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Basel Draw 2014 – Can Federer Win a 6th Swiss Indoors Title?

Hey guys, the Swiss Indoors draw is out and safe to say it's looking pretty similar to last years! The good news is Fed is playing, I figured he would but there was some doubt after a few Swiss news websites reported Luthi had hinted he would skip it. That always seemed unlikely consideing it's his home town tournament and is the only tournament he will play on Swiss soil in the ATP 2014 calendar.

I suppose the question now is will he play Paris too now he's confirmed for Basel? From a rankings perspective if he was chasing the #1 then maybe skipping Basel and playing Paris would have been the right move. Rather than playing Paris and skipping Basel but as it stands he's set to play both. It will most likely depend on how this week goes and how he holds up physically. He clearly has one eye on the Davis Cup already as he's been training on clay back in Switzerland.

Fed Grinding on Clay Switzerland

As for the draw it's as you expect in a 32 player draw, starts easy enough but gets tricky fast with Dimitrov potentially meeting Fed in the Quarters. It's been 3 years since Fed has been able to win the title at the St. Jakobshalle losing both times to Del Potro in 2012 and 2013 so it's definitely about time he regained the trophy. Fed's record is currently 5-5 in Basel finals too which is actually pretty poor compared to his performances elsewhere on tour so getting that into positive would be a good target too.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round of 32 – Gilles Muller
  • Round of 16 – Jerzy Janowicz
  • Quarter Final – Grigor Dimitrov
  • Semi Final – Stan Wawrinka
  • Final – Rafael Nadal

Full .PDF draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Basel

First up is serve and volleyer Gilles Muller playing his first tournament since Tokyo. Muller's best surface is probably grass but interestingly the only surface he has a winning record on is indoors. He can be tricky but I can't see Fed having too much difficulty with him. There's a possibility of a tie breaker due to his lefty serve but if Fed takes care of his own service games then he should be able to break the Muller serve with some deft returns that make the first volley very difficult for the Luxembourgian.

In the round of 16 Roger will either face Denis Istomin or Jerzy Janowicz, two big ball strikers well suited to indoors. Janowicz is clearly capable considering he made the finals at Bercy in 2012 but he's not been able to kick on since that performance. Istomin is reliable and Roger played him in Basel last year winning in 3. That was a tough match but Fed ground it out from a set down which was pleasing to see at the time considering his troubles last year post Wimbledon.

Into the Quarters and just like last year Dimitrov could be the man waiting. He's defending his Stockholm title tomorrow vs. Berdych so there's a chance he could be fatigued. Nieminen or Pospisil who are his 2nd round opponents aren't pushovers either so he could be an early casualty. I'd pick Fed to take him out though regardless, probably in straights just like he did last year as I don't think Dimitrov is really in form. I watched some of Dimitrov vs. Sock this week and the American really should have won as he had the upper hand in sets 2 and 3, just poor mental concentration from him. As for the Stockholm final it will be interesting to see if Berdych can hold himself together in the final tomorrow or whether he goes AWOL like usual.

The semi finals is seeded to be against Wawrinka and I would be surprised if he didn't make it looking at the draw. Stan hasn't played since he tanked the match vs. Simon in Shanghai so he should be fresh and ready to prove a point. Of course Wawrinka isn't always reliable in front of the Swiss fans but someone with his game must fancy there chances to come through on this type of court. If they do meet it could be interesting but Roger will have the crowd well on his side and based on his form from Shanghai he can handle Stan's game no problem.

Should Fed make the final then his seeded opponent is Nadal who's returning to Basel for the first time in 10 years. He's been contracted to play for the last 2 but due to injury or whatever you want to call it he's been a no show. There's still doubt over his participation here with news outlets reporting he could miss it and other saying he'll play till Paris but skip the World Tour Finals. Just the usual drama that surrounds him off court so nothing new, it's best not to pay too much attention :D.

I do hope the Fedal matchup happens though as it'd be interesting for Fed to play him for the first time since the Australian Open. We all know about the lopsided head to head and Nadal with the mental edge but Fed playing well on one of his favourite surfaces is tough to beat. There's potentially a good match on the cards but whether they can both hold their end of the bargain up I'm not sure. Goffin could be the dangerman in Nadal's half I think.

Live chat will of course be on for all Federer's matches in Basel so join in if you can. Apparently Roger won't be playing the night match on Monday like he usually does though so his first match will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Talk to you guys then and let me know what you think of the draw in the comments. Will we get Fedal XXXIV?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Anyway, I certainly think that it could be an interesting one. He has quite a few big names to go through if he is to win, but I feel like with the way he is playing, he can handle them. I also would like Fedal to happen, although I doubt it will personally, as I think that if Federer could beat Nadal this season it would really help confidence-wise going into next season.

  1. Well, to me it looks like a pretty weak bottom half of the draw, so I actually think the Fedal might happen. Provided of course that Nadal makes it to the starting blocks.

  2. Well, he’s definitely not going to lose to Del Potro this year! πŸ˜‰

    I’m actually glad to see a strong draw for him; sometimes I feel like when it’s too straightforward, he risks taking too long to get himself into form. Particularly since he’s been practicing on clay, so he’s going to be making a surface adjustment too. (Presumably he is by now already back to practicing on hard.) Provided he makes the adjustment successfully, I kind of like the clay practice from the perspective of Davis Cup; he’s actually practicing the transition from hard to clay. He’s also practicing clay to hard, though he won’t be using that again in the near future. Unless you count DC to IPTL, I suppose!

    Nadal is apparently already on site in Basel, frankly to my surprise, I didn’t think he’d show up. Didn’t he actually show up last year too but lose early? I do think he was a no-show the year before.

    The draw is challenging, but not sinking-feelingly so, particularly as well as he’s been playing. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to bring that level again. I could do without seeing any more of the Mayer match level though!

    1. He might have done tbh. I thought he’d skipped it twice though like Murray. Hard to remember what he’s played and missed with that guy though πŸ˜€

      1. lol, right that. You are right though, and I am wrong; last year was the year there was all the hype about Rafa coming after Brennwald decided to be a dink, and then Rafa pulled out the week before the tournament due to exhaustion, and Roger stepped in to play the opening day that Rafa had been scheduled to play. I had been remembering this, incorrectly, as the year before last. That’s how much times have changed!

  3. Raonic could be awkward for Nadal but he was out in 1st round in Moscow – still not recovered from virus I think – so I guess it depends how he’s feeling. Goffin has been doing well but I honestly can’t see how he might trouble Nadal, although I haven’t seen him play recently, so who knows?

    On paper, Feds draw looks the tougher one. He played Gilles Muller at Wimby in second round didn’t he? And won pretty comprehensively. Obviously a big server indoors is always tricky but he didn’t appear to have anything to trouble Feds apart from the serve I seem to remember. Janowicz doesn’t seem to trouble him, and Dimitrov – well he’s in the final at Stockholm, so he could be tired as you said. I see Feds into the final, and quite possibly against Nadal. Oh, it would be so great if Feds could beat him in the final wouldn’t it? It would certainly be the icing on the cake.

  4. Fed should make the finals comfortably. I don’t see anyone beating him in the Finals either including dull.
    Hoping to see Roger as No. 1 again. I know it is a tall ask, but with Djoker having to defend so many points from hereon and Roger playing like the way we saw him in Shanghai, anything is possible.

  5. Going out on a limb here and picking Kukushkin to take out Stan, and Goffin cld take out Nadal. Fed to make the final where he will play either Goffin or Rafa if his appendix holds up! Wld love it to be Rafa and for Fed to come up with another Shanghai SF performance!
    Still don’t think Rafa will play WTF, nor wanting to jeopardise AO if he has to hv appendix out, and don’t think Novak will make Paris if his baby decides to come along! No 1 ranking cld just happen for Rog! Allez indeed!
    Btw, Wld love to know if anyone, anyone got a DC ticket as I hv seen equally disgruntled French fans tweeting their anger at the FFT’s complete mishandling of the ticket sale! Total corporate bean feast!

    1. I’ve seen a very few French tweets from people saying they got tix. I wonder if they were giving French ISPs preference. They don’t seem to have put any limits on how many tix sponsors could put in for. Are you going to enter any of the contests, eg from BNP Paribas, to win some?

      I will be really annoyed if there are empty seats in Lille as a result of this wild skewing of tickets to corporations – & there was never even any possibility of my going in the first place.

    2. Agree Susie. Selling huge numbers of tickets to corporations really bugs me: to see huge numbers of empty seats which could be filled with true fans. It happens at most tournament. Most who are given these corporate tickets aren’t a bit interested in tennis and are just there for a jolly…bloody disgusting in my opinion.

    3. Hey Susie, who knew Kukushkin could be that dangerous? I saw him play for the first time against Roger at DC. After that he is troubling players left and right, even Novak. Today I saw him play Cilic, he lost, but man….. some of his shots… wow.

      1. Hmm, but maybe not a player you’d really want to face in the first round when your form’s been a bit iffy?

  6. Lately, all tournaments seem to be unpredictable, especially when Nadal is entered. No idea who will be in the final. Rogerès half seems more difficult than Nadals. Maybe Nadal showed up this time because he was getting death threats from the tournament organizers.
    A shame about DC in Lille. At the end of the day, its all about the bottom line.

  7. Decent draw but its almost never follow script, hope Roger can win this title after losing 2 yrs in a row against Delpo.

      1. Totally agree about the photo Sue. Soooooooo many nice and great ones of Roger (standing still or running) and you choose this one Jon??? Bad choice dude πŸ™‚

    1. I’m saying he tanked because he did.

      He purposely whacked the ball into the stands on match point, he’d had enough, gave up. Tanked. Watch the highlights. Simon made him blow up.

  8. Waiting for a Fedal match here. It’s LONG since Fed beat him in Indian Wells 2012. Although Nadal already has his appendix as excuse. Amazing skill of getting injured at the right time of the season! Hard to see why he is playing actually. “My appendix is fine…I’ll play WTF”… if he does well here and in Paris. Otherwise, a surgery on paper and then return like a “champion” as usual. I doubt whether he still has appendix or not.

  9. Hope Federer doesn’t get a Nadal final, hope he doesn’t meet any of the predicted oopponents. Don’t want any thing stressing him ahead of bigger tournaments ahead. He doesn’t need it right now.
    what day is he playing who knows ?

    1. Tues we think! Stan and Dull Monday!
      Picking RBA/Ferru and Dimi to win today!
      Cilic has qualified for WTF, so only 3 spots left altho still think Rafa will pull out!

      1. Brave predictions Susie. Last time they played, I think Berdych won, but I’m hoping you’re right and Dimitrov will regain this title. I know Cilic is in a bit of a slump, but I’m going for him against Bautista Agut, and Murray against Ferrer: that will be an interesting one as they both really need the win! I’m nearly always wrong in my predictions so I’ll congratulate you in advance!

        Uncle Toni did seems pretty sure that Nadal was going to pull out of WTF. If he wants to be fit for AO, he needs to give himself at least 4-6 weeks recovery time (even if it’s only keyhole surgery), and presumably a block of training, although you never know of course with those prevaricating bastards. So that will open up 4 spots – going down to the wire this year!

      2. Hey Ajay, I felt soooooo bad for Ferrer. Man, he was serving for the match and got broken. On matchpoint, oh my God, he was almost in tears, even before the presentation. I like that guy so much. He really deserved to win.
        But…. I know, this is just me and only me, but I was happy that Birdy also won πŸ™‚

      3. Susie was 0/3 on those predictions πŸ˜›

        Utch, Fed has been on tour since 98, do you really think the thought of facing some tough opponents in a 500 tournament will stress him out? lol

        And Ferrer got broken serving for the match? Haha I didn’t see that. He’s lost a few matches vs Murray that should have gone his way, he should have won in Miami that time in the final. No go to weapons to just end a point quick or a serve to get him some cheap points.

    2. Hey Utch, Susie and Slamdunk, you know I think it is so unfair what Rafa and his uncle are doing. Isn’t it obvious? They just want to see if Rafa has the opportunity to win. If he wins, he will play WTF and maybe before that Paris. But if he loses early in Basel or sees that Roger is unbeatable, he will not play, just to keep the H2H on his side.
      Isn’t it strange? You don’t hear about him skipping Paris or WTF…. then he sees Novak vs Roger and sees that he cannot beat EITHER ONE of them in their form and suddenly there comes the stories about him skipping….
      I really believe he is just too SCARED that he willl lose to Novak or Roger. The only reason he is playing Basel is to see how Roger is doing…..

      Someone made a great comment. He skips a big major like USO for wristpain, but plays a 1000 tour with a appendix that can burst???

      1. Too right Katyani – that’s how he preserves the positive h2h against everybody. Play for half the year, miss tournaments because you’re not quite 100% – can’t go wrong. I’m also puzzled as to why he’s playing Basel – I think it has to do with the contract he signed (3 years) and having missed 2 of them, perhaps even he feels he’s got to turn up.

        It’s the maybe, won’t, see how I do, and on and on, which annoys me – and bad for his fans too. Make a decision, and stick with it. So much easier really. A grumbling appendix is good enough reason to say I’m pulling out for the rest of the year it seems to me.

      2. [Fed’s record is currently 5-5 in Basel finals too which is actually pretty poor compared to his performances elsewhere]

        Anyone knows Nadal’s finals record in Madrid? Just goes to show that conditions aren’t really favorable to Roger at home, and that indoors (rather hard courts) are an equal opportunity surface, unlike clay.

      3. Hey Slamdunk, you know what bothers me soooo much? If Roger met Rafa since June this year at 6 or 7 tours…. HE would have beaten Rafa. At Halle, Wimby, Cincy, USO, Toronto, Shanghai and I think I am missing one. So the H2H would have been soooooo better for Roger. But of course, story of Roger’s life, Rafa was a no show. He won’t make the final in Basel either, will be too scared for Roger in the form Roger is in….

      4. Hey Katyani, Sid – and the sentence that prefaced those comments – ‘But you won’t find Nadal bemoaning his misfortune.’ Hahahaha

      5. Got Kukushkin right! :)) prettyannoyedthat trade already played 2 rounds and Fed about to play 1r. Brennwald clearly loves Rafa. Pays him to play. Won’t give Fed a contract in his home tourney! What’s with this guy?

  10. Cakewalk draw for Mr. Rafael Appendicitis Nadalitis. The cool Swiss just being too nice with the ailing Spanish retard.

    1. But Sid, according to Mr. Rafael Appendicitis Nadalitis (lol) himself, the draw is otherwise:

      β€œIt’s going to be one of the most dangerous first rounds in a 500 tournament that I’ve played in a long time…I am not 100 per cent sure what is going to happen tomorrow. I haven’t practiced well enough or enough times. My body feels more tired than usual when I’m playing.” (ATP site)

      Can’t help but thinking the easy draw for Nadal could be the bait or deal for him to come and play. Personally I’m careless of the draw. Just hope Roger will continue playing well there because the Basel means a lot to him and to the local fans. (Remember the long standing ovations last year?) The trophy in the end would be super great.

      1. Pfff…getting the excuse polished up already. I really don’t know why the Swiss are even bothering with the Spanish cheater: if there are any Rafa fans in the audience, I hope they have tickets for the first day, otherwise they’ll possibly be wasting their money…he really is a waste of space.

        All the matters is that the champ reaches the final and wins – what an ovation he’ll get then!

      2. And…I had to laugh at this sentence: ‘But you won’t find Nadal bemoaning his misfortune.’ Realllly!

      3. And you’re still falling for what Mr. Appendictis and his Aunt Toni have to say? After all these years?

        About the standing ovation as Basel last year: It was a great gesture from the crowd, staged, no doubt πŸ™‚ Part of it could be, given the horrendous 2013 our man had, they believed he may never return. Boy! Were they wrong or what? Sitting on two Masters 1000’s in 2014, finishing runner up at three others, a slam runner up, and within striking distance of year end number one.

        In hindsight, it’s great he got that ovation. It fired him up, for all the right reason. “Are you guys done clapping? Now, watch me next year!”. Hope he gets an even bigger one this time around, leading to an even bigger 2015 πŸ™‚

      4. β€œAre you guys done clapping? Now, watch me next year!”. Hope he gets an even bigger one this time around, leading to an even bigger 2015 πŸ™‚

        Great remark Sid πŸ™‚ Love it πŸ™‚ Just don’t forget to include 2016 πŸ™‚

      5. So Rafa is usually 100% sure of the results of all his matches? That must be a really comforting thing to know before you go on court. And this one *will* be dangerous? Not *might* be dangerous, but no-shadow-of-a-doubt dangerous? Yeah, right …

  11. [Fedal Fedal XXXIV?]

    It’s so fucking painful, I don’t give a fuck if it were CXXXIV. If the Doper loses; Oh, well! Roger can only beat a struggling Nadal.. If the Doper wins; Wow! This guy is sick, and still beats Roger.

    It’s a no-win situation for Roger. So…fuck that!

      1. If I had the power, I’d put him into a bullring and let him deal with the matadors, as sick a sport as it is. Speaking of which, what is that retarded festival called where they release bulls into the streets, and those Spaniards are running around, scared shitless? I mean, those bulls have no respite, whether inside, or outside of the ring. And if some of them do get lucky, they end up losing their huevos de toro, which Aunt Toni then feeds Nadalitis, before unleashing her nephew on the Tour.

        Is there any thing these guys do that can be considered not-retarded?

      2. Tapas? That’s pretty good πŸ™‚

        I think Fed vs Dull will be a good assessment of Fed’s level. See if he can play clutch which he will probably need to…

      1. At IW 2013, Roger could barely move. He should have packed it in. He showed up for the fans and the tournament.
        With Nadal playing Basel, it ruins it. All the blah, blah, blah. He’s such an ass.

      2. Agree with Sue, Fed was on crutches at IW hahaha. And that match match point at cincy, well, Fed should’ve challenged, simple as that. I never understood why he didn’t, but oh well.

      3. My theory was that he probably didn’t think it was classy to challenge on match point unless he was positive it was wrong.


      4. Alison, I agree with you. Being a vocal opponent of the challenge system, Roger wouldn’t want to deny someone a match using the very thing he despises.

        I like to think of it that way. πŸ™‚

    1. Bolellli in the process of handing the first round match to Nadal with a whole bucketload of mistakes. Doesn’t look as though there’s a lot wrong with Nadal, although he’s not having to do much apart from throwing up his usual moonballs and getting the usual errors….pffff!

    2. And what is with Dull’s draw? There must have been a discussion between Toni and Brennwald before the tournament began. Also if I remember correctly Dull signed a three year contract with Basel but pulled out of the first 2 years. Brennwald probably wants him to win at least once so that it doesn’t seem that his investment failed. So essentially he’s trying to save face, what a tool.

  12. For the past 3 years, I wasn’t so much exited with see another Fedal match because of so many reasons I don’t won’t to go through.
    Its the first time since long time, I have the excitement to see another Fedal. Just to see how good Roger vs hopefully good Nadal in fast court. I think it will be good match. However, I doubt Nadal will reach the final.! He started well in china but then he collapsed. don’t have the feeling he will do well here.

    Anyway, I hope Roger win it all because he deserve it after a good and successful year

      1. I saw the match, Nadal shows some glimpse of his relentless game with the help of Bollelli poor game he get the W, but sill! lets see next match and then I can tell if he would be in the final. By the way, his draw is a joke and logically he should reach the final

    1. Shamtoot, pray tell us the reasons you weren’t excited about Roger vs Dopal matches in the last three years. I’m sure every reader here would like to know.

      Go on… πŸ™‚

      1. Sure Sid, why not πŸ˜‰
        Its simple, with every match that was anticipated and it come to live, there were so much hype before it and it didn’t even provided what was expected! So I lost interest 
        Unlike Djokodal matches, in most of the cases, it meets the expectation. Now with Roger reaching certain level of confidence and Nadal has something to prove, I am exited again.
        I know, this is not the answer you were looking for, but its as simple as this πŸ™‚

  13. Hey guys, look what Boris has to say about our Roger… What a difference a year makes πŸ™‚

    “Who would have thought just one year ago, that at this point of the year Roger would have been in the run to close the year at World No.1? He became father again in May, and from then on he just kept on playing better and better. He plays unbelievable. I was a little worried in 2013, when I saw Roger losing to players less valuable than he is, but he showed once again all of his character and determination: He changed his racquet, he changed his coach (choosing another tennis legend, Stefan Edberg, who played the 1990 Wimbledon final against Becker), and he has found his best results”. “

    1. Ps guys, this is what we in Holland call a “schijnbare tegenstrijdigheid” a paradox (like screaming silence):

      “Speaking about Federer, Toni showed great example of sportsmanship…” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Yep, I saw that Katyani – I think he’s worried that his guy is about to lose the No.1 mantle – as he should be! πŸ™‚

      1. [Agassi visibly isn’t too much of a fan apparently]

        Neither are JokeEnroe and Trollander. Envy runs deep in some apparently…
        And why wouldn’t it? Fed has achieved things that they could only ever dream of. Plus he’s still playing and improving his legacy whilst they were burnt out in their 20s…

      2. Becker is a huge fan or Roger. Any player from that era has to be, as Roger’s game is as old school as it can get, given modern conditions, and he still gets it done. Don’t forget up until the end of 2013, he was using what would be the modern equivalent of a wooden racquet.

        Have you ever listened to Billie Jean King talk about Roger? You would think she is in love with Roger, which she actually is πŸ™‚

      3. And not just Tennis players Sid, other professional athletes in different sports are big fans πŸ™‚

      4. If there is one person I dislike the same as Rafa than that is Agassi. Didn’t see him play, except the rerun once of a Sampras/Agassi-Wimby-Final. Their last one I think. Didn’t know them both, but I was immediately rooting for Sampras and not for Agassi.
        To me Rafa and Agassi are the same “person”. Great and TOTAL admiration for what they do with their foundation, but other than that….. the same person. Only difference is that Rafa IS actual humble and has innocence over him (sorry Sid πŸ™‚ ), and Agassi is….. just a mean bully. No other word for him.
        I am not talking about the difference in their playing style, because I simply don’t know anything about that. But to me, they are the same….

        And maybe it is just me, but I think Agassi is jealous about Roger because of what Roger has achieved: more love and respect from fans worldwide, former players and players from other sports…. I don’t know, but I think that bothers him more…. the love Roger gets that both Sampras and he didn’t get as much.

        And JMac is just one thing, plain and simple jealous. His remark to Roger “thank you for making the rest of us look average” says it all I think……

      5. Scooter,
        I could agree with you about JokeEnroe (his is junky) but not Wilander. The guy always praise Roger and give him all credits he deserve. If you can get me some links or video were he shows some jealousy, it would be great πŸ™‚

  14. Agassi is a bit of an idiot sometimes, when he comments about Federer one minute Federer is the greatest and then the next Nadal is the greatest. But most of the time he is a bit jealous of Federer probably because he lost a few times plus at the US open final. He is another sore loser. Thats why I prefered Sampras at least when he lost he wasn’t moaning and groaning with tantrums like Agassi and Nadal. Anyway like Sid says it’s no win situation for Fedal match if it happens. But then again I would like to Federer beating the cheating Spainard in his home turf regardless if Nadal has got a leaking intestines and bowels probably due to all that butt scratching! !! Lol. Come on Roger

  15. Thanks Wanda, thanks Susie, whew I had to scroll up to find my msg. Love the active trail and Federer hasn’t even played yet! πŸ˜‰ Wishing him the best!
    Heard Federer’s greatest competition to winning the Stefan Edberg award this year is Dimitrov!!!
    See why it wasn’t a good idea for we Fed Fans to embrace a clone? I hope we don’t get burned πŸ™‚

    1. “Heard Federer’s greatest competition to winning the Stefan Edberg award this year is Dimitrov!!!”

      ??? Explain please Utch…..

  16. He’s one of the nominees for the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award this year, together with Cilic, Nishikori and of course Federer. And then there was a thread on one of the websites that tried to analyse the way the voting will go. From what I hear, the house (the ATP Players) may be divided on this one.
    Most likely see Murray, Nadal, Djokovic, Stan maybe etc voting for Dimi

    1. Hey Utch, why is Djoko not nominated?? Isn’t he big on beeing gracious??
      Doesn’t he portray himself as having the best sportmanship??

  17. LOL @ Katyani, he tries so hard infact scratch that . He tries too hard but yet he doesn’t have the winning formula to make the nominations.

  18. I was just looking at the title winners this year 2014 season. And I think I am right that the top 16 players in the up to date rankings have all won1 or more titles this year. Usually theirs always one or more players that have come runners up so many times like last year or the year before when Berdych didn’t win a title but the rest of the top ten did. This time the top 16 players have all won, which is pretty remarkablefeat wwhich shows the quality and depth this season. Which makes Federers achievement more unbelievable considering he has the most top 10 wins, most matches won so far, most hardcourt wins. Also when he started what he was number 8 in the rankings, therefore the tournaments played in the beginning of season were much harder to win as most likely would have to play more seeded players in rpund 3, quarters etc instead of waiting near Semi finals for a top 10 player ( usually Djokovic, Murray and Nadal ) . So basically Federers accomplishments this season has been really good. Although a runners up at SW19 the rest of the Slams were poor by his standards of it wasn’t for Nadal and Cilic he could of been on 3 Slam finals. Also a huge opportunity at the US open considering that Djokovic lost in the semis. Anyhow I consider Federers re – invention thanks to Edberg effect a really fantastic season so far. Also with added bonus of Davis cup and the 3 tournaments left. It will truly be awesome if he could somehow win DC and either the WT Finals and get the year end number one. If he did do it at his age now ot probably go down as unbelievable achieve ment won and conquered. Come on Roger. Please play your best tennis now for this last couple of weeks. Simply the GOAT FOREVER !!!!

    1. Hey Serajul, if this year Roger came soooo close….then next year he WILL definitely win slams πŸ™‚
      I am sure of that. Bel18ve, Bel19ve and Bel20ve πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Katyani… πŸ™‚ Yep like u said Roger was very close at Wimbledon. I really like optimison and the belief. The more I read your Bel18ve etc you are making me believe that next year if Roger can maintain this consistentacy and improve a little bit at the Slams. Then Yes I truly believe that Federer can get number 18. And who knows once he gets that winning feeling again, he may also go deep in the rest of Slams aswell. As long as he is playing he has always a chance. A bit of luck in a draw and then maybe the Djoker, Nadal and Murray losing early may give Federer the boost. As like in 2009 French Open when Nadal lost that finally gave a final without the king of clay. The rest is history! !!! I feel Rogers still got a few more surprises left in him. Anything and everything is possible especially when the Maestro, the GOAT has clearly not finished yet.

  19. Aww, Marco Chidunelli lost today in Basel, very sad.
    I have a feeling he might retire after Davis Cup, and to think he started his career with Federer + same age.

    @ Katyani, he’s a much better looker than Berdych πŸ˜‰ and I honestly think he is the handsomest guy on tour.
    I feel so sorry he really had a low key career.

    Am I alone on this one? :d

    1. Hey Utch, watch it πŸ™‚ You are talking to probably the only fan Berdych has on this planet πŸ™‚ I cannot hear anything bad about him (well….. except when he beats Roger ofcourse) πŸ™‚

      1. To be fair, I think Berdych comes across as a pretty decently nice guy. I saw this Wimbledon cribs video on youtube where Berdych gave a tour of his apartment and he seemed to be very humble and polite. Maybe it doesn’t come across in matches (And like Katyani, I can’t tolerate him during a Fed match, understandably)

      2. Doesn’t Berdych have a wierd qwerk that he said that he sleeps with his tennis hat on his head without taking it off. Which I find a bit stupid. I mean I know he has millions in the bank and tennis clothing and accessories paid for to wear by them. But to wear it 24 hours a day is really something that normal people do.????? Also like Gaurav said he may be a nice guy and all but I seriously don’t like him especially when he is playing Federer as he suddenly remembers to play fault less and then sometimes beat Federer. But whats annoying is when he plays Nadal and Djokovic he will always lose badly. And I then think why did Federer when you know you are going to lose to your nemesis. I don’t know ehh !!!!

    2. No, I like Marco as well. And yes, I was very disappointed that he lost. I was keeping an eye on his scores – respectable in the first set, then quite the opposite in the second – he was 1-5 down, and I was going “Oh come on Marco, get another game – don’t get breadsticked”, and then suddenly he took the next 6 games and won it on a tiebreaker. *And* he was 2-0 up in the 3rd, and I was starting to think he might win it, but Dodig came back πŸ™ It’s just like when he fought his way through 3 rounds of qualies at the USO this year, then lost in the first round. So I’ve decided in future I’m going to expect him to lose, then maybe he’ll win for a change. Actually, I’d really like him to win a rubber in the DC doubles – it would be a great way to finish off his career, if he *is* retiring.

  20. Sorry last sentence should say “why did you beat Federer when you know you are going to lose to your nemesis. “

  21. Well, Wawrinka’s been knocked out by Kukushkin – quite the shot-maker as you pointed out Katyani. But what’s happened to Stan? It’s going from bad to worse it seems. This doesn’t bode well for Davis Cup. πŸ™

    1. Stan never was much good on indoor hard, I understand – I think last autumn must have been a blip. And I did think he would probably lose this one. Hoping he can inspire himself for the DC final, because Roger can’t win it on his own.

      1. It’s all part of a cunning plan devised by the Swiss. Be physically fit for the Davis cup. Ignore the next few tournaments. Keep practicing on clay. Help Roger win the Davis cup.

        See…I’ve got it all figured out πŸ™‚

    2. Hey Slamdunk, no matter how Stan is doing right now, I think we all should be thankfull to him for always for saving us from Rafa winning AO 2014 πŸ™‚

      And about Kukushkin, well… the dude should really take a look in the mirror before he steps on court. Comb his hair and…. shave a little. He looks like he just came out of his bed πŸ™‚

  22. “Quelles sont donc vos prioritΓ©s pour la fin de l’annΓ©e?

    Pour l’instant, je veux gagner Γ  BΓ’le. Ensuite, j’espΓ¨re rester dans la course pour finir l’annΓ©e en tant que numΓ©ro 1. La Coupe Davis viendra ensuite.”

    The man said it himself. Let the Race to Year End NΒΊ1 begin!!

    1. Translation:

      What are your priorities for the end of this year?

      For now I want to win in Basel. Then I hope to stay in the race for year end nΒΊ1. Davis Cup comes next.

      1. Je pense que, si Roger gagne a Basel, il certainment finira l’annee a numero 1

        Not bad, right? πŸ™‚

      2. The French maniac in me wants to rephrase but pretty impressive Sid πŸ˜‰
        Not bad at all πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      3. Or perhaps it’s the two years I learned it in high school, Shamtoot? And reading every once in a while? πŸ˜‰

      4. “Google translator is good ;)”

        Shamtoot, go and wash your mouth out with soap for uttering such heresies!

        Sid: pas mal du tout.

    1. Great news for both. It must be nice to have such an accurate idea of when the baby’s due that you can simply take out a tournament and not have to rearrange your schedule, unlike some people I could mention πŸ™‚

      1. Actually, it really is incredibly convenient, isn’t it? He doesn’t even have to miss Bercy. As I said, how nice to be able to schedule these things so accurately.

        I wondered at the choice of name originally, but of course you couldn’t really call him Boris – it would get confusing having two Borises around. I do wonder, though, if Novak thinks he can make a play for Edberg later on πŸ™‚

    2. I just saw that Ajay! A baby boy…I guess he will probably play Paris and definitely WTF.

      Sid – I hope you’re right about the cunning plan πŸ™‚

      Katyani – Yes, we shall be for ever grateful that Stan snatched that AO trophy away from the cheater πŸ™‚
      And you’re right, Kukushkin is a right scruff!

  23. Wait a fucking minute…so Roger has to play five matches in a row up until Sunday, that is, if he gets all the way to the final? Nadal getting a lot of mileage out of that appendicitis now, isn’t he?

    It’s a pity that asshole Brennwald does’t treat Roger very well at his home, while Tiriac changes the surface on Dopal’s demands. Hey Roger Brennewald, you sick fuck, why don’t you just change Basel to indoors Clay, huh, bitch?

    1. Nadal gets a lot of mileage…of course he does – very useful isn’t if Sid. And yes, Brennewald doesn’t deserve Federer; all he cares about is making big bucks – sick fuck is right!

  24. Feds – smooth as silk – and allowed Muller to avoid the second set bagel!

    The cheater through – no surprise as he has zero competition. Has anyone seen this: and said “In the past I don”t think Davis Cup mattered a lot to Roger, otherwise he would have played more often.” πŸ˜‰ Cheeky bastard – Feds has played DC far more often than him.

    1. I wouldn’t trust that website. MAkes up a lot of stuff. The same website said that “Nadal’s withdrawn from the ATP WTFs” No other site mentions the same thing they do.

      1. Oh is that right? Fair enough, one should never believe what you read on these sites it’s true: I should know better!

      2. No, don’t trust that site: it’s another bit of shoddy journalism from TWU. I’ve read the Tagesanzeiger article which it claims as its source, and a lot of separate quotes from Nadal have been shoved together, or had chunks deleted from them, to make it sound worse than it is. Plus I don’t know whether the author had access to Nadal’s original words in English anyway: they’ve been transferred into German, obviously, and who’s to say whether they haven’t been translated back into English? You never get the same back-translation that you started with.

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