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5 Federer Videos To Help You Through The Clay Court Swing

It's all quiet on the tennis front for Fed fans as we go through a bit of a barren spell after Roger decided to skip the entire clay court season. Most likely we won't be seeing the Swiss on the court again until the Gery Weber Open that starts June 18th which at the time of writing is 70 days away!

Of course, there's plenty tennis before then with Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and the French Open all to come but if you're not too interested in the dirt then here are five recent videos I've picked out to help pass some time 😉

50 Ridiculously Good Drop Shots by Roger Federer

Training Roger Federer with F. Lopez in Rotterdam ABN-AMRO ATP 500

Nothing beats some court level footage if you're into seeing a different angle of play and stroke production. Based on this video I'd prefer my own backhand over Lopez's 😆

Roger Federer – Back At World Number One HD

Roger Federer – Super Points 2018 | Part I

Looking forward to Part II (I hope!)

Roger Federer Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open 2018

Bonus: Stan Wawrinka – Amazing Forehands in Grand Slam HD

If for some reason you get bored of Federer and just want to watch some huge ball striking then Stan the Man fits the bill. I hope he can get back to somewhere near his best as his topspin backhand is just ridiculous and his forehand ain't too shabby either…

2017 First Comment Winners

It's only taken me four months but I can finally announce the top 3 first commenters from 2017 who get a prize. The winners are:

  • Emerson
  • Anna
  • Alex

Send me a message through the contact form and we will sort something out. I know you're all dotted around the world so it makes standardising prizes a bit difficult due to shipping which is why I don't pre-buy anything. So message me and we can figure out whether a physical product or electronic gift card works best 🙂

The 2018 leaderboard is also well underway and prizes as always on offer. Hopefully announced before April next year 😀


Huge fan of Roger Federer - I'll pretty much try and watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Fed and tennis in general.

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  1. You saved my life from the boredom, thanks Jonathan. How’s the holiday to Morocco?
    I’ve been watching Fed videos of 2017 again and again like 1000 times and reading anything about him on the web. Yet still more than 2 months to kill? I would be dead by then.
    Meanwhile, Nadal on clay…eek!

      1. You got me Sue.
        Mountains, desert, beaches, kasbahs and souks. EasyJet goes to Marrakech, no? Great fun, you should go Jonathan!

  2. Thanks. Guilty as charged….watched the AO 2017 5th set again.
    As far as the leader board goes…..I suggest a European one and then a World one. How can I ever compete with people 8-9 hrs ahead of me. I try my best, no? I try and play at a high level, no? It’s unbelievable to play this fantastic game.
    Watching clay won’t be on my calendar but I’m sure I’ll keep track of the #1 ranking.

    1. I see that I’m at a respectful number 12 o the all time first comments list. Ah…those days! How do I compete with these NexGen commenters? They seem to suddenly come out of the woodwork and BWAM! there’s the first comment.

      Any tips? A new coach I need to hire? Alex? Want to be my coach?

  3. The poet EMERSON wrote :
    “Adopt the pace of nature : her secret is patience”.
    … Let’s adopt Roger’pace… and let’s be patient until his next matches…

    ANNA Wintour said :
    “It’s very important to take risks. I think that research is very important, but in the end you have to work from your instinct and feeling and take those risks and be fearless”.
    … Let’s be fearless and B21IEVE !

     ALEX Van Halen said :
    ” Whatever our personal differences are, there are no bigger fans of this band than the people who are in this band”.

    … Wherever we come from, we all belong to the Perfect tennis family initiated by Jonathan, all fans of Fed and his team.

    Congrats to Emerson, Anna and Alex.
    And thanks for the videos,  Jonathan !

  4. Oh. Long time wait again…
    But Rafa beating Zverev on clay with 6-1,6-4,6-4 ain’t surprising at all to me. Zverev ain’t playing great and should have probably beaten Isner. (who however was playing good tennis)

    1. Well,I thought the general consensus was that Isner was playing amazing tennis and would have
      blown anyone off the court that day,not only with serve but ground strokes too.Two of the sets were
      won with breaks of serve a step up from his bread and butter tie breaks.Having said that Sascha played very well indeed.But as we know the injury free Humbalito on clay cannot be beaten by
      anyone in five sets.😂

    2. Clay GOAT ultimately. Of the rest of the field Del Possum actually stands a good chance of defeating Rafa somewhere once he returns from his extended break . Fognini, Clicic redlining in a BO3 also hv a chance.
      Really hoping to see Federer back at No1 and Rafa returning to his most familiar spot in the ATP Rankings.

  5. Thanks for the videos Jon!!!

    I won again!!! This blog is always a nice reading and is great to share the support we all have for the GOAT 🐐

    Thanks again Jon!!!

  6. I do apologise about my I pad.It keeps mis spelling words and when I correct them it alters the whole sentence structure.Really annoying.

  7. I don’t know if this is true but it seems Roger will be playing in Stuttgart. Maybe he is getting bored. And his first match in Basel will be Tues Oct 23.

  8. Thanks Jon for your post – we need something to keep us occupied till June. Gosh its such a long wait, zero news on Roger till now. I miss him so much already.

  9. Hi Sue,
    Is Stuttgart grass?I know I should know😎Very tempted to go to Basle again as it is such fun and run with Swiss efficiency.But like all this things Swiss,very,very expensive.Not sure the bank balance can stand it.Plus Del Possum
    always plays there and it took a lot of Fed to beat the great lummox last year.
    Anyway I heard that Murray is dipping his toe in the water as it were at Densbosch.We visited this lovely little town a
    couple of years ago when they hosted the marvellous Heironomous Bosch exhibition.For anyone near there it might
    be quite interesting.About an hour from Amsterdam on those great double decker trains.

    1. Yes, Stuttgart is grass. I think it would be a good plan to play there with such a long break. Fed disappearing for a while makes me think he needed a break from the maddening crowd. No word on Africa either?

    2. Bosch is one of my favorite painters of all time. If we stick to brush, oil and canvas, that is. Otherwise, yeah, you know what I mean.

  10. Did you rrad what Mirka wrote/said ?
    Mirka Federer: “Tennis was part of my life and always will, at first, I thought I would be a world-class player and perform like those of Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova or the sensational Margaret Court for mentioning some of these tennis luminaries that I admire very much. For reasons of life, my fate was different from what I dreamed of at first, anyway I played what I had to play and took everything I could to the fullest. I abandored the rackets love, for a life that I love more than anything. Family life! Never felt frustrated for not getting that beautiful dream of being a Grand Slam winner. Because today I have the most precious thing… a beautiful family, 4 wonderful children, a loving and dedicated husband like none, a happy home and the confort of being able to travel with my family always, if today they ask me, I would say without thinking I made the best decision of my life. Sometimes I also think if I was a player active, I wouldn’t have stepped on a field of tennis as much as I did so far with my husband Roger. Deep down, when I’m at the stadium watching Roger play is like I’m playing, I suffer the same or maybe worse when things don’t go well. Roger always asks me: should I retire now? And I always answer, not right now my love, not yet. I love tennis and I love watching you play. He says it’s my choice, but I think I’ll let him play a good time more..” 😍😍💜💜

    Somebody commented :
    No one ought to undermine Mirka’s support for Federer. She has been the wind beneath his wings. She is one of the reasons why Federer soars so high in the world of tennis and, more importantly, in his personal life.

    … Ciao tutti ! I am leaving tomorrow for Sicily for sunny holidays (I hope).

  11. @Rui,glad you appreciate Heironomous Bosch but afraid simply do not know what else you mean.
    Papillon,is it presumptuous of me to call you that?
    Interesting comments by Mirka,very heartfelt,especially when she says it is the same or worse when things don’t go
    so well for Roger.You can tell by her face how much she lives the matches through him.Personally I would find it
    Unbearable.A very strong woman indeed.
    Have a lovely time at in Sicily.Will you go to Taormina or Syracuse?Both beautiful.

    1. Hello from Sicily ! Yes, Taormina and Syracuse seem fantastic.

      On Monday, we will visit Cefalu (not far from Palermo)… A few km from our hotel.

      The cathedral was built in 1131 in the Norman architectural style, the island of Sicily having been conquered by the Normans in 1091. According to tradition, the building was erected after a vow made to the Holy Saviour by the King of Sicily, Roger II, after he escaped from a storm to land on the city’s beach. The building has a fortress-like character and, seen from a distance, it dominates the skyline of the surrounding medieval town.

      Will Roger build a fortress after the beach ? … His 100th  victorious tournament in Wimbledon next summer ?
      As far as he avoids storms…

      1. Cefalu sounds very interesting.I have never been to Northern Sicily,must go sometime,also the
        aeolian islands,more for the name than anything! Is Etna active or just slumbering quietly?

    2. Hi, Annie, I was talking about another artist who paints white lines on grass with fuzzy yellow balls…
      (If you happen to travel south, we have the Temptations of St. Anthony on permanent exhibition in Lisbon)

      1. Hi Rui,
        oh,now I see.
        As far as I remember The Temptations of St Anthony was not in the Densbosch exhibition .So
        a good reason to visit the beautiful city of Lisbon.If you admire Heironomous Bosch I would
        imagine that you might also like the earlier work of Pieter Breughel the Elder who was clearly
        inspired by Bosch.

  12. Here are some stats I put together after Roger won his 20th Grand Slam.
    Grand Slams: Fed 1st (20) Nadal 2nd (16) Djocovic tied 4th (12)
    Aces: Fed 2nd (10,379) Nadal 80th (3,076) Djocovic 31st (4,890)
    Career Titles: Fed 2nd (97) Nadal 5th (75) Djocovic 7th (68)
    Matches Won: Fed 2nd (1,139) Nadal 5th (877) Djocovic 9th (786)
    Playing Top 10 Opponents: Fed 1st (213) Nadal 3rd (152) Djocovic 2nd (181)
    Weeks Number One: Fed 1st (308) Nadal 6th (170) Djocovic 5th (223)
    Weeks Top 10: Fed Eventually 1st when he reaches (808) Nadal 4th (678) Djocovic 8th (555)
    Oldest Player to be Number One: Fed 36yrs 8 mo.
    Number of times retired from match: Fed ZERO Goose egg nada Nadal 8 Djocovic 11
    Number of times making loud obnoxious grunting noises: Fed (not many) Nadal EVERYTIME HE HITS THE BALL!!!! Djocovic ?

  13. Just shows how Federer won in an era where the 2nd and third best were playing during his era. I am utterly amazed at his playing level in such a demanding sport and in such a challenging era to be this great. We will truly never see this ever again. I wish the clay court season wasn’t so long. Any predictions when Nadal will lose 1st place to Roger???? What say Jonathan? My predication is Monte Carlo I doubt he wins this Masters 1000.

  14. Well Paul,
    Constant rain has driven me by sheer boredom to watch Monte Carlo today.
    Firstly the ghastly pink has been abandoned in favour of black,white or red,except when Goffin
    let the side down in a pink top.
    The best match I felt was Theim v Rublev.Lots of big hitting ,interesting how Theim plays better when behind in the score.
    All the matches seemed to go to three sets,players getting used to the surface?
    Enjoyed the Zrevev matches,amazing Misha making serve and volley work on the clay court,Sacha finally getting to grips
    with endless Muller drop shots.
    To be honest Icant see any of them beating Nadal this week.Interesting match tomorrow will be Coric v Djokovic.

  15. The new gen never fail to disappoint.The Coric who showed up against Fed at Indian Wells was definitely not on show today.

  16. Oh dear,
    How strange that people who love tennis as much as Federer does, not interested in posting about matches /tournaments
    that may impact him in the future.

  17. Slow news month – Djoker is out and our man Rog is on the cover of Times mag as one the 100 Most Influential 2018. Well deserved, 2nd time on this list if I am not mistaken.

      1. Oh hey Jonathan how are you getting on Fedless time? Enjoying time away from the blog in the spring sunshine? Playing tennis outdoor at last?

      2. Hm busy so bit out the loop with tour tennis, and I haven’t played myself in ages, got out the swing of things a bit, hope to play some over summer. Weather has been awful in the UK though, so I’ve not missed many feasible days of playing yet.

  18. In the meantime, Rafa continues to grunt&grind his way to clay court success.
    Five matches have past, and he hasn’t lost a set, nor faced a tie break. No one seems to make sweat.
    I had expectations for the Thiem match, but Thiem just went AWOL. Played lousy tennis. Too bad, because I like watching him when he’s at his best.
    Oh, well. Seems like Rafa stays no 1 for a while.

    1. Can somebody explain, how at age 32 (almost) Nadal dominates everybody (young and old) on clay? I need technical explanation.

    2. Because he has mastered to play the same point over and over again and not many players have the answer. Not sure why nobody done an underarm serve to him though, he’s standing wayyyyyyy back, it wouldn’t be unsporting, he’s taken advantage of larger run off on show clay courts.

    1. I’ve read that Andy Murray asked Nadal a help for recovering. Is he getting the same technical explanation, too?

  19. Well I was wrong to think Nadal would not win Monte Carlo for an 11th time. Let us be reasonable without a doubt Nadal is KING OF CLAY. Roger Federer is the greatest ever. While Nadal has been a foil to Roger he has also made one of the greatest rivalries in sports history. This just proves that Nadal fans have every right to love their guy and we as Fed heads love our guy. They are without question the 2 greatest male tennis players ever. The Next Gen has to step it up or they will be ridiculed for being beaten by what is considered “old men” in this sport. Nadal breezed past Thiem and Dimitrov and I have no doubt the same would have happened to Sasha Zverev. Maybe with the weak male tennis players Federer and Nadal can play well into their 50’s. Just joking more realistic to say in their 40’s. Federer has a winning record on Nadal on grass and hard court and we know what clay is to Nadal. I am happy that I am living in an era to see Federer for in my mind he is the complete tennis player. Nadal is a great physical specimen all muscle and everything but as far as game goes Roger is still the greatest ever. DOUBLE PERIOD

  20. That’s strange… At the very moment Rafa was winning his 11th Monte Carlo trophy (a few minutes ago) the first pictures of Roger in Zambia fell into the social media… (he was welcome at the People’s Action Forum). Fed looks rested and fresh as a daisy and smart … as usual 🙂

    But Rafa is still no 1 tonight…. 🙁

    1. Roger has 308 weeks at number one and Nadal has 172. You think Nadal can hold on to number one for another 2 1/2 years?

  21. What I find so very disappointing is the way they all seem to just give up in the second set.Beyond pathetic.I find
    myself longing for Djokovic to find his game again because he can stop Nadal.But then he can stop Fed as well.
    What a sorry state of affairs tennis is at the moment.☹️

  22. Yes,it went to a third set,so I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich and when I came back the match was over.
    Unbelievable.I know Klizan can be tricky but Novak seems to have fallen off a cliff.And Nishikori injured again!
    Watched the opening of the Nadal match where he had his serve broken.So what does the opponent do but hand it straight back to him with two double faults.I am not sure that Nadal is even playing that well,just his competition is

  23. Too bad that Klizan couldn’t take the second set. Thought it was a bit over the top when Nadal broke
    back….he just looked so hyper, maybe he’s more on the edge than you would think after all the first set
    went pretty quickly. My head tells me Nadal is a fantastic player but my heart doesn’t agree!

  24. I am afraid that when Klizan failed to serve out the second set I turned off the television because I knew how it was
    going to end.
    To my mind no one can beat him on three sets on clay except perhaps Del Possum with the big serve and low flat returns.We shall see.All these easy wins aren’t tiring him out but just fuelling his confidence.For goodness sake,Theim and Dimitrov out the in straights.
    This new Greek guy can perhaps do something but of course he is not in Nadals half of the draw.

  25. With the poor, lousy, pathetic clay players out there Nadal can look forward to playing till he is 40. Really! yes Nadal is the greatest clay player ever but he doesn’t seem to have :ANY: competition.

  26. Two breaking news…
    – the third British Royal Baby has not been named Roger by his parents… finally 🙂
    (That’s funny… during my holidays last week in Sicily, I learnt that one of the kings of Sicily was Roger II – Iith century). I visited the Martorana church in Palermo : there is a magnificent mosaic with Ruggero II.

    2) Marin Cilic got married yesterday… Best wishes !

    … And go Tsitsipas for the final today ! Good job. It seems Roger gave him good advice to progress.

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