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14 Spectacular Tennis Courts to Play On in Your Lifetime

With things very quiet on the tennis front after Roger's withdrawal from Rotterdam and Dubai due to a knee injury I thought I'd do something a little different on the blog. A while ago I posted a picture of the only grass court in Paris which proved popular on Facebook and Twitter so I thought I'd track down some of the world's most stunning tennis courts. My only requirement was that they have to be accessible to the general public to have a hit on. One of them on this list is even free!

Check the best 14 I could find below:

1. Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad Palace

No surprises that the first one is in Switzerland and the home of the Swiss Tennis Open in Gstaad. Not sure you'll find a better backdrop to play tennis on than the Swiss Alps.

2. British Embassy, Paris, France

Grass Court British Embassy Paris

This court takes the title as being the only grass court in Paris. It's located at the British Embassy and Amélie Mauresmo used to practice there before Wimbledon. Can the public access it? Debatable.

3. Positano, Il San Pietro di Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy Il San Pietro di Positano

Located on the Amalfi Coast this court is in the grounds of the Il San Pietro di Positano hotel. €500-€1000 per night. Is it worth it? 😀

4. Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff Tennis Courts Alberta

I don't think you can get much better surroundings than the Rocky Mountains and the courts at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort look spectacular. Just make sure you go in summer. Judging by some of the reviews it might be better to stay in a neighbouring hotel too and sneak on 😆

5. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Seaside Tennis Club, Kamuela, Hawaii

Kamuela, Hawaii Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Seaside Tennis Club

Seems like all the best looking courts are in hotel grounds and on the coastline north of Kauna‘oa in Hawaii sits the Mauna Kea Seaside Tennis Club which is part of the Marriott Chain of hotels. Who could resist the urge to fire a ball off into the sea?

6. Peter Island Resort and Spa, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands Peter Island Resort and Spa

Peter Island is the largest privately owned island British Virgin Islands and can only be accessed by boat or helicopter. The hotel boasts grass courts surrounded by palm trees and an ocean breeze. Not bad ;

7. La Cavalerie Tennis Club, Paris, France

La Cavalerie

Just a few steps from the Eiffel Tower you'll find the La Cavalerie Tennis Club. This court is located on the seventh floor of an Art-Deco Building built in 1924 that has an Aston Martin dealership on the ground floor. The actual tennis court is situated in a wooden hall with a honeycomb style arch roof. From the picture it looks like the court is never ending – will it be hard to keep the ball in the court?

8. Charles City, Iowa All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club, Iowa, United States

Charles City, Iowa All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club

This court is located on the Kuhn Family Farm is Iowa. It was created inn 2003, when Mark Kuhn, a fan of Wimbledon since listening to it on the radio in 1962, decided to carve one out of the corn farm on a former cattle feed lot. Best of all? It's free to play on — all you need to do is reserve a court via email.

9. Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt, Going am Wilden Kaiser, Austria

Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

Another court with a breathtaking backdrop this time in Austria at the base of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range which is just outside Kitzbühel.

10. Rhode Island International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, United States

Newport, Rhode Island International Tennis Hall of Fame

The grass courts of Rhode Island hold the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships every year which is an ATP 250 event. Up until 1915 they held the US tennis championships which is now the US Open played at Flushing Meadows. The courts are available to play on for members or guests priced at $80 for 30 minutes.

11. Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court, Isle of Harris, Scotland

Isle of Harris Scotland Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court

The most remote court in the British Isles located in the Outer Hebrides. It's owned by a charitable foundation and run by tennis coach Mike Briggs. Not sure how many days per year you'll get that are ‘playable' but there's a wooden pavilion should it rain.

12. Serengeti National Park, Singita Sabora Camp, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Singita Sabora Camp

The only court in the Serengeti National Park. I don't think I'd manage too many sets playing in that heat but sure looks good.

13. Grand Hyatt Denver's Skycourt, Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado Grand Hyatt Denver's Skycourt

Dubbed the “Skycourt” this court overlooks the Denver skyline and also has a running track around the edge. Denver apparently boasts 300 days of sunshine per year so finding a time to play should be pretty easy.

14. IJburg Tennis Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Couch Amsterdam

The Couch Clubhouse

The clubhouse is the most interesting part of this court, designed by Dutch architects MVRDV on one of the artificial islands outside Amsterdam. What would usually be a flat roof has seen the front of it pulled down to ground level, with the rear central point stretched upwards to a height of 7 metres. The terraced space has seating for up to 200 spectators.

Notable Others

A few others that look cool but don't quite make my ‘Top Picks'.

Let me know your favourite in the comments and if I've missed a tennis court that should be added to this list do let me know!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Very interesting read, that’s quite a list you pulled together….Iowa one is definitely most intriguing one, hats off to him.

    Very hard to choose one favorite from this..just curious to find out how many of reader’s here had chance to play in any of these…

      1. So lucky to have played in Gstaad and in the Serengeti. The Palace Hotel in Gstaad hosts the Roy Emerson Tennis Weeks in the summer and it’s a tremendous opportunity to play five hours a day in such a gorgeous setting. And by the time you add in all the instruction from top pros and that the five star hotel is all inclusive (amazing food!), the price is fairly reasonable. The Singita court in Tanzania is a clay-ish court where zebra and wildebeest are your fans. Super cool.

  2. Intriguing list Jonathan – and no, I haven’t played on a single one. 😉 The Isle of Harris court is the strangest: apart from the weather, it’s so remote! Gstaad has the most stunning backdrop and is my favourite; the Paris one is very unusual. I also like the Monte Carlo one – that has a beautiful backdrop also.

    Just saw Monfils lost against Klizan at Rotterdam. WTH is wrong with him? Really, this one should have been his…the ‘clown’ tag is no misnomer. Apparently he’s 5-18 in finals, and those that he’s won are all 250s. Totally inexplicable

    1. I should have put the Country Club on there actually to make it 15 🙂

      Totally forgot about Rotterdam final otherwise I would have watched. It’s been a poor tournament but typical Monfils I guess. Although he has actually looked quite focused this week in the matches I have seen, I thought he would get it done. Klizan is dangerous though on his day. Think he saved 8 match points en route to the final so kinda been his week.

      1. He switched off halfway in set #2. Zero initiative in controlling rallies; kept sliding down to the back of the court and seemed glad to just passively return balls. No wonder Klizan won, in spite of the (inevitable?) number of UFE he did because of his aggressiveness.

        By stark contrast, I happened to watch WTA Ivanovic vs Vinci and both players played a way more positive tennis, always trying to come up to the net, shake things up and trigger some kind of event. Didn’t watch the final though.

        As for Buenos Aires, it was nice to see Thiem get the trophy although I feel a bit sorry for Almagro. The young breed is showing their teeth, but honestly I can’t see them as anything more than groundstroke punchers.

  3. Agree on the Gstaad one taking top place, certainly. The Ijburg is stunning, although I can’t think helping it’d look even better if the surface weren’t clay – we need more of a visual contrast. I’m a bit worried about the Iowa one not having any stop-netting, though, it’s awfully close to that road …

    1. Or the roof was a different colour 😀 Court looks rubbish on the IJburg, more about the building, looks like it would be more fun to be in the clubhouse than on court.

      If you put up netting on that Iowa one I think it’s going to ruin the look of the court. It’s only a gravel road in the background so no traffic to speak of. Picket fence will do a reasonable job of stopping most stuff, only smashes, shanks and big serves to really worry about.

    1. Which one in Dubai? The one on the helipad thing where Fed hit with Agassi? I thought about that one but I find Dubai a bit characterless tbh…

      Ps thanks for the pictures, the Lima ones look cool.

  4. I cannot play tennis for toffee but the courts all look great all I want to do is carry Feds bag onto centre court!!!!

  5. Trudi, you could use a trolley.

    I’ve been to a few of these places but never played. I’m partial to the Rocky Mtns. I like the feel of the British Embassy grass courts but there could be spies lurking in the bushes.

    I see Delpo is ready to play his 1st match. Any word on Roger?

      1. IW in 3-4 weeks. Hoping for an update soon.

        Jonathan, I haven’t actually seen these specific courts that I remember but have been to some of these places. I thought Iowa had baseball diamonds?

  6. Lovely topic and great pictures!

    Wow love the scenery of Austria (No.9) and Serengeti (No.12), can you imagine being spectated by zebras and ball-boyed by baboons? Yeah I went to Africa years ago by overland truck and camping, everyday was survival (for me anyway) so never even dreamed about playing tennis…

    I visited a friend in BVI and went to the spa for a total indulgence – that’s more like it for me 😉 It was easy to book and get there by a daily ferry from Tortola. Didn’t know it had beautiful grass courts. Never played on grass, can I play on without being embarrassed myself? How different from other surfaces? Well, I shall just forever dream to see Fed on it!

    1. Yes I clocked up quite a few miles to take them all. Can’t believe I didn’t think to play on any of them 😆

      Grass takes some time to get used to. I play it on it very rarely and if you’re used to playing on a slow hard court then quite a few adjustments needed – less time, shorter swings, lower bounce.

    2. Hey Wanda, I went through Africa on a truck as well. From Tunisia to Kenya. Camping under the stars with the sidewinder snakes in the Sahara.

      1. Hey Sue, I started from Kenya through DR Congo to get to western Africa. Yeah wildlife lullaby was rather loud and made me wonder if we’re surrounded by hungry hyenas. Camped on the roof of a mud house under the stars in Mali. How romantic I thought then hours later a sand storm nearly killed me!

  7. Yeah, Jon, nice collection you’ve put together.
    My impressions on a few:

    -Top classic-relax:
    British embassy in Paris. One feels like wanting to award the opponent all dubious shots and invite him to dinner even after being triple bageled. Or after triple bageling him. Bring granny. Also, too bad for the lost balls.

    -Top cool:
    I like the Banff Rocky Mountain resort. I have this thing with dramatic mountain landscapes. Plus there’s not a lot of buildings around (or so it seems). Plus it’s on one of the world’s most civilized countries (or so it’s said). Plus it’s hardcourt.

    -Top “we don’t need ball boys at the net and the umpire just got eaten”: Serengueti.

    -Top pretensiousiness:
    La Cavalerie. Useless as a tennis court, great as architectural onanism; also potentially awesome for my shanks. No wildcard for me.

    -Top “It’s your turn to gather the balls, isn’t it?”: Skycourt.

    -Top “We’ll resume the match next solstice”: Isle of Harris.

    -Top “Is that Roy Rogers trotting towards us?”: Iowa.

    Th-th-th-that’s all, folks.

    PS: Monfils had another blackout of his. What a waste of talent in an ON-OFF mind.

    1. Canada civilised? Sue lives there so don’t think that one is true. 😆

      I don’t think the La Cavalerie looks too pretentious, of course the regular players might make it so, but looks like it would be cool to play on.

  8. I stayed at a hotel right next to the sky court in Denver. I flew there so I didn’t have room to bring my tennis stuff but I wanted to play on it so bad. I will have to try and go back to play on it. Love your posts.

  9. Man, just logged on to the blog for the heck of it. Lovely article Jonathan. Was half-looking for Dubai.

    With Fed out of action, life is a bummer these days.

    Is this what it is going to be like once he calls it a day. Emptiness.

    Had been to Dubai last week. Passed by the Aviation Club Tennis Centre where the action (???? ) will unfold a week later. Felt a twinge of sadness. I guess it will be easy to get tickets for this year !!!

    1. No Roger no poem, hah?

      Barely surviving the Fedless bore thanks to the blog. Have you been to the underwater courts in Dubai? Looks spectacular. Imagine the view when you hit the overheads!

      1. Per se, the Aviation Club Tennis Centre will not qualify based on the ‘spectacular’ criteria. However, the atmosphere and ambience is electrifying & vibrant, and more so when Fed is playing.

        Strangely, the players enclosure is not part of the stadium and thus the players walk out of the enclosure and trudge along to the court – a 5 minute walk at best, and people are lined up on either side of the path and can actually see the players at arms length.

        I called out to Fed, but he was in the zone and looked straight ahead, whereas Djokovic responded to Hey Djoker with a smile. Aiming to please. Having said that, Fed is on court for more than an hour after the match is over signing autographs and chatting with spectators. Completely relaxed.

        Meanwhile, a half-hearted attempt at poetry ( sans Fed, the juices ain’t flowing )

        With Fed around my hopes never sag
        But without Fed life for sure is a drag
        Come March, hopefully he will be back
        Then, surely, life will be back on track

  10. Nice!!

    Jonathan, when you do ver 2.0 of this post in a few years, pop me a mail? Haha, I plan to blow up all my savings on making my own tennis court someday. That’s the dream. Design inputs from the perfect-tennis community more than welcome. So are donations :p

  11. One of the coolest posts ever, J. Thanks.

    I would recommand check out the courts on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem when you get to Israel. Overlooking the Old City and Temple Mount, pine trees around, perfect weather all year long.

    1. Cheers 🙂

      Do you have a picture? I googled but didn’t see much.

      Never been to Israel, not a place that crops up in my mind a lot for places to visit tbh, I guess it has that reputation of being borderline unsafe in the UK media which doesn’t help with exposure. Tel Aviv looks good though, I remember reading a blog post about the beaches there.

  12. Hi, everyone! I miss Fed so much. I have not watched one ball of tennis since AO.

    Hope everyone is well!

    Any progress on the Fed front?? News? I saw all the emojis on his Twitter acct and some photos of him out and about at the Basel festival. Sigh…

  13. The deal is, as soon as someone hears anything, they must post to the blog. I don’t have a good feeling of him playing IW.

    I’ll be on a plane in exactly 3 weeks this morning to Palm Springs. If no Fed then I’ll have to focus on the sun, scouting out the young guns and complaining about the heat.

    1. Hey Sue, I saw few photos of him posing with his fans during Basel Carnival. Good that he didn’t seem to be walking dead!

  14. Seems Ike Nadal can’t even vulture a 250 or 500 clay tournament now… interesting to see if he bounces back in IW.

      1. Not even close unless he picks up seriously at one point…
        For me top 5 would be something like Djoker – Fed/ Murray – Stan – Raonic, something along those lines (at least given recent form for now)

  15. Nice article jonathan!
    I miss roger in dubai?
    Became his fan in late 2011,roger has been amazing in dubai showing his best for the last 4 years,apart from the shitty match he played against berdych where he wasted a couple of match points in 2013,he has been indomitable and dubai without roger looks strange to me.
    Hey Sue, I hope roger plays iw and you get to see him .
    Hey Katyani,how was your rotterdam experience?
    Guys there has been no news on roger for the last 10 days ,does anyone know about how well his recovery is going?

  16. Just got round to this! Great fun article! On my bucket list now!!

    Well we now know Rog coming back to Monte Carlo! I plan on going Tues and Wed so hopefully will see at least one Fed match ( not expecting a lot more tbh) . Imagine the reception will be goosebumpingly awesome!! Will keep you posted!!

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