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June 11th 2017, Paris
Rafael Nadal wins unprecedented 10th French Open as a wild card entrant

King of Clay

Rafael Nadal, King of Clay created history yesterday when he beat rising star and Australian Open champion Thanasi Kokkinakis in a seesaw five-set battle at the Roland Garros.

Post the 2015 US Open loss to Italy’s Fabio Fognini, Nadal had taken a total break from the game to work on his mental psyche and resolving his ‘confidence issues’. Having not played any competitive tennis since then, Rafa had requested for a wild card for the French Open.

Pitted against the defending champion, Andy Murray right in the first round, Rafa beat him in straight sets. Andy with a lot of foresight, said in his press interview “ Rafa can win this tournament again”. Roger Federer had opted out of the French Open, the first Grand Slam he has missed after 69 consecutive appearances after his first round departure at the Australian Open to local favourite Nick Kyrgios. Djokovic also was battling injuries after losing in the Australian Open quarterfinals and had opted out of the French Open.

Rafa beat Kokkinakis 6-4, 5-7, 6-7, 7-6, 7-5 in a tense six-hour battle. This was his 15th Grand Slam and he is just 2 Slams away from Roger Federer who is stuck on 17. Djokovic has now 12 Grand Slams whereas Murray and Wawrinka have 3 each now.

Rafa becomes the 2nd player in the Open Era to win a Grand Slam on a wild card after Goran Ivanisevic won the 2001Wimbledon. Rafa also becomes the first person the win the French open on a wild card.

Breaking news
July 9th, 2017, Wimbledon, London
Roger makes it 18

Federer 18

Roger Federer won his 8th Wimbledon title defeating Nick Kyrgios in straight sets. Federer did not drop a single set en route to his victory having defeated Murray in the quarterfinals and Djokovic in the semifinals and his Australian Open conqueror Nick Kyrgios in the finals.

Nick Kyrgios in his first Grand Slam final took an early lead in the first set breaking Roger and leading 3 – 0 till Federer won the next 6 games to take the first set. Nick then lost the next two sets 6 -2 6-2 . Nick broke 8 rackets during the match, leading Andy Roddick to comment that he broke more rackets than he won games. Tennis guru John McEnroe defended Nick ( obviously ) by saying that he wouldn’t have won even these many if he had not smashed so many rackets. “I would like to see him smash more rackets if that’s gonna help him win matches” McEnroe added.

Federer has now taken his Grand Slam tally to 18 and after his Olympic Singles Gold at Rio ( a fine victory over Novak Djokovic ), this was his first Grand Slam after the 2012 triumph in Wimbledon again.

Breaking News (literally)
September 10th, 2017, New York
Kyrgios wins first US Open title

Kyrgios Slam

Nick Kyrgios broke 20 rackets and good friend Kokkinakis’s serve 3 times to win 6-4. 6-4, 6-4 – his first Grand Slam title at the US Open. Three spectators are lucky owners of three rackets which Kyrgios threw into the crowd after winning every set. One ball-boy is now owner of Nick’s kitbag itself.

Tennis Guru John McEnroe gushed “I told you, he broke his racket 20 times to win 18 games and the match. That’s my boy”

The Herald Sun headlined ‘Smashing Success’

On the same lines New York Times headlined ‘Flushing Meadows becomes Smashing Meadows’

Head, the famous racket manufacturer who had signed up Kyrgios in 2016 announced a new racket to be used by him appropriately named NickHead.

Breaking News
December 31st, 2017, Majorca
Rafa retires

Rafa Retires

At a press conference in his hometown, Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, ( and one-time GOAT contender ) announced his retirement.

“I very happy and very sad. I fighted for 12 years. No fight anymore. Players now better. I accept. I enjoy for 15 years. For me amazing win 15 Grand Slams. Only Roger more. No issue. I win 9 more than Roger in French Open” (smiling)

Vamos Rafa El mejor. Adios !!! screamed the headlines in Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Breaking News
January 1st, 2018, Basel, Switzerland
Federer calls it a day

Federer Retires

As the world was digesting the fact that Rafael Nadal had announced his retirement on New Year’s Eve, another shocking announcement was to follow soon.

Roger Federer, who many acclaim as the greatest player to have picked up a tennis racket, announced his retirement from the game at a press conference in his hometown Basel.

Surrounded by his parents Robert & Lynette, his sister Diana & her husband, Diana’s twins & Mirka, Charlene & Myla, Leo & Lenny, a bunch of nannies, Severin & Stefan, Tony Godisck & Pierre Paganini,  Anna Wintour & Bradley Cooper, Stan Wawrinka & Marco Chuidinelli, Yves Allegro & Michael Lammer and all the pizza-eating ball-boys & ball-girls of Basel, Federer dramatically said “Time’

“The time has come to retire. I am amazed that I have achieved so much. Tennis is in a good place. We have Novak & Andy still in the mix. Very happy for Nick and Thanasi”

To a question whether he really meant whether tennis is in a good place, “If you are talking about Nick and Thanasi, well they have matured and only smash rackets, which is fine by me. Our great sport does not have any room for sledging or badmouthing and from my side I have always tried to be a good role model for the youngsters” said the affable champion.

To a question whether Rafa’s retirement the previous day prompted his decision the 36 year-old said “ Not really. I had decided some time back, but did not want to spoil everybody’s New Year’s Eve mood. So I wish everybody a very happy New Year 2018. I thank all my fans all over the world for supporting which kept me going for so many years. Rafa is a legend and we had a healthy rivalry and I wish him all the best for the future. He has done lot for the game”

Again when asked “ You have announced your retirement in 2018 after winning 18 Grand Slams. Coincidence or good timing ?

“I am always surprised that I always had perfect timing, but I expected it too in many ways” humblebragged the champion with a smile.

And at that time somebody shouted out “ Roger, we love you” And then the floodgates opened and one of the twin-daughters fidgeted uncomfortably and said “ Papa, wear your glasses”. It was a very poignant moment.

And soon Roger Federer, the GOAT walked away with his he entourage, stunning the sporting world with his announcement at maybe his last press conference.

Breaking News
February 3rd, 2018, Melbourne, Australia
Men’s Doubles Presentation Ceremony

Patrick Rafter: And now to present the runners up trophy to the Bryan brothers ( applause )

Patrick Rafter: We now call the champions to receive their trophy – Ladies & Gentlemen – Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer (thunderous applause)

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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  1. Great!
    It will be amazing if Roger and Rafa play doubles together. Classic Lefty-Righty team. Both great volleyers (one much better then the other though) If Fedal played doubles there whole careers, by know they would undoubtedly be some of the (G.o.a.t.s)
    We can hope!

  2. “…after his first round departure at the Australian Open to local favourite Nick Kyrgios”
    So Nick still unseeded in slams? cos I can never imagine Roger drop out of top-32 even in an imaginary scenario 😀

  3. What a lovely article !Murli☺
    You haven’t talked about Novak retiring?
    One part of my life will go when Roger retires and it will be hard to see an article stating’ Murray is favourite to win a title’?
    Roger and Rafa retiring is unthinkable and it will be sad day .
    I don’t like Rafa and cheer for the underdog every time he plays but I don’t want him to retire.
    When in 2012 Fed said he would play Rio ,I felt he is joking and 2016 is so far and its 4 more years but now seeing him world number 2 (future world number 1 by winning wimbeldon 2016 like 2012?) makes me think that he is superhuman.
    I feel 2016 will be like 2012 .Novak to defend a tonne of points,Roger adding Rotterdam,Olympics 2016 etc.

    I know right now 2015 is not over yet but this article is based on future so my instinct tells me Roger will win Wimbledon 2016 and become world number1.

    Guys ,fed won last three tournaments of 2011 so a wonderful portent for us,Fed fans and an ominous portent for others.

  4. I L.O.V.E IT 🙂 🙂

    This part
    ” Surrounded by his parents Robert & Lynette, his sister Diana & her husband, Diana’s twins & Mirka, Charlene & Myla, Leo & Lenny, a bunch of nannies, Severin & Stefan, Tony Godisck & Pierre Paganini, Anna Wintour & Bradley Cooper, Stan Wawrinka & Marco Chuidinelli, Yves Allegro & Michael Lammer and all the pizza-eating ball-boys & ball-girls of Basel, Federer dramatically said “Time’ ”
    Made me giggle like crazy 😀 😀 😀

      1. Gwen & Gavin no longer in the mix Jonathan, post their break-up. Fed always socio-politically correct when it comes to these things

  5. Sorry…not entirely convinced with this fantasy blog. It’s purely a sports blog, we need to discuss about the players’ abilities, results, techniques, strategies, and their personal experiences of watching some great matches, and of course predictions and drawing comparisons etc. But this is purely an imaginary blog which may not stand valid, many might think this narration absurd after a couple of years. someone with this kind of script writing abilities may attempt making films in Bollowood, but definitely not to confuse the blog’s motive. I don’t think this kind of blog will fall into any valid and reasonable categories such as predictions or abilities also, since it’s purely fictional, fantasy or someone’s personal dream sleeping with eyes wide open, and assuming and trying to convict others that it’s creativity.

    1. Thanks Pranshul, I avoided getting too much into Novak as this was more about Rafa & Roger. However, I have hinted the decline of Novak based on the emergence of The Aussie Ks, Andy & Stan’s continued presence and as well niggling injuries to Novak, though I wouldn’t really wish that for anyone. But sport can be cruel. Look what has happened to Rafa.

    2. Hey Victor, I do get your drift. But the beauty of Jonathan’s blog is that it is not only for serious discussion but to have fun too, and sometimes at the expense of our hero, himself. That is what separates this blog from any other Fed-blog and that’s why we all love this blog.

      And a small correction, the script is more Hollywood than Bollywood and I hope Jonathan doesn’t get sued by Bob Zemeckis!!!

      1. “That is what separates this blog from any other Fed-blog and that’s why we all love this blog.” – Precisely!

      2. Loved the funny bits! To be Roger’s fan does not mean to think he is flawless, but to be indulgent about his little idiosyncracies (I used to love the impersonations Novak did of Roger, so spot on!).

  6. Hahaha – nice Murly – thanks for sense of humor and life’s absurdities, just a little or somewhat or a lot exaggerated! Refreshing with fantasy -as we don’t have Jonathan’s blogging our hero’s DC feats!

    1. No way I’m covering mickey mouse world group games 😆 should have been 3-0 if Chiudinelli kept the ball in court.

      Now GB are in the final the press over here will be making out like DC is on a par with the Slams.

      1. Beuh, come on. Roger played, won and had fun (did you see that failed FH in suspension, both feet 1 m in the air?). Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck, who cares really?… I wish I could play with 1/10th of that skill.

      2. 😆 Wanda. It is strange, especially when he nearly killed himself to make it to WTF last year.

        And yes, Rui, already Brit press (via Rusedsky) are on the case. But, to be fair, it *will* be quite an accomplishment as R says: ‘”Tim Henman and I couldn’t do it, and we were both top-10 players, but we weren’t Andy Murray. We weren’t as good as he is,” added Rusedski.’ And, whatever one’s opinion on DC, this will be the Brit team’s best, and possibly last chance, facing Belgium in the final as well, when there was no Spain, Serbia or Spain this year which likely won’t happen again.

      3. “It is strange, especially when he nearly killed himself to make it to WTF last year.”

        Yes, I agree, it is a bit weird. Assuming he is seriously considering pulling out, and not just trying to wind Belgium up.

        With Greg spouting garbage like this “When Federer reached the final, he pulled out of the final at the O2 to win the Davis Cup”, why should we pay heed to anything else he says?

        If GB wins Davis Cup, great. They’ve certainly got through decent-enough competition on the way here. It would just have been nice to have a better level of competition in the final. But then, Switzerland didn’t knock Belgium out in the first round, so …

      4. Please, co-fans, have in mind that not all of us are GB compatriots. But all of us supposed to be RF-fans? And so ALL Roger’s games and matches are interesting to most of us, but maybe not other countries’ d-cupping that much? 🙂

      5. Know what you mean re Greg R – he does spout garbage much of the time, and there’s something about that tombstone smile that makes me want to punch him. 😉

        Appreciate muser that no one’s much interested in GB DC hopes, it was more Wanda’s comment re Murray possibly dropping out of WTF that I was responding to. I’ve never been a great fan of DC, but I followed every match last year because of course ‘our champ’ and Stan were looking to get the title. And I free live streamed the matches he just played, ‘cos if he’s playing, then I’m watching, whether it’s important or not. 🙂

  7. (But viewed a little realistically – If Roger ever get tired of single-playing in a distant future – say on the other side of 2020…I would much prefer Roger to double-team with (a somewhat improved) SBH’er and leftie Feliciano Lopez 🙂

  8. Great fun to read, it will be a very sad day in my world when Fed finally says goodbye – I hope Rafa retires long before Roger – by the end of this year would be nice.

  9. Oops again on my comment to Victor 😉 But on reflection I wonder if his comment is tongue-in-cheek?

    Would be a nice finish Murli, and who knows, you may have it right 🙂

  10. If by RG 2017 Novak has got 2 more and Andy and Stan one each and the missing 5th slam wasn’t won by Roger or Rafa who won it?

    1. Kokkinakis won the Aussie Open 2017 Ian – can’t believe I’m saying this…now look what you’ve done Murli!!!
      What an imagination Murli – thank you for a great read and a great laugh!

  11. Hi Murli,

    What a fun future! Although I try to avoid having any thoughts about Fed’s R, always thought that it would be great if he plays doubles afterward and becomes No.1 both doubles and singles like Edberg. Then it would fill the seats and the doubles not be called ‘a joke’?

    Life goes on. Tennis goes on. peRFect Tennis blog goes on…right Jonathan?
    But it would never be the same, well for me anyway.

  12. Hilarious King Murli 🙂
    So funny, and I like the double part, if that happen! It would really be the news!

    P.S: i guess i typed your name correctly this time right 😉

  13. Murli, your musings, lyrical and engaging as they typically are, have a clearly fantastical ring, bar one. You are spot on that Kyrgios will dispose of many more racquets before he is done. I am picking there will be no more French Opens for Nadal, or – sadly – an 18th slam for Roger. Unless Djokovic has peaked he will continue his stranglehold at the top – and will continue to own Andy Murray. The tedium of it! But of course, the one thing we also know about sports is to expect the unexpected. A “Lance Armstrong” expose of tennis, anyone? One can but hope.

  14. Greetings to you, Jonathan. Am a new member of your blog and to all your longtime commentators that come you your blog. Enjoy reading the various opinions and comments being made about tennis, mostly about Roger. The latest news involving Roger is the Spanier Fed Fan that awakened after being in Koma for eleven 11 years, surprised to see Roger play. This is almost a fairy tale story….a Murli story! Am just in awe about this, may the young man continue to improve on his health.

    1. Hey Dolores,

      I am pretty sure that story is a fake 🙁

      Either that or it’s very loosely based on the truth. So you’re right, it is very much a Murli story 😉

      In 2015 journalists don’t need to fact check 😆


      1. Hi Jonathan, this is my 2nd try, somehow I must have clicked wrongly to have lost it. Apologies! Anyway, thank you for your prompt reply to my so-called “news” story. I read of this on Blick and Basler Zeitung, both I read daily about Swiss tennis news. Guess I believed it even though it sounds like a good Murli story. Is there a Jesus Aparicio? You are right, Jonathan, it could be a fake story, good story without journalists fact check! Thumbs down!

      2. Still – what if – ! Gets some perspective of our amazing maestro –
        even when I also suspect it a fake – newest way to get a free ticket to Roger’s court –
        😉 ?

      3. Original Spanish story says names of kid & mother have been changed as they wish to remain anonymous. So could be made up. On the other hand it’s now being repeated by people I would expect to do some fact-checking first. And if you were making up a Spanish story- wouldn’t you make the player Rafa?

      4. No way the story is fake. Its all over the news in very well reputed places as well. I am 100% sure its true.

      5. @Ajay it’s not difficult to get news stories in well reputed places. Nobody checks facts, all about instant gratification and get things churned out as quick as possible.

        I am pretty sure it’s either fabricated or highly dressed up.

  15. Read this today, brought tears to my eyes and thought it’d go well with this post and also teach some of us to appreciate what we are able to witness still.

    Roger Federer Fan Wakes From 11-Year Coma, Can’t Believe Feds Still Rules:

    “I thought they were kidding me,” Jesus Aparicio says after learning his tennis idol continues to dominate.

    1. So I hear the story may or may not be fake. I feel silly now. Cool story though and doesn’t make my statement any less true. Cheers everyone.

      1. Francis: “and also teach some of us to appreciate what we are able to witness still.” Yes, exactly, so nice put, either the story fake or not… 🙂

  16. Hey Richard Spot on re. Nick. Lets hope that at the end of it all, Fed gets the 18th earlier than expected.

    Dolores, I do like the classification of the Spanish story as a Murli story as even I was quite positive that it was hyped up even if it were true.

    In fact quite a few friends asked me to confirm whether the story was true from my “high-level contacts” namely one Mr. Jonathan. And that is not a Murli story !!!

    Having said that with Fed-fans anything is possible, such is the aura of Fed’s global persona – even in Spain.

  17. Murli,

    If wishes were horses…this is such a lovely fantasy. Don’t much care about Rafa winning 15 (although he is the nicest possible guy), even less for that brat Nick Kyrgios, but RF’s 18 and Fed-Rafa doubles would be the best possible thing that could happen.
    And I’ll be happy if Andy wins a few more GS (as you indicate), I like his self-deprecating humour, his self-directed on-court rants, his cute dog pictures on his FB posts, and I think he’s not won more simply because he was born in the wrong era.

  18. Hi Shamtoot, perfectly spelt Murli it is.

    Many thanks to Dippy, Yousuf, Alex, Susie, Slamdunk, muser, wanda, trudi, Ina, paul Z & Sumi for the appreciation.

  19. It will be funny when all the predictions this guy made will turn out false. I can’t believe he didn’t talk much about Djokovic. When he mentioned Novak is dealing with injuries, I got the stench coming from his wishes. Djokovic can easily win 4-6 of the next 8 Grand Slams and definitely will win the Gold in Rio. Oh ya Nadal haven’t retired after US open 2015 and will definitely play for other couple of years. AHHH Murli !!!!!!!! guys like you who are partial and like RF like he’s a girl and they have a big crush on that girl makes me laugh so hard. One more thing Roger has a pretty bad record against Nadal 23-10 I think, very healthy for Nadal, the rivalry is not competitive because the win loss difference is HUGE. But I still think Roger Federer comes in the top 3 of all time because I’m not biased. Rafael Nadal for sure is the greatest clay court player of all time. We all know there’s one player right now who can actually claim to be the best ever, if he keeps playing like this for a couple of more years, but you never know who can come up against him because things can change very quickly in tennis. Think like a man Murli you all grown up and old, stop being a fanboy when you are actually willing to write articles on tennis, be sincere and rational, come on!

    1. Maybe you have a point. But perhaps it’s a point you should make after Djokovic repeats this year again twice. If he doesn’t, let’s go with the more common logical argument, and recognise 17>10. Maths is, after all, more reliable than the opinion of one idiot.

  20. @John: 10>17 as 3 Nadals, 3 Federers, 3 Murrays, Tsonga > 4 Roddicks, 3 Murrays, 2 Nadals, Philippoussis, Safin, Hewitt, Agassi, Baghdatis, Gonzales, Djokovic, Soderling or, if you wish, 9>6.

    1. Hey Chris who are these guys Philippoussis, Baghdatis, Gonzales, Soderling do they play tennis? I do know about RodDICK, Safin and Hewitt though. These three were definitely great players and their consistency was unreal, They were always playing finals and will go down as one of the best in sport.

    2. You know what is interesting actually? Your understanding of the legal system. Oh yeah, let’s all make it federers fault that he played those guys in finals. Where were nadal, Djokovic et al? Not good enough. Did you ever consider that nadal was only ever as good as he was because he needed to be? What, you think Djokovic would be doing this now if the other two hadn’t? That’s the nature of tennis, mate. People only ever play what’s in front of them, and they can’t be blamed otherwise.

      MY second point will hopefully be considered too. Did you ever wonder why those guys struggled for consistency? Look at any era, and there’s been a prevailing style of play. All players who wanted success had to follow those patterns. Safin, Hewitt, roddick? They grew up and went through early careers playing one way, and had to end their careers forced to play another. The courts slowing down, did you really think there’d be no effect? Magical overnight baseline world? No, there were always going to be dregs from earlier times who were unlucky. Fed was one of them. But he adapted. The others couldn’t. Doesn’t mean they weren’t good in their element.

  21. O man you small minded feeble human being I don’t care about who wins the most Grand Slams, I have so many other things going on, what I’m saying is that its not cool to be partial, I admire whoever is doing good in their respective field of work. In tennis I will say Nadal has done exceptionally well on clay, Federer is elegant and precise in his game, Djokovic has improved surprisingly and Andy’s running forehands are awesome. I don’t care who is the best, I enjoy watching tennis and don’t like biased people who are crazy over someone and are so ready to feast upon their bodily fluids. Last thing, I’m a math major and Nadal 29, Novak 28, Murray 28 and Federer 34, so please for the sake of everything that is holy and good in this world, always bring everything in the perspective. But all the bodily fluids must would have affected your brain and your behaviour elicits that.

    1. And you, Mike, and your bodily fluids? How do they affect your brain? What feeling is it you want to share with us? What is your perspective? Why do you write here? Related to Ruan, maybe?

      1. You dumb insignificant Sargeant fanny butterbum you can see my perspective if you read my first comment, but since you are an imbecile I will explain it again. I’m saying is that its not cool to close your eyes to some athletes and just focus on the one whose bodily fluids guys like you swallow with so much vigour. Then since people like you have brains affected by the love semen of their respective GOAT’S they totally ignore the other great players, appreciation is the key. As for me I have never been so impressed with anyone that I will feast on their bodily fluids, girls are the only exception.

      2. To feast or not to feast – and on WHAT? Offending maybe? I cannot see your perspective, Mike. Your argumentations seems without relevant logic
        to me. It’s declared that the author of the blog is huge fan. Well you don’t like that – but can you change it? I wouldn’t think so. You can only make some of us sad and angry. Yes, me too. satisfied?

  22. Sorry again man I should watch my mouth and its classy from your side to not reply with obscenities but you called me envious without any reason at all, when I was just sayin that all good athletes should be appreciated.

    1. Always good to watch. Please watch my writing too. I ASKED if this man Mike might be envious? I have reason to ask, (note ASK!) – watching the arguing against preferring Roger “like you who are partial and like RF like he’s a girl and they have a big crush on that girl makes me laugh so hard… Think like a man Murli you all grown up and old, stop being a fanboy when you are actually willing to write articles on tennis, be sincere and rational, come on!” Again watch – we are fanboys and -girls here, enthusiastic about his style on/off court, wanting him to prevail because of that – Mike like it or not!

  23. I’m not arguing about anything, it seems like you have been arguing so much to defend your beloved federer that you think everything is argument. This is illogical and disgusting because you should love the game rather than acting like people who have favourite celebrities. Being a fan is one thing but not appreciating the accomplishments of other great players is not cool.I think the writer shouldn’t be wishing injuries to Federer’s rivals and be a fan as much as he wants to be but don’t be booing his opponents on double faults. If you are actually love the sport you will understand where I’m pointing.

    1. Pretty sure we do appreciate all great accomplishments. It isn’t our template to assume any great accomplishment not by Roger is dubious, that’s the prerogative of some on here. But we “shouldn’t” be focusing on one player? Who the hell are you to tell us how to live our lives? How to think? What gives you right to make this a debate about morality, when all it is is one about sport. You think this is our job? We come here in our spare time. We pay money to watch tennis. That gives us every right to be entertained, and when we are not entertained it gives us every right to be unhappy about it.

  24. I’m NOT wishing injures on RF’s opponents. I wish Federer to prevail because of HIS good performing. WHAT I SHOULD love and appreciate is up to me, not you or tennis. Federer’s sportsman’s style inspires me a lot, also to not booing/feast on others’ DF’s or whatever other faults they might IMO be unlucky to commit. And whatever much Djokovic or others win of slams, masters, other tournaments, I still remain Federer fan because of his style.
    His winning is a most welcome bonus, and confirmation of cosmos’ fairness, lol (of course this is childish).

    BTW nothing wrong with envy, if not secret to yourself – a very common feeling – the other side of admiration which can inspire you and give wonderful enthusiasm.

    1. Everybody has a right to love whoever they want, I hope Roger wins another GS some day. I don’t know I felt negativity towards the other greats which ticked me off.

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