juggle with what Roger deals with.

      1. Agree with everything you’ve said, but let’s be honest. Fed’s playing because he still believes he has slams left. Sure, he loves the game more than ANY other player EVEN at this age, but that doesn’t mean that he would stay beyond his (self determined) prime, if he felt he wasn’t capable of winning. Any one who says otherwise is just kidding themselves. He’s playing to win Slams. Period. And to win Slams it doesn’t matter whether he’s playing as good as he was 4-5 years back or not. What matters is how he’s playing today. And the fact of the matter is that his current level isn’t going to cut it. That’s all that counts. How he plays today.

      2. We as fans like to believe we know the reason why Roger is still playing and the reality is we don’t know. The pressure to play runs deep for these players. Roger didn’t want to play Rome. He wanted to be home with his family to enjoy being a father. People on the outside think that because he has money he wants their children raised by nannies so can concentrate on tennis only is getting the wrong impression. The conflict of being a Roger Federer the husband and father and Roger Federer the tennis player just became greater. Tennis is an individual sport and their is no team to back you up once you take the court. Roger can’t play and have good results if he’s conflicted. Some hard choices are going to be made. Well on to the French Open which will be his 58th or 59th straight slam played.

      3. So you just said that “We as fans like to believe we know the reason why Roger is still playing and the reality is we donโ€™t know.”

        … and then you go on to do exactly that by saying, in the very next line-

        “Roger didnโ€™t want to play Rome. He wanted to be home with his family to enjoy being a father. People on the outside think that because he has money he wants their children raised by nannies so can concentrate on tennis only is getting the wrong impression. The conflict of being a Roger Federer the husband and father and Roger Federer the tennis player just became greater. ”

        Please keep the hypocrisy to yourself. A lot of us are getting tired of your fire brand bullshit on this blog, with you taking offense to just about each and every comment you chance upon.

      4. Fire brand bullshit? I thought this was a place to discuss. You may not agree with what I saw. But please respect my right to say it? Only time will tell what Roger will do. Not caring how matches he won, coming the event late, his practice being “thin”, being surprised when urged out of the house. Does this sound like someone ready to play Rome? I am a fan of Federer too. When I say “We say as fans,” I mean myself included. The reason “you” are upset is because I am being objective and unbiased. Fans can be pretty pushy and unreasonable when it comes to our sports heroes.

      5. I agree with Gaurav, it was a bad match from Fed no two ways about it. But circumstances make it difficult to read into.

        KFedFan you are always on the defensive. Stuck 6 feet behind the baseline, come to the net more, it’s more chilled out up here.

    2. Great analysis Gaurav. I think we need to come to terms with the fact that Roger is not the player he used to be. It’s tough to accept but it’s reality. Only real chance of slam glory is Wimbledon, there is no way he can sustain high level for 7 matches in different venue.

    3. Gaurav & others who are so harsh on Roger.

      I am also disappointed that he lost. I love the way that he plays, but more important I cheer for Federer because of who he is, a true inspiration for many on daily basis. Roger is truly a wonderful person, committed to so many causes and his family. Knowing Roger, one could assume that he’d have preferred to stay around the little twin boy; however the pressure of sponsors and losing his 4th place ranking may have been the reasons that he came to Roma on last minute basis.

      If I had achieved as much as RF has, I would have stayed with my family too, because that’s who he is, a devoted son, husband, and father. On the other hand Tiger Woods was most likely on a date with a Porn Star a week after his child was born.

      We don’t own Federer, it is his life, his choice, his ambitions, it is wonderful that he loves and respects his fans so much, and we should do the same, respect him and enjoy him on tour as long as it lasts.

      1. Well said Mac. I’m maintaining that I’ve been way too harsh on him, but it was just in the moment you see :p He tends to bring it out in us every now and then. Haha.

      2. Mac, you are absolutely right that Roger is an inspiring figure that transcends tennis. On the other hand I hope you agree that is disappointing to see the greatest of them all to play uninspiring tennis for whatever reason. At the end of the day, that’s the Roger we connect to, the tennis player.

      3. I say the same thing and you get upset but when someone else says it, you are all understanding and sweet. What’s up with that? By the way you are being too harsh on Roger because he is a family man who plays tennis.

      4. Like I said, mitigating circumstances for this loss. He needs to get back on the winning curve though, it’s been stuttering since Dubai.

    4. P.S. Simon’s highest ranking has been No. 6 in the world in 2009 as a 24 year old, then injuries derailed him.
      How many of you so called self-proclaimed pundits here are or have ever been ranked 6th in the world in what you do? Simon is worth $20 Million dollars and could be chilling at a beach with his wonderful wife and adorable son, instead his busting his buns, 8 hours a day to entertain us, show some respect, unless you guys can hit better, then get out there, go become a professional tennis player. It’s so easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback.

      Some of you are software engineers, making $200,000 a year and cashing in your Google stocks and drive your $100,000 all electric Tesla, and are so full of yourself, thinking that you are a gift to the world. Still, you are one of the 100,000s of software engineers out there. You are not Isacc Newton or Albert Einstein.

      Have a reasonable perspective on life, watching tennis is just a hobby, people are suffering all over the world, like in Crimea as we waste time worrying about why Federer lost, he was more than anything unlucky, everything else is speculations and opinions, with no factual merits.

      1. How this discussion turn into about Simon? So Roger sucks because he lost last year in Rome in straight sets to Nadal while Simon took a set. But did he not lose the match? Does Roger have difficulty with Nadal? Yes. But to imply that no else doesn’t is ridiculous.

      2. This was said about Simon, on the analysis of Roger’s loss:

        Forehand on the run = WTF? Simon was hitting better cross court forehands on the run to stay in the rally than him today (agreed Simon played the match of his life, but still. Itโ€™s Simon for crying out loud!!)

        And in my opinion, I believe that’s not fair to Simon or any of the top 500 or 1000 ranked tennis players in the world. Many of them if it was not for all the qualification and lack of equal resources, could beat anyone in the top 50, on a given day. Examples: Rosol, darcis, Janowicz’s victories at Wimby.

        It is very difficult to make it to the top 100, yet alone in top 30, or top 10 as Simon has done. Djokovic’s brothers are also trying to make it and they have all the support and backing of big brother, coaching, CVAC Pods, and more; yet Marko D. is ranked 1,262 and Djordje D. is ranked 1,710.

        This proves my point that making it to the top 100 is very difficult and we should respect their efforts, like Simon, day in & day out hours of intense training and dedication since they were 5 years old.

      3. @Mac: “And in my opinion, I believe thatโ€™s not fair to Simon or any of the top 500 or 1000 ranked tennis players in the world. Many of them if it was not for all the qualification and lack of equal resources, could beat anyone in the top 50, on a given day. Examples: Rosol, darcis, Janowiczโ€™s victories at Wimby.”

        Pretty much what Roger said pre-Wimbledon last year – although I note there’s a name missing from that list ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I don’t think it’s the bad of a loss. It’s better than a beat down from Rafa. Sure, he lost points, but family before tennis is Roger’s priorities(and we should all support his decisions). Like Jonathan said, best of 5 set matches and grand slams are a different ballpark! Hoping for a deep French Open Run(hoping SF) and he spends some quality time with his family ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not betting against Rafa for FO, but who do you think and why? Rafa losing sets like crazy, surly not dominant this year on clay

    1. to be honest Simon played a very good match yesterday. That’s just gonna make Rafa strong imo. I’m still saying Rafa to win the french though

    2. Simon (not the one above) is a big talent ๐Ÿ˜‰ very clean ball striker. I’m not surprised he took a set just he is the sort of guy that fades quick in tough matches.

  6. Tripped at the finishing line to be honest. Mind and heart wasn’t really into the match coupled by rust. Not much to takeaway from this match. He just went away on last 2 set and Chardy was in the zone really. Hope he can hold on to his 4th ranking going into RG.

  7. Pablo Wrote on the Rome Draw article:
    May 14, 2014 at 3:28 pm
    Amazing passing shot on the match point. He reminded me Rafa.
    Hey Pablo,
    Knowing haters like you, trolls, morons with no life, I bet you check back every 30 minutes to see how many Fed fans fell victim to your nonsense; the more people who you irritate and instigate a hateful response back, of course the happier you feel inside, Yay, what a great hobby!

    Thatโ€™s the psychology of trolling, so sorry to spoil your fun because I am not upset at all. I just want to save your soul, Iโ€™ll open a slot on my calendar, just for you, thatโ€™s if you have enough courage to talk to a psychologist, aka Shrink, compliments of A Roger Federer Fan.

    Iโ€™ll do Webinar, aka Skype too, so no worries about the ocean between us; I can help you, so that youโ€™ll enjoy your favorite Steroid Stud; without carrying all that hate inside you. It must be weighing you down, you poor victim of Federerโ€™s success.

    Quote from Roger after his loss to Chardy, more ammunition to fuel your fire, Roger is so happy!
    โ€œIโ€™m aware itโ€™s going to be a lot of work. But this is not a time where anybody needs to feel sorry for me or get worried. Itโ€™s super-exciting. With Myla and Charlene just being there and being with them, observing, just doing it all together, itโ€™s so cool. Iโ€™m really looking forward to it all, and the future is beautiful.โ€ Roger Federer, 05-14-2014, press conference after loss to Chardy

  8. Federer will win RG!! Cal it luck, call it a miracle…For now, I’m sharing a Katyani prediction on this ๐Ÿ™‚ ! No more comments till RG draw is out so I won’t jinx it ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Again, Nadal won’t win RG.
    By the way, Ferrer will be seeded 5th come RG, I’m rooting for Gulbis to win this.
    That rich kid gotta win something someday ๐Ÿ™‚
    So long guys, wake me up when RG draw comes out…

    1. It will be so difficult not posting any comments, I don’t think I can survive at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Stan is out as well, how very swiss of him to join Papa Fed.

      1. Hey Dippy, they all seem to be struggling ๐Ÿ™‚ Are they already thinking about RG??

    2. Mark my word Utch, Roger will win RG. It is great beeing a Roger fan, but unfortunately there is a downside. I really want David to win Rome because he deserves it…. but beeing a Roger fan I don’t want him to win it all or defeat Novak because then he will be the 4th seed for RG….

  9. Expected him to be rusty. Chardy troubled him in Brisbane too, so wasn’t gonna be an easy match anyway. The mental and emotional exhaustion might just have taken its toll! He basically said in one of his interviews that tennis was not important at the moment (something along the lines of “getting back on tour is not the most important thing right now” and also “it doesn’t matter even if I play just one match here”.).
    So not bothered by the loss really, since I half expected him to not even play. What irks me however is yet another tie-breaker loss. It is going to be really hard for him against serve bots and the other top players even in best of 5 matches because breaking them won’t be easy, and a tie-breaker has basically become a crap shot. It’ll be pretty bad if all you have to do to beat Fed is to keep holding your own serve.

  10. I tend to avoid reading anything but the peRFect Tennis after Fed’s loss. It’s a therapy coming to the blog reading Jonathan’s calm, honest analysis and sharing the toughts with you guys. It’s been working great for me, thanks.

    Or I watch his old video clips and I’ve just received this one timely which also made me feel better!

    1. Thanks Wanda. I always love to watch these clips. Also, I feel the same. Reading Jonathan’s blog is good therapy!

      1. And some of super optimistic comments here such as sweet Katyani’s make me smile, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Hey sweet sweet very sweet Wanda, still having faith in the Goat, eventhough Rafa is making it difficult…… But still, putting Roger as winner of RG ๐Ÿ™‚

        By the way, this is me now very disappointed and maybe making a harsh and not nice and not true comment, but if Rafa plays 3-setters in the SF and Final and still ends up winning… someone should ask some questions…..

        I am calling it a night before I make more not so nice comments about you know who…..

  11. โ€œHopefully Roger booked a short stay apartment in Rome this week โ€œ
    Dont want to underestimate his analytical skills but for me thats jonathan at his best !

    I โ€˜ve been busy work/family/house renovation but I always follow and enjoy PT.
    Also played in my clubs tournament 5 matches in 9 days. This old pusher knocked me from quarters although I am the better player its just that he is a marathon runner doesnโ€™t have a big belly like I do and he gets almost everything back while I had some problems hitting hard consistentlyโ€ฆ At least I enjoyed a couple of beers afterwards with my friends while he drank mineral water. Next time he wont get away with it I swear to Roger.

    All I d like to say is girls and boys but especially girls ๐Ÿ™‚ just take it easier on some comments. Ok some reactions maybe wrong or exaggerating but thatโ€™s the way it is when you are a fan. It means you are fanatic about something meaning you may lose every trace of rationality. And thatโ€™s the beauty of it.
    So I may stood up and said โ€œ oh come on stupid, finish him up โ€ฆ for f**ks sake what was that crappy forehand all about ?โ€
    And then if he won the match when he unfortunately didnโ€™t I would say โ€œ yes thatโ€™s my boy ! thatโ€™s why he is the god of tennis!โ€
    I m not Newton , I m not Einstein and tennis I play isnโ€™t 1% as good as Ivo Karlovic s tennis. And I donโ€™t make 200 k a year either and that hurts the most :). Does that make me themost useless piece of rubish in the entier universe? maybe it does.
    Still I feel I have the right to be a fan which for me is enjoying being irrational.
    Enjoying being childish even ridiculous sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also enjoy Pablo cause he makes me feel like wanting to fake drown him in fondue until he admits who is the real GOAT of tennis or stuff him with paella until it comes out of his ears while he admits that Nadal is the filthiest player in the history of sports ๐Ÿ™‚

    “the Greek Philosopher”

    1. My reaction was Roger actually has a chance to win this match playing like this. So the ending was poetic and Roger would know what I am talking about.

    2. This is a lovely post GG. Made me chuckle when I was feeling a bit low (for non-Roger fan based reasons). Love your philosophy. Continue to enjoy the tennis and the beers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I have, as always, placed a small bet on Dull’s opponent. What do you think my chances are ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Damn! Thought I was on to something for a while there. I think the only advantage Dull had over Mikhail today was tenacity!

    1. Youzhny has stamina issues, never comes good in physical matches. Faster court he probably had this, bit like the time he beat Nadal at USO.

    1. Oke Pablo, I have to say this. Really kudos to both Simon and Youzhny for playing so great and amazing and almost causing an upset. They believed they could do it, fought, tried and succeeded, but came up short the 3rd set. BUT…. this has to be said too, kudos to Rafa for finding a way and for fighting through. Damn that fighting spirit of him…..

      But Pablo, you do have to say this too right, more and more players are figuring out Rafa and for now he is keeping them away, but that will stop once. That never say die attitude and fighting spirit has to diminish some time. There will come a time when even that abandons him (like with Nishi and Novak).
      That is the biggest problem I have with Rafa diehard fans. They are absolutely convinced that Rafa will win all his matches till the day he retires. Why can’t they just accept (like we did) that all players get figured out.
      Rafa “figured” Roger out, found a way to win, others believed and did the same. Now Stan figured out Rafa and believed and…. look what that caused…. Almost all Rafa’s opponents have the believe and almost do it.
      He is not only struggling because he has low confidence, but also because opponents believe, fight, try and work on beating him.
      I mean, come on, Youzhny…. of all people, almost defeated Rafa. Simon and Youzhny played amazing, Rafa fought his way through. There will come a time when even that will not be enough…

      And Pablo…. your dude IS getting older ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Rafa is playing against Rafa these days. But still he is the No 1 on the race to London. It shows his superiority and spirit of fight.

      2. Yeah whatever man.I guess you get a high talking shit. I also heard you get a high doing all those drugs you and Nadal take. Why not try more of those ?

    2. In all fairness, guys, responding to Pablo is just gonna make him continue. However, that said, I don’t disagree wholly that Nadal is the greatest competitor of all time. I think he’s got close competition with Djokovic and perhaps someone like Lendl or Borg (although I think the first two are leagues ahead). So maybe he is instigating a reaction here, but give Nadal some credit. He’s not completely worthless. Certainly one of the all time greats, like him or not.

      1. John,

        Being one of the greats by cheating, from drugs, to medical time outs, to bathroom breaks between sets, being coached on court, 35 seconds of rituals between each serve, continuous mind agmes to break opponents momentum, obsessive and disruptive grunting,you have to be kidding me, on less you are on ESPN, or BBC’s payroll, then I see where you are coming from.

        On top of it the slow-down of courts which has allowed Nadal, Murray, and Djoker to just get the ball back and tire people out, that is not Tennis. Nadal would not have won anything but Clay if the courts were fast like the old days, he would another Vilas

        Rod Laver & Pete Sampras do not even consider Nadal a great player and have no respect for his achievements, because it is all tainted by cheating.

        More over, this is a blog to appreciate Roger’s achievements and celebrate the joy of watching his art on court.

        Nadal fans and trolls should go to his blogs, there are plenty of them out there, i just gave pablo the URL for a few.

        hey Sid, waiting for you to jump in, haha

      2. Hey Mac,

        Of course I’m aware he cheats, lies, and all round disobeys the rules. I too am a Federer fan. Nevertheless, we as a group who believe this are in a sad minority. Perhaps we are arrogant enough to say the rest of the world are morons or simply don’t understand enough; I’ve been guilty of doing just that in the past. But that’s all immaterial, we’ll have to assume that for now Nadal isn’t going to be punished for those things and he will remain innocent of at least the drugs until PROVEN guilty. Given that to be the case, I see no reason why I shouldn’t say he’s a great competitor, one of the greatest, in fact.

        However much cheating is done or flaunting of the rules, without the concrete drug proof, you HAVE to credit him as a phenomenon of a tennis player. To not do that would be to say Federer turned crap on only things such as time wasting and MTOs. I would say it is only by acknowledging how good Nadal is that we can justify Federer’s mental block against him.

        I do, of course, respect that this blog is for appreciators of Roger’s play, and will also grant that Pablo is just stirring things up, as I said in my previous post. But it doesn’t hurt to have a balanced opinion from time to time; I am merely trying to construct one. If it were down to all of you, Nadal would be stripped of every victory he ever won. But what if, just what if, he is merely an abuser of rules rather than an out and out steroid-monster? I don’t think that is the case, but I would consider myself arrogant if I were to claim for CERTAIN it isn’t.

        Thanks for taking the time to read this! ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. @Mac: Careful there: Roger takes bathroom breaks at the ends of sets too – as do many other players. Unless you’re going to start accusing *him* of something?

  14. Hey guys, Rome has brought also 2 good news:

    1) Roger may not want to be re-elected as President of the Players Council. FINALLY. Dude, what took you so long? You did a lot for it, now it is others turn and you already are more than busy ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) And…. FINALLY…. after 3,5 years….. the one match I have looked forward to (is unfortunately on clay), but… tomorrow Rafa vs Muzza. Jippie ๐Ÿ™‚ Think they have to watch their old matches to know how to play each other? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. This is gonna be an easy beat down for dull… Surprised Muzza actually survived til the quarters… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Nah, I am going with Muzza. Rafa has played almost 7 hours in 2 days and…… he is struggling. Muzza has a very good chance.

        Come on Andy, you have been asleep for most of this year, time to wake up and…. win dude ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. By the way guys, I think most of you are somewhat underestimating Andy on clay. He is not good at it but not that bad either. If Fognini wasn’t playing the match of his life, Andy would have won on clay at the DC. He has a chance against a struggling Rafa…. he too is a fighter….. Come on Andy

      3. I’m not convinced about andy overall this year, let alone on clay ๐Ÿ˜€

      4. I’m fairly convinced Muzza won’t stand a chance as well. Katyani, he’s certainly not horrible on clay, but his record on it is VERY poor compared to other players floating around the top 20. Now, this might be because he only ever entered the big tournaments with his high ranking, but the stats speak for themselves. Murray is a way off challenging on clay, and if Nadal turns up today, I suspect he will remain a way off.

      5. Think Andy has a decent shot. Nadal has played 2 consecutive 3 setters and Andy has won in straights, also, he has beaten 2 decent clay courters in Gronollers and Melzer. Go Andy!

      6. All depends on Rafa. He is being very irregular but if we see a 70% Rafa, he will beat Andy.

    2. Murray’s results have been better this week. I haven’t seen him play though so can’t comment. Crazy how they not played since 2011.

  15. Mmmm…..
    undisputed clay GOAT v. maybe worst top 10 clay player? Gonna take a big risk and say Rafael runs over the Muzzard and flattens him like a Roman pizza with extra tomatoes.

    I also officially pick Rafa to defend Rome.

    Pablo has been making some brief non troll like measured rational posts even in the midst of some serious bashing from other PT posters. So I’m in a Rafa kind of mood today.

      1. Still believe Nadal has this ๐Ÿ˜› But I thought muzza was going to get bludgeoned so I owe you an apology ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Well…. There is just no going through that man is there??

        Anyways, respect and nothing but respect for Andy. He has nothing to be ashamed about. He played a great match, fought and fought and fought. Next time he will beat Rafa.

        This has to be said too, congrats to Rafa. Really a champion’s mental mind to win. His never say die and never surrender mentally is amazing. You cannot not admire that. Seriously the most mental strongest tennisplayer of all time.

        Wish I could say that Dimi will win, but after seeing this match?? Still, hoping for Dimi to win. Come on Dimi, you can do it. You don’t have Rafa in your head…. for now.

        And sweet Simon, don’t apologise ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. And seriously why, when Andy looked beat and tired, why o why is Rafa still running around as fresh as a daisy, not looking tired for literally a second??? No matter how much you are playing out of your skin, or having the match of your life, or are in the zone or have momentum, you HAVE to feel tired. Why is he always fresh as a daisy???

      4. Katyani, Nadal is fresh as a Daisy, so was Lance Armstrong, even after defeating Cancer, that is what PEDs are supposed to do, make you feel and look like a Superman, even if you started as a woman, like Serena Williams, and Martina Navratilova.

        Someday by the time this cheater is in his 40s, he will have to treat his steroid-driven illnesses and that is when finally somebody blows the whistle on Nadal’s years of PED abuse, and books will be written, too bad ITF & ATP are too dependent on cheaters like Nadal for income and survival of tennis, they won’t put an end to the Performance Enhancement Drugs , PEDs abuse.

        Just Google Nadal’s pictures from when he was 20 years old, and do the same for Serena Williams, and Barry Bonds (All time home run leader in Baseball, a proven steroid junky), then compare those early pre-steroid pics with the pics of same people from years later (today for Nadal & Serena).

        Pictures are with a thousand words, loud and clear, Steroid written all over it, no wonder Spanish Government burned all the documents regarding Dr. Fuentes’ client list, otherwise Ferrer & Nadal should be banned from Tennis for good.

        While you at it, Google Lauren Powers, the GOAT in female body building, I love to hear what you think of her, or him? Don’t be surprised she looks more like a man.

      5. Yes, great respect for Andy – he did a lot better than I thought he could, and it sounds like a good match, but you have to hand it to Rafa, his unwillingness ever to admit defeat before the last ball’s been struck is quite incredible.

        But I think he’ll be as fresh as a daisy before the final later on today: it doesn’t look to me as though Dimitrov gave him much trouble. Fortunately for Novak, he has the extra hours to recover in, which he might well need.

        But, oh, I am so *bored* with those two ending up in all the big finals …

      6. “But, oh, I am so *bored* with those two ending up in all the big finals โ€ฆ”

        Roger that Alison ๐Ÿ™‚ So true. Think the same….

  16. Oven took longer than expected to warm up but the pizza still came out.

    Unreal unreal hitting from Rafa those last few games. Everything was 1000% and everything was going in. A couple of nice drop shots too. How do you stop that?

  17. another 3 setter & almost 3 hours for dull.Tomorrow Dimitrov will take him to one more hard 3 setter.Excellent.
    What was murphy saying at one point?Something like:Never in your life…..

  18. Hey guys, been following this blog for awhile but never posted before lol. Sad to see Fed out early but family must be at the top of his priority list at the moment! Cant wait to see him bounce back at the French Open! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just saw the Nadal-Murray match! Some awesome shotmaking from the two! At the end, Nadal’s mentality beat Murray. Just impressive how mentally tough he is. Probably going to win Rome again but all those hours on court for 3 consecutive days has to take its toll.

  19. The more I see Nadal play the more I get convinced he’s doping. The 13-slam champion who demolished everyone in north america hard courts few months ago, almost disappeared for next few months and now is slowly yet steadily regaining his “confidence” right before RG. Don’t be surprised people if he plays like a beast in Paris once more.

    1. Amen Gar!

      It’s Nadal’s superior mental strength, haha, wonder what he’s taking, a step ahead of other dopers like Berdych & Ferrer.


      What happened to your bull? Looks like there is a new Matador in the ring, taming your bull, 7 times in a row in 2011, and 3 times in a row Since last Beijing in 2013, 6-3, 6-4, WTF, 5-3, 6-4, and just a month ago at Miami, 6-4, 6-3.

      Do come back on Sunday for another taming of the bull on Sunday by Djokovic.

      Check out vamosbrigade dot com, you’ll love it, full of bull crap about your bull!

  20. Hey guys, eventhough I (as many here) don’t like Rafa, I was really impressed by the way he found not an extra physical gear but an extra mental gear to overcome and beat Simon, Youzhny and Muzza. Hate to do it, but have to admire that. Still…… I don’t think he will win Rome and RG. I mean come on, no offence, but Youzhny of all players almost beat him. What will that say about guys like Roger, Stan, Ferrer or Nole??
    The tiredness HAS to kick in sometimes right? I cannot believe it won’t. Otherwise Roger would have won Olympic Gold and Nole would have won Wimby last year. At some point your body has to protest….

    1. He won’t get tired. You’d think you’d have learned that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I was impressed with Muzza, but it’s just not his own game to hit with a lot of aggression, I think that’s what made the difference. he’s has a tendency to be too passive and hesitates when he has to attack all out.

  21. Novak better pull himself together… I had planned on watching a Dull Nole final, no way I’m watching if that servebot is playing -.-

    1. Yeh, he’d better. I have a bet on Novak. Assumed there was no way Raonic could beat him ๐Ÿ™

  22. My previous comment is awaiting moderation as I decided to change my name apparently. It’s me in case the moderator is wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. So what are the chances of Grigor defeating Rafa tonight? About zero I’d say, but I have put a bet on him all the same ๐Ÿ™‚ Rafa’s matches this week have followed a familiar pattern. Poor start then ups the tempo and his opponent fades under the relentless pressure, even if they basically have the ability to win. Anyone playing him has to not get too excited about winning a set and stay tough. Don’t think Grigor has the experience to do that yet, and maybe doesn’t have the mentality anyway.

    1. I agree ๐Ÿ™‚ then again, I thought Muzza was gonna get steamrolled ๐Ÿ˜›

      Where do you bet Rita? might start doing that ๐Ÿ™‚

      And go Djoker! ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Bet365. I’m not really a gambler (believe it or not:-)) but signed on with them when I was looking for a decent stream. You have to deposit 10 francs, so I thought I might as well use it. So far I’m ahead. If I start getting behind I’ll stop. Quite fun though. Gives you some interest in matches you’re not really interested in.

      2. [Iโ€™m not really a gambler (believe it or not]

        Typical self denial from someone with a gambling problem ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. So, look what happens when he doesn’t get a poor start. Is BabyFed as vulnerable to Rafa as DaddyFed is?

      1. It was only a matter of time before BabyFed’s single handed backhand was figured out by Nadal.

  24. Wellโ€ฆ. atleast Nole will be in the final.

    Soโ€ฆ tomorrow, a tired Nole against a fresh as a daisy Rafaโ€ฆโ€ฆ Come on Novak. If you want to have a chance at RG, you should make it happen and win Rome tomorrow, because if Rafa wins and gains confidence going into RG…. you will have to wait a whole year ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sorry Katyani but to paraphrase Dante, “Abandon all hope, you who watch the clay season” ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Nah Gargantouas, counting on Nole to come through ๐Ÿ™‚ Have faith in that extremely thin and skinny guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hope so Katyani! I actually like Nole, second favorite player. Let’s see if he can deliver tomorrow.

  26. Hey Ankur,
    As you predicted this is going to be a popular post, loss to chardy, haha
    Take the popular tab out, this is a ridiculous, your last post is just a place to talk, only the first 30 posts were about Roger and his match against Chardy.
    Total non-sense & a disservice to Roger.
    Also for goodness sake, your average reader has a 3 digit IQ, either find respectful ads or no-ads at all. Stop advertising crap that insults us & would put malware, spyware on the computers of fools that actually click on it, i.e. your ad about Ellen D.

    1. It’s not misleading though is it? They are the most popular posts. Stakhovsky was easily the biggest talking point of 2013. Second was Robredo. The comments reflect that.

      I don’t think it does a disservice to Roger in the slightest. If this was 2006 the most popular posts would be slam victories, the tab represents the most meaningful matches of the last 12 months or so.

      Adverts – vast majority are based on retargeting – so they are linked to sites you visit frequently. I can’t control them. Although your link makes no reference to Malware or Spyware – they are just spammy looking ads advertising spammy products.

      1. Never mind, keep your popular tab!

        First of all, that was a pre-match thread as u were headed to Wimby, the first 200 posts are b4 Roger had even played his match and lost. If u had not opened that pre-match thread, the Hansecu win post would get all those comments.

        You are demonstrating that you are not very intelligent, only ignorant people are stubborn to the point that they defy logic.

        Go ahead and delete this comment as you have done a couple of my comments, I’m out of here, your blog isn’t worth my precious time.

        I will however write one last comment for Pablo, which I’m 70% sure it is you, trying to stir things up.

        & I do not date Asians or like Ellen, so your re-targeting advertising software sucks.

      2. Moreover Jonathan,

        The most read or the most talked about subject does not make it the most popular.

        9/11 tragedy and The Holocaust are two of the most talked about events in history?

        Given your logic, then 9/11 & The Holocaust are most popular events ever? Is there such a thing as a popular tragedy?

        If your objective is to get more traffic and likes on Facebook per your pop up, by mugging Fed fans with his most devastating losses, you are not helping yourself at all.

      3. 13 to beat Robredo post Mac, comment on Madrid post. But please don’t get angry. Jonathan is somehow not convinced to what we are saying… but let’s keep our cool and believe that this is what most Fed fans would like to see… no loss posts in popular tab.

      4. Haha Ankur!

        I’m not angry, just disappointed, life is too short to live in bitterness!

        I’m resigning as the Co-Business Analyst or Co-PR Director of the blog, as we share those titles, haha

        But b4 I do, I will help out, haha, 30 more popular comments, takes me about 5 minutes.

        Take care, ping me if u like at magicmac88 at

        L8R G8R as my 5 year old son loves to say!

    2. Ankur,

      I was up to 334, then the number of comments started going down, now it’s back to 321, last that I checked.

      You see the blog administrator, aka Authority here, is ” The King of this Blog “. I’m not sure even if this comment will survive moderator’s stamp of approval.

      So if you don’t know this song, check it out, wonderful & such a true message, by John Mellencamp, appropriately titled, The Authority Song, haha


      1. Ankur,

        I forgot to say that: ” I fight Authority, and Authority Always Wins ” !

        Haha, Take care !

  27. Where was Nole in the first set??

    Now he’s gone back to bossing Dull around… Just can’t figure him out. It’s like he was on another planet during the first…

  28. I’m getting ready to make a case that Novak Djokovic is a better player than Rafael Nadal.

    – Their current head to head is 22-19, which could be considered a virtual tie.
    – Nadal’s strongest surface, and by quite a margin in terms of win percentage, is Clay. He is 13-4 vs Djokovic on Clay.
    – On all other surfaces, Nadal is 9-15.
    – Djokovic is 7-2 vs Nadal in their last 9 matches on the neutral hardcourts (I’ve already given proof of why hard courts are considered fair to all players)
    – In their last 8 meetings on Clay, these two are tied 4-4 (yes, you heard that right), with two of Nadal’s wins achieved at his fortress in Paris, with another one likely coming up soon. Is there any other player in this sport who has four wins vs Nadal on Clay?

    Rafael Nadal is not even the best player of this so called, “golden era”. How can he possibly be considered a GOAT with a resume so clay heavy, and a career so inconsistent?


    1. Too easy.

      Head to head: Nadal leads 22-19
      Head to head in GS: Nadal leads 8-3
      M1000 : Nadal leads 27-19
      GS: Nadal leads 13-6

      Anything else?

      1. Hey Pablo,

        Haha, looks like you are celebrating!

        Using the same bullcrap.

        GS: Federer leads 17-13
        Weeks at No. 1, Federer 302 weeks to 125 weeks
        Titles: 78 to 62
        WTF: 6 for Federer, 0 For Dopal

        & much more, like 23 consecutive GS semi-finals, 10 consecutive GS finals, 18 of 19 GS finals, 42 GS QFs in a row.

      2. Since 2011, things look different, The new Matador has tamed your bull, Djoker is now in Knee-Dull’s head, do come back in 2 years for updated stats.

        Djokovic has won 12 of last 18 matches, 12-6 since 2011, including 7 in a row & currently 4 in a row, soon to be 5 in in a row Roland Garros.

        on Clay, Nadal was 9-0 against Djoker until Madrid 2011, since then it is 4-4, and you know very well, it should be 5-3, because the touching of the net incident in RG final is why Djoker lost last year, up 4-2 & was 5-2 final set, if not for that gift.

        Although knowing your bull, he has no courage, he will retire before allowing his winning percentage and H2Hs take a serious toll. If he starts losing more which he will, Nadal will sit out the rest of the year after Wimbledon.

        Do you know why Nadal never plays Halle on grass, because Federer would have 10 wins in last 10 years on grass against Nadal, so the chicken just avoids playing Federer on grass. & up to 2010, he avoided playing Federer at US Open, Cincinati, or any fast hard courts, by losing to Davydenko, Del Potro, Djoker, or Yuozhney.

      3. Clearly, the troll here misses the message on how a particular surface blatantly favors one style, while the other treats all playing styles fairly.

        Nadal is 8-3 vs Djokovic in Slams, and 5 or those wins were at RG. They are 3-3 on all other surfaces, and more importantly, 3-3 in their last 6 meetings. Too bad Novak will have to face a juiced up Dopal again at RG this year, to further boost his “thoroughly planned out” H2H.

    2. Hey Sid,

      I’m abandoning this blog, it is getting too popular with trolls and … well Never Mind !

      However, my last comment sh’d be appropriately for my favorite, most logical Nadal Hater there is, Sid.

      First of all the GOAT talk is all bunch of crap, how can we compare Rod Laver, Ken Rosewal, Bjorn Borg to Roger Federer. The times were different, equipment, court speed and kinds, competition, and physicality of the sport was so different.

      Nadal, aka Dopal, Knee-Dull is very calculative, he has avoided playing his top competition on any surface but Clay and slow hard courts, like Miami and Indian Wells. Now even indoors like WTF are slow.

      nadal doesn’t have the courage to fight his lows on the court, after each major loss, like 2009 Soderling, 2010 Murray in AO, 2012, Rosol, and 2013 Darcis, he uses a phoney injury to go in hybernation, avoiding more loses with low confidence, juices up and comes back like a horse.

      Also, he has been lucky as courts have slowed down and Del Potro & Soderling injuries took two of the hard hitter that had his number out of the game, remind you that in 2009, Del Po crushed Nadal 6-2,6-2,6-2 at US Open.

      If Del Po had not gotten hurt in 2010, serious documented wrist injury, not phoney knee-injury like Knee-Dull’s, he was going to challenge for No. 1 in 2010, already at No. 4. Then with Del Po out, Nadal took 2 months off after being trashed by Murray in Aussie Open 6-3, 7-6, 3-0, Bastard retired when double break down.

      Nadal went on a 3 month injury break, juiced up & came back and won 3 slams thanks to slower courts, Del Po’s absence, Roger’s bad back & loss to Berdych in Wimby & Roger’s SF bad luck losing to Djoker in US Open, if Roger had made it to the finals of Wimby & US Open 2010, he would ahve beat Nadal for sure.

      So, the summary, only jealous people like McEnroe & Agassi say stupid things like Nadal is the greatest. He should be judged when he retires, is Nadal going to play until mid 30s and take more losses, affecting his H2H, or is he going to quit after 2016, not even Olympic is on Clay is a sure bet for a 30 year old Nadal against a Djoker or a 26 year old fit Nishikori.

      I hope the cheater retires tomorrow, do not be surprised, if he loses early in Roland Garros to see him not play Wimby & take 5 months off & come back for slow US Open, all juiced up & ready to go.

      Roger or Laver deserve to be talked about as the greatest because of how they competed and their beautiful tennis, text book stuff which is tried to be emulated by every coach.

      You cannot be the greatest cheater ever in the game and still be in discussion as the GOAT, same way that Lance Armstrong was stripped of 7 Tour de France Tites, Nadal and Aggasi the meth-head should be stripped of their titles.

      1. [However, my last comment shโ€™d be appropriately for my favorite, most logical Nadal Hater there is, Sid.]

        I’m honored, I really am! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Good week for Rafa. He lost to the better player today. Nadal shows signs of improvement but it was not enough to beat Nole. Now I’m sure he is ready for RG and the next time Rafa is not gonna arrive the final having to fight in every single set.

    What a warrior he is!!

  30. Folks, until proven otherwise, I think Pablo is either Jonathan or paid by Jonathan to stir up things and bring more traffic to the blog!

    So long, I’m outta here on a high note, Nadal’s loss, hope the cheater loses every match and retires in 2014. If we all cheated at our jobs, we’ll be going to jail for embezzlement, rather being celebrated as the GOAT Doctor, Engineer, or Account.

    Nadal is not sticking around to lose in the first round of RG or Rio Olympics, on Clay. ” King of Clay ” wants to die with that title, so he will bow out to preserve his legacy.

    Much like Sampras, he lost in 2nd round of Wimby to George Bastl (SUI) ranked 145th, 3-6, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 4-6 in 2002 and had announced to retire at the US Open, he was title less for 2 years, came in to the US Open 2002 at 20-17 win-loss record, ranked 17th , got lucky as top seeds lost and he played 6th seed Agassi, his bitch, in the final, won it & Sooo Looong, hello retirement.

    1. Oh come on Mac, what the heck! With the recent “influx of Nadaltards” on this blog, thanks to Jonathan’s extremely lax immigration policy, and inclination towards appeasement of proven trolls, we need more ammunition to fend them off. If Jonathan doesn’t censor them, we will have to take the law into our own hands ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Mac we are talking about tennis. Don’t take it that serious. Relax because Nadal is still gonna win many tittles so your mental health could get worse.

    1. Pablo,

      I’m a licensed Psychologist with over 20 years experience and I played tennis for Bruins, my Ph.D. is from UCLA, do you know what is a Ph.D.? Do you know what UCLA stands for? The university of California, Los Angeles, one of top 5 schools in the world, if you want to become a shrink like me.

      So I’m already crazy, hence the title shrink, thank you though, I thought we were talking about World War III, since it is just tennis, then I chill.

      Nadal will win a few more titles, as tainted as the last 62 that he has won, he is a cheater, a Doper, and if you are not mentally retarded, you should go and appreciate him on his own blogs.

      When you come to a Fed Blog, it proves that you are a sick troll, who just might be on PEDs too.

      Enjoy your Trolling & let me know, when you are ready for treatment, I’ll help you. That is my passion, helping
      people like you with serious mental problems that are affecting their daily productive lives.

      Less Anger, More Laughter!

      Don’t let me get under your skin, Ciao!

  32. I thought Sid was the biggest example of Nadalitis and then I find you. This blog doesn’t stop to surprise me.
    And 0% about tennis. Just a hooligan fan.

      1. Yup, if I have Nadalitis, then Pablo’s work is done here, and he should move on.

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