Roger Federer

2016 Season Recap

Hey all, here's a 2016 season recap with a twist courtesy of Alex 🙂 Enjoy!

Another thrilling tennis season is over
A season that almost went by with no Roger
For he actually played less than half of it
And preferred to have some rest till he’s fully fit

Though we all thought the beginning looked promising
We couldn’t have imagined he would go missing
After a simple girls’ shower kept him away
For very long months where we couldn’t see him play

Big as it is, that was not the only surprise
Of a season that saw Andy finally rise
And get to the first place for the first time ever
But again, don’t they say better late than never?

The same applies to Novak who at last has kissed
The French Open trophy he so wanted to lift
He since looks at a loss, unusually losing
As he seems both confused and very confusing

And as Rafael Nadal is starting to fade
Younger faces begin emerging from the shade
Seizing this golden opportunity to shine
And little by little, step up to the first line

Capable of the better but also the worst
Many are worried about Kyrgios’ next outburst
Zverev who has been last year’s Star of Tomorrow
Still remains a very fine player to follow

Thiem overplayed but made his way to the top ten
And Pouille has become the new hope of the Frenchmen
Now can they really match every expectation
The ATP has from its #Next Generation?

They are older but they have proven their merit
Milos and Kei showed great competition spirit
Both players have won their places in the top five
Up to them to keep them and continue to thrive

Let’s not forget Stan the new USO winner
Who unexpectedly won the final thriller
When no one would have bet on him to strike again
And fight to the very end, through stress, nerves and pain

Del Potro, like a phoenix rising from its ash
Flew high in Rio, Glasgow, Zagreb and in Ashe
The gentle giant looks like he is really back
He has made the first steps and is on the right track

And in Wimbledon, on Center Court, under the roof
Marcus Willis was a real star, no need for proof
On that day, of all the players he could have met
There was the great Roger Federer across the net

Once upon a time he was a loser, he said
He was unknown, unsuccessful and underpaid
And even if he knew that he wouldn’t prevail
He got the most perfect end to his fairytale

One week later, right when we thought it was the end
A miracle happened and Roger flipped the trend
He won when his victory just seemed illogic
Then again, doesn’t he always defy logic?

He lost the next match then he called it a season
But fear not, for there is not a single reason
For the very best not to rise again, stronger
And let us witness his genius for much longer

Now, no doubts the next season too will be thrilling
For the Big Four will be back and will be willing
To restore the order that has been modified
And again win the trophies they have been denied

The #Next Generation full of hopes and big dreams
Will put up a real fight and make use of all means
And they might call them now the Lost Generation
But a Dimitrov will want to make a sensation

He might make it and he might not really succeed
The Tower of Tandil however will just need
His body to let him play free of pain once more
And he’s sure to be even better than before

This year we missed Roger but he proved to us all
That even without him the little yellow ball
Still bounces, amazes, attracts and seduces
It’s just better with the magic he produces



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. @Jonathan : hh I’m not jealous, I was actually in a hurry to leave the first comment (I knew the content since Alex told me she sent it to you) .
        @Alex: maybe you’re right , you know I never liked what you write :p

  1. Lovely recap and all just better with the magic you produced, great effort Alex. Happy Christmas and holidays to everyone, here’s looking forward to a Fedtastic New Year and Jonathan again thank you for all you do to make this site such a great way to share the joy of Tennis and Roger Federer especially.

    1. Has anyone been on the new Federer website? Looks like a temporary solution with only 5 pages. Weird how it’s dragged on for so long and this is all they produced…

      1. The new website has a different name? Sorry, only the usual “sorry” and so on when the old “official” name is clicked –

      2. Now at last the site responded…it is indeed different! I’m don’t know yet if I like it…For sure it would be nice with more possibilities

    2. Tik Tok… Tik Tok… Just a little over two weeks for him to be back on the courts 🙂

      Thanks Katie for your comment 🙂

      Just been on the new website Jonathan, I like the new look but yeah, seems still somehow poor content-wise…

      1. I agree with you. It’s a lot better than the old one, but it lacks content. Also opening a new tab for every link in the menu is not practical.

      2. I think the design is dreadful tbh, why has it got a side scroll bar due to padding on the left? lol. You could produce better with a free WordPress theme.

  2. From the man himself:

    “As a special thanks to my fans who’ve been supporting me, on Thur 22nd @ 2pm Dubai ?, I’ll broadcast my practice LIVE on Twitter & Periscope”

    1. Ohhh Yesss.
      So wonderful! – don’t forget to put the sound on, you hear all his puffs and sighs and very very nice and well spirited comments.
      He also has a chapter answering questions – seems genuinely happy about the return of connection with fans. Smiles naturally all the time. Happy return of our Hero with magic, and good grounded spirit….
      I think you can find it all on his new website, clicking on twitter, and from there maybe “periscope”

      1. Yeah he posted a video of his practice in periscope…

        He seems to be back in form, playing well.

        He is also in good spirits which is a great sign…

    2. His proper fans watched it live Sue on Periscope 😆

      It was very well put together, a lot of camera angles, sound quality was good. Clearly a lot of thought went into it.

  3. Nice. I must watch later. Proper fans “sometimes ” don’t get up at 2am to watch a practice.
    Now if it was the AO final, well then, totally different story.

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