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Anderson Upsets Federer in Five Sets to Make Semi Final

A shock on court one as big-serving Kevin Anderson saved a match point as he came from two sets down to defeat Roger Federer 2-6, 6-7(5), 7-5, 6-4, 13-11 in the Quarter Finals.

The South African was competing in his first quarter-final at SW19 and played solidly to defeat the eight-time champion in 4 hours and 14 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wimbledon QF 2018

Anderson won the toss and elected to serve. His mindsight will have been to play a good opening game but he began looking tight and was broken to 15. Roger consolidated to love for 2-0 and he was well on top in the early stages, breaking again in game seven before serving out the set 6-2.

Into set two and it was the number eight seed who got off to the ideal start breaking for 1-0 and consolidating it. With Anderson firing down a big chunk of aces this tournament one break looked like it could be enough but a full stretch lob gave Roger break back points in game five and he converted at the third time of asking for 2-3. The Swiss then saved a break point before levelling at 3-3 and the set soon headed into a tie-break.

The breaker saw Roger come from a minibreak down en route to securing a two-set advantage converting his third set point after some shaky forehands at 6-3 and 6-4. That put Roger firmly in the driving seat and after moving through his service games in set three comfortably the Swiss held a match point at 5-4 but Anderson fought it off winning three straight games to take the set 7-5.

Buoyed by winning the third it was Anderson who made most of the running in set four and he made his move in the seventh game as Federer's forehand began to leak errors as Anderson took the set 6-4.

Into set five and both guys started with steady holds and return points were hard to come by. However, Roger was the man holding with more confidence and he held the first break point in the eighth game but couldn't convert. The same happened again at 6-5 with Anderson coming up with the goods and his steadiness was rewarded at 11-11 when Roger capitulated making four errors to give Anderson the break and he served it out to 15 for a memorable win.

Match Stats

R. Federer K. Anderson
Aces 16 28
Double Faults 1 3
First Serve % In 123/177 (69%) 138/207 (67%)
Win % On 1st Serve 97/123 (79%) 105/138 (76%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 32/54 (59%) 36/69 (52%)
Net Points Won 28/39 (72%) 15/31 (48%)
Break Points Won 3/12 (25%) 4/7 (57%)
Receiving Points Won 66/207 (32%) 48/177 (27%)
Winners 61 65
Unforced Errors 33 31
Total Points Won 195 189
Distance Covered 11365.8 Ft 10434.6 Ft
Distance Covered/pt. 29.6 Ft 27.2 Ft

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Anderson WF 2018

I had moments where I was great, I felt like I was reading his serve, other moments where I don’t know where the hell I was moving to. I don’t know if that was his serve. But I also have a feeling, it was a feeling of mine, you know, not getting it right. I don't think I have pushed him enough to do extraordinary stuff to win. He played well, but I couldn't push him hard enough.

After the highs of watching Roger dismantle Mannarino live on Monday, it was back to the harsh reality of watching a loss on TV for me here 🙁

It was a huge surprise to see Roger lose here in any circumstance especially from two sets up and like most fans I thought he was coming through this one comfortably based on his performances at Wimbledon so far. However, his much-fabled forehand became a frailty in the latter stages of the match leaking errors and lacking any real penetration. Instead in the crunch moments, Roger was playing reactive tennis, struggling to time his shots that were landing short with very little on them. Anderson is too good for that and he rightfully cleaned up after showing some toughness saving a match point in set three and break points in the fifth.

So where did it all go wrong? Hard to pinpoint really, from Roger's press conference he isn't sure either but sees the match point as a key one and that's obviously a big part as the match was fractions from being over but I think Roger probably lost this one in the second set as he switched off and from there lost that egde to his game. The way I saw it the match panned out as follows:

  • Anderson plays a timid opening set like a guy who doesn't think he really belongs out there.
  • Roger goes on a mental walkabout in set two but somehow wins a set that Anderson should have taken.
  • The third is the reverse where Roger is the better player but Anderson sneaks the set.
  • The fourth sees Anderson grow in confidence and he backs up his serve by returning well and controlling the baseline.
  • The fifth is a straight shootout and Roger has the early chances, looks ultra calm and composed throughout but after missing his chances throws in a shocker game and Anderson mops up in convincing fashion.

A lot of Fed's losses I've covered over the years have been where the legs can't execute what the mind is telling them be it through tiredness, injury or just one of those days when you get out of the wrong side of the bed but today didn't feel like that, The legs looked fine but his mental game didn't seem dialled in.

There wasn't much creativity out there after that first set and in a way, Roger's game was a bit bland for long periods.  Anderson was one step ahead of him in the rallies and was never getting the runaround just hitting big from the baseline. Fortunately, Fed served well and he's still Roger Federer which is why he can play bang average and still win but in that fifth set, my takeaway was I think Roger was very confident he'd win and looked mega relaxed out there, in some ways that's a good thing as he looked as cool as a cucumber but there was a lack of urgency. When I've seen Fed win matches when he is tired or not playing well you see him really push hard to make that extra step, that extra bit of focus, the big split step, the 1-2 punch. But in this one, it felt like he was almost waiting for the win to just happen.  A wasted opportunity 🙁

What did you guys make of the match? How does Fed respond here?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’ve never been more disgusted by his forehand last night. It was like Miami 2009 vs Djokovic. It was chaos, that’s what it was. The forehand IMPLODED. WHY??? It was weak and when it wasn’t weak it sprayed all over the court. I think the netted forehand on break point in his last service PERFECTLY sums up the match. A forehand shitfest. I can’t believe he took 3 months off for this shit. It hurts, because he had a very good chance to win the title again and increase the slam gap to Nadu11. It all went wrong in the 3rd set when he missed that regulation DTL backhand passing shot which would have given him more than 1 match point. From then on, he was timid on Anderson’s service and blew several 0-30 opportunities in the 5th set with passive play. Like there was the time he chipped a return into the net at 0-30, could have potentially had 3 match points. Then came another 15-30 where he net rushed with a weak slice approach and got easily passed. Why NET RUSH LIKE THAT? I’ve never slapped the couch so much in frustration.
    Sorry for sounding so angry but this sucks, and I’m sure you all might agree. I hope Djokovic spanks Nadu11 back to Majorca because tennis would be in ruins if the moonballing buttpicker won Wimbledon again. That’s all I can say 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Shocking loss. I was only able to see half of the first set, the second and the fifth and on the last one Roger seemed to be a different player than the one from the beginning. It looked to me shaky, feeling too much the pressure (he completely gifted his last service game).

    Understandably we fans are upset as this felt like a huge wasted opportunity but a lot of people are over reacting. This one of those days were everything goes wrong, you didn’t bring your A game and when the match becomes even the pressure of beeing overwhelmingly favourite is dragging you down. I must say though to Anderson’s credit, he played really well on the fifth.

    The positive thing I see if any is that he looked fit to me and this is the most important thing given his age. I don’t have any doubt that he will be in the final rounds of the US Open and once there who knows.

    What a terrible SF we have now with Anderson vs Isner…

  3. I am so sad about this lost but it looks like you all in here feel the same way. This lost feels awful because it feels like he thowred it away. The forhand was a joke in important moments and the one breakpoint 30-40 in set three was horrible and he should have broken back there. Then after that Andersson served incredible I must say so it could have gone both way but it was federers serve who cracked first and the three missed forhand in the same game when he was broken was the ones who decided the match.

  4. If Nadal wins the title and closes that Grand Slam gap, I am going to retire from all tennis discussions. People will throw it round that he is the confirmed GOAT. It will never make him the GOAT. Even if he overtakes Federer’s count. Being a GOAT includes playing with finesse and style. And not grunt and howl each time you hit the ball.

  5. Thanks for your bang on assessment, Jonathan. Set one was great, sets two and four belonged to Anderson, though Roger one set two in the tie break. I thought set three was even. In the final I too thought (may be like Federer, as you said) that Anderson would not be able to hold on, especially after it got to 3 all. He is Anderson, not Nadal or Djokovic! But Kevin played the match of his life (I think Becker said that) and had belief, a la Nadal and Djokovic. Reminded of the Tsonga quater final that I mentioned in my previous post.

  6. Looking at those stats, Roger wins in every way apart from break point conversion: one of those cases where I’d never have thought he’d lost the match just from looking at them. I wanted to have a look at the set-by-set splits to see whether that provided any indications, but the way the Wimby website is laid out it’s really difficult to do. I didn’t actually watch much of this match (I’d assumed it would be relatively straightforward, so watched what the Beeb were putting on the Red Button, where I couldn’t record it, instead) so I missed the point where he slipped, but that was quite a nasty one, and could have done any number of equally nasty things. For some reason, I’m reminded of that match against Gilles Simon at RG a few years back where he was leading comfortably, took a nasty tumble, his level dropped incomprehensibly and then he ended up having to claw it back in 5 sets. What I do know, though, is that my reaction at the start of the 5th set – having missed the 4th completely – was that he was gassed and there was absolutely no way he was going to win the match. Later on, I thought he had a slightly better than 50% chance of winning, but not much.

    What did disturb me, though – as in the latter part of the Mannarino match – was his passivity, rallying endlessly, and lack of attack. I’m not used to seeing that from Roger, especially on a grass court, and I’m not sure there was justification for it?

    1. I agree with your points Alison. I only was able to watch the latter part of the match but he looked tired to me, very passive and hoping that Anderson would lose it rather than him winning it. Ultimately, Anderson deserved to win it, as he went for it and executed his shots very well.

    2. Finally found the gif of him slipping:

      Agree this could have tweaked any number of things; I’ve seen talk that he was massaging his hand and/or forearm during the press conference. At the time several commentators mentioned he seemed rattled after that, in spite of winning the point.

      Do think Anderson deserves a lot of credit. Surely Seve/Ivan had watched more recent KA matches, but it kind of looked like Rog was prepared for “old Kevin”, & hadn’t fully appreciated “new Kevin” ‘s mental stability.

  7. Thanks for the write up, Jonathan.
    I read quite a lot of comments from the Perfect-tennis bloggers on your last   Manic Monday post just after yesterday’s match finished, as though it was a  necessary immediate therapy exchanging our feelings about the quarter-final.
    On my side, I am still very sad, upset,  angry…

    After sets  1 and 2,  I was confident that Fed would finally succeed even if he was to loose a set or two based on his experience,  motivation and the form he had shown until now.  Really strange he lost the match because of his forehand, the stroke with which he won so many matches in the past.

    As well, I still don’t understand WHY he did not come to the net more often. He is so good at the net, usually. Even Nadal went more to the net against Delpo, it seems !!! 
    I wonder how many dropshots Fed stroke yesterday ? Last year,  he won quite a lot of points with them. Anderson is not a very fast mover – RF could have tried.

    Anderson played well too. Did Fed loose the game or did Anderson just win it because he wanted it more ?

    I hope Fed is not injured (I saw him touch his wrist).

    Quite afraid Toronto + Cincinnati before the US Open will be tough with the heat and humidity in North America.

    Now, let’s light a candle so that somebody from Spain does not win his 18th.
    And let’s try not to read too many write ups saying that time is finally catching up with the Forever-Number-One-In-Our-Hearts… It hurts…

  8. I’m not that surprised by the result, honestly. I have seen before what Anderson is capable of on grass on a good day, so I feared this match could be a potential banana peal. But still, you wouldn’t expect Roger to lose the match on a 2-0 lead. That’s always gonna feel like throwing it away.

    After Roger lost the 3rd set, I felt that this match was most likely going to five sets, and that is never going to be ideal for the rest of the tournament. Can’t really complain too much though, we’ve been pretty spoiled by the last few years. Of course, what makes this hurt more is that Nadal is right on track for catching up on the number of slams. And Nadal winning slams other than RG is going to strengthen his case. Oh well, can’t really do much about it. Whatever happens, happens. I might tune out completely from tennis for a while and try to enjoy the rest of the summer 🙂 I think I speak for all of us when I say, thanks for all the work you put into the blog, Jonathan.

  9. Its must be a difficult post to write Jon. For me its the worst ever birthday gift, not exactly what I was hoping as a present. I got stung 3rd time after having 2 sets lead. Not sure if Roger was being over-confident but his FH was a huge liability from 3rd set onwards. Only his serves kept him longer in the match otherwise it would have been 6-4 scoreline at 5th set. Alas even his serve deserted him producing DF at worse possible moment. This time I am rooting for Djoker, about time he gets a GS title. Its almost 3 years since he lifted a GS trophy.

    Getting back to Roger, well cant win all the time. Bad day at the office but I hope he will rebound with a USO title, its been 10 years. Too long of a wait for 6th title. I am curious if he will still want to play back 2 back HC tourney. Honestly its a BAD idea, he has to choose between Rogers or Cincy, cant peak too early and get too tired or even injured.

  10. Here are my thoughts about Federer and this years accomplishments
    He won the AO
    He won 2 other tournaments and now totals 98
    He is the oldest no.1
    If he can finish the year with 2 more wins he will make his 100th

    Here are the records as they stand
    GS Fed/20 Nad/17 Jok/12 (I am ok if he wins Wimby)
    ATP Wins Fed/98 Nad/79 Jok/68
    Matches Won Fed/1,161 Nad/908 Jok/806
    Weeks number one Fed/310 Jok/223 Nad/180
    Match wins at AO Fed/94 Jok/61 Nad/55
    Match wins at FO Nad/86 Fed/65 Jok/63
    Match wins at Wimby Fed/95 Jok/63 Nad/?? (less than 49)
    Match wins at USO Fed/82 Jok/62 Nad/53
    ACES Fed/10,532 Nad/3,110 Jok/4,994

    Please stop saying Federer should retire he still can dominate in tournaments that are best of 3 I still think he will break Connors record of 109 and eventually own that record. I hope the stats lay to rest the doubters of Fed being the GOAT.

    1. I don’t that most of the stats you laid out are relevant on the GOAT conversation.
      GS? Obviouly is the most important indicator.
      ATP Wins? Important but the break down between GS, M1000 and M500 is very relevant. Connors has 51 more tournaments than Nole and nobody think he is ahead in the GOAT convesation.
      Matches Won? Once you get a decent simple size the % of Won Matches is a lot more relevant. Not sure what the stats look like based on this.
      Weeks number one. Relevant but the numbers of years they finished number 1 paints a more accurate picture.
      Match Wins by GS same as the totality. If you look at the AO numbers you can see how funny this metric is, Federer won more than 50% more games than Nole but yet they have the same number of tittles.
      Aces. 0 relevant

      Then obviously you need to somehow through the competition in the formula. How many GS would any of those 3 guys have without having to face the other 2? How many RG would Federer have? 4? 5?

      1. Pablo I know your a Nadal fan more so then Federer but let me give you a relevant statistic. 15 years in a row Federer wins the fan favorite. Roger Federer made tennis enjoyable to watch Nadal is never a fan favorite his constant grunting (and I know it isn’t necessary and is deliberate) will never achieve fan favorite. Like it or not that statistic is relevant it is what fills stadiums. And I noticed that even the French were cheering for Thiem more than Nadal at the last French Open. Tennis fans overwhelmingly will vote Federer as their favorite. That is one statistic that Nadal will never achieve over Roger. Adious!

      2. Good point Paul. Again raises the question, why was the biggest crowd drawer not playing on Centre Court? Total disrespect to the crowds. Thanks Wimbledon – Not.

      3. I’m not making the case for Nadal, I actually think Federer is the GOAT. I also think that the GOAT is the best rather than the most likeable.

      4. There are no M1000 on grass but three on clay. WTF also needs to be mentioned, no?
        Weeks and years are both measures of time so why would years assume more significance than weeks. Again Nadal has 5500 points on clay to be had and he is the clay goat so getting YE no 1 actually becomes easier for him whenever he plays a full season.
        Records are what will be on the books, GOAT is a needless endless debate.

      5. And 6 on hardcourts.
        You are right WTF needs to be counted and also Olympics and Davis Cup.
        YE Number one reflects a reality, the best player of the season.
        How many points are given on hardcourts? I don’t quite follow your logic on why it is easier to finish number one for a dominant clay court player. I would think the opposite.

  11. Okey-dokey, here’s my say on this:
    -For all the (insert here your whole collection of superlatives, and still won’t be enough) skill he has, Roger is human. Humans sometimes fail.
    -Most of us do most things right. A few (fortunately) do a lot or most things wrong.
    -But no one, I repeat, no one does all things right all the time.
    Failure is intrinsic to complex beings like us.
    Not only do we have the right to fail, but it’s the failure that allows us to correct things and do better next time. Yes, it’s annoying, just like we all get annoyed when we make a driving mistake (some at least…), fail an exam or smash a finger with a hammer.
    Now, people, accept that Roger fails sometimes. Deal with that as you deal with your own failures. Don’t pass judgement and don’t be harsh. It helps no one. Roger would have quit long ago if he were negative. Use that as an example if you will.
    And be thankful that with no failure there is no improvement.
    Now, take your racquet out and go hit some balls. And, for (insert your own deity name here)’s sake, have fun with that!

  12. Perhaps we’d all do well to remember how it felt like he was finished and people told him to retire prior to 2017.
    Thanks for carrying on Fed, and proving doubters wrong.

  13. Federer didn’t deserve to win this match, even though the stats don’t look too bad. But in the 5th set it seemed to me that all the winners were coming from Anderson, he was forcing the match and playing aggressively. Rog didn’t seem to have much in the tank, his serve obviously gave him a number of free points but from general play there was very little dictating.

    Possibly Fed finally looking his age it’s sad to say. Though I have probably said this before.

  14. Thanks Jon for the recap.
    Of course its sooo sad, yesterday was a bad day in every way. However I think we are all so used to Roger’s wins and all-around success that we forget he’s only human not a science fiction super hero. He played the match he could play with Anderson and for me he is now beyond win and loss. His unique style and intelligence makes up for any loss. Yes, it is Wimbledon but all the same he has given us soo much this far he only deserves recognition.
    Roger, just stay healthy, that’s all!

  15. A very disappointing loss and one that Fed will feel very keenly.But stuff happens,so it is good that he is still playing at such a high level after such a long time.
    One thing I am sick of hearing about is this GOAT Rubbish.We all have our favourite players,mine have always been Borg and Fed for their style of play and charisma.They are both great players and I don’t care who has won what.I just appreciate them for what they are.

  16. I would love to see or hear in the future, distant future of course having Roger become a commentator. I thought it was hilarious when he was being interviewed and watching Struff vs Karlovic on screen. The ace king Karlovic hit his serve and Roger immediately said “Oh that was a terrible serve”. I think the combo McEnroe and Federer would also help in the ratings that will absolutely go down without Roger around. Or maybe have Roger and Rafa be commenting together. They can jokingly say “Hey Rafa I’m 55 years old and I can hit a better backhand then so&so”, “You got that right Roger my friend (grunting laugh)”.

    1. To continue on that note say in the year 2030. I could see Roger saying to Rafa commenting on the French Open. Hey Rafa Thiem is going for his third French Open title”. And Rafa saying” Wow! That is really something…..not”. Then Djocovic would walk into the booth and the three of them would all have a great time joking about the latest 10 years of tennis how the best player has 3 GS titles. Now maybe we will never see tennis like we have in their era but we could watch them make fun of what is surely going to be dismal era when they are gone.

    2. Roger would be an awesome commentator but let’s think about him as a player, he still has fuel on his tank.
      I disagree about Rafa though, I don’t think he would be a good one,not in English. There is a massive difference between his English vs Spanish press conferences.

      Anybody saw the BBC documentary? It is nice.

      1. I still think Rafa and Roger would be funny together Pablo. I remember Rafa saying Roger is not my boyfriend in an interview. I know Rafa speaks broken English but he can be very funny. I like to see Roger and Rafa together because when all is said and done they made all of us love tennis again.

  17. I was so sorry for Roger because we all know his love for Wimbledon and of course the caustic write-ups
    afterwards. Although he played his earlier matches better it was Halle all over again. His forehand
    being so wayward did he have a slight problem with his wrist, he seemed to be feeling it at
    times. I hate the GOAT debate because although I know Nadal is a great player you couldn’t pay me
    to watch him . If Fed has to lose I’m glad he lost to Kevin Anderson rather than Djo or Nadal, but maybe
    Isner will surprise everyone. Must have written your piece through gritted teeth Jonathan especially after
    seeing him ….good job x

    1. Yes Elizabeth,I wouldn’t write off Isner either.That serve is always going to be very dangerous on grass.Many commentators are treating the Djokovic/Nadal as the virtual final seemingly forgetting the winner still has to play the other winners semi finalist.I wouldn’t like to say who will win tomorrow
      but any normal(cough,cough)person would be pretty tired after 5 hours on court with Delpo.
      So we shall see,but I do hope Anderson doesn’t win after his pathetic showing against Nadal at the
      American Open last year.

      1. Actually, I think I hope he does. He does at least have the benefit of having already been a slam finalist, and now knows what it’s like. I suspect he would thrive better in a Wimbledon final than a first-time finalist who’s never been anywhere near before. And we need competition in a final.

  18. Very dissapointing match but somehow I was over this loss very quickly . Its ok like he puts it , one can have bad days *correction* average days etf even if you are the 20 time major winner. That is really okay. I hope its just the fact that he wasnt mentally the same since Halle even though people might wanna put the first 4 rounds as a fair argument. Like you guys rightky pointed out , the forehand and his mind went off completely for 2 – 3 sets but credit to Anderson for keeping up his level and believing in himself. I wish him all the best.
    As for Federer maybe the farytail comeback needed a loss to reignite himself, we ll see. Wish him good health and hope to see him press the reset button on the american hardcourts

    The Delpo Rafa match was incredible truly. Sad to see Juan coming outwith another big loss after playing maybe his best tennis since maybe 2009.
    Its funny how people have already started panicking on Rafa clinching a possible 18th Slam yes that ed be incredible but the funny part is not realising who ed be standing the on the other side of the court in the semi’s. As much no.18 might cement Rafa arguments over the quote unqoute GOAT status. I think we might have to wait and see how it pans out in semis. Me? I think # 13’s on the way. I ll be enjoying the match regardless saving my nails for a change.
    Looks like its Novak’s tournament to lose now.

  19. I don’t know how to put words together about the loss. Feel for him being obliged to explain what happened for the press. Warm thanks to Jonathan for the recap as well as all the work during the grass season. WimbleDone for me this year and move on.

  20. First of all I think Wimbledon shot itself in the foot by putting Fed on Court 1. Djok a better watch than Fed? – I don’t think so. In fact the BBC agreed as it put Court 1 on the main channel and Djok on the dreaded red button which doesn’t always work. I don’t think Fed would have lost on his beloved Centre Court and he wouldn’t have slipped twice.
    Second, he was playing lights out in the first set and the BBC commentators were going overboard in admiration even more than normal, he was moving well, producing unbelievably different shots etc.
    Third something must have happened to make him lose that ability – something with the wrist or the knee or…? What made him lose confidence? Why was he playing endlessly long rallies? Anyone any ideas?

    So too sad for him, his team and us.
    Hope he recovers his special ability to win matches under duress.

    Thanks for all your Wimbledon posts, Jonathan, it made Wimbledon even more enjoyable and I loved reading the comments and opinions from all (most) of you.

    I haven’t the slightest interest in who wins Wimbledon although if pushed I would like it to be Isner.

    1. “What made him lose confidence? Why was he playing endlessly long rallies? Anyone any ideas?”

      Well, if you ask that, don’t you have to ask why he was doing it in the later stages of the Mannarino match too? Did whatever it was – if anything – happen then or thereabouts?

      1. Interesting point, Alison. So in both cases he won the first set very quickly, possibly to try to ensure a match in three sets to conserve energy, but he couldn’t keep up such intense concentration and fell back to playing in a less cerebral way. Then the other player gained confidence and the balance changed from there.

  21. I think he should just play the US Open and no warm up.

    Nadal will pass 20 overall if he is on 18 come Sunday night.

    1. If only Federer stops at 20. Wont be surprised if he did though I firmly believe he has 2 more in him.
      Hypothetically If so , getting to 23 majors. means winning 6 majors is a huge call for even someone as a fierce competitor as Rafa. Though that could happen too. Lets see. Not sure if the slam count at the end of the day makes him a better player than Fed. Will have to wait and see how all this hoes in the next 2 – 3 yrs to have a more clear picture.
      Having said that I am guessing another piece of resurrection here from the big 3,cRoger came and So did Rafa, and so will Satan and I think his arrival could be 2018-2020 stretch (maybe I pushing it too far too soon) but I have a feeling that there is a second coming of Satan sooner or later.

  22. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same…”

    That is a Rudyard Kipling’s sentence written  in the  Wimbledon  hall – from his poem ‘If”.

    Maybe Roger was thinking about that sentence when he said in the presser that he may have accepted the loss in 30 minutes  …

    1. Sorry but who is Satan,or am I being a bit thick?
      I don’t care if Nadal or Djokovic win thirty slams each.Most of Nadals will be on one surface and
      Djokovic s style is as boring as hell and he has to go around begging people to love him for goodness sake.If Fed never wins another slam he has done enough.Lets see how Nadal and the joker are playing in six years time.

  23. Thanks for the match recap, Jonathan, this one was a tough write-up. The stats being so close and actually quite good for Federer (except the break point conversion…that old bugbear, reminding me of USO 2015 against Noavk) actually makes the loss harder to get over, it was just a huge missed opportunity. And opportunities are going to be harder to come by the older he grows, aren’t they? I hope he can recoup and move away from the conservative, reactive tennis he was playing (actually even in Halle this year) and go back to his early 2017 free-flowing style. It’ll be tough, because if Roger keeps missing clay season to prepare for Wimby, he will be default put a lot of pressure on himself to perform well here. And the media will hype it up as always. Maybe this loss will help him to shake off the burden of expectations and play freer. That way at least, let’s hope some good comes out of it.
    As for the semis and the final, I know we are all assuming that the winner of Rafa-Nole will win it all, but wouldn’t it be just amazing if Isner or Anderson can do it? Wouldn’t bet on it, though, unfortunately.

    1. A very balanced and sensitive response.You make an interesting point that there is a downside to
      missing the clay court season which I hadn’t considered before.In some way it seems that perhaps the incredible results of 2017 were Rogers swan song.The shock defeat by Kokinakis and now this to
      Anderson perhaps wouldn’t have happened then,but saying that he did loose to Haas and Donsky back then albeit not in such prestigious tournaments.As for the semis,who knows,frankly I hardly care.It would be extremely annoying to see Nadal holding up the trophy but if he is the best player at this tournament then he deserves it.I guess.☹️

  24. I’ve a feeling that Roger has been preoccupied since Halle. He wasn’t really himself, wasn’t really there o the court mentally. A look at his camp, coach, family, friends, may confirm this — they weren’t as happy, relaxed and enthusiastic as they were.

  25. A totally disgrace Federer, I just don’t understand how he could waste the chances and be defeated, I am very upset with him, Nadal is winning for sure now, a disgrace and totally dissaponted, very very bad Federer

  26. Still in shock and disbelief :(. I think Roger came in assuming a quick 3 set win. We can’t blame him really as his opponent was probably the least qualified of the last eight along with Isner and given Roger’s record against him and his current form no one including Kevin and his team would have assumed anything different. I think you’re right in your recap that Roger was too calm and confident that with no tiebreaks in 5th, if only he can keep holding, eventually Kevin would fold. But as he couldn’t convert his break points, he loses focus and screws up in his service game and has nothing left to surprise his opponent and break back. Sucks and hurts real bad. At least he is healthy and still has got the best game in tennis. Roddick must be thanking Kevin for exacting revenge for his painful loss in 2009. I just hope Djoker is back at his best tomorrow for the semis. If not, Dull gets one step closer with 18. That would just make this the worst Wimby since 2008.

    1. Well at least Fed didn’t loose to Nadal in the final.That would have been totally unbearable.Lets not
      forget Australian open 2017.The memory of that victory cancels out this disappointment I feel.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. I know DJO requested CC and it’s right that they should
        get the chance to play on it, but has either Isner or Anderson been on CC?

      2. No, they haven’t. Would *you* willingly inflict their games on the denizens of Centre Court? 🙂 But they get to play there today, so whichever one of them wins won’t be a total novice on it come the final.

        And I do feel the court placement committee – can’t remember its proper name now – had been a bit disrespectful to Djokovic, a 3-time champion. Maybe they weren’t expecting him to do this well, but I was still surprised to see him relegated to Court No. 2, I think it was.

  27. Roger Federer’s legacy to the world remains intact, few if any will ever match his artistry and genius especially on the lawns of sw19. 16 Quarterfinals, 12 Semifinals, 11 Finals and 8 Titles in 20 years. His losses at Indian Wells, Miami, Halle and at his beloved Wimbledon serve only as a reminder just how majestic his career has been. The astonishing fact that he is still competing at the highest level, 3 weeks shy of his 37th Birthday (8th August 1981). We should not let the pain and anguish of the present moment diminish in anyway the extraordinary history he has already written. Books, media, will refer to this time as the golden age when three of the greatest male players to lift a racquet played at the same time. When Fed lifted his 8th Wimbledon title last year, I was ecstatic, he could do no wrong. He never did, he is just human, but a great one at that.

  28. Still livid knowing RF had Match Point. I think RF would have played his best tennis in the finals.
    RF was too casual or over confident against Anderson. RF lost focus on playing attack in other ways possible. Maybe he was frozen with the thought of not being able to close the match and letting it go to the 5th since he knows there is no TB.

    1. Give Anderson some credit for the way he saved that match point. I don’t think there was anything Roger could have done about that.

      2 hours, 2 sets … At what time do the committee start considering starting the other semi on Court 1?

      1. Sure all credit to Anderson for taking RF to 5 sets. But did you see the way RF was shanking those FH and his volleys not going over the net? That was RF of 2014-12015 where he looked very confused.
        I have stated in the Halle finals comments page that since AO 18 there has been proof that RF has regressed to 2014-2015 state especially on the FH side against tough opponents. Whether this state is temporary or permanent, only RF can answer. I dont think having good warmup tournaments is going to give me any confidence of his performance in a GS anymore.
        Come Sunday, if its #18 for “you know who”, then RF totally lost the plot to keep his slam count secure.

  29. What a useless SF . It will end up going to 44-42 in a miles per hour competition…

    The crowd starts cheering whenever it gets to 15-30 for anyone ,but it feels like they aren’t rooting for anyone in particular, they just want it to end so they can watch the second semifinal.

    With the long breaks Nadal and Djokovic take, they will be playing into Saturday at this rate; it’s nearly 6pm UK time now…

  30. And they are still playing. 12-12… Had time to do the housework.
    …Roger, we’re missing you !!!

  31. Well it seems a moot point now as to who gets to the final but Anderson will be shattered.Kudos to him for hanging on in there,in some ways consolation for Feds loss,Anderson was always going to be a tough nut to crack.
    As for centre court now,dare we hope?Nadal is such a lucky player,any delay till tomorrow will help him considerably.

  32. Thanks Annie. In both the matches, vs. Thanasi and vs. Kevin, Roger won more points (even in the match against Borna). This year all his losses have been closely fought, including the final against Juan Martin. Don’t know whether to be happy or sad about such close-fought losses. Many Fed-critics point out Roger’s inabilty to close out close matches (as opposed to the other big 2). Of course they are wrong, but these losses just add fuel to the fire. Let’s hope Roger and his team will think about this a bit and work on it.

  33. Yes,let’s hope so.
    Looks like the luck of Nadal will hold again.The match will have to be finished tomorrow which always seems to be to his advantage.Whys that I wonder??

    1. I disagree with you Annie because Djokovic was dominant in the 1st set. Actually having 10 break chances and only being successful on 2 shows me that his team will be working on Novak to end it tomorrow in the 4th set. Had Nadal won the third set then I would agree with you but Djokovic being up a set and if he plays like he did in the first set then it’s game over.

      1. I certainly hope that you are right Paul!That tie break was a skin of the teeth job for
        Djokovic.It is just that Nadal always seems to win after these breaks.

  34. Yeah to be honest as a whole this was a bad grass court swing for Fed I think. Loss aside and all the results and play was not good enough, and he was not the best player vs Anderson on the day, which is pretty shocking for someone who should be so dominant on the surface all things told.

    Now, was the clay season skip a bad idea? Easy to say yes in hindsight. For me if he’s going to skip the clay season he needs to win Wimby to justify it, and he came well short this year (by his standards, this was his worst Wimby since 2013). Given the results post clay-skip, we have Stuttgart as a win, a bad loss to Coric in the final of Halle and this vs Anderson. Can’t really say imo that it has markedly improved his results through rest because he was doing as good as or better than this without it.

    So, idk. Saw a comment say maybe age has got him, that his level hasn’t been great since mid last year. I agree on the level thing but not sure if I’m ready to concede that it was age that caused him to lose these matches, I think it was maybe arrogance or demotivation. Needs to find it or solve it or whatever soon I feel because as of right now watching Nadal and Djokovic play they’d both sweep Fed on any surface at this stage imo. Their level looks a hel of a lot higher than what Fed has been bringing, and I expect if they face him soon we’ll probably see that, unless he raises it. Maybe this motivates him. I sure hope it does.

  35. We can but admire the level Nadal and Djokovic are playing and giving their all. Wish one was to meet Fed in the final and have him prove he could rise to the occasion.
    Now Djokovic, finish it off with a win please.

    1. Really interesting read Butterfly, thanks for sharing.

      Rosset is saying that last year, being the hunter rather than the hunted really helped Roger out, and he needs to put himself back in that minset.

      He also makes the point that completely skipping clay keeps Roger out of contact with the best players for too long – an aspect I hadn’t considered.

    2. Thanks, Butterfly, I think this article has hit it on the head. When Fed first came back after the knee operation, the first tournament was the Hopman Cup and he played with complete freedom and beauty. I think the striving to be Number One and to win all the tournaments to defend his points has to some extent caused a freezing of the brain and therefore a freezing of free and courageous movement which was however still present in the first set of each of his last two matches

  36. Nice comeback Djokovic. You’ve saved us a little longer. And I guess you feel a little like Fed felt having beaten Wawrinka in AO17. Finals again after a couple of years. But you don’t face Nadal tomorrow like Fed did!
    May the best man win.

  37. Well thank you Novak!
    I never expected him to win wimby, but I just don’t see Anderson beating him. Maybe this is gonna be the electroshock that’s gonna get the Djoker in full flight again?
    Could be a fun American swing with Roger Djoker and Nadal in great form 😀

  38. Not sure if saying this makes me a sadist, but I’m very happy Djokovic won and the doper is kept three slams away, for now. I think he will go on to win the title and it will be a well deserved one.

    1. I do agree with the “doper” as you call him. I never understand where he gets all this energy, he does make me think he is doing what Lance Armstrong did to enhance his career.

    2. Great outcome! It must be said though that Nadal has made modifications to his game to be more aggressive , this is not the moonballer of 2006-07 off-clay atleast. But the source of his energy does seem totally unnatural especially at age 32. Was thinking his true level will be revealed with age but he goes on and on and on…….

      1. Did you realise that Angie did only 5-five-5 unforced errors all the match. She’s no Steffi Graf but boy, when she clamps her feet to the ground, those crouched backhands are as lethal as bazookas.

  39. Annie was right when she thought that Nadal always seems to comeback the next day even stronger. Joker just won this one by the skin of his teeth. Where does Nadal after the 5 setter with Del Potro get his energy? I think Anderson has a chance against Joker. I have to say Nadal will be very disappointed with this lost, I really thought after the 4th set it was over for Joker.

    1. Could only follow the scores sitting in a chateau car park.The things we do for tennis?I thought it was done and dusted after the fourth set.Shows how important that last minute win in the tie break was last night before the ridiculous curfew.It is strange these semi magical powers of recovery.
      However a great win for Djokovic.Now he is back in the mix Nadal won’t be sweeping to easy victory
      as in the US open last ,perhaps even the last bastion of Roland Garros will fall.I think that Delpo also
      Had a part in this win,even Nadal must have been feeling it there at the end.

    2. I’m totally rooting for Anderson as well. He’s fought incredibly hard to get to this final and he deserves the win. Djokovic can sometimes have trouble with big servers; his RoS is powerful but lacks the variety of Federer’s. It is possible for a big server to start getting a bead on his return and just crush it for a winner.

      Nadal’s fading just a little bit with age. Not much (I am sure Tio Toni is putting a little something in his Wheaties to give him that extra strength and speed) but just one or two percent. Unlike Federer, his game’s so physical that that slight drop-off is fatal for him.

      The ultimate grinder can no longer grind down the very best. Even five years ago it would have been he who outlasted Djokovic and made it to the final. He would easily have survived two consecutive five-setters. Now he cannot–Del Potro may not have won their Wimbledon encounter, but he wore Nadal down just enough so that Djokovic could finish him off.

      Non-clay Slams will be harder for him to win these days. Only RG is certain for him now.

      He lucked out at USO last year, getting an incredibly soft draw–I think he didn’t face anyone in the top 50 until the quarterfinals, and then got an exhausted Del Potro and a nervous Anderson in the final. I doubt it will happen again.

      Nadal has never defended a non-clay Grand Slam title, so I think it’ll be hard for him to repeat at USO. Especially after such long, grueling marathons at Wimbledon. He’ll probably have to skip at least one of the American HC Masters to rest, and even then it might not be enough.

  40. I am so happy djokovic won.The slam gap remains to 3,hopefully Federer comes back strong and wins atleast one of the two upcoming slams that is either U.S open or australian open.
    I will cheer for anderson tomorrow?

      1. For Federer any slam win is a big thing henceforth. The competition is getting tougher and some of these kids should contend for slams soon. Hopefully he wins a few more.
        He just won two wimbledons out of 8 this decade so how do you say he relies on wimbedon?

      2. Wimbledon is the GS that give Roger the biggest chance to win, no queston about it. I think he will be the favourite next year too.

    1. Wimbledon will always be Fed’s best chance. He would need a fast US Open court to stand a chance there I think. Not won it since 2008. I guess we just saw Nadal play his best grass tennis in 10 years thanks to the weather / higher bounce so not impossible.

      1. I don’t think his performance was due to the waeather…. I played well on grass in the past under any conditions. He was dealing 2, 3 years with knee problems and even last year I think he was playing well enough to get to the finals if he could have beaten Muller in that close 5th setter.

    1. Yeah, fun match. I think Djokerer is the better matchup overall. I think the grass being rock hard helped both guys esp Djoker. If it was a bit lower bounce and skiddier then maybe Nadal could have edged it with just how tough he can be on the big points.

      1. Well I think the matchup is pretty close. Nole couldn’t ask for better conditions to play Nadal and still it could go either way (indoors, late in the day and break after 3 hours so he didn’t need to grind for more than 5 consecutive hours against the best grinder of all time).

        The negative part for Roger is that if these two guys keep their current level for the near future he will have a really tough task to grab a slam outside of Wimbledon.

  41. I will probably cheer for Anderson too. Imagine how wonderful it would be for him. Achievement for a lifetime. Beating Federer and Djokovic and winning a slam. Although I would be happy for Djokovic too.
    Wonderful mental fortitude shown by both today.
    Although I sorely miss Federer’s grace on grass.

  42. Federer may need to revisit scheduling strategy . Maybe playing Stuttgart and Halle now seems a bit too much.
    Trying to win without a good forehand is like revisiting parts of 2014-15. With these big servers its bit of a lottery given a higher bouncing surface as well. Hopefully, he’ll be back and delighting us soon.

    Good to see Delpo and Djokovic providing the one two punch to Nadals grand slam record bid . He has never defended a title off clay so USO chance too seems bleak . This year the draw should be tougher and hes had greater exertions on grass.

    1. I don’t think fatigue played a part at all here. He was moving well all of Wimbledon. If anything lack of matches has cost him this year, post-Australian he hasn’t really had any great wins..

      1. I notice that in his presser the other day he implied that fatigue had cost him Halle.

        Am still not sure what caused the major drop in form between sets 2 and 5 here: will have to go back and watch sometime.

  43. Both Nadal and Djokovic played well from what I watched (only set 5). Little forced errors and very tense rallies. Djokovic was more aggressive, very strong mentally on his serve and a little better at the net. Nadal’s defence was what we know. They both looked quite fit. I really think that the match could have gone either way but overall Novak deserved it a little more. And, regardless of all the fan talk, I like it when a player comes back after an injury/surgery and returns to the top. I sympathise with that.

    1. I thought Djoker played quite passive overall but his game really is Nadal’s kryptonite with his backhand into his forehand. Glad he won I thought he was close to finding better form after the French as looked like he played himself into some form before Ceccing out

  44. Hey guys,
    Thank you Jonathan for allowing us to voice our opinion and feelings about Fed and tennis in general. Therapy 2.0. And, thank you tennis gods for the Djoker win. The lesser of evils. Now, hoping for an Anderson win but….

    Why does it always feel like someone has died when Roger looses like this. Are these close matches a good thing or not? I remember when Murray beat him soundly in Shanghai one year. I was ok with that, Roger was outplayed. But, these loses are tough to get over. It does seem like he was expecting to win without the passion to get the job done. Sometimes there seems to be no answer to why he didn’t win but that is the nature of the beast. Fed’s tennis career mirrors life. What is around the corner is always the unknown. We think we have everything under control and then boom out of nowhere comes the unexpected. I hope he regroups and plays with passion in the USO swing. I’ll be there routing him on!

    1. It does seem like he was expecting to win without the passion to get the job done.

      I think that’s a good way of looking at it… certainly seemed the case in fifth.

  45. Federer hasn’t been playing as well this year as last year. I think it’s partly a dip in motivation, partly because he just isn’t as fresh as he was after the six-month injury layoff.

    Also, someone said that skipping the clay season again was a mistake, and I agree. It worked last year because he was so hungry and confident, also because he had a slightly shorter break (since he won Miami) and played less grass-court tennis in the runup to Wimbledon after losing early in Stuttgart.

    This year not only was the break betwen HC and grass season longer, but he also played two straight weeks of tennis before Wimbledon and I think it was just way too much in too short a time after such a long layoff. Overplaying like that may have contributed to the sudden collapse of his game during the match with Anderson.

    One shouldn’t change a winning game plan but skipping the entire clay season is clearly no longer a winning game plan. So I think next year he should skip Miami and play a clay Masters (probably Madrid–that way he can take a wild card for Rome if he loses early) and RG. That way he has some matches under his belt and isn’t forced to cram so much match play into the weeks before Wimbledon. He can always skip Stuttgart if he needs another week off.

    Regarding whether this heralds terminal decline, I don’t think so: Federer’s movement and baseline game were at like 70% against Anderson but he still took it to 11-13 in the fifth on the strength of his serve alone. If he’d been playing just a little bit better, he would have won the match. And Anderson is in the final now, so it’s not like he just got lucky: he’s an excellent player.

    I have to agree that Federer can’t beat either Nadal or Djokovic playing at his current level. He hasn’t given any very convincing performance this year. But he’s great at using losses to motivate himself so I’m sure he will take time off to relax and then start hitting the hard courts to get his game in order.

    C’mon Roger!!!

    1. Well said! I am hoping he skips Toronto and goes straight to Cinncinnati (faster courts), then I think about 2 weeks off and the US Open. Can’t really play both Toronto and Cincy, and Toronto has the advantage that there’s a longer break and the surface is more like New York. Still a good run on . a fast surface would do well for his confidence.

      1. Yeah, IDK if he can handle two straight weeks of tennis before USO (he’s never managed the Rogers Cup-Cincy-USO trifecta even in his salad days). But if he loses early in Cincy he won’t have a lot of HC matches before USO, so it’s a dilemma. He did lose early in Wimbledon so he has a little more time to practice and he’s less worn out.

        I think he’ll make the decision based on how he’s feeling physically. If he chooses between the two I think he will choose Cincy, he just plays so much better there than any other outdoor HC tournament. 7 wins in 7 finals, twice without being broken or dropping a set–his record there is insane.

  46. I wonder about tomorrow.Both are going to be tired,emotionally and physically.That serve of Andersons may well still be firing.It would be nice to see a new slam winner,but at the end both deserve it for their services to tennis?

      1. I will sneak into the dialog and suggest that Annie meant “services” literally. HaHa!… Sorry.

    1. I never really saw Anderson as a slam winner tbh, no way he has the all-round game / mental game but he deffo maxing out his game. Don’t mind Djoker winning, good comeback

  47. @vish,
    I meant of course getting rid of Isner,surely the most boring player of all time,and wearing that hat backwards makes him look like a complete dork.Surely you don’t think I meant getting rid of Fed???

  48. Did anyone watch the woman’s final? Serena this, Serena that. Even though she lost and didn’t play well, the commentating was all about her. On court, it appeared she was the star and a huge drama every time she missed a shot. Williams fired a shot right at her, no apology. Thank you, Angie. You made my day.

    1. I wanted Angie to win from the start of the final. She hasn’t won Wimbledon before, plays well, deserves it, had a difficult draw, and was overlooked by everyone thinking it would be wonderful for Serena to match Court.

      1. Yeah, Kerber is a good sportswoman. Always fights on the court. Usually, I like her attitude.

    1. Very interesting read.Thanks.Bonne chance to your team today.For the last
      Two world cup finals we have been in
      The country that won and we are in France at the moment☺

      1. Thanks a lot, Annie. You bring us luck !
        Allez les Bleus !
        The French flag is on our balcony.

        Even if the French team loses, we will be glad for I.Ljubicic if Croatia wins the golden trophy 🙂

    2. It has been written by a hardcore Fed fan.
      “That’s actually the most likely outcome, I think. Nadal will be recognized as a historically great tennis player who was transcendent on clay. Federer will be recognized as a transcendent tennis player who was historically great on all surfaces. And Rafa’s head-to-head lead will be mitigated by his dominance on clay (Nadal leads the series 23-15 but Federer has him 13-10 on non-clay surfaces).”
      So Rafa, a 17 GS champion is not a trascendent player.
      Roger with his one RG and couple of M1000 on clay is great on all surfaces but Rafa is not.
      The head to head does not count because what? 15 out of 38 matches were on clay, ridicolous. Btw 9-3 on GS, 4-3 non clay for Rafa.
      Let’s enjoy this era with the 3 greatest players of all time, when everything is set and done we can review the numbers but still people will interpret them in the way they want as this article does.
      This will be an endless debate and I would not count Nole out either. He has tremendous achievements like winning 4 consecutive GS, he can be the first to win at least twice every GS, he is close to win all the M1000 and has winning recorda against both Rafa and Federer so any of the 3 has their own amazing achievements.

      1. Yeah, it’s a pointless debate really. Laver has to factor surely too.
        I think Nadal played his best on grass for 10 years this Wimbledon, but prob helped by the fact it was hard court like.

  49. VIVRE LA FRANCE! Not to mention I won a 1 hundred dollar bet. C’est Manifique! I wish I was in Paris to celebrate tonight. Oh well will have to just spend the money I won at my favorite restaurant in Orlando. So the weekend was not a total lost.

      1. Well,there it is.?A lot of happy people in Roscoff tonight.Lots of music,fireworks and a funfair,and it’s only 7-15.A noisy night ahead,but happy for them.(and you)

    1. Perisic didn’t deserve the penalty, IMO.
      I don’t like the French teams. They are a talented bunch of lads but spend too much time diving, flopping and just acting to get an advantage on situations where they shouldn’t get it.

      1. Most of them do sadly :(. Although, there are still teams that don’t dive a lot and I respect them.

      2. “Perisic didn’t deserve the penalty, IMO.”

        No, we didn’t think so either. (Not actually watching the match, just turned over to avoid Djoko eating grass again). Thought it wasn’t clear from the VAR.

      3. VAR is pretty useless for now, since it’s the referee who decides when to use it really. It’s a good introduction but not yet effective. TBH, without VAR it wouldn’t have been prob a penalty. I am pretty sure Perisic wasn’t expecting the ball to come to him and it came to him…. I could also say that the free-kick wasn’t really deserved for France. Whatever, it’s over and we should accept it. Always heartbreaking to see stupid decisions decide a match.

  50. The final was a non event. Does anyone get the feeling that Djoker copies Roger?
    He almost bounced the cover off the ball every serve but hey no bite marks.

    1. Copying Roger in what way?

      I think the final was even more disappointing than last year’s. (Quality-wise!)

    2. Yeah crap final, reminded me of 2010, Berdych vs Nadal. The real final was the semi between Djokdal. Pity Fed didn’t keep his end of the bargain and make the final

      1. After Fed lost, Wimbledon seemed empty. Well, Djoker seems to want the world to love him like they do Roger. Bringing his son out at the end, the love fest stuff. Anyway, feels fake to me.

      2. Ruan over at Ultimate Tennis Blog said if Federer would have made it to final, Djokovic would have beaten him. Any thoughts on this. Federer has beaten Nadal 5 times in the last two years and where was Novak when he was peaking? I feel Federer would have trounced Djokovic and he knows it. I hope Federer gets a chance to peak at the US OPEN and beat Novak in a dramatic five-set battle. That would shut all the naysayers up! It’s sad how quickly people forget how great Federer really is at almost 37yrs. old. I hope I’m lucky enough to see these two duke it out and see Federer come out on top.

  51. Yes,it has seemed a very odd Wimbledon.All the young guns out early plus Cilic,what a shock that was,then Roger,then Nadal reaping the rewards of the unusually hot weather ,etc.
    If Djoker wants the world to love him(which they won’t) he could begin by not screaming at the crowd to ‘shut the
    f…. Up’Odious man,no matter how good a tennis player he is.

  52. I just caught up with everyone’s remarks and comments — thanks everyone. Thought Rosset’s article was spot on. Fed may have to change his sked next year. Suspect he will feel compelled to defend the points at Toronto knowing that he actually plays better at Cincy. Regarding level of play, even though Nadal and Djokovic’s game may be superior right now, I kept thinking during their match of how Fed would have served his way out of a tough spot or hit a fab FH with angle and pace to quickly end a point. (Not to mention that his serving pace is so much faster than Nadal who has to go through his rituals or Novak who keeps bouncing that ball 30 times). Bottomline, it seems like it is all about confidence right now. How does Fed get that? By hopefully setting the right sked, getting a decent draw, a little luck, winning either Toronto or Cincy and working his way deep at the US Open.

  53. I still hope that Roger can finish with 100 victories. The USO is important but to Roger I think making 100 would make him feel that 2018 was a good year.

  54. What is happening right now for the French football team on the Champs Elysees is absolutely in-cre-di-ble…
    I wish the same for Roger in Switzerland when he retires (the latest as possible ).

  55. Hey, I just realised that I did a job – indirectly – today for someone who lives in Wollerau 🙂

    (Well, we’ve got to find *something* to talk about for the next x weeks, haven’t we?)

      1. Nothing *to* tell, really. I just looked the file up after I’d finished it and saw the “owner” lived in Wollerau.

  56. Any news about Fed’s schedule for the American summer? Based on last year’s experience it would make sence to skip Montreal, but on the other hand he (unfortunately) got an extra half week off last week, so who knows?

  57. No surprise there. Hmmm…..when is the last time Roger played in Toronto? When Carter died?
    Sid, get your Cincy tickets!

      1. Fed played Toronto in 2014, where he lost to Tsonga in the finals in straight sets if I remember right.

  58. No Rogers for Roger. Was quite obvious.
    I have to admit that I begin to question Roger’s schedule.
    He’s taking a risk playing only cincy. If he’s out early he will come with low confidence to the US Open. Just because of the lack of match played.

    1. Yes, but the alternative is that he might go deep in both and then do badly at the USO. If he was struggling with the back-to-back matches at Stuttgart surely he’s going to struggle more with two back-to-back Masters? And I can’t see him wanting to tank Cincy if he did well at Toronto.

      Seems to me it’s a potential lose-lose situation. Unless he went to play whatever tournament is the week before Toronto (no idea!), to give him more recovery time. But I assume that’s only a 250 or something.

      1. I mean, I don’t think he was expecting to go so far in Montreal last year – I think it was just because the field fell apart so badly that nobody took him out en route to the final.

  59. Hey Jonathan and other – I want to watch Federer in New York. Now I want to go all out and buy finals tickets but worried Fed doesn’t make it. Do you think buying now and selling if Federer loses earlier, I would get most of the money back ?

    1. My question to you is…when did Fed last win USO? Final tickets are for one match and you have to rob a bank to afford them. Why don’t you go to earlier rounds, see more matches and get better seats for the same price.
      If you buy tickets from ticket master then there is an option to resell.

  60. Hi Jonathan! I thought everyone would enjoy seeing this video showing Roger beating Nadal on all 3 surfaces with a set score of 6-0. I think that Roger is the only player to accomplish this,

    While we are on a break it would be nice to see your favorite Roger Federer Moments and have other members share theirs.

    1. I have to say these 2 guys make tennis enjoyable. That was a different Roger in 2012 then in 2018. People need to respect how hard it is to win at that level. Fun match to watch Sue.

      1. That was a great match, I hope he plays the Emirates again. That is what I have been saying I think Roger will be able to play these best of 3’s till he is 40. It’s the best of 5 that are difficult for him now at 36 soon to be 37. He had Anderson beat in the first 2 sets. I think whatever the GS totals are I believe Roger will eventually own the most wins title in 2 years. Should he own the Most wins titles and even if he were to be 2nd with GS along with most weeks at Number 1 let the tennis historians make a judgement call 100 years from now.

      1. Roger had to much game for Agassi. It was entertaining to see a young future superstar that would become the GOAT someday.

  61. Rather glad Fed is not going to play the Rogers Cup but Cicinnati where he has had such great results in the past.

  62. Things that keep me awake at night.
    Should Anderson have been allowed to play at Wimbledon wearing black boxers?
    Will Andy Murray ever get a tan?
    Will Novak ever be loved?
    Will Nadal ever marry?
    Will Roger become Dorian Gray?

    1. I hope your right about Roger. I am sure he can maintain himself to win best of 3 series till at least 40. The GS are difficult and they should be. I just hope the next Gen starts winning soon.

    2. First answer: no, and nor should have Kyle Edmund, Dusan Lajovic, …
      Disgraceful slip in standards for Wimbledon 🙂

    3. Yeah I was surprised about the black boxers showing. Forgot to mention it when I saw it. They normally get flagged up. Prob scared of the racism card being thrown out if they mentioned it 😆

    1. Thanks for the info., Sue. Patiently waiting to see Roger in action, after a long rest.
      Jonathan must be anxious, too, to turn the page….Go Roger!

  63. Patiently waiting to move on to the hardcourt season from this long thread on the wish-never-happened post, Jonathan. Please?

  64. Sorry, Jonathan, just had to post this : Hapy belated 93rd birthday dear Dolores (27th July), the coolest most computer savvy and greatest grandma of all time,”(GOAT!) See you on the other side of email!

      1. Yes! Sue!! And you must be “Summary Sue”, one of my favourite commentators from “that other tennis blog!”? Still loving and enjoying your wit, Sue, and how you can say so much with so few words here at Jonathan’s! Been a lurker, or rather a closeted lover of Jonathan’s blog for almost a decade already but never commented as I like to be LOYAL (no. 1 characteristic of Fedfans!) to “that other tennis blog” (let’s just acronym it as totb!) despite his shocking bias and rudeness. I cut him lots of flack, was extremely patient. But he has gone mad. So I can plead insanity for him and am “free” now to leave him and set up home with Jonathan! We had such a lovely community of classy commentators there, didn’t we, Sue?! I miss them. Wish they will come here, like you, Dolores, Katayani, etc….. Btw, Roger’s loss for me was over confidence, bit of stubbornness/arrogance, playing back to back tourneys which he shouldn’t anymore and maybe motivation is lacking a tad; didn’t want it badly enough. It does happen when you get older, been there, done that; no matter how much he professes he still loves the game and is motivated. That’s why, I feel, and as Seve said, it’s of utmost importance that he is fresh for every tourney. Otherwise he may not be able to draw the inspiration, motivation, desire, energy. Tight rope to balance between playing fresh and playing enough to be in form. And he needs to cut down all the other obligations. Burdensome. He’s a natural and has carried these burdens amazingly well. But he’s only human and getting older…

  65. Happy Birthday, Dolores! Wow and an avid Fed fan to boot.

    I watched the Murray match last night. Surprised he managed to win, rusty and not aggressive at all. Seemed better as the match went on. Still limping and of course..swearing up a storm.
    Anyone see Stan’s getup?

    1. Happy Birthday belated Dolores.

      Yeah I saw highlights of Stan vs. Young, he played ok I thought, hit the ball pretty nice, looked like he didn’t return that well though from the clips I saw.

      1. Jonathan, Wanda, Thank You for your kind wishes to my 93rd birthday!
        Roger’s birthday is around the corner, we are both Leos, and Leos are generally happy people.
        I must make an effort to watch Tsitsipas play, love that name.
        Welcome to Veronica to join Jonathan’s Tennis blog.

    2. On the day of Roger’s I too want (belated) to congratulate Dolores, – I’m generally so happy about leos, not the least Dolores and Roger. Warm, generous, humorous, playful, creative. Great possibilities for mankind to enjoy!

    1. He is practicing on Long Island, NY at the moment. I’m sure I saw Seve say his health is fine. He said Roger played too passively after the first set.

      1. Well, I’m still wondering whether that fall he had had some effect. It could have done something nasty to various bits of his anatomy, knee included.

  66. Hi Jonathan and all Fedfans,
    Just read an article in the Basler Zeitung, an interview with Roger with ESPN. This is all in German. Roger’s words were that he will be playing tennis ’til 40 years old. Great interview.

    1. Won’t be surprised if it happens. This UNIQLO deal has probably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics participation for Roger on it.

      1. Thanks, Thinker.

        Jon, I don’t know what’s wrong with the site, but it’s making me sign in again for every post 🙁

      2. The last sentence – “nur vielleicht nicht auf den tour” – wellwell, taking reservation about where he’ll play? So maybe slowly much less competing on tour, but maybe a hint for training for Tokyo. – ?

      3. Alison, Jonathan – mee too! Having to put on name etc every time in order to post, is that a new policy? Well never mind is still easy enough. Lets celebrate the leo of leos today, be happy and play around ❤️

  67. A rant about DC. Anyone check out the seats? You have your choice of medal benches that are burning hot or cheapo plastic folding chairs (the expensive seats). So comfy!
    Why do they start play at 14:30? Why not 11:00? Considering it rains there this time of year? And they continue play until 3am?
    And, give Murray a break….take the camera off him. Oh wait, good hi-lite footage.

  68. Nice to have you on board. No comment about totb except “abusively mad”. Nice people here although Jonathan is a little sketchy.

    1. Thanks, Sue! ?Blasphemy about Jonathan being sketchy, Sue!!! You would have been BLOCKED if you had said that to totb!! And not before an entree of abuse before the mains are served? ?That’s one of the reasons I love Perfect Tennis. There is a more respective acceptance of different opinions, great banter and sarcasm and tongue in cheek are understood and not taken as gospel truth/attack! And Jonathan is such a cool guy, (are you hitched, Jonathan!? Not that I’m interested. I got my own?), takes things “pretty” well in his “leisurely” stride; bit like Fed; (leisurely, pretty…ahem!?) and hardly sweats!!?

    2. “Sketchy” 😆 😆 He has to be as he’s now such a celeb in tennis world, Sue. He’s a charmer in real life, anyone agrees?

  69. Anybody watching Tsitsipas? He’s got a nice variety of strokes. Maybe I’ll add him to my list (of two) players to watch when Fed is having a little rest. He’s also wearing a rather fetching outfit.

  70. Yes, I’ve got my eye on Tsitsipas too. Ha. I don’t feel so bad about the future of tennis. All of a sudden a group of newbies are on the scene about 20 yo. Some have quite exciting games. Never will feel the same again when he that can’t be named retires, that’s for sure.
    I’m thinking Sasha will win USO this year.
    Jonathan, I have to sign in every time too.

  71. Hello all,
    An interview of Laurent Favre, a Swiss journalist talking about Roger. On top of being an incredible tennis player, what a special  person he is !

    Some nice pictures of Roger by Corinne Dubreuil in l’illustré  – the Swiss magazine

    You can upload the pictures by clicking on them. Which ones are your favourite ?
    Mine are :
    – 1 (for the tear after one of his greatest accomplishments : winning the French Open)
    – 6 (for the balletic gesture and the federesque shadow) 
    – 12 (for the friendship and the smile although the man in red lost).

    The pictures come from this issue of l’illustré :

    Ladies : the photo is great, isn’t it ? 😉

    PS : I have to sign in too.

    1. Lovely, both of them, thank you, Butterfly. I did think No. 12 was a really good picture of both, regardless of the outcome.

      And happy Roger’s birthday to everyone (Roger included, of course). I guess he won’t be getting the big cake this year since he’s not playing Toronto.

      1. Thanks, Butterfly, from me also. A small sadness creeping in, worrying we’ll see him play even less the next years. Happy birthday to all anyway. Alison: The huge cake he and we may do without – not too healthy for the grown up physic body, many alternates to enjoy still.

    2. Fedonistic! Thank you, ButterFRly. I like No. 6 (USO) and the silhouette in Paris. His hair in FO ’09 (No. 1), though….omg.

  72. I like FO 09, USO 2010, Paris 2009. I love good tennis (Roger) photos. I read an article from a tennis photographer once and he said they get to know the players so well. How long before they serve, etc. Then then can get the best shots knowing their routines.

  73. I thought a new acrostic was appropriate to celebrate Fed’s birthday.

    T  weets : yours are the funniest
    H  air-styles : yours are the nicest
    I  ncredible : your shots are the brightest
    R  eign : yours will be the longest
    T  weeners : yours are the finest
    Y  ears : the next ones will be the happiest

    S  mile : yours is the sweetest
    E  yes : yours are the sharpest
    V  ictories : yours we always celebrate
    E  motions : yours will be endlessly    cherished
    N  ever, there will be a tennis player to be called the best.

    Happy 37th Birthday, Master !

    1. Really nice celebration Butterfly, much needed and very much according to most opinions, I guess.
      Thank You! ❤️

  74. First off….Happy Birthday to the man!!! ATP had a fun tribute.
    Second…thank you to Daniel Nestor!! You did so much for Canadian tennis. Many grand slam titles, #1 ranking, over 1000 wins, playing until 45 yo. Beating Edberg in singles when he was ranked #1 and apologizing at the net after the match. Ending it all at Davis Cup in Sept.
    Third….the new tennis uniform is black and white for the USO series. Acceptable.
    Fourth…at least Rogers Cup is moving matches around so no one is playing at 3am. Why I like IW, no rain to washout the matches.
    See the downpour in Toronto? People almost drown in an elevator.
    Fifth…go Canada…oh wait…go Shapo?

    1. Saw Daniel playing at Wimby years ago. A great player.
      I see Shapo’s doing well in his and your home soil. What about Félix? Born on 8th of August, destined to be a great one too, right?

      1. BTW Tsitsipas is pressing Djoko at the moment. Tsitsi might be a hope too – SBH, and with Roger as his big idol – and well moving, intelligent, nice, good looking, – and LEO too (has his birthday in a few days I think)

  75. I’m holding my breath waiting for a new post! Tomorrow or the next the sorrowful will be no more.
    Happy to see Stan play well. At first he seemed to be avoiding his bh but as the match went on he played some nice shots. On his way again. Look how easy Fed’s return from injury was compared to everyone else.
    Good line-up for the Vancouver Open. Don’t think I’ll get there this year though.
    Anyone but Nadal holding up the trophy. How about the hot Greek?

    1. Il est possible que Tsitsi… passe.
      I would have like Stan to win against Nadal. I admire his courage to come back.

    2. Pity about Stan, be the stats look like he put on a brave fight. Tsitsi has a difficult match today versus Sascha. Does he make that, he may be the new sensational possibility this time. Having nearly all other virtues, he’s not as elegant as Roger though, not even as Grigor. Me worrying about how he holds neck and shoulders, might wearing himself out with that.

    3. I claim the crown of having been the first one on this site to say “watchout for Tsitipas” many months ago. The kid has got something in him. A bit too soon to tell what it is exactly, but we’ll be hearing a lot from him…

    1. Won’t be in blue probably. Looks photoshopped from the Wimbledon shirt. No other Cincy kit hints or posts also…

  76. Just watching my two favourite new Gen players.However Anderson looking pretty formidable for who ever wins.
    Nadal of course has the easy part of the draw,especially since Del Possums withdrawal.Still musnt grumble.A great
    match ahead perhaps.

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