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Asics Solution Speed FF Review

The shoe designed to help your speed around the court, does it deliver?

This review is for the previous generation of the Solution Speed FF Line.

In January 2021, Asics launched the Solution Speed FF 2 which I have reviewed in full.

The new version is a better all-around shoe, but if you can still find the original Solution Speed FF which is reviewed below at a decent price, they are still a good buy, especially at discounted prices.

Meet one of the lightest, speed orientated shoes on the market, the Asics Gel Solution Speed FF. 

Endorsed by Julia Goerges, Coco Vandeweghe, and David Goffin, this latest model from Asics is the update to the Gel Solution Speed 3 but now features Flyte Foam cushioning to offer a lightweight shoe without compromising on comfort.

Flexion Fit has also been introduced for added stability and Asics bill the shoe as offering excellent ventilation, support, and stability.

So does it deliver on those promises? How does the Solution Speed FF Women feel on the court? Let's take a look in this review.

About the Asics Solution Speed FF Line

Solution Speed Ff

This latest iteration of the Solution Speed shoe combines some of the best qualities from the Gel-Solution Speed 3 and Gel Court FF to create Asic's flagship lightweight shoe.

The seamless PU uppers are designed to flex easily to complement the more robust Trusstic system, which is meant to help prevent unwanted twisting and slippage on sharp cuts and turns.

  • Upper: Flexion Fit®
  • Midsole: FlyteFoam®, Rearfoot/Forefoot GEL, Removable Ortholite Sockliner
  • Outsole: AHARPLUS™, Twistruss System, PGuard Toe Protector

You immediately feel the lightness of the shoe when you move around the court. Regardless of what level of tennis you play, you are always looking for every advantage to beat your opponent. Having shoes that enable faster movement and quick turns while making it feel great on your feet makes the new GEL-Solution Speed FF™ an absolute winner on the court. David Goffin

Testing Out the Asics Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoes

Asics Solution Speed Ff Review
  • Model: Women's Asics Solution Speed FF
  • Size: EU 39 / US 7 / UK 6
  • Colour: Pink, Turquoise Tennis Point Special Edition
  • Sole: Clay Court Shoe


‘Speed' orientated shoes usually have to make a compromise to ensure they come in light on the scales, but the Solution Speed FF does a good job of not skimping on cushioning. The FlyteFoam provided a soft feel throughout the playtest. 

There is not as much ventilation in the toe area as some shoes that have a mesh construction like the Gel Resolution 8 or the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4, but they still feel breathable.

The tongue of the shoe is also soft and breathable. And although the shoelaces are relatively thin, the extra padding on the tongue does an excellent job of making your foot feel locked into place.

Feeling locked into place reveals the one main drawback of this shoe though, and that's these shoes feel narrow around the midfoot, so I recommend going up one size.

While there is quite a lot of room in the toe box, the midfoot section is narrow and grips the foot tightly. Fresh from the box, I found the shoes quite uncomfortable. Combined with the stiff outer plastic upper, there wasn't a whole lot of flexion until after a few wears.


Despite its lighter weight, I found the Solution Speed FF to be a supportive and stable shoe. While not as supportive as the Gel-Resolution 8, I felt confident moving in them, especially laterally.

Some players will likely want more ankle support but for those who don't want the feeling of a shoe high around the ankle, then the Solution Speed FF has enough support to make you feel secure when moving at speed and changing direction quickly.


Durability is often a question mark for lightweight tennis shoes but on the clay courts that these are used for it's much less of an issue.

The AHARPLUS (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) system has a durable toe protector for players who drag their feet on serve and who may slide on certain shots.

On the hard courts, given Asics have some of the best outsoles on the market, the Solution Speed FF will perform better than average for their weight class.

While it won't be the most durable shoe on the market, you'll get similar durability to the Adidas Ubersonic's, and they are more durable than the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5.


The clay sole of this shoe is probably the standout feature. Not only do they look cool, but you are also able to transition between grip and slide depending on what you need. 

I found the Solution Speed FFs' traction to be perfect, offering a good balance of grip and give. You can slide when you need to, but there is no slippage when pushing off or changing direction.


The Solution Speed FF is one of the lightest tennis shoes on the market at 277 grams (women's size EU 39). So quite a bit lighter than its main competitors like the Nike Vapor X, and Adidas Ubersonic 3.

The lighter weight is due to the FlyteFoam midsole, and if you are a player who must have a lightweight shoe to get that feeling of fast-moving feet, the Solution Speed FF is going to be a good choice.

Final Verdict

Pink Solution Speed Ff

The Asics Solution Speed FF tennis shoe is a shoe that gives you plenty of stability in a lightweight package. While still packing the features bulkier of tennis shoes like a toe protector yet Asics have trimmed the fat to reduce the weight.

The Solution Speed FF only weighs 277 grams (size EU 39 / US 7,5) but gives you good support on the ankle without feeling too high or tight around the ankle bone, which I like. You get a decent grip on the clay, and it works well to slide with.

However, it is a shoe that you'll need to wear a few times before it fits properly. It might feel a bit stiff at the beginning, but that'll grow into comfort after a few times, and they'll feel more soft and flexible. I find them a bit small in size so I would recommend going one size up than usual.


  • Lightweight but still stable
  • The upper doesn't collect much clay or dirt keeping them looking fresh
  • Well designed outsole


  • Not the most durable
  • Narrow fit
  • Low ankle support which some players don't like.

Have you played in the Solution Speed FF shoes? Did you also find them narrow? Let me know in the comments.

Asics Solution Speed FF Review



The Solution Speed FF is a shoe that you’ll need to wear a few times before it fits properly. It might feel a bit stiff at the beginning, but that’ll grow into comfort after a few times. Narrow fit so recommended to go a size up.

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User Rating: 2.6 ( 23 votes)


Federer fan. Ball sports fan.

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  1. And Asics gets another recommendation. That’s a brand that seems to focus on making functional gear, rather that “fashionable” stuff.
    The latter is more Nike’s feud whose experiments more often that not yield horrid results as the current men’s shirts, so short and wide at the bottom that they look more like a supermarket plastic bag worn upside down than a proper piece of garment…

    PS: here’s a public word of encouragement to Carla Navarro and her struggle against lymphoma.

    1. I think Vapors are good tennis shoes but just crap on durability. Asics are my faves, but Mizuno is pretty good too, Exceed Wave Tour 4.

      This isn’t my review but I think he Gel Res and Court FF are better buys for most. Perhaps clay the Solution Speed is good.

    1. This used to be a decent tennis site. Of course it focussed on Federer – sometimes IMO in a somewhat unhealthy way. But this was to be expected, since it’s openly a Fed-fan website. But now it has truly degenerated. Tennis history has been written in this year’s FO final – and the host and most of the regulars stay completely silent??? The great Federer himself was much more classy. He found the right words! I loved his Instagram post!
      Nadal is now in an excellent position for tackling in eight months one of Federer’s most mindboggling achievements: holding the sole record of the overall slam count!
      The great GOAT debate has become much more complicated from now on. The race is wide open. But you know what? I am a Nadal fan. But I am also a longtime
      tennis fan. And therefore I would be perfectly happy if Federer, Nadal and Djokovic will all end up with the same amount of slam trophies. The various achievements of the Big Three are simply extraordinary, and it starts to feel increasingly petty to insist that there can be just one GOAT! We will never see anything like this trio in our lifetime. And each of the Big Three would’ve probably stopped playing and called it a career if the other two players hadn’t continued to push relentlessly.
      One or two words about doping: personallly I highly doubt that tennis is squeakily clean. That would be totally unrealistic, and I think that the current testing regime is full of loop holes. But I hated that the dirty D-word was always used by certain fan groups for hurling mud at the opponents of their favorite player while being in denial that their darling could be involved just like anybody else. Interestingly this discussion has become a lot more quiet in the last few years because nowadays we don’t point out the increasing or decreasing amount of muscles sported by certain players. Instead we are forced to contemplate how today’s players manage to play on a phenomenally high level well after their 30th birthday! I don’t have the foggiest idea what that means – but it has become impossible to just point at a specific player. I truly hope that tennis is more or less clean. But I would not be the least bit surprised if it isn’t. This is not a problem which has been created by a few evil players but because the system makes it possible to get away with it. Lance Armstrong was also not the only sinner. All his rivals were doing drugs, too! But Armstrong crashed in such a spectacular way because he believed to be invincible and
      to be protected by the system. If tennis does have a doping problem, I would not be the least bit surprised if nobody is particularly eager to destroy the illusion of a clean sport!
      Ok, no more about that…
      I hope that the players and the rest of the world manage to live and stay healthy!

  2. Congrats to The King of Clay in his 100 win at RG, 13th RG and 20th GS. The Djoker now has his 2008 RG Federer moment.

    And now it is official, The King of Clay became The GOAT too.

    I told you a few years ago. Don’t say I was not warning you.

  3. I only watched set 3. Djoko looked a bit too static, except when he turned on the rebound mode to get the break back, but that was it. His backhand drop shots, usually so reliable, were completely uncalibrated. Nadal was much more physically fit but given that he only played 3 set matches, that was expected.

  4. I could only curse Djokovic and wonder why on earth he doesn’t play anything like as badly when facing Roger in Slam finals 🙁 But I have to admit that watching the beatdown was quite fun – the bits I didn’t sleep through, anyway …

  5. Alison, that’s easy. Nadal played more aggressively than ever against Djokovic with his ground strokes, getting great angles and forcing Djokovic out of court. Djokovic therefore could not dictate play. Also, don’t forget that Nadal also has a better defence than Federer.

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