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Announcing the Winners of My Roger Federer Quiz

A couple of months ago I ran a competition for a chance to win 5 RF caps by completing a Federer quiz to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of the blog.

It's dragged on for a while as I've run into problems sourcing the hats and sorting out worldwide shipping. I was let down by where I planned to get them from and since then it's been difficult to get a decent deal where I'm not paying silly amounts to ship them worldwide.

Anyway, this post reveals the answers to the quiz and the 5 winners who were drawn at random from the entrants.

The Answers to my RF Quiz

Remember you can still view and take the quiz should you want to –

Q1. How many Grand Slams has Roger Federer won?

Answer: 17

Q2: Which outfit was Roger wearing when he won his 7th Grand Slam?

Answer: Outfit B.

Federer Aus Open 2006

Q3: After which defeat is the press conference below taken from?

Video removed.

Answer: After Roger's Loss to Djokovic at the Miami 2009 Semi Finals

Q4: What Year was Roger Federer Born?

Answer: 1981

Q5: Roger has cited a match from 2001 where he decided he needed to control his emotions on court – who did he lose to that made him make this decision?

Answer: Franco Squillari

Q6: Look at the picture below, what score did Roger fight back from in the second tie set break before going onto to win it?

Federer Roddick

Answer: 6-2

Q7: Who was Roger talking about in the blow quote?

I wanted to get a rematch from the Olympics. That always plays a role in such matches. You don't just forget what happened in the previous matches against any player. And with him I have kind of a tough past — he ruined my Olympic dreams, so it's nice.

Answer: Tomas Berdych

Q8: How many Masters 1000 tournaments has Roger Won?

Answer: 21

Q9: Which picture below is Federer?

Answer: D

fed feet

Q10: How many Aces did Roger serve in the 2009 Wimbledon final?

Answer: 50

Q11: Who did Roger beat in his first Grand Slam final?

Answer: Mark Philippoussis

Q12: What year did Roger turn professional?

Answer: 1998

Q13: Which trophy did Roger win in 2009?

Answer: A


Q14: Who knocked Federer out his hometown tournament in Basel in 1999?

Answer: Tim Henman

Q15: In 2002 Roger was surpisingly dumped out in the first round of Wimbledon by Mario Ancic, what was the Croats world ranking at the time?

Answer: 154

Q16: Which of these men knocked Roger out of the 2004 French Open in the 3rd round?

Answer: A


Q17: What was Roger's win loss ratio in 2006?

Answer: 92 : 5

Q18: Which coach is widely acknowledged as the brains behind Roger's addition of the drop shot into his repertoire that helped him win the French Open in 2009?

Answer: Jose Higueras

Q19: What racquet head size does Roger Federer play with?

Answer: 90sq”

Q20: Which player pictured below did Roger save a match point against before going onto win the match at the 2003 Masters Cup?

Answer: A


Q21: Aged 13 Roger moved away from home to the Swiss National Tennis Centre, where was it located?

Answer: Ecublens

Q22: Where did Roger win his first ever title?

Answer: Milan, Italy

Q23: In 2006 Roger played in 17 tournaments, how many finals did he make?

Answer: 16

Q24: Who is Roger's fitness coach?

Answer: Pierre Paganini

Q25: Is Roger Federer the GOAT?

Answer: YES

The Winners

Nike RF Cap

Everyone who took the quiz submitted their email address, these were exported into an excel spreadsheet, any duplicate email addresses removed and 5 random numbers generated to pick the winners. They are listed below:


(I have removed certain letters from each email address just so they're not public) once I get replies to the emails I sent them requesting postal addresses I will put their names in)

Also, I'll give the winners around 10 days to reply, if I don't hear from them, I will randomly pick another winner and notify via email + update this post.

I'll probably do another quiz or competition before the years out, depending on if theres anything worth celebrating ;), so stay tuned and thanks to everyone who took part!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. First!
    By the way, thanks Jonathan for making RF fans happy, I’m not one of the winners but i know some fans out there are very happy with it. I don’t mind, because i have the same hat πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for your efforts, Jonathan. I thought I did pretty well in the quiz considering I didn’t look anything up.

  3. Congrats to the winners and thanks, Jonathan, for the extra effort in connecting with RF fans. You have a fantastic blog that is clearly appreciated by so many!

  4. Hi Jonathan

    Lovely quiz – it was fun to take part and I did not look anything up – congratulations to the clever people that won.

  5. Feds is probably the worst player to have a quiz on: he has too many records to keep count of all of them πŸ˜›
    And I’m going with the general feeling, Jonathan, your blog is fantastic, your posts are great and keep up the great job!!

  6. Going off topic. I think Pospisil would have had a better chance at the finals against Nadal than Raonic. Raonic didn’t play his game, tried to go for too much.
    The Canadian commentators gave Nadal a trophy with plastic teething rings glued on so he could better bite it. I thought that was quite funny. I don’t think Nadal did!

    1. Trust me, after a semi final win like the one against Djokovic, nobody on the planet had a chance against Nadal.

      As for that for gift from those commentators, it could implied that Nadal needs extra protection as he could be biting a lot till the end of the season, no?

  7. I don’t think Pospisil would have won the match by any means. I just think his movement, defense, return of serve would have given him more games.
    I hope the “teething ring trophy” doesn’t mean that. I think they were making fun or maybe criticising his disrespect for trophies. I’ll see if I can find it online.

    1. Probably. Raonic is Nadal’s bunny. Hasn’t take a set off him in five matches I think.

      Agreed about the trophy biting. It’s an ugly thing to do, but then there are uglier things we have to put up with.

  8. Firstly A big Congrats to all the winners of the competition !!!! πŸ™‚

    Secondly Feds first match win againsts P Kohlshriber. I just hope Roger can gets more ‘W’s and somehow go deep in Cinnci. But it will be tough. The Fedal quarter final looming is defo what everyone is waiting for. But the way Nadal has been playing lately, Roger needs to be 100% and solid in every dept to have a chance of winning. If anyone can, Roger can !!!

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah I know, a good win but I wasn’t that impressed. I think he has made a mistake using the old racquet. This I believe has cost him a shot at going deep at the USO.


      1. Agreed. I haven’t watched the match but I’m pretty disappointed. It seems like after making the wholesale changes he needed to make to achieve long-term goals, he’s just lost patience and reverted to type. I’m not looking forward to the US Open now! He just can’t afford any ‘off’ matches!

  9. I’m gutted that he’s changed back. I think he should have written off this year and just stuck it out with the new one in preparation for a great 2014. Now he almost has to re-learn his old racquet a bit, as he hasn’t been using it for a while. Still, we trust the GOAT.

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