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Announcing The peRFect Tennis Online Shop

Hey guys, I've just added a new shop functionality to the peRFect Tennis blog where I'll be selling Federer related t-shirts made by

As I've mentioned before on the blog I have a few of these t-shirts myself and think they're really good quality so I thought listing them here might bring the opportunity for Laurent, owner of, to reach a larger audience and generate some more sales.

The t-shirts are well suited for practice, wearing around the house, casual wear or even match play and I've personally used them for all of those things. As someone who's bought tons of Nike RF stuff over the years the Color13 products easily match, if not exceed the Nike ones on quality as they wash better and don't seem to look as tatty when you have worn them a lot for play.

Any orders will be taken through the peRFect Tennis website but of course fulfilled directly by All t-shirts are made to order using a high quality pneumatic heat press and then shipped out directly from Brussels in Belgium. Postage is a bit of a b*tch for some areas of the world currently but there's not much we can do about that as it stands. Group buys or getting an item shipped to a friend / family member studying or living in a cheaper shipping zone is probably the best way to avoid the high shipping costs.

This isn't something I'll be profiting from either by taking a commission (although that might change if I start selling 100 a day πŸ˜† ) but instead I'll just be taking advantage of the odd free t-shirt for any orders placed through peRFect Tennis.

Some of the Designs

View the full Federer range here.

Key Bits of Info

  • My site is secured by a Trustwave SSL certificate so any personal details are encrypted
  • Payments are taken securely via PayPal – you don't need an account and it's a easy to use
  • 14 day returns – it's an extremely flexible returns policy and if you're not happy there is a refund or replacement option
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Save 10% Until December 31st 2015 with Discount Code: PERFECT10

As part of the launch there's 10% off all items listed on the store until December 31st. Just use the coupon code: PERFECT10 when you're on the shopping cart page where it can be entered. You'll see the reduction in price immediately.

Let me know any questions / thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Hahahahahahahahahaha
        Pure luck? Or is it that I am stack in front of my computer doing homework with a perfect-tennis tab open 24/24?


    1. Actually I liked it very much πŸ™‚ even if it left me exhausted as both times I run there after class then came back home very very late and had class the next day..

      On Thursday night I watched the Stan Troicki match, and since it was scheduled in court nΒ°1 and I got there early, I managed to have a front seat. Which means I enjoyed the Wawrinka backhand from a very close distance πŸ˜‰

      Too bad I wasn’t quick enough to get an autograph.. Or is it that I was almost stepped on by the selfie amateurs?? :-p :-p

      Next was the Nadal-Anderson match. But I was too tired to really concentrate lol I had category 2 tickets, so it was nice. Too bad they scheduled Fed in the morning (I couldn’t skip class or I would have bought last min day session tickets).

      That’s why I bought the QF tickets even if they were only category 4… But of course Federer had to ruin it and lose to Isner :-\
      And the worst part was that I got to Bercy early on Thursday but they didn’t let me in and there weren’t any screens broadcasting the match.

      So basically I was again a few meters away from Federer, but unable to watch him and all I could do was refresh the live scores app every half a second..
      I’ll let you imagine how I felt when the last point was played…

      Then I came back on Friday, not that thrilled anymore lol

      The Murray Gasquet match, even if it were loooong, wasn’t that annoying because Gasquet played some really nice points. If only he was mentally stronger. But then no one would call him Gaschoke :-p

      The real torture was the Ferrer Isner match.. It wouldn’t end and except very few points there wasn’t much to enjoy. Unless you like seeing David chasing evey ball and John firing 226 Km/h bombs..

      All in all I don’t regret going there even if I didn’t get to watch the Maestro in play.
      But I am in Paris for the time being. And I have the firm intention to chase every opportunity I have πŸ™‚

      1. “I’ll let you imagine how I felt when the last point was played…”

        Yeah, I know the feeling πŸ™

      2. Too bad you didn’t get to see Roger. But, Gasquet is playing some good tennis these days.
        Ditto, Wanda and Alex….the feeling when…

    2. “I couldn’t skip class or I would have bought last min day session tickets”

      This sounds like nonsense to me πŸ˜† do you get fined or lashed for doing such a thing? I would skip classes to watch on TV so skipping to watch live doesn’t take any sort of deliberating.

      Least you got to see some tennis though, Gasquet is good to watch, I enjoyed his matches in Basel. The stadium looks good actually as well,on TV the angle sucks but atmosphere wise and layout look good.

      1. Yep I get fined if I skip class unless I have a valid excuse and I doubt watching live tennis is one :-\ I didn’t abandon my family and my job to mess it up πŸ˜‰

        And yes Gasquet and Wawrinka were the ones I enjoyed most πŸ™‚ Guess I have a thing for SHBH πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      2. Ouch and you pay to attend to?

        I’d have been running at a huge loss if I got fined for missing lectures. I paid Β£3k a year for a degree, complete waste of time though. Wish I could get a refund.

      3. Oh it’s not that bad for me πŸ™‚ so far, it’s really worth it. So I’m willing to play by the rules πŸ˜‰

  1. I love the evolution one especially in blue. The shipping for me would be more than the price of the t-shirt. That’s the problem with living in the new world.

    1. Yeah Canada is on the pricey side which is a shame, even when I look at various options to post from here in the UK there’s little difference to Bpost. I will ask Laurent if he has any ideas. USA is slightly cheaper.

  2. Hi there Jonathan. … may I add that I have also got a federer t shirt from color 13. I got this from the Tennis challenge that is on going. Basically I received two high quality t shirts from the competition as my account predictions did not go through ie probably a computer error therefore as a good will jesture I was offered a t shirt of my choice. I chose the Federer Serve Black and White which I received and can concur the high quality and print. Plus as an added bonus I received a extra t shirt because of my size and order theyran out so dfor the delay was given to my delight. So if any one is wondering about the quality it is good. Although my only slight concern is the price tag of €29.00 euros for the privilege but I suppose it is well worth having a Federer t shirt that you can wear with pride plus after one wash the colors are not going to fade that quickly. Anyway I will take a look again and get another one for myself to treat me a early Xmas gift.

    Ps Jonathan you can pay me later for the good publicity and the quality of the clothing review by me. Lol. Only joking. But my payment if given by you I only accept 100 Rupees, 2 Camel humps, 1 water buffalo horn and a Goat. The last item is the most important to me as I would like to be given The Greatest Of All Time and not just any ordinary GOAT. No impostor Goats ie Nadals or Djokovic’s. Thanks Jonathan you have until Xmas otherwise no deliverys of Oil, Gas and Dates to you and Uk. These are my demands. Lol. Signed By his made up Royal shiehk of Bradford Manor HRH Abdul-Al-Wannabe-Shiehk-with-a-Thousands-of-names-that-enjoys-tennis-Serajul-Islam-etc-etc-etc.

    I can’t wait for the WTF and watch Federer play and hopefully do well. Unfortunately and unbelievably Djokovic wins his 6th 1000 masters of the year. What a pile of dog poo. The more Djokovic wins the more General public dislike him and his secret hand coaching coach Boris Becker. Man I really hate despise this team. In fact I didn’t mind that much when he used win before with his original team Marion Vadya. Anyway next year he has a lot of points to defend which will be really hard for him to repeat. Fingers crossed again for Federer for wtf and next year. Come on.

    1. Ah Tiger Mobile Tennis Challenge? That was cool of them πŸ™‚

      I thought the price was high too when I first saw them, but remember it’s in Euro’s. I said to myself – I think that is a Β£19.99 product, any more and it’s getting a little high. When I converted 28€ to stirling, it’s pretty much bang on Β£20 so I think they’re around the price point I’m willing to pay.

      A Nike RF shirt is anywhere from Β£35 to Β£45 which is €50 – €63. Are they twice as good? I don’t think so. Just depends how much you like the RF logo πŸ™‚

      The only downside is shipping to some areas, it’s free for over 150 euro spend worldwide, so that’s the best way of doing it if you can group and order together with friends.

  3. haha, I didn’t even know or care who won Paris till I read the above post. It was a choice between two evils. Just THINK how many pts Djoko will have to defend in 2016. it is not possible so all those arrogant vitriolic fans of his will be eating crow. At least Murray did not gain on Fed.

    1. “Just THINK how many pts Djoko will have to defend in 2016. it is not possible”

      You sure about that? Since he never seems to get tired like mortal men, will anyone stop him (barring injury, etc., of course)? And anyway, even if he only defends 2/3 of them that will probably be enough to keep him ahead of everyone else.

    2. Always a competition between Federer fans or Djoker fans lately; it’s painful to see. Djok says he’s friends with Stan, then outcry from Fed fans that he’s not as close to him as Roger is πŸ˜† could it get any sadder?

      No way Djoker replicates this year, but he’ll be contesting for all the big titles for sure.

  4. I’m 5th overall for the year in the Tiger Mobile peRFect tennis league. Do I get a prize, Jonathan…maybe a t-shirt?
    There is one I have in mind.

      1. I did but then I remembered in my original post I put Top 3 πŸ˜† I can’t change as then 6, 7 8, 9 and 10 are going to ask why I can’t factor them in either πŸ˜‰

      1. Nah – can’t be widespread doping in tennis, surely! They would never cheat – like runners, cyclists and all those other sportsmen. Mmm. Illegal coaching, time code violations, MTO’s to break an opponent’s rhythm – and there are quite a few Russian tennis players, aren’t there? I’m sure the Spanish/Serbian/whatever federations wouldn’t want their players to be penalised if the Russians are getting away with it. Nah – can’t be …

  5. I didn’t even bother to watch the Paris final. I did something way more sensible: went to play with my son until sunset. 2 hours on clay, beautiful clear weather, 24 C. No trophies for us, but infinitely more fun than watching two orcs boring each other to death by throwing each other dog poo from the backyard.
    What a drag!

      1. Hi Jonathan, Just saw a few pics of Roger’s visit to Finland to honor Jarkko Nieminen’s retirement from tennis touring. To see the Finnish people welcoming Roger is just heart warming. I thought to myself, Nole, who is playing terrific (boring) tennis, winning match after match, okay….however, Nole will never accomplish what Roger has done for the game of tennis….his charm, his looks, loved and admired all over the world, most of all his “Mozart” tennis will never be duplicated by anyone. Love you, Roger.
        A 90 year old admirer,

      2. Hey Dolores, Yeah that event in Helsinki looked pretty good. Sold out very quickly!

        Every Fed fan seems to be more concerned with Djokovic than Federer lately (and every Djoker fan more concerned with Fed). It is a constant comparison between the two of them in virtually every aspect of what they do. Who cares who wins more, who gives more to charity, who makes better beans on toast (Federer obviously though as beans on gluten free toast sounds awful) but really there is no need to compare.

        @Richard – I’d still rather watch Fed, even if he plays a joke match you still invariably get something special.

    1. Thanks Sue, for this taste of it – they had fun, I think, and very good energy. Would so muck like to have watched. Did any have the pleasure?

    1. Thanks Wanda. Agree. But we’ll have to wait for a possible autobiography. (He hasn’t “that much to reveal”) πŸ™‚

    2. Wanda I thought Fed actually said he will never write an autobiography? he said his career is private, he only shared it with family, friends and coaches.

  6. Aaaw, beat me to it Wanda. He must be a joy to interview – so warm, charming and funny. His comments about racquet technology changing the game were interesting too. Had to laugh at this comment on writing a biography: ‘well, I don’t think that I have that much to reveal…’ Only Federer would think that! πŸ˜†

    I just found this little snippet of he and Jarkko having fun at his retirement match:

    1. Yeah, slamdunk, it seemed a great night for Yarkko and Roger as well as Finish people πŸ™‚
      A bit wobbly video but try the link for the highlights, the above.

  7. Exciting what happens in a few days. Will the Maestro go deep, prevail? A thrill really. At least no perversely tall opponents/power-servers…

    1. They do have some women’s style tops.

      Can you let me know what designs you’d like to see on them?

      I’ll be adding more products when I have chance including kids and women’s.

  8. I knew they had some for ladies but not Fed related (I like Evolution Roger or SBAR for instance). Nike also ignores the fact that Roger has women fans, too!

    1. @Wanda
      Actually I can propose all designs on every type of clothing ( t-shirt // sweatshirt for kids, ladies and men ) because’ I print on demand..
      I’ll change my ladies tshirt model to a new style very soon and will offer all the Federer designs for you ladies πŸ˜€
      More than just t-shirts too, there will be a sweatshirt model for women..
      I try to do my best to offer it ASAP but I have been working alone in this business.. Now my brother quit his job and comes to work for Color13. We actually open a physical shop in Brussels.. we want a larger offering in the shortest possible time.
      I will let you know when the ladies tshirts are available..

      1. Hi there!

        How sweet of you replying to my whinge, thanks. The Fed designs for women, that’s a great news! Looking forward to it. (Hey Nike, do you hear?)
        Good luck with the business, Color13 πŸ˜€

  9. Design idea for Laurent – Roger silhouette – can’t decide if head only or serve motion is betterer πŸ˜‰ – with diagonal text Roger Foreverer

      1. … avec bien entendu un t-shirt gratuit? πŸ˜‰ Je paierais les frais de transport aux EU si vous le voulez… Mais je pense que le public recevrait ce dessein avec enthousiasme!

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