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Australian Open Draw 2015: Federer Receives Tough Path to Latter Stages

Hey all, the Australian Open draw is here and Roger’s got a reasonably tough route to the latter stages, on paper at least. I stayed up for the draw and after 40 minutes of fluff mixed with awkward interviews with Stan and Li Na the Men’s draw got underway at about 11.50pm UK time last night.

Roger’s landed himself in Nadal’s half of the draw so could meet him in the semi finals but it’s his quarter of the draw that’s most interesting as he could face Murray in the Quarter Finals which would be a rematch from 2014. Dimitrov is also in this quarter and both Karlovic and Kyrgios are potential early round opponents for the Swiss. Not easy when you look at it like that but who knows if any of those matches will come to fruition.

Aussie Open Draw 2015
Aussie Open Draw 2015 (click for full size)

Federer’s Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Yen-Hsun Lu
  • 2nd Round: Juan Monaco / Simone Bolelli
  • 3rd Round: Jeremy Chardy
  • 4th Round: Tommy Robredo
  • Quarter Final: Andy Murray
  • Semi Final: Rafael Nadal
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Full .PDF draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Thoughts on AO Draw 2015

I’m not going to look too far into the tournament in this post but so far I’m liking Roger’s draw. General opinion is that it’s a nightmare or the toughest imaginable but winning slams was never meant to be easy. If you look at the projected opponents they all increase in quality round by round which is how it should be. There’s also no guarantee that any of these matches will even happen. Like Fed says, he plays the draw, fans talk about it πŸ˜†

The one match we do know for certain is against Yen-Hsun Lu who is a seasoned campaigner at this level and he’s made the 3rd Round in Australia on two separate occasions. Clearly no pushover and he has beaten top players before but I think ultimately he will lack the firepower to really put Roger in too much difficulty. Could be a close set or two in there but it’d be a big surprise if Roger didn’t win that one in straight sets.

As for the second round it’s either Monaco or Bolelli. Monaco is a weaponless pusher so Roger would surely defeat him comfortably without really having to get out of second gear; Bollelli on the other hand is a talented player who is capable of producing some top tennis on his day. Over 5 sets though his resolve and mental fortitude are questionable so even if he pushed Fed to the limit I’m not sure he could come away as the victor. I think Bollelli will come through vs. Monaco but I’d like to see the Argentine on the other side of the net so Fed can replicate his USO 4th round beatdown for our viewing pleasure.

After that your guess is as good as mine as there’s a lot of decent players in this Quarter – Karlovic, Chardy, Istomin, Robredo, Kyrgios, Seppi and Kukushkin are all potential opponents in either the 3rd or 4th round. It’s tough to really see who comes through in that section, Karlovic is bang in form so he could be the one to watch and Chardy historically plays well Down Under so they are my two picks.

Coming through those early tests would put Roger in the second week where Murray is a likely opponent in the Quarters. I’d pick Fed to win that all day long but I if it did happen I believe his tournament would hinge on how quickly he can put the Scot to bed. We saw at the USO where the Monfils match took Fed’s legs away for the semi final against Cilic. Cilic played lights out but if you watch the highlights of that match you clearly see Fed isn’t at peak movement which he would have needed to find a way through against a guy playing like Cilic.

After that we’re in coin-toss territory so we’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it πŸ™‚

Elsewhere in the Draw

Monfils AO 2015

The other half of the draw looks somewhat easier for the top seeds but Djokovic could have to face John Isner in the fourth round; Isner has a good record vs Novak. The Serbs own record vs. big servers isn’t great so it could be an early test for him. Raonic is also a potential quarter final threat to him so it will be interesting viewing if either of those guys serve clicks from the word go.

As for Stan he has quite a nice path through to the Quarter Finals in what will be his first ever defence of a slam title. Dolgopolov or Fognini could trouble him in the fourth round but the real test would be Nishikori or Ferrer in the quarter final.

Back to Roger’s half of the draw and Nadal has a pretty tricky 1st round match against Mikhail Youzhny who is a difficult player to beat. Youzhny has schooled Nadal before at the US Open and he even took a set off him last year in Rome so he can clearly do some damage. Like Nadal, the Russian is low on confidence right now, coming in off a 1st round loss in Doha against Nikoloz Basilashvili. That makes the match quite interesting as both guys could be tentative I expect Nadal to prevail but if Youzhny can take on his shots without fear then he has a chance.

Should Nadal make the second week, where he’s at his most dangerous in a slam, he could face Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinals. That match is historically a walk over for the Spaniard but can Berdych and his new coach come up with a different gameplan? Unlikely but you never know. We might also get Nadal vs. Rosol in the third round, always fun πŸ™‚

Interesting First Round Matches

  • Ward vs. Verdasco
  • Del Potro vs. Janowicz
  • Ferrer vs. Bellucci

My Predictions

  • Bellucci to take out Ferrer
  • Brown to take out Dimitrov
  • Leonardo Mayer to make the second week
  • Fiasco to rekindle some of his Aus Open 2009 form

As usual, I encourage you to gamble your house or your children’s inheritance on these predictions as they are certs. But I can take no responsibility if for some strange reason they do turn out to be wrong πŸ˜†

Let me know what you think of the draw in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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      1. Thanks!
        It’s so random I won. I viewd the page and the first post was about Rogers outfit.
        I allready read it and closed the page.
        Then I thought, let me take a look at that lime shirt again and maybe read some new comments.
        Next thing I now, new post, heartbeat accelerated, scroll down, no comments, input user and mail, write “first” and boom. My first title of 2015.

        Anyway nice to be back, I traveld a lot and could only briefly join live chat and would read the new posts of my new awesome phone.

        The draw is though, but Roger said it betterer than me: “I play the draw, fans talk about it.”
        I think Kukushkin might do some damage, should he win Sydney, be high in confidance and well rested.

        Here’s for a good couple of weeks, awesome times on live chat and #18.
        Big hug from Romania.

        PS: tomorow I go on national televison in Romania’s got talent, I hate myself for doing it, but I got selected and I’m gonna take a shot at 100k euros.
        If I win, I will pay for a few of us to go toghether, representing peRFect tennis to a tournament
        Roger will play.
        So have a nice day! πŸ˜€

      2. Oh good luck Tilas! Do you sing? Dance? Play an instrument? Jump through hoops? πŸ™‚ No need to hate yourself, plenty of hate out in the world. If it brings you joy, then that will shine through, and even if you don’t win, that joy will connect with SOMEbody out there. So good for you for sharing it.

      3. Thanks Thinker!
        Your words lift my spirit up!
        I’m actually an actor (but I allso sing) and have an improv crew for 6 years now and we are pretty funny. Basically I’m an emotional prostitute and I love it.

        In april I’m gonna represent Romania in the Improv Fest in Chicago.
        I speak english better than I write it.


      4. Good luck mate. How do we watch it? Will it be on YouTube? Or will it be aired at a much later date?

        And I’m same, I speak better Romanian than I write it. Noroc!

      5. Thanks for your support. I am not allowed to publish anything until late march.
        Or I’m gonna have to pay 50k euros. πŸ˜€
        This was not live, BUT….

        Keeping the dream alive.


    1. ha, again in seconds…Jonathan its getting tougher…

      Interesting Path for Roger, but I hope this helps him really….Nadal is real threat, it would be great if Roger gets revenge though I prefer Nadal lose it earlier…Its been ages Roger had victory over him in GS…

      Raonic Vs Djoker also interesting one if Raonic keeps his level like Sydney final…

      Wawrinka Vs Kei is another interesting one..

      Other than initial rounds Rafa’s path seems much easier…

      1. If Nadal makes it to the semis, gonna take an immense effort on plexicushion for Roger to overcome him.

  1. Damn, too slow to actually press return!!

    Anyway, good read!
    I hv a few feelings this year so what the hell, here they are!
    Thought Fed wld get a tough draw but with his current level, confidence, S & V then don’t see him struggling in any of the early rounds!
    There are quite a few players in form who will cause a few upsets
    Troicki/Kukushkin/Vesely/Mayer . I also see Karlovic beating Chardy.
    I think both Novak and Stan will lose early. Novak to Raonic, Stan to Ferrer, given new life by Doha win, or Nishikori.
    I predict Raonic to make final.
    Don’t see beyond Murray/ Fed QF with Fed to win that, in 4 sets.

    Dull to lose early maybe to a Groth who can serve him off the court. Surely everyone watched Berrer and thinksYea, this is the time!!
    If Dull does comes thru after a 6 month lay off, a major operation and no preparation, then I wld very mightily suspicious! And so shld the ATP!
    And Fed to beat him in SF if Birdman fails yet again!
    Final Fed to beat Raonic in 4 sets. I just think it is time again! And hope the courts are fast enough to suit him!

    1. Commiserations Sue on only getting 4th place – your time will come again. I’d only been looking at site a little while ago…but I always miss the optimum time – indeed I’ve never even come close, although I’m still a relative newbie.

      I like your thinking in general – very Fedpositive take on the draw. But Groth? Looking back at Wimby match with Feds, he doesn’t appear to have much more than a serve + he’s in Berdy’s half – I can’t honestly see him in QFs, but you never know I guess. Raonic def has a chance against Djoko who doesn’t generally like the big servers, should he make QF, so that’s a real possibility. Your possibilities def get a thumbs up from me. πŸ™‚

      1. I only put Groth as no one else in Dull’s draw and he took Raonic to 3rd set TB last week so feeing more confident! Dull’s quarter is empty…

    2. Yeah there’s quite a few randoms already finding some good form coming into Melbourne. But slams are a different story over 5 sets, so very bold picking both Stan and Djoker losing early! I think Fed/Murray 50-50 depending on the court speed and form in the first week. Rafa is a suspicious guy in general Susie, who knows if just wanted to rest up to make a push at the AO and FO.

    3. Nice predictions Susie!

      Groth played well vs. Fed at the US Open I thought, Fed said he hits a huge ball. I’d give him more than a shot over Nadal than Berdbitch who will be bending over for him like usual.

  2. Well, Roger’s got two easy draws in a row at W and USO and didn’t take any kind of advantage of it. Now he has the toughest draw of any of the top 4 guys. Maybe he’ll do better with some challenges on the way, although the very thought of potentially playing Nadal in semis is disgusting lol πŸ™‚

    1. Well. He DID make the final at Wimbledon. And had that phenomenal, jaw-dropping 4th set too. I’d say that’s taking advantage.

    2. It seems even winning titles doesn’t really help Roger in the latter stages of slams, he came of wins in Halle and Cincy for W and USO respectively and couldn’t seal the deal. Let’s see if Brisbane gives him some extra luck.

  3. I think Federer will make the Final provided he either doesn’t play Murray and Nadal or wins them in straight sets if he does. Anyone playing in 2nd week needs straight forward wins if they are to win the tournament.

    Stan may find easy route bar Nishikori but Djoker might go out before SF although I think he will make SF. There is just a small possibility this time more than any other year.

    Same for Nadal, he has easier draw than Federer or Djoker on paper but his form is not that great and his body might let him down in 2nd week as it has done over the years at AO.

    It is intriguing this year and hard to predict a winner. We will have a lot better idea after 2 rounds are complete when we see all players play atleast two matches.

    I hate the AO timings though, hardly get to watch any matches live. Its always a pleasant surprise (Fed’s straight sets win or Dull’s early exit) or a shock (Fed’s early exit or someone taking him to 5 sets etc), when you wake up in the morning.

    Here’s hoping for the 18th Slam for King Roger !!


    1. I think you’re right in saying that Federer probably needs some help getting into the final when it comes to Murray and Nadal. Playing Murray-Nadal-Wawrinka/Djokovic is a near impossible task. On Nadal’s form, I would still put him as a favourite after Djoker, he may need to play off the rust in the first week but Dull’s record in the second week of slams is impressive and the AO for some reason has been his most elusive slam so he’ll be highly motivated to clear unfinished business.

  4. I actually did not bat an eyelash at this draw. I fear most when the draw looks “easy” for Fed. Somehow the tougher draws go better for him, but what do i know? I just feel that a lot of the “A” players will get knocked out early this year (not Fed, though).

    1. Agree! I see Stan and Novak losing! Raonic and or Nishikori to come thru. Fed to beat one of them in final. Yes think Dull’s fitness may just be against him, fingers crossed!

  5. Agree with your comment, Jonathan, about the opponents getting incrementally better each round, & am glad to see that; we’ve seen some too-easy early rounds lead to early exits when he’s not prepared for the better players.

    I’m with you as well on DelPo/Janowicz being the match of the first round (of course having said that, it will turn out to be something else entirely!) Also interested to see how Troicki does; he got direct entry into a slam here for the first time since his suspension, having brought his ranking up around 100. Qualifying seems to be producing a batch of people I’ve never heard of, except for Jurgen Melzer.

  6. First couple of predictions are bold, Jon! I think ferrer has this court work so well for him that he won’t get upset very early on. But dimi looks just about as disappointing as we would have thought. From Brisbane, at least, it seems nishikori and raonic are miles ahead.

  7. Ward just took out Isner in Kooyong, so he may well get thru Verdasco who at one time I believe was double-faulting himself into oblivion. He stopped the rot somewhat, but is still nowhere near the player he once was. Bit puzzled on your prediction of Bellucci over Ferrer. Ferrer has 5-1 advantage and beat him last year in hard and clay matches. I also watched a bit of Ferrer’s defeat of Dr Ivo in 3 tiebreaker sets in Doha – that guy just never gives up. I actually see him into the fourth round (but happy to bow to your experience!) Plus I’m putting Dimi thru to see Murray: he needs a bit of a test. I think also the surface here suits Dimi, and he did push Nadal last year.

    There are quite a few potentially tough matches for Feds – they all look tiring if nothing else – before the dreaded Dull. But I like Susie’s positive take, only I’m going to say first round against Youzhny who has at least beaten him 4 times before, though last time 2008. πŸ™

    I just can’t see anyone to bother Djoko – maybe Isner, but he doesn’t look in great form really – until Raonic, who might just do it.

    Looking forward to seeing the lime green shirt and short shorts in action. πŸ™‚

      1. Certainly he was hopeless against Federer in Brisbane Alysha, that wouldn’t have done a lot for his confidence I agree, but you can always base someone’s game on the first tournament back. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. If he gets through to meet Murray, he’s going to feel he has a chance with that Wimbledon match in his memory. πŸ™‚

    1. Isner should serve and volley every point.

      Bellucci has a shot as he plays pretty big game. Massive underdog of course but no fun just going for the obvious picks πŸ™‚

      1. Isner should…and I can’t understand why, after all this time, he has not improved his volleying skills, or his movement around the court.

        OK on Bellucci πŸ™‚ but I still think it’s going to be Ferrer.

  8. Given up on fighting to be the first. How should I always miss despite being in front of Mac all day long for my work? Pathetic really.

    A well-composed draw post, thanks Jonathan. I don’t mind about the draw. Tougher the draw, Fed hangs tougher.

    Done my previsional prediction on Tiger first before reading any other people’s opinion. My QF are Djokovic/Roanic, Stan/Kei, Groth/Anderson, Murray/Roger and Fed to go all the way! Still consider qualifiers and results from this weekend too. A couple of days to change prediction, right?
    Can’t wait to see Fed, allez!

    1. Don’t be giving away your trade secrets Wanda, people might copy those predictions πŸ˜†

      Tiger Mobiles just tweeted that Qualifiers are now in the draw.

  9. ok, funny this. Here is how my QFs came out on Tiger: Djokovic/Monfils, Stan/Ferrer, Mayer/Gasquet (!!!!), Roger/Murray. Nadal hangs on in the first round but Rosol takes him out in the 3rd.

    Bet most of us are going to have Roger/Murray in that 4th quarter.

  10. Ok, Jonathan, need guidance here. Are we supposed to start the Tiger thing now and we we predict every match score?? Help!!

    1. Just the winner of each match, Susie. It’s easy, the page is just a regular draw as you’re used to seeing it, and you just double-click on your winner of each pairing to make their name appear in the bracket in the next round. If you change your mind, just double-click on the other name. Be sure to Submit your choices – you can still get back in to edit them.

      You have until the first ball is struck on Monday (they say; it may actually be the moment the first match is scheduled to start – ) to make or edit your draw chart.

      The only other thing you predict is the total number of games played in the final – they will use that as a tiebreaker if needed.

      1. Hi Thinker I’m unable to predict the number of games in the final for the tie breaker. Where is the link? Do we have to predict that too before the first point of the tournament?

      2. @Ankur – as Jonathan says, at the bottom of the page, just above the green “Submit” button that you press to save your choices, there’s an easily-overlooked line that says something like “how many total games will be played in the final?” – immediately to the right of that line is a little white fill-in box. Click in that box to put your cursor there, & type in your guess.

  11. Like Susie, I would pick Raonic to go to final against Roger…and Roger to win, of course! (Nobody has mentioned Monfils much – but I think he also has some chance?…and then Kei and Stan of course -)

    1. You’re right about Monfils – missed him! Notice he’s in the block with Delpo with the possibility of facing Raonic in round 4: could be a tough one for Raonic, depending whether it’s clownfils or not: such an amazing athlete; incredible ability when ‘on song’ to return, and make, impossible shots. Possible tough first round for Delpo – if he gets through that to face Monf, could be a good one to watch!

  12. This is kind of neat guys – in French, but it’s mostly about the pictures. A slideshow of 50 of Roger’s 1000 victories, in order from earliest to most recent, each one marking an occasion – 1st match victory, 1st title, last match as #1….. each picture says which victory it is, & (usually) which tournament, & what makes it special. Usually they tell you month/year, & if not you can work it out from the tournament.

    Having it in chronological order also means visually seeing Roger mature in the photos, starting at age 17 & ending last week. Nicely put together:

  13. What in the world is that idiot Monfils doing diving around during practice!!!? How immature is that.

    And love the ending Jonathan. Some of your funniest stuff.

    “but I’d like to see the Argentine on the other side of the net so Fed can replicate his USO 4th round beatdown for our viewing pleasure.”

    “As usual, I encourage you to gamble your house or your children’s inheritance on these predictions as they are certs. But I can take no responsibility if for some strange reason they do turn out to be wrong”

    1. He’s PRACticing, Gaurav – he’s going to need those moves in the next couple of weeks. My Tiger draw has Monfils at his dynamic best, & he’s obviously got word of it πŸ˜‰

  14. First time poster blah, blah, blah. I could, and probably should, start by waxing lyrical about how much Fed means to me, how great this site is, how much I appreciate Jonathan’s posts and how much I love reading all of your comments. I could but I’m not going to.

    Been lurking on here for a couple of years and have never been moved to comment, until now. Yes, the draw is a tough one and I am concerned. That said, I really expect Roger on current form to make the final, beating Nadal on the way if he has to. Another classic Slam final with Djokovic beckons, fingers crossed for a different result.

    All of the pleasantries out of the way, the real reason I’ve come on here to voice my opinion is the GOAT’s latest outfit. Not happy with that. Over the last decade or so, Roger has been the most stylish sportsman on the planet. I love his gear and he always looks the business. He’s even carried off pink shoes in the past. I play bog standard, club tennis and sometimes treat myself (or ask my loved ones to treat me, you know Christmas, birthdays etc) to the odd RF top or shorts just to make me look better, feel better and hopefully play betterer. It’s all in the mind – look good, feel good, play good. But…..what the hell am I going to do now?

    It’s not the colour of the top that rankles, bit loud but pretty cool for Australia. I prefer a polo but can live with v-necks and cru-necks. The shoes are a little on the vibrant side but work well with the top. But…….jeez…….those shorts!!!!!!!

    The colour is bad, bad, bad. Pale, pale, pale grey. What is worse is the length. Short, short, short, far too short. What is even worse is the tightness. They seem overly tight, looking at Fed in the practice sessions it’s like he’s running around in a pair of Jersey boxers! To be honest, anyone wearing shorts like these in public should be arrested, they’re really quite obscene.

    I guess my main gripe is that I won’t be wearing the latest Fed shorts down at my local tennis club and this hurts considering that I’ve prided myself for so long as being at the cutting edge of tennis style and fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I could wear them but I would need to put some artificial packaging at the front groin area and this may affect my serve, movement and unorthodox backhand! I guess, ultimately, my game is more important than the image so I will stick with the now unfashionable baggier, longer shorts!

    I hope that Fed, wearing these things, doesn’t develop the Nadal habit of picking the shorts out of his crevice at every opportunity. Even if he won the Aussie with this habit, I’d still be disappointed πŸ™

    1. You should have commented on the outfit thread – there’s also some youtube practice shots on there, and I think he looks fine. You’ll just have to keep wearing the ‘old’ shorts. It’s only one tournament so the outfit will change again. I don’t think the shorts are that bad – certainly not obscene (that’s a bit over the top): look at the shorts in the late 60s/70s if you want to see ‘obscenely short’! No way Federer will be pulling at his shorts a la Nadal – far too classy for that! Just watch the tennis, that’s what counts. πŸ™‚

    2. Looking at the pictures of Kids Day, I thought that next to Ana Ivanovic’s outfit, Fed’s looked positively sedate.

    3. Redfed7… that’s one heck of a first post. I am with you on these short shorts. I am old enough to remember the first wave of the short short. Just plain ugly!

  15. Just finished watching that epic 2005 semi-final against Safin, man what a match! Brilliant ball striking from both but Saffin was insane that day, he should have won more if his emotional was better, the guy was ultra-talented. We don’t see matches like that nowadays. Hope Federer at least repeat that level this year’s open, and it will be a good one.

    1. That’s one that’s stayed in my memory – I loved Safin – emotional meltdowns and all. He could have achieved so much more had he been able to control them better, but then, he wouldn’t have been Safin. πŸ™‚

  16. Pretty similar draw to last year but Fed’s gonna have to be sharp from the get go if his projected route to the quarters is as stated on paper. Bottom half is absolutely loaded but in saying that Djoker’s half also not easy so in the end no draw is really favourable, just about how each plays on the day. Draws never go to plan so yes it’s a rough draw but nothing Federer or us haven’t dealt with before.

    Roger is in good form right now, his movement, serve, net skills are all at a high level, it’s all about that coming together now at the right time. Last year at Wimbledon and US Open, he just couldn’t hit that extra gear when it counted and that’s been the difference in not making the extra step in winning a slam. Not sure how the courts are playing but it’ll be crucial if he gets deep in the second week. Conserving energy and coming to net will be imperative in the first few rounds and that’s all that we should be worrying about right now. Looking elsewhere in the draw, Del Potro got it quite tough and it will be interesting to see if Nishikori and Raonic can build on Brisbane as well as Wawrinka, can he take out Djoker again?

    The good news is that the bottom half plays first so should Fed make it to the quarters where he will most likely have his work cut out for him, at least he has some leverage with that extra day. In the end, when it comes to Roger and slams nowadays “whatever will be, will be.” Hoping for a successful two weeks and to whoever is going to Melbourne, please do enjoy yourselves and cheer Rog on for all of us!

      1. I could count the number of backhands Delpo hit on one hand in his matches in Sydney, too low in confidence. Jerzy looks to be playing solid, so he’s my pick over Juan.

      2. Well, apparently Delpo is expected to pull out of the Open shortly, just doesn’t look fit enough. Not sure if he ever will be at this stage πŸ™

  17. Roger has a very bumpy road to the final, I am positive he can make it at least to the quarters. He need to close all his matches in 3 to peak for quarters and semis. Who knows the draw might open up for him just like in Wimbledon last year. Btw he looks pretty good in lime green at AO Kids Tennis Day, lovely tan against bright colors. I am just taking it one match at a time, can’t get over-excited yet.

      1. Haha, I’m not going to Melbourne this year J! But some journos saying the outside courts are playing medium paced which is leading me to believe RLA, MCA and Hisense are gonna play slow. Maybe type of ball they use could be a factor but so far looking like nothing has really changed, also skimmed pre-tournament pressers and didn’t find anything on the court speed, not long now until we can see for ourselves. Fed playing on RLA night.

  18. Also, regarding the Tiger Mobile Game, should we have a peRFect tennis rule that imposes a ban on any blog regular from putting anyone but Federer up for the title? I can’t ever picture picking anyone over Federer irrespective of whether it might be Nadal on clay at Slowand Garros.

  19. I hope the heat for which AO is infamous for will not affect Roger that much. He is after all approaching his 34th year on earth.

    1. I think that Roger like some warm temperature – only in his first match in Brisbane he suffered a little…and otherwise really showing fitness – don’t think too much of age, Roger does not, I think!

      1. Hi Anonymous.
        We all know Roger’s age, and must admire him for being in top two anyway. He cannot be an old-age-weakling yet

  20. Hey everyone , i am a fresher here. So i hope i could be a part of the fan fraternity here. I ed like to post my predictions for the quarters and their results.
    Djokovic vs Raonic – Djokovic wins in 4 tight sets.
    Stan vs Nishikori – Stan wins in 4 tight sets too.
    Nadal vs Berdych. – Nadal wins a 5 set cliffhanger.
    Federer vs Murray – Federer in 4 sets.

    Other predictions.
    Murray beats dimitrov in 5 sets.
    Nishikori beats ferrer in 5 sets.

    Players to look out for.
    -Juan Martin Delpotro could be a surprise opponent for Milos Raonic in R16 , only if he imptoves his movements and hid backhand.

    Djokovic vs Dominic Theim R16 could be an exciting match. DT has great groundstrokes, so I expect him to make that far.

    Nadal vs Rosol – This could be serious trouble for Nadal.

    Bring it on #aussieopencantwait.

  21. Hey Jon, I have signed up for the Tennis Challenge. Thanks for the opportunity. Ofcourse I have the Goat as the winner. And the runner-up better not use a gamesmenship MTO πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  22. Good draw for Roger. Should make the semis. If dull makes it, which I doubt he will, should give Roger his best chance to beat him in a long time. Will be very difficult given the match-up handicap and potentially tiring match against Murray. Hope he can do it and with some luck bring home the long overdue 18th.

    1. Just filled in the predictions. Nishikori vs Fed final. Kei to take out Novak and Fed to take out Berdych ( Berdych to take out Nadal if it comes to it ). Draw not bad for Fed except on paper. Both Murray & Nadal lacking confidence and not fully fit. Fed’s best chance, really.

  23. I’m thrilled to see that we finally have a Swede in a GS draw again (first time since Robin Soderling had to leave WO at the US Open way back in 2011). Teenager Elias Ymer made it through the qualifications and could even make it past the first round if you ask me! Finally some light in the long, dark Swedish tennis tunnel…

      1. He does have potential, but I don’t really see him as a future top ten player. He has a younger brother though, Mikael Ymer (16 years old), who is even more talented. I would expect him to enter the boys tournament. Remember where you first heard his name! πŸ™‚

    1. I think I saw somewhere that Ymer received some kind of Edberg scholarship at one point, and Edberg was seen watching him in qualies?

      1. He is part of a new Swedish tennis academy called “Good to Great”. It’s run by Magnus Norman and a couple of other Swedish ex-players, with the aim of taking Swedish tennis back to the levels we were used to some years ago. We may have to wait for a new Borg, Wilander or Edberg, but hopefully the Ymer brothers could lead the way for a new generation.

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