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A Day in the Life of a Roger Federer Fan

When you've followed Roger for as long as I have then I reckon you've experienced just about every emotion possible and witnessed the spectacular to the painful, here are my top 25, Enjoy!

1. When you see a player hit a genuine winner against him

Tip of the Hat

2. What it's like when JesusFed turns up for the whole tournament


3. When Nadal wins yet another Grand Slam

Nadal wins another Slam

4. When Roger goes to 5 sets against Gilles Simon

5 Setter

5. When Roger loses to Djokovic in a US Open Semi Final

Djokovic US Open Semi Loss

6. When you wake up at 4am just to watch Fed play a match


7. When you watch Djokovic beat Nadal in a final

Djoker beat Nadal

8. Whenever Roger plays Roddick

Roddick Match

9. How it feels when Fed hits a Tweener


10. When Roger wins a “tough” match without breaking a sweat

Easy Win!

11. Whenever you read an article that says Murray is favourite for a Slam


12. When you're all in agreement Fed got a good draw

Good draw

13. When a non tennis fan tells you Roger is the GOAT


14. When Roger wants a match over with


15. When someone tells you they're a Nadal fan

Nadal fan

16. How you react when Roger loses a Slam Final

Slam Final

17. When someone tries to talk to you about Non Federer related stuff

Other News

18. What it's like when you play Nadal on Clay

Nadal on Clay

19. When a Murray fan actually says something useful

Murray fan

20. When it's only a matter of time before Federror makes an appearance


21. When someone disturbs you after a painful loss

Painful Loss

22. How it feels when Roger fails to consolidate a break

Fail to Consolidate

23. When Roger hits a stupid drop shot on a key point

Drop Shot

24. When Roger gets broken serving for a set

Serving for a set

25. When Roger beats Nadal in the French Open Final (I hope!)

Fed beat Nadal


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. That was funny. I enjoyed that. Although when Roger loses to Novak at the U.S. Open I want to go to nearest bar and cry in my beer.

  2. Haha great list Jonathan!! Good relief from the irritating buzzing in my life that is probability. Favourites have to be 7,8, and 11, the latter for the sheer accuracy!

    Although when Roger loses a slam semi, I do manage to convince myself I can punch through walls πŸ˜€ (what makes it worse is that they aren’t my walls)…

    John πŸ˜€

    1. Cheers John!

      To be honest they all make me laugh! I like the draw one now, too funny.

      Haven’t got a wall punching gif, you’ll have to video it and send me it. Although all being well it won’t happen again!

  3. Brilliant, but you forgot one — When Nadal fans say Rafa lost to Roger because nads was tired, injured, etc.

    CUE video of a alarm clock scene from Groundhog Day

  4. “When Federer gets broken when serving for a set”. That is my favourite! That is my literal reaction every time. Plus the reaction to Murray being the favourite cracks me up. Thanks very much for this. It’s not often I can relate to something so perfectly!

  5. Laughing out rolling on the floor!….That was hilarious but so close to the heart…my personal feeling…when roger loses to Ra-fail or djock-itch i feel like 5 and 16! when he wins my wife says “seems like federer has won that’s why you are in such a great mood” πŸ™‚

    1. I know man, I was like that in US Open semi 2 years ago, annoyed at first then like πŸ™

      Sounds like your wife knows you well πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. I should do something similar on my blog but don’t worry, I won’t steal your gifs πŸ˜‰

  6. hilarious and genious !!! my favourite one is 3 because the gif is so funny. i can really identify with number 4 since i watched the 5th set at work with 10 people and the way i behaved they really thought ive lost it. my second favourite is number 7. exactly the way my face looks πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I still can’t decide on a favourite as I keep changing my mind! I do laugh at Number 11 though an awful lot.

      I just changed 5 to 4 in your comment btw as I knew which one you meant πŸ˜€

      1. thanks for changing it. is 11 taken from the movie baseketball ? very funny film πŸ™‚

  7. Mostly perfect. My favs- 3(epic expression lol), 7, 8 πŸ˜€ , 16, 22, 23, 25

    13 – special mention coz the gif is so good. The girl is too cute πŸ˜€ 19- nice expression.

    11 – I just laugh when they say that about Murray, 24 – Nothing can express what I feel when that happens, particularly against Nadal, the headbanging smiley comes close i guess.

    1. I’m glad you like so many of them!

      11 is hilarious because both their looks work so well.

      Here’s one solely for when Fed gets broken when serving for a set against Nadal:

      Hair Pulling

  8. Bwahahahahahaha! When you’re all in agreement Fed got a good draw. That was side-splitting funny!

  9. Excellent post, Jonathan.
    Laughed my head off. Sooooo true, that’s exactly my life as a Roger fan. Brilliant! [especially 3,5,8,11,18,21,24 with jim carrey]

    1. Hey!

      Thankyou πŸ˜€

      I must have looked at these 100 times today but I still laugh when I see them!

      I’ve just decided I like em all!

  10. Wonderful collection! I guess we all feel the same.
    I had given up watching tennis, walked past the family room at my son’s home, saw Fed in the semi-final at Wimbledon in 2003, and said, Who’s That! I was hooked.

    thanks for the laughs!

    1. Thanks Judy!

      For some reason I thought I’d replied to your comment!

      I love how every Fedfan has a story of how they started watching him! I think for most it was love at first forehand.

  11. Oh my God, this post is great, really really fantastic, I liked so much. Congrats Jonathan, your blog is the number 1 like Roger. I follow your blog from Guatemala in Central America.

    1. Thanks Gustavo!

      Ah cool, will you going to see Roger on his tour of South America? I know he’s doing 2 matches in Brazil but there maybe some closer to Central America?

  12. hahaha, this is awesome!!! I’m a regular reader over on Ru-an’s blog, but wanted to check out yours as well, and I’m very glad I did, if not just for this gem! lol Thanks for posting!

    1. Hey man,

      Haha thanks! Thought I’d put something a little more light hearted together and it’s gone down a storm!



  13. hahahhaa i enjoyed it so much like u were on my mind but the ones i like the most are 7 10 21 and hopefuully very soon were’re gonna witness the 25 yeah go rogeeee!!!

  14. Jonathan – you really outdid yourself on this one! I just have to RT it again. Your work on this compilation is genius and so happy you are so successful with your blog. Congratulations on your 1st birthday of your blog and much continued success for all your hard work. Bravo & Allez Roger, the GOAT!!!

  15. i have gone through each and every feelin mentioned here more than once πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ n i stil love the man!!! <3 Roger Federer fan forever

  16. U know the coolest thing is to see all the response people post here and realise i am not the only crazy one!

  17. Some of these made me laugh so hard!

    Maybe you should make some about some other players too! And add in some Federer icons like Federer reactions to other players!

  18. I am a diehard fan myself, I am sooo can relate to all but luv luv luv Luv # 4, 6, 8, 24 and specially 25!!!

  19. this is awesome. i saw it on twitter and share with all of my federer-fans friends.
    best regards from PORTUGAL!

  20. Absolutely brilliant Jonathan and so accurate! Was there for Gilles Simon match, can confirm that is what we did, a little like last night’s match! But LOVE #3 the best, that facial expression is spot on!

    1. Cheers Vicky!

      Oh I bet that Simon match was tense live, I remember watching it on TV, 2 set lead playing well then the Frenchman hits back!

      Then when he broke in the fifth with that chipped pass tracking down a drop volley, sweet!

  21. Thank you for this hilarious post and for your fantastic blog! #8 is my absolute favorite! I’m still giggling!!!!

  22. I laughed so hard reading this! But they’re all so true. :))

    No. 6

    Me at almost every ATP event.

    Nos. 20, 21 and 22

    That was me last night during the gold medal match vs. Muzz. πŸ˜€

  23. jonathan u r so OMG!! really brilliant job! m gonna show this to all my friends.we’ll have great time. and yes this made my today tomorrow n a few days after that!

  24. Love this! To this day, I laugh!! Hehehe… Yeah, you should add Djokovic being beagled by the GOAT to the list!

  25. Btw i have been checking ur website for quite some time and only now i thought i should leave a comment. And i think is really great what ur doing, by bringing many of us roger fans around the world together and sharing our thoughts about tennis in general. i hope the best of luck to u jonathan and i will surely comment here much more often now. see yaa:)

    1. Hi!

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      It’s fun reading all the comments and seeing other people’s views on tennis and Roger even if they don’t agree with me or I don’t agree with them. Makes it all the more interesting.

      Look forward to seeing more of your comments too.


  26. Hahahahah hilarious :))) you should add 26. When Federer hits a backhand slice to the net while returning a 2km/hour second serve :)))

  27. amazing stuff.Just can’t stop laughing.This is exactly my expression when a person says i love Nadal and i am huge fan of NADAL.It was really hilarious.WAITING FOR 25

  28. As for the last one : Not the FO final alright, but hell yeah, we will take the AO final !! I remembered this today !

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