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20 of the Best Shots of Roger Federer’s Career – Part 2

After some tough deliberation, I've managed to finalise my remaining favourite ten shots that Roger's made during his career. I've tried to stay away from the obvious ones as I prefer ones from more meaningful matches in much more meaningful circumstances. So the majority come from Grand Slams or at the very least Masters 1000. So without further ado…

Incredible Volley vs. Tsonga at Montreal in 2011

Update: Only the full highlights are available now. I can't comprehend how difficult this shot is to make yet he makes it look pretty casual. It's made even better by the fact Tsonga's pass is also a great shot. Roger hits a decent forehand approach shot which looks as though it will have Tsonga scrambling, yet he somehow covers the ground and hits a flat forehand with immense power. Not caught off guard Roger makes a great pick up to put away the volley winner. Truly awesome!

Forehand vs. Andreev, Indian Wells 2011

Bit of an odd pick you might think, but this forehand just oozes class. He couldn't have struck that ball any better, it's straight out of the sweetspot of the racket. The balance and poise he shows in playing that shot just reinforces his GOAT status.

Passing Shot vs. Karlovic, Indian Wells 2009

Another impossible passing shot, a great volley from Karlovic lands deep in the court, only for Roger to rifle a half volley passing shot up the line for a winner. Must have been disheartening for Ivo after a huge serve and great volley – what more could he do?

Half Volley vs Del Potro, Australian Open 2009

This match was JesusFed on speed, a total demolition job. There's about 5 or 6 shots in this match that could easily make his best shots list, hence why I've embedded the match highlights. The shot I'm referring to is a half volley pickup where Roger takes his racket away at the last minute to slow up the ball and make sure it lands in. Skip to 1.40 on the video to watch it. But I'd recommend you watch the whole thing.

Dropshot vs Djokovic, Indian Wells 2011

There just had to be a drop shot in the mix from Roger, he's made it an effective weapon in his arsenal since 2009. This ones my favourite mainly due to the fact it's perfectly executed – if you're going to play the ddrop shotagainst Djokovic who has phenomenal court coverage then there's no margin for error. The fact Novak doesn't even attempt to retrieve this is a testament to how well it was played.

Cross Court Backhand vs. Cilic, US Open 2011

Second only to the backhand on the run against Djokovic in the French Open Semi earlier this year, this is my favourite shot of the year – it's a brutal rally with Cilic hitting huge groundstrokes only for Roger to whip a stunning angled cross court winner on his supposedly weaker side.

Full Stretch Forehand vs. Nadal, Wimbledon 2006

This was probably Roger's best year in tennis, this is a truly great point from both players – Roger shows great footspeed and defense to track down what looks like a certain winner from Nadal to hit a forehand right into the corner that leaves the Spaniard flailing.

Slam Dunk on Match Point vs. Mannarino, Wimbledon 2011

What a way to end a match – a slam dunk with some serious air time. Enough said.

Improvised Flicked Backhand Half Volley vs. Roddick, Australian Open 2007

Arguably one of Roger's greatest matches here of all time where he destroyed Roddick in straight sets at the Australian Open. Roger gets lucky framing a return of serve that just lands in, but the next shot is far from luck – he shows great anticipation to half volley a backhand into the open court.

Court Coverage vs. Del Potro, US Open 2009

A crazy start to the match against Del Potro, Roger shows great court coverage yet again, first to run down a putaway from Del Potro which he rescues with a trademark backhand flick and then to get back into position to hit a cross court passing shot.

So there you have it, the second part to my favourite 20 shots of Roger's career. It was tough to narrow it down when there's so many to choose from but I'm happy with my final choice.

Please let me know your favourite videos in the comment section below if I've not included them.

Special thanks to RFMeastro who's uploaded quite a lot of these great videos – so please subscribe to his YouTube Channel, and also to Randi Himle for giving me some great suggestions that I'd have otherwise have missed. Follow her on Twitter!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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