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Hi and welcome to the peRFect Tennis, if you're a fan of Roger Federer or just tennis in general, then you're in the right place.

This site started in mid-2011 mainly down to one player – Roger Federer. I first really took notice of Fed when he beat Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001. Back then, like most Brits I was a Henman fan, clinging onto the belief he could still win Wimbledon. In fact, I was actually glad Tim beat Roger at Wimbledon that year!

I'm pretty sure Boris Becker stated in that match we could be looking at a player who could be number 1 and dominate the game for the next few years – and how right he was.

Ever since then though, I've followed Federer's career closely, been lucky enough to see him play live on several occasions and now use this site to analyse matches, make predictions, and share everything and anything Federer related.

What Do I Write About?

peRFect Tennis provides an insight into tennis in general and what makes Roger the player he is. As well as covering matches we look at all aspects of the sport from the tactical side to the mental side – both predicting matches and analysing them after. 

The site covers all tournaments, with a strong focus on Rogers matches and any other ones of note that are either a.) impacting on his tournament in some shape or form, or b.) are worthy of their very own post as they in themselves are a great matchup – think Nadal vs Djoko or Del Potro vs Nadal.

Types of Post to Expect:
  • Match Reports
  • Match Predictions
  • Match Analysis
  • General Tennis News
  • Gear Reviews
  • String Reviews

About Our Lead Writer

My name is Jonathan, and I'm lead writer at peRFect Tennis. I first got into tennis back when Tim Henman was making Semi-Finals at Wimbledon and Greg Rusedski was best know for swearing at the crowd. I always enjoyed watching Wimbledon for 2 weeks over the summer, but it wasn't until a little known Swiss maestro by the name of Roger Federer burst onto the world stage by beating Pete Sampras at Wimbledon that I really started watching it seriously.

Since then it's become my preferred sport, overtaking Cricket and Football in the process. I always watch Rogers matches now no matter what, so sharing my thoughts on his matches and the highs and lows of being a Fed fan was always the next logical step. Anyway, please take a look around the site, and feel free to hit me up with any feedback or comments you may have.

What to do next?

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